Mission Accomplished … Photos I Didn’t Show Before

Mission Accomplished … Photos I Didn’t Show Before (Come see on my Facebook lots of photos … Facebook.com/grannygee )

I’ll never understand why … people do the things they do … even myself. I try to learn as hard, fast as I can so I never make a person, animal suffer. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Can you tell I’ve been on a mission … a mission to save Duke?
All I have done is to talk, think ‘Duke’ for over the past 2 months when I discovered the dog on the hill wasn’t ‘just laying there’ because he wanted to.
Thank God I looked closer … it took all summer walking by him, speaking to him. He never barked at me … making me notice him more.
I can’t say, remember exactly what drew my attention to make me know something was wrong … something to make me know I had to step in to care for Duke … be his guardian angel.
I talked to Skip … we both became Duke’s guardian angel. We found that when he ‘was just laying there’ … he was tangled up in the stumps, trees … he couldn’t get to his house.
We began to study what was going on with Duke … realized Duke was left alone for days at a time. Duke wasn’t fed everyday … nor had fresh water everyday. His bucket was green to the bottom inside.
We realized Duke had to lay trapped all those days waiting. Waiting for whoever to come along … to untangle him so, he could go to his old dog house out of the weather.
Duke was on a heavy chain around his neck. Can you imagine wearing a heavy chain? How about being frozen close to the ground by your chain … waiting. Skip and I checked on, fed, cared for Duke all through each day … and after dark to make sure he was in his house. As long as we didn’t see him … we knew he was safe for the night … we prayed so. We wouldn’t be back until the morning.
He became my mission. I didn’t know how I would do it … but, I meant for Duke to get a good, loving forever home. A home where he would be important … special. A home where he mattered.
With my Friends’ help … I can say … Mission accomplished. If it weren’t for you all … I don’t know what would have happened to Duke because things were changing drastically in his situation. I knew we had to rescue him from an even worse life.
I didn’t know which direction to go in … when my Friends helped me … a miracle happened. You all have witnessed it unfolding on my Facebook, my Blog … one of my writing sites. Thank you to you all know who … have been there for me … helping me to help Duke.
Thank you to all who kept us in your prayers to make it possible to get Duke away from where he was to where he was wanted. I strongly believe in prayer … in my lifetime I have seen many miracles happen when people begin to pray. I’m honored, I appreciate when prayers come my way. ❤
I will slow down now … not be so intense with all the photos, videos, writing. I think I can relax now … breathe deep sighs of relief. Duke is safe … in a good forever home (I would only let the best people give him a forever home … I don’t see that happening … Skip said it would take Jesus or Moses to give him a home before I would let him go … he’s right 🙂
Mission Accomplished.
Note by this Author: Now … I will relax, not let all my stories be about Duke … our newest member of the family. We rescued him … and we won’t look back unless needed to. I may write about him in the future. For now … I am still taking sighs of relief … and thinking … mission accomplished. I’m so grateful.

2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished … Photos I Didn’t Show Before

  1. It takes a caring heart to make things change hun! 🙂 ❤

    Love and hugs to you and the Skipmeister – and a big hug for ALL your pups!!! 🙂 ❤


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