Duke to Being Perfect … Almost Killing Myself to a Roller Coaster Ride!

Duke to Being Perfect … Almost Killing Myself to a Roller Coaster Ride!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka GrannyGee




Skip always said I had the ability to entertain myself … this is proof! By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee

Photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (Me … Skip)
I got up with Duke on my mind … I knew he needed to get his pain meds this morning.
I got up …. made all The Pups’ breakfast early … went out to Duke’s kennel … he was so warm inside the kennel cab where I’d placed blankets and covered it with a quilted, weatherproof cover (in fact, the cover is so big … that his dog house is now covered in double thickness of the quilted, weatherproof covering.
I had to put his 4 pain meds (tramadol 50 mg each) …. into 4 pieces of cut-up weiner. I hand-fed them to him to be sure he got each. I don’t want this beautiful, special baby to suffer at all.
Duke didn’t want to come out of his warm house. Inside his kennel … I couldn’t feel any air moving …. I’ve put 3-thick canvas panels all the way around the whole kennel, and the top is covered with the heavy-duty tarp.
I repeat things sometimes in case someone wonders if this or that. When I’m keeping up with something when reading … I’m always wondering and it’s nice to have my questions answered. 🙂 ❤
I looked into Duke’s sweet face … he knows something has happened to him … his little precious face melts my Heart. I patted his sweet head. I wanted to rub, gently massage his back, hold him close … right now I can’t until he feels he wants to walk around.
I cleaned his kennel where he’d been … I have to say the cedar shavings are wonderful for not letting scents linger …. and when using the shovel, rake. His floor stays spotless.
Kissy and Camie were tickled to get their breakfast early 🙂 They ate their eggs … stood at their other bowls of dry grain-free food …. crunching up a storm. I love to listen to them … I can tell they are enjoying the heck out of their food. 🙂
Guess who is snoozing now? Yes, Kissy and Camie. I know Duke will be sleeping, resting all morning. I may lay back down, nap. I can’t rest until my babies are taken care of.
I was amazed to find out Duke doesn’t have a microchip. I will have to get him one in the future. I was fully expecting someone owned him because he is the most loving dog (Pit Bull) … someone has truly loved, cared for him in his life before having to live on a heavy chain. Someone loves, cares for him now. He deserves only love, caring …. he’s been through his Hell on earth.
His nails look so nice … they were clipped yesterday. When he was brought out of the mobile unit yesterday … everyone watched him … he is so beautiful. No one backed away from him as he walked by. I was so happy to see that.
I don’t know about other animals (so far … Kissy and Camie and Duke have serious discussions) … I do know with every person he’s encountered … he’s only loving, not afraid of them.
Thank God he knows love from people. That heavy-ass chain didn’t make him bitter at all … ‘if it had been me on that chain’ … I think I’d bitten a few asses! Yes … I said that 🙂 Especially the one who put that heavy-ass chain on my neck. Did I sound ugly? I know it did but, sometimes … I am. Especially when it comes to people, animals being mistreated.
I have wished to be perfect all my years on this earth .. I tried to be 3 years of my life …. an ‘be damned’ it still wasn’t enough to make ‘everyone’ like me. 🙂 So now … I just try to be the best I can … and even I know it isn’t enough but … I just keep trying. I’m not just going to give up, sit on my ass whine, cry woe is me. 🙂 ❤ Thankfully I learned that there are those that will never like you … no matter what. Learning that has saved me a lot of grief through time. If anyone else goes through that like I have … just be the best you can and go on. There are people like me who will love ‘you’ because that’s why you are ‘you’. I love ‘birds of a different feather’ … unusual people … good or bad. I look past that.
Okay … I feel a ‘writing mode’ come on … I’m going to stop now. There’s no telling what I will begin to write. It could be something like ….
It was dark, all was shiny with wetness … I always hated the dark and the rain. I walked trying to find my way out of the maze of alleys, streets.
The bastard offered me a ride … dumped me out in a bad section of the city I lived in. I’d never been here in my life …. I never wanted to come back.
