Guardian Angels and The White Dog

Note:  I am sharing my story from … I wrote it tonight to remember when we rescued Duke.  The name of it is:  He Deserves a Better Life.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

He Deserves a Better Life …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Guardian angels live here on earth to watch over people, animals alike. I know … I’ve been watched over … I have watched over. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

This photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  Trees the chain tangled up on … trapping a beautiful dog outside in the weather … keeping him from getting to his house.

You can see Duke, the white dog … peeping out from the old doghouse … he barely made it inside clawing his way knocking his bucket of water over.  

Sitting on a hill lush … green

In the same position several days at a time

Never making a sound … watching life go by


Day by day a couple walked by 

On their daily walk

They noticed the white dog on the hill


The dog never barked at them

The couple often spoke of what a good dog

Wondered if he would bite


This went on through the hot, summer days

The days began to get cold

Nights … freezing


The couple wondered why the dog 

Would be in the same spot 

When they walked by


One day without quite knowing why

The woman told her husband to walk with her

To take a look up on the hill


What she saw broke her Heart

The white dog lay tangled in stumps

Chain around his neck … hung around the trees


She walked to the dog 

Talking softly all the while

Never thinking if he would bite her


She led the dog around the trees

Around the stumps to his dog house

The white dog gratefully ran inside


That day was when the couple 

Became guardian angels

They would watch over this dog


Each morning … throughout each day

Every night they would come

To watch over this precious dog


They fed him breakfast each morning

Coming back to make sure he wasn’t tangled

Numerous times a day


Each evening they brought him supper

After dark they drove to shine a light

To make sure the white dog was safely in his house


They grew to love this sweet dog

The white dog loved them

A bond grew between all three


Guardian angels here on earth

Protecting an innocent life

Through each day … night


No one knows that some guardian angels

Cry many tears over what humans do

Abusing, mistreating innocent people, animals


The woman guardian angel woke up

Crying at nights saying prayers for the white dog

She hurried each morning to go to him


One day the owner happened to show up

She asked him for the white dog

No, he said … he guards my property


She looked the man in his face

Gently told him that his dog deserved a better life

The man smiled never saying a word


A snow and ice storm made things worst

The owner never came for a whole week 

The roads stayed icy, impassable 


All the while the guardian angels

Took care of the white dog

Walking to him numerous times a day


Carrying food … water in jugs … fresh bucket

Several times they found the white dog

Unable to move … his heavy chain frozen to the ground


The heavy chain tangled on stumps

Around trees … the white dog couldn’t move

Trapped out in the weather unable to go in its house


The woman guardian angel went to him

All the while talking softly to him

Tears flowing down her cheeks


I’m so sorry precious one

I’ve got to get you away from here

Poor baby, you’re so cold


The white dog would get up 

Walking as she guided him 

Around the stumps, trees


When free he would run to his old dog house

Trying to get warm as his body shook

The blankets she’d brought him weren’t enough


The man brought a thick, quilted, waterproof cover

They put it over the old dog house

They put a bag of shavings inside for warmth


One day after the snow … ice storm

The owner showed up … he walked to them

Saying he had a proposition to make


Either they could have the white dog

Or they could find him a home

Finally the day came they could rescue this white dog


The woman began to panic 

They had no extra money to get the white dog

A fence … extra food … they already had two dogs


She meant to rescue the white dog no matter what

The white dog had to stay that night

There wasn’t a safe space to carry him to


The woman began to ask her friends on Facebook

To please help her help the white dog

By the next day … a miracle happened


She had the money to go purchase a kennel

A new doghouse …. food, heavy-duty tarp 

They hurried to go get the white dog


The woman unhooked the chain from a tree

She led the white dog to her truck … chain and all

They brought the white dog to his new home


Took the heavy chain off his neck 

Gave him a big chew bone, fresh food … water

The white dog didn’t know how to act 


Days went by until a routine was established

Breakfast each morning … playing during the day

Supper in the evenings 


The woman had a roll of canvas

She had an idea to make the kennel weatherproof

Her husband helped her carry it to the kennel


She began to unwrap canvas, cut it to fit

The kennel … making it windproof

They put a heavy-duty tarp over the top


Now the white dog lived in a cloth house

The thick, quilted windproof/weatherproof cover

Covered the white dog’s new house


Inside the house was thick … soft, cedar shavings

Shavings spilled out onto the floor making it soft

A good place to lay on in the sunshine


Duke came to live with us on January 17, 2017

He is a beautiful, loving white Pit Bull

He has known love before he lived in Hell


He knows what a leash is when put on

He automatically walks to the door of his kennel

I walk him around inside tell him to sit … he does


Skip and I have been guardian angels

To this precious dog

Rescued him from the bad life he was in


The man who used to own Duke

Must have heard my low, soft voice

When I said to him … this dog deserves a better life


This is Duke, the white dog … he now lives in a ‘Cloth House’ … canvas around sides, heavy-duty tarp on top.  I can roll his curtains up each day … in the winter weather I roll them down at nights.  During very cold, windy days I roll them down leaving him a place to look out.

Note by this Author:



I wrote this to remember how Duke came to live with us.  There was a connection behind him … Skip and I.  


Thank God … we can look back … see when his life would have come to an end during the bad ice storm we had in January 2017.  


No one would have come to him for a whole week if we hadn’t known what was going on.  


We made the difference in a precious dog’s life.  This is my second rescue dog … both live with us today.  


We have three dogs … Kissy, our Rottie … Camie, our Australian Blue Heeler mixed (I rescued her) … and now, Duke … our Pit Bull.


We wish to have him live inside with us and Kissy and Camie.  We don’t like for our dogs to live outside and haven’t ever let one do so.  


For now … we can’t put Duke, Kissy and Camie together as a bad fight could happen.  As time goes by … it may take a lot of time … we will work toward helping all three make friends.


Photo/story poem owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

3 thoughts on “Guardian Angels and The White Dog

  1. Well done hun – I followed your story from the beginning and know you are both good people, I couldn’t ask for better friends!!! 🙂 ❤

    God Bless and be well!!! 🙂 ❤


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