Dog In The Cloth House

Note:  Sharing my story I wrote on … January 26, 2017



This is Duke, he is the dog in the ‘cloth house’.  He has a 10′ by 10′ … 6′ high kennel.  He has lived on a heavy chain in the winter weather.  I have made sure he doesn’t have to feel the winter weather.  The only thing left to do is … to just move in with him 🙂 ❤




I don’t believe in keeping dogs outside … since I have to … I have made Duke a ‘cloth house’ with canvas … tarp on top. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.




Well … I think I’ve gotten Duke’s kennel as homey and cozy as possible.  I never wanted to keep a dog outside … never.




We live in a small house … and we have 2 more spoiled Pups who wouldn’t tolerate Duke to live inside.  So … I’ve never kept a dog outside … and I worry for him.  I can’t bear the idea of him getting cold again.  I still have images of him in my mind frozen to the ground … not being able to get up.




The heavy-ass chain around his neck was frozen … it was also … tangled around the trees, stumps.  Duke didn’t have a chance in H…… of getting into his dog house.  He had to lay there until someone came to help him.




Skip and I had become Duke’s guardian angels for almost 2 months when the ice storm hit here.  No one could drive on the roads for at least 3 days around here.  The man who owned Duke didn’t come for a week.





Skip and I walked in the ice to Duke … carrying food, fresh water in jugs for him for several days.  I cried a lot of tears for Duke … more than anyone knows.




Finally one day the owner was there … he told us we could have the dog or find him a home … he wasn’t coming back.  We didn’t have the money to purchase a kennel, doghouse and such … my Facebook Friends sent money to help me help Duke.




I have been covering Duke’s kennel … we put a thick-quilted waterproof/windproof covering around his doghouse.  His doghouse is wrapped, tucked in that big cover!  [em]happy[/em]




Now … Duke is the dog in the cloth house!  [em]happy[/em]





Note by this Author:



I think now … I can relax more now that I have Duke all ‘tucked in’ for the coming winter weather this week.  During the days I can roll the front curtain up so, he can see all the comings …. goings of Kissy, Camie our other 2 Pups, and Skip and I.



I study his kennel everyday to see what else I can do to make sure he doesn’t have to feel the cold.  I wish he could be inside with us … it bothers me when I’m warm in the house … he isn’t.  I feel all dogs should be inside Pups, cared for like children … loved, being near their humans.  They need that.



Photo/true story owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

4 thoughts on “Dog In The Cloth House

  1. You guys have big hearts hun – Nobody could have done more than you did/are doing for Duke! 🙂

    Hopefully he’ll get the home he needs soon.

    Just wish I won the lottery… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • Prenin, you are precious. Today a couple who raises horse drove over 2 hours to get here to meet Duke. Duke loved them, they loved Duke. They’ll let us know what they decide. They have to go to Florida for the next week so, it’s possible they want him. They know even if they don’t take him he is where he is wanted, loved. They could give him everything we can’t … live inside, run on a big farm, swim if he likes water, ride on a golf cart, walk on a leash and so on. I pray they will want him … he’ll get to go to the vet. Lots of things we can’t do. If he goes to someone … these are the people I want for him. He loved them. Love and Hugs, Prenin! I hope you are feeling much better! Love, Gloria

      • Prenin, the special thing is … if he goes he will have so much more than we can give … if he stays here … he has so much love, and a good … clean home. Either way is a win-win for Duke because he’s truly wanted. They are taking their time deciding and the woman has a business trip in Florida. So, it’ll be a week before we know. Love and Hugs back to you, Prenin! Love, Gloria

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