Thoughts Are The Stepping Stones Of Life

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Our THOUGHTS are stepping stones in this life. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Photo by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  I was … thinking … maybe THOUGHTS are like this photo … they are … there.  When one begins to add more things to the picture … flowers, fences, stepping stones, wooden bridges … so on … we create beautiful things in life.  THOUGHTS are the stepping stones in this life.





Since you are a human like me … I’m assuming you have the same thoughts I do.  Maybe not at the same time … or think quite in the same way as I do.  Surely … the same things are thought at one time or other that we all think about depending on what’s going on in our lives.




Sometimes I think of something … mention it to others.  They’ll look blankly at me, not know what to say.  I instantly know they haven’t been thinking anything at all about what I’m thinking of.




When others don’t think the way I do … or have heard of anything I think about … this leads me to believe that’s why things are invented, or grand things happen.  Our thoughts are stepping stones … we all travel in life on thoughts.  Think about it.




Our thoughts are what life is about.  Think of humans walking around without a brain … they would wander aimlessly without a thought in their heads.  They couldn’t do not one thing without a thought.  Think about it.




I know you’ve heard just like I have … two heads or more is better than one.  Why?  THOUGHTS.  Sharing ideas … brainstorming.  That’s how we come up with the grand scheme of things.




Surely no one is vain enough to think they alone … invented something, designed something, wrote something … without through time someone else’s thoughts influencing, flavoring, molding their thoughts until … one day out of the blue … they have an idea!  To write a best seller!  Invent something of value!  To do something so special to make a difference in this world!




Just like when I make my homemade soup … ingredients are like … THOUGHTS.  I put this one in … that one in … until I come up with the best tasting soup possible!  ( Now, my mind is on making a good homemade soup! )




That’s the best homemade soup I’ve ever eaten! Wow, this is good soup!  When one takes the best ingredients they alone ‘decide’ on out of listening, learning from others through time … through THOUGHTS … they come up with the best soup possible!  They may add, take away the ingredients/THOUGHTS that do or don’t work for them coming up with their own signature soup!  When someone tastes their soup … they know who made it.




Sometimes … people get the same thoughts … they have to find unique ways to use them to come up with their own idea of making them into something special.




For example … a lot of us write constantly … we feel very happy when someone likes what we write (I am so happy when someone loves my soup … why it matters so much … I don’t know! 🙂  We all say/write the same things … the ones who change up the words, make them more interesting … are the ones who come up with the best read.  Even a best seller!




Whether you know it or not … you are thinking.  Whether you know it or not … you are listening to others constantly.  Your mind is like a filing cabinet … filing thoughts away.  Whether you know it or not … you are always thinking of better ways to do things in your life.




Another example:  We rescued a Pit Bull dog from Hell.  Our friends helped us to purchase a chain link kennel, doghouse, etc.  We brought Duke, our rescued dog, home on January 17, 2017.  Since … I’ve been brainstorming … reading online … listening to others’ ideas on how to care for … make his kennel weatherproof, warmer in this winter weather … how to make his life the best I can.




I have never wanted a dog I had to keep outside.  I love my dogs … they are like children … children live in the house.  Ours have a pet door and their fenced-in yard.  This is what I prefer.




Duke has to live in the kennel … we have now 3 very strong, powerful dogs … and if together without a fence between them … there would be a tragedy.




The point is … I am constantly … thinking THOUGHTS … to make his life as good as possible being an outside dog.  I am using my thoughts … a mixture of other people’s thoughts … to come up with how I care for this beautiful dog who has to live outside.  I never want him to suffer again.




I’ve decided … THOUGHTS are our stepping stones to everything in this life.  Think about it.





Note by this Author:




I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that ‘THOUGHTS are our stepping stones to everything in this life’ … I’ve just never heard this phrase before.  So, it’s my phrase since I think like this …




Photo/Thoughts are owned/written by me … these are My Thoughts :).  I’m sure you have thought of these things at one time or other … think about it.  By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts Are The Stepping Stones Of Life

  1. Very true Gloria hun! 🙂

    We work best when we work together to solve a problem! 🙂

    Duke is an unknown quantity, so you are doing the best you can, but don’t expect miracles: Dogs are predators with teeth to match and it is survival of the fittest not some kind of animal diplomacy, so take your time and we’ll see what comes next! 🙂

    Wish I could help more hun!!! 😦

    Love and hugs! 🙂 ❤


    • Duke is recovering from his surgery. He was so sweet when the woman took him in her arms to carry inside the mobile animal hospital. I’m always aware of any teeth … animals or human … ha! ha! ha! Prenin, just being there as my Friend means everything! ❤

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