Rescue Dog From Hell … Guardian Angels and All

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Dukester Garroway Bates … one of The Pups … and Skip Bates ….

We literally ‘plucked’ a dog from Hell on earth … we are his Guardian Angels for Life. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates.

The Dog From Hell is Now … The Dog In Heaven … Guardian Angels For Life



Duke is one happy Pup now.  He has the cleanest, neatest kennel in town.  Every day I go inside to visit him … Skip visits him.  We sit on top of the dog house to talk to him.




Yesterday … we rearranged all inside his kennel.  Across the back wall/fence … Duke has 3 beds … yes, places to choose for all types of temperatures to sleep, lay on.




To the left when you walk in … he has his new doghouse … it is ‘wrapped’ in a weatherproof, windproof, quilted covering …. inside the dog house is full of cedar shavings.  He has a flap that he goes through.




To the right is his big kennel cab (the door is taken off) … inside it are soft blankets for him to lay on … it is wrapped like a cocoon on the outside with a soft down comforter, and another weatherproof, windproof, quilted covering.  The door has a canvas flap where he can lay, stick his head out to see [em]happy[/em]  He loves to do that.




In the middle of both doghouse, kennel cab … there is a soft, cozy bed in the middle (the long part of the white, soft down comforter and the weatherproof, silky-like material).  Duke pure loves laying here.  He can lay there when he wants to be out in the open.  He can look all around him while he is on this middle bed.




Each day I go out numerous times to make sure Duke is doing well … I refresh his floor, bed … check his house, kennel cab to make sure all is neat.  I kept his floor clean … it is covered in cedar shavings.  Skip and I love to go visit him each day.  I make sure his dry food in his big bowl is full … and water buckets have fresh water.




Duke used to live in H___  … Duke lives in Heaven now.  We are his guardian angels here on earth.




Note by this Author:




Photo, true story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.




We rescued Duke on January 17, 2017 from H___.  For 2 months prior to finally getting him in our care … Duke suffered living on the end of a heavy chain … he froze to the ground twice on that chain that trapped him, wrapped around trees and stumps … he couldn’t get back to his house.



On our watch, Duke is living good.  We love this sweet, innocent Pup.  We are his guardian angels.

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