Magical! Could This Really Happen?


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip Bates … my precious Husband … my whole World.



Skip was at home … he received a phone call.  Skip answered, it was an old man on the line.  He asked Skip was he currently doing anything.  He wanted to know if Skip could haul a large bull to Amarillo,Texas for him.

Skip told him since he was out of work he would be happy to take the bull to Amarillo, Texas.  The old man lived in Warren County, North Carolina.

Skip got ready, drove to the old man’s house.  The old man’s big truck was already loaded with the bull sitting there waiting for Skip to come.

Skip talked to the old man who appeared to be in his eighties-plus.  The old man lived in a large two story house that had never been painted in many years.  It even had turrets on each side of the house.

They walked inside the house into a room where his wife was sitting in front of the fireplace in a rocking chair.  The old woman looked to be very fragile, pale.  She didn’t speak when Skip spoke to her.

Skip left with the truck heading to Amarillo, Texas.  He delivered the bull.  Skip returned to North Carolina to the old man’s home.  He parked the big truck beside the old man’s house.

He went to the door where the old man met him.  The old man held out his hand to Skip.  In his hand was an old silver dollar … this was payment for the trip.  Skip said, “this is the pay for 3 days work?” The old man turned around, went back inside his house, closed the door.

Skip went to Raleigh, NC to a coin dealer to find out the value of the old silver dollar.  The coin dealer put on his eyepiece … looked up at Skip, said, “this coin is worth over a million dollars!”

Skip couldn’t believe his good fortune.  He drove back to see the old man.  Skip wanted to thank the old man for changing his life.

He drove up to where the house had been … the house was gone!  The big truck was gone!  There wasn’t anything to show the the house, truck had ever been there.

Skip felt something on his face … became aware of Kissy, his Rottweiler … was licking him in his face.  He had been dreaming the whole time!



I believe dreams are signs that good things can, will happen. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee.



Note by this Author:

This is a true dream Skip had!  I wanted to write it as a short story as I felt it magical … and people would feel good reading it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it came true?

A strange thing really happened … we went to BoJangles that morning.  Skip told his dream to a friend of ours … the strangest expression came across his face … he pulled out 3 silver dollars from his pocket, showed them to us.  We didn’t ask him anything about his silver dollars.  He did say, “that gives me hope!”  Only he understood what he meant.  I told him (Gloria) that Skip’s dream was magical!  Dreams can come true!

Story, Photo are written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

6 thoughts on “Magical! Could This Really Happen?

  1. I believe that dreams can be life changing experiences, visits from loved one’s and warnings. When I have a vivid dream I write it down in my journal. I go back in a week, read and always find an answer or lesson within. Hope you are doing well and have a great start to the New Year. Ann

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