You Never Know Who You Brush Shoulders With

Photo owned/taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee  … This is what abuse looks like. You never know who you brush shoulders with … there are people who do awful things … while you believe they are good people.
Note:  I am sharing with you what I posted on my Facebook, my writing site at, and my primary blog at:   … this morning at gee.
When someone mistreats/abuses an animal/person … there’s always someone who is watching … someone who hurts because of your actions. You don’t only abuse the animal/person … you abuse people who care, love. This is strictly how I feel … no one will ever know the pain in my Heart seeing mistreated people/animals from the time I was little … to now … today.
With my very Heart … I wish for each abuser … the opportunity to walk in the shoes of the very ones they abuse … to understand what their hands, minds do to another being. No more … no less … only what you, the abuser dishes out.
I am a very good person. I love with my very Heart. I care about everyone, animals. I don’t ever wish bad for others. I forgive things I don’t see others forgive. I strive to be the best I can. You might ask me how could I say the above statements I just made.
This morning this has been on my mind. I’ve settled down now for the first time in the almost past 3 months … I can think, look back at what’s transpired.
I was thinking no one can ever know the grief, pain I’ve been experiencing since seeing Duke in distress … suffering … going through such things because of another human being’s hands.
I look at the big picture and think to myself … this dog was isolated, left to tangle up around trees, stumps … his water to freeze … his food to be rained on … weather to fall on him while he fought to get to his dog house, couldn’t because of a chain. A cold, open doghouse. What in the world was the owner thinking? I remember his words …. “I have him here to protect my property”.
Protect a mobile home no one lived in, junk cars around. Duke was there to suffer for those things … with his very life. For that? Really?
I think about … days without a living being to be around, a kind word … water, food rained on … frozen. Tangled on the ground, heavy-ass chain frozen to the ground … Duke couldn’t get to his house out of the falling weather … ice everywhere. Really?
When he was in his house … it was open to the elements. No warmth. He had to lay there for months in isolation. Really?
I don’t think any of my Friends would do that … protect their property with the very life of a dog … putting it through such pain, suffering.
I think about how Duke doesn’t reflect any of that … you’d never know he had to live like that. He’s the most loving, beautiful dog that gets into your very Heart. No one would know he wasn’t treated good in his life. The good thing is we can tell he was loved before … thankfully, this owner who had him … only had him for 5 months.
These are my thoughts this morning. I put them here … this is where I go to think out loud … here, my Blog … my writing site.
I don’t even ask ‘why people do the things they do’ … anymore. I’m finally old enough to realize … people DO, Will … do anything. Only they know ‘why?’
That’s why bad things happen … those people who DO, Will … do anything live right along with us. They could be your family, friends, acquaintances … strangers. We never know who we brush shoulders with these days in our very populated world.
These are strictly my own thoughts, feelings. I don’t push them on anyone … nor do I allow others to think for me. I mean that in the very nicest way. I’m interested in what you all feel … feel free to tell me.

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