Traveling Grieving Mother’s Road

Traveling Grieving Mother’s Road
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



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I dedicate this poem to Debbie Reavis who has recently lost her son … I wrote this poem with her in mind … I’m standing here with outstretched hand … waiting however long it takes … for her to get to where I am … in the sunlight. Debbie, if I could take your pain away I would … I know how it feels … I care with my Heart. Love Your Friend, Gloria I’m so sorry you have to walk the road of a Grieving Mother.





You walk in darkness
Because your child is gone
I’m ahead of you
Holding out my hand




We both walk the same road
I’m just a little farther ahead
I stand in the sunshine now
Waiting for you to reach the light




My heart hurts for you
Because I know what it is
To be a grieving mother
Struggling in the sea of darkness




I know the pain, panic
The feeling of trapped birds
In a cage … wings fluttering
Trying to get out




I wait patiently for you to arrive
It may take months … years
I wait here in the sunlight
Holding my hand out




For you to take one day
The road is long … hard
I wish I could walk the road
Of Grieving Mother for you




So you wouldn’t have to suffer pain
When you say in words your pain
I feel the pain in my very soul
I know what it feels like to lose a son




I’ve been there … I’m here now
Waiting for you no matter how long
It takes for you to get here
You aren’t alone on the road of Grieving Mother




When you are alone crying
Open your eyes … look ahead
Can you see me … I’m standing right here
I’m holding my hand out … waiting for you




You may not know it now
I promise you the day will come
Everything is going to be alright
No matter how bad




I know this as a grieving mother
So, I reach out to you … I see you
In the distance … in the darkness
Trying to find light … any light




Open your eyes … look here
I’m a grieving mother who knows your pain
I hold my hand out while I wait
On the Grieving Mother’s road




I know you have many more tears to shed
It’s not time yet for you to take my hand
When the day comes … sadly we’ll smile
Say … I’m so glad to be here




That will be the day you came to terms
Accepting what is impossible to now
Your son is gone … my son is gone
We know how it feels … we are grieving mothers




Let’s turn toward the darkness if need be
Wait with outstretched hand
To let another grieving mother
Know she isn’t alone …




Stand as a beacon of light for her to see
On the darkest path of her life
Be there to let her know we care
We know … we’ve been there





Note by this Author:




My friend’s life has just taken a turn on Grieving Mother’s Road. Oh my, I know the heartache, pain she is in … has to bear. I’m here for her.



I had to put some of my feelings in words … I feel her pain so much. I hope all my Friends … Followers will say a prayer for Debbie. I know prayers work miracles … they have many times in my own life.



I pray for a miracle to help her as she travels in the darkness until one day she can come out into the sunshine. Oh my, how I feel her pain deeply in my soul.



Photo/poem owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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