A dark figure appeared about 30 feet ahead of me. I felt fear loom up inside me like a cobra about to strike. I felt I might just die here on the shiny, wet pavement … my blood running, mingling with the rain.
I was holding my breath as I held my head down … I hoped the figure wouldn’t see me! When it met up with me …. it stopped. Why did my feet stop walking! I stood mesmerized by the dark figure just as a cobra charms its prey. I raised my head waiting for death to strike … I tried to take a deep breath for the blow.
The figure did nothing … I waited forever … nothing happened. Why is death taking so long! My heart pounded making my head hurt from the vibration … I lost my breath again … I feel faint from the lack of air … I wanted to faint!
I felt fists of fear striking the walls of my stomach … I was almost killing myself with fear … the figure didn’t have to do a thing! I heard a sound that suspiciously sounded like a laugh! A laugh!?
I was in shock … kill me you bastard, kill me … don’t make me stand here any longer. I’d rather die than to stand here in suspense … frozen with dread! Kill my ass! I heard my name being whispered! My name was being whispered … it carried to me on the air … Glo…ri…a … Gloria.
I weakened almost falling to the pavement … it knew my name! It was Death coming to get my ass, take me to Hell … laughing in my face, calling my name.
I felt strength surge through my body … shock, fear, weakness fell away like ice shattering to reveal the chain that held me still to be slaughtered. The chain shattered like glass … making my body feel light, strong … I would fight to the death. I’ve been a fighter all my life!
Never mind I didn’t have a weapon. I would use my body … and if I died I wouldn’t feel any pain … because I would fight to the end … never feeling when death struck. I held my fists tightly … just let the figure make a move toward me!
Strength flowed through my body making me feel power … hell, I wanted to fight now. My body began to sway, move in a rhythm of its own … I wanted something to happen now. Come on Death, let’s rock ‘n roll … you’ve come for me …. I’m not ready to go.
I heard a laugh come from the figure … it sounded familiar coming from something unfamiliar. What the hell? I slowed down trying to listen … blood was pounding inside my head making it hard to hear. I could hear but, couldn’t hear.
I looked closer trying to see why the dark figure seemed familiar but, not familar. I heard for the 3rd time a laugh, then my name floating on the air! I was going to grab the figure … shake it until I found out what I wanted to know. I was the hunted … now I had become the hunter …. no fear, dread of dying.
I grabbed the dark figure screaming at it “who are you, who are you!?” The figure dissolved in my hands to the ground! I stood stunned as I listened to hysterical laughing! Laughing!? I kicked the figure … it laughed harder! I kicked it again! The figure pure howled its laughter like a wolf! Ha! Ha! Ha!
I stopped kicking the figure … suppose it was someone I knew? I couldn’t bear to hurt another soul. I heard my name on the air again …. Gloria …. it’s just me! It’s just me, Gloria!
I looked down closer at the figure …. I took my clenched fist closer to its head … my fingers uncurled to grab the hood on the figure’s head … I jerked it back.
In the night light I saw a laughing face looking up at me! It was …. it was …
Me! Myself! I! looking back at me! I had just scared myself, me, and I! to death!
Gracious, I still feel the effects as I come out of my writing mode! 🙂 ❤
Have you ever had a song in your head? You had to sing it to get it out? No matter how good, how bad? Well, you just saw what happens to me when I’m struck by the writing bug … no matter how good … how bad!
I just took you for a ride without meaning to … but, I had to see how far I would go with my story… and if I needed to keep writing on.
I took myself for a roller-coaster ride too …. I’m still feeling the adrenaline surging through me! 🙂
Wow! I am taking deep breaths now! Skip tells me all the time … that I know how to entertain myself! Ha! Ha! Ha! That I do! Tommy was just like me in that respect! I miss him so much … we had such fun! ❤

1 thought on “Duke to Being Perfect … Almost Killing Myself to a Roller Coaster Ride!

  1. Glad Duke is doing well hun.

    The rest will come, just don’t rush! 🙂

    Just had a phone call from an Asian taxi driver: Jed’s G/F (Ms. Borrower) has walked off without paying him!!! 😦

    I’ll give him a call in 10 minutes and see what Jed says… 😦

    I hate drivers getting ripped off… 😡

    Love and hugs!


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