Teardrops in My Coffee

When you love an animal you discover it’s like loving a child. They are so innocent, precious … depend on you to love, not hurt them. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Note:  I’m sharing my story from MyLot.com I wrote this morning.

Duke … this precious face has my Heart.  Can you see his teardrop?  This was when we brought him home from Hell on January 17, 2017.  Do dogs cry?

When you love an animal you discover it’s like loving a child. They are so innocent, precious … depend on you to love, not hurt them. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Tears freely flow like water from the tap … pure, pure Love in every one.  I don’t cry easily … only when I love with my very Heart.



I’ve been thinking of the beautiful dog we rescued recently.  Our Friends helped us to raise money to purchase him a kennel, doghouse, soft cedar shavings, food, etc.  He has a safe space all his own.



I’ve worked hard to make it all weatherproof as possible for him.  I have created a neat looking kennel with canvas, tarp covering the top, and sides … on the front I made a roll-up/down curtain to use at any moment.



We wrapped his new doghouse in a black, thick quilted, waterproof/windproof covering … he can nudge the flap to go inside … it falls back down to keep the winter air out.



We go out to him all through the day … make sure his kennel is spotless.  Make sure his food, water is fine.  We sit on his doghouse beside him when he jumps up to be closer to our faces to give us sweet kisses.



We talk to this beautiful dog named Duke.  He only knows love, kindness from our hands as we rub his head, back.  Skip and I talk to him, play with him.



While we do that we see that his nails need to be trimmed.  We feel his shots need to be updated.  We see these things and for now, can’t get them done.  We are on a limited income.



I’ve been overwhelmed with many thoughts. Thoughts about him getting cold when the weather turns to freezing again … this weekend it’s going to.  Thoughts about him having to live in a smaller space when we wish he could live inside.  We treat our Pups inside like children.



Our Pups inside have their own pet door, fenced-in yard.  They get to lay down beside us, touch us for comfort … love.  Duke, the Pup we just rescued … can’t.  I think of him outside all the time.  Sadly, our Pups inside wouldn’t tolerate another dog … that’s the only reason Duke has to live outside in his kennel.



I can’t bear the idea of Duke being cold when we are inside … warm.  I’m afraid he will want to run, play … can’t.  I worry, worry all the time.  He has the best of care when it comes to his food, water, clean kennel, love from us.  Having an outside pet requires so much more.



I’ve told Skip the only way I can let go of Duke to go to another home is if the person has only one dog … that’s Duke.  If they have the money we don’t have to afford his shots, checkups, nails trimmed and such.  Has a place to run, play safely.  In other words … so much more than we can give him.  You know … like a child … you want so much for your children.  Duke isn’t any different.



It may be possible that Duke can get that kind of love, home.  The kind of home we want for him.  Even knowing that … tears fall in my coffee cup as I drink it.  Tears of pure love for a dog named Duke who deserves a good life. I would have to have a promise signed by anyone if I let go of Duke … they would have to promise to give him back to us if they decided not to keep him.  More tears in my coffee ….





Note from this Author:

Story/photo written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  I couldn’t go back to sleep this morning for worrying.  So, I got up to write my worry as I drank my coffee … I realized I was crying and my tears flowed into my cup.

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