We Went Home … Home Is Where You Are


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee





I am a spiritual being having a human experience … take the body all is left is … me. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.







I sit quietly in the darkness

Waiting … waiting to see a shadow

In the light of my mind

In time I see a shadow appear

It walks toward me

I hear a familiar voice … “Mama”

My old eyes fill with hot tears

That run down my cool cheeks

My lips tremble as I sob inside

Tears mixed with the happiest of smiles

In this old grieving mother’s eyes

I reach with my hand toward the voice

Toward the most precious voice

A mother can hear

“Mama” … my frail body shook harder

Son!  I couldn’t speak but, my Heart could!

Tommy!  I’m so glad you came so I wouldn’t be alone

It’s time for your ole mom to come home

Please hold my hand so I won’t be afraid

I felt my hand being held by a big, gentle hand

My son had come to walk me home

I looked around me as I sat up in bed

I leaned over to kiss Skip goodbye … I didn’t want to leave him

I patted Camie on her sweet head

I rubbed Kissy’s hip with my bare toes

As he lay by my bedside faithfully

I felt overwhelming happiness in my Heart

Tommy and I walked hand in hand

We walked through the door toward a kennel

I wanted him to meet Dukester before I left

I kissed Dukester on his sweet, white head

It was time … time to go home

I turned to look at where I had lived

Knowing now I wouldn’t live here again … I missed Skip!

I was going home even as I thought

My soul had departed my body once I took Tommy’s hand

For a moment I felt such pain to be leaving

Leaving my husband and our Pups

I looked toward Tommy … he smiled … said

It’s alright, mama … you have to let go

Once you do … you’ll come back one day

To be there, hold your hand out so, Skip won’t be alone

I felt the weight of this world slide from my shoulders

Around my feet like a heavy coat

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes … held my son’s hand

I kept my eyes closed … I didn’t feel the need to look

As we soared … I could see everything

Sadness slipped away as I held my son’s hand

Now … it was time to see what the mystery of death

Was all about … where my son had been all these years

As I wept, grieved over him when he died

I became the air … the soft, gentle breeze you feel

On a warm day … I am the sunshine kissing your cheek

On a cloudy day I’m your raindrops falling to the ground

I will hug you like a blanket when you are cold

I’ll wrap my pure soul around you to keep you safe

I love you, Skip … I’m always here until the day

You need to come home … you won’t be alone

I’ll reach my hand out to you just as Tommy did to me

He’ll reach for your other hand … we will go home

We’ll wrap our souls around our remaining Pups

Whoever cares for them will take good care

Love them until their last days

Until the day comes we will walk with them to Rainbow Bridge

We will run, play in pure joy as they become Angel Pups

To forever play, run in the sunshine … frolick in the rain

I closed my eyes on this life … this is the end

I opened my eyes on the other side

I was a spiritual being having a human experience

Time to strip myself of this body

It served me well … took a lot of life’s abuse

I learned life’s lessons became a better soul

Now … on to my next mission … being a guardian angel

Protecting, watching out for animals and humans

Working at making life be good to them

No longer a grieving mother … I left that behind like a dress

In the darkness as I waited for the shadow to appear

The moment my son took my hand in his

I close my eyes as I remember

I become a storm … the clouds begin to billow

The wind gets high … the trees bend from the force

Any pain left in my soul … washed away

I became a gentle storm until I began to shine

I was the sunshine … a smile in my eyes, face

He sat outside on the swing, swinging to and fro

Pups lay at his feet as he closed his eyes

I felt him thinking of me … I knew it was time

My mind met his with such joy … I saw his hand reach

Out to me … I moved toward him … took his hand

He said … “I’ve been waiting for you to take me home”

I felt another being close by … Tommy had come to hold

Skip’s other hand … we wrapped around each Pup

Left behind … we took their sadness away before we left

The world dropped away … we became fresh air … sunshine

Each soul renews the earth in its own way … this was our way

When you think of us in any way … it’s because we are always near

If you are ever crying … you feel someone kiss a tear away

If you are ever hot … you feel a breeze from nowhere

You feel a hug …. look around … no one is there

This is where we are at … you are never alone

We’ll be right here …. one day you may wait to see our shadow

One of us, all of us will come to hold your hand

You won’t never be alone even though you think you are

Close your eyes …. feel with your Heart

We are here all around you … we’ve become

The air you breathe … sunshine that kisses your cheek

We are everywhere watching over you

We went home … home is where you are





Note by this Author:



I wrote this poem as I felt it while sitting here in the semi-darkness listening to music … I happened to look up and saw the name of one of the songs I was listening to … ‘Take My Hand’.  I’d never heard it before … it’s New Age music … I love it but, I’m not familiar with the songs enough to know any by names.



I don’t know what happens when one dies … so far I’ve never found ‘Tommy’, my son.  I’ve always kept an eye opened … hoping somehow the mystery of where he went would be discovered.  I guess I hoped I’d find an invisible pocket in the air … where I could ‘slip’ into … find, visit him, come back. Life, death doesn’t work that way.  Sometimes … I write poems and ‘I do’ find Tommy … they are my poems, writings … so, I can do what I want to in them, right?  🙂



Photos owned by me.  I never use anyone else’s photos.  Pond photo is of the beautiful little pond where we live.  Shadow photo is of myself when I was admiring having a ‘skinny’ shadow after weight loss.  We all are silly sometimes … this was one of my silly moments.   Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


6 thoughts on “We Went Home … Home Is Where You Are

  1. Sorry to have lost touch, Gloria – you are way more prolific than I am atm on my blog so I am not keeping up very well but I do read and see what you go through and I am inspired by your amazing attitude to life and your joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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