The Saga of Victoria Fairchild Continues …

Here goes, Ms Nancy.  I’ve begun my Victoria Fairchild Saga just for you like I promised… this will last a few weeks as I write it.  I hope it will entertain you while you are recovering from your surgery. Love you, Ms Nancy!

You don’t want Victoria Fairchild to know you’ve harmed an innocent person … or animal. You may never harm another one. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

The Saga of Victoria Fairchild Continues …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … written/dedicated just for Nancy Smith Satterwhite.

Part One …         A Rabbit?

Victoria was talking to her best friend, Ms Nancy, on her cell phone.  Her signal kept going in and out.  I’ll meet you in 30 minutes at The Purple Shoe.

Just as Victoria was ending her call she heard an unusual sound on Ms Nancy’s end.  Victoria knew in her heart that it wasn’t a normal sound.  Ms Nancy?  Ms Nancy?  Ms Nancy didn’t answer.

She didn’t waste any time driving to where Ms Nancy had been sitting, talking to her on the cell phone.  Ms Nancy was at the park … Rainbow Mountain Park.

Victoria didn’t enjoy the view on her way to the park … she knew something was wrong with Ms Nancy.  Victoria had special powers … she didn’t have to wonder like the average person if something was wrong.  If she thought something wrong … something was wrong.

She sped all the way to the park … she knew in her heart that her best friend hadn’t gone anywhere since their conversation.  She drove into a parking space … jumped out, ran to the picnic tables where she knew Ms Nancy was sitting, talking to her earlier.

She didn’t see anyone sitting at any of the tables … her eyes scanned the ground around the tables … she saw someone laying on the ground.  Victoria ran to where the person lay … it was Ms Nancy!

She was bleeding from her head … her foot was at an unnatural angle.  Ms Nancy was moaning.  Victoria took her cellphone out, called 911.  She got down on her knees, talking to Ms Nancy.  What happened?  Who did this to you!

Victoria realized Ms Nancy was in bad shape.  She could tell Victoria was there but, couldn’t tell her what happened.  Victoria heard the rescue vehicle’s siren … thank God!

The young man and woman jumped out with their bags of medical supplies.  They ran to Ms Nancy, began working on her.  Soon … they had Ms Nancy on a stretcher … into the rescue vehicle.  They left with Victoria following behind.

Why would someone hurt Ms Nancy?  Why would they go so far as to hit her in the head.  She must have twisted her leg, foot when she fell to the ground.  Victoria was upset … she was angry.  Whoever had hurt her friend was in serious trouble.  If you knew Victoria Fairchild … you never wanted to get on her bad side.  You would be lucky to live to … regret it.

Victoria sat in the waiting area of the Emergency Room.  She waited for what seemed like hours.  Her mind was sensing, racing along as she pictured in her mind what she saw as she walked up on Ms Nancy.  Her mind kept going back to something shiny laying close to Ms Nancy.  She needed to get back to where Ms Nancy was attacked.

Victoria talked with the doctor … told him she had to leave for a short time but, would be right back as soon as possible.  She gave the doctor her cell phone number.

Victoria sped back to Rainbow Mountain Park.  She knew there was something waiting for her to find.  She hoped no one had been there to disturb the ground.  No one mentioned Ms Nancy had been attacked … it was assumed she had fallen onto one of the corners of a picnic table.

Victoria knew something bad had happened … Ms Nancy didn’t fall on the corner of a picnic table.  Somebody was definitely going to pay for hurting her friend … and she would make them pay dearly.  No one messed with Victoria Fairchild’s friends.

Victoria Fairchild drove into the parking lot for the second time that evening.  It wouldn’t be long before darkness fell.  She sensed, smelled a strange scent.  She wasn’t alone … someone was here yet … she didn’t see anyone.

Victoria pretended not to be alert … this would draw someone out if they thought her a helpless woman.  She really hoped someone would try it.  Victoria was feeling the hot fires of hell … the rage she felt toward whoever hurt Ms Nancy … was building.

She began searching the ground around the area Ms Nancy’s body had lay.  She saw it!  The sun glinted off from it … a shiny, gold watch!  She closed her eyes as she held it … she knew Ms Nancy had pulled it from her attacker’s arm.  This watch would lead her to whoever had attacked Ms Nancy.

She heard something close by in the brush.  She didn’t appear to have heard it … Victoria was ready for whatever came out.  Whoever tangled with Victoria Fairchild would enter a storm unlike anything they’d ever experienced … Victoria wasn’t just a regular woman though she appeared that way.

Long, beautiful … blonde, curly hair with a figure every woman wished for … a face to match.  Victoria turned heads wherever she went … everyone loved Victoria Fairchild … her personality was as lovely as she was.  Only a bad person would know differently … if they were still around.  Victoria Fairchild took care of people who hurt, harmed innocent animals … people.

She felt something change behind her … she turned quickly to meet head-on whatever was coming toward her!  Whatever she thought she was going to see … it wasn’t what met her eyes!

Victoria’s eyes narrowed … what the f___!  A little boy about 3 years old walked toward her crying.  He held his hands out as if to give her something.  What the hell?  His little mouth was red …

The little boy was chattering away … Victoria couldn’t understand a word he was saying.  She saw blood dripping to the ground from the little boy’s fingers.  His little hands were cupped around … what was in his little hands?

Victoria was on high alert … the little boy could be a distraction to hide something bigger going on here.  Her eyes scanned as her ears listened for sounds.  She sensed something was about to happen to her if she didn’t figure out quickly what the little boy was up to.

Did this little boy play a part in Ms Nancy’s attack?  Stay where you are … don’t come any closer!  Victoria held her hand out to stop the child from walking closer.  The little boy stopped … stared at her with his big, blue eyes.  He held his little hands out toward Victoria … he wanted her to have something.

Victoria took her cellphone out … called 911 for a second time that evening.  She told them about a little boy walking out from the woods … with something in his hands that was bloody.  Thankfully, it wasn’t long before she heard sirens coming.

A police car drove up, parked.  A rescue vehicle came in behind it.  The same young man, woman jumped out to run toward the little boy.  Victoria told them to approach with caution … why she did, she didn’t know.  She sensed danger about the little boy.

The EMS guy walked slowly, spoke gently as he approached the little boy.  The little boy began crying harder … he held his hands out to the guy.  The guy reached out to take his hands thinking he was injured.  He jumped back as soon as he realized what he was seeing.

In the little boy’s hands was a … red, bloody mess.  The little boy’s mouth was red with blood.  The EMS guy put gloves on his hands … this was going to be messy.  What in the hell was in that little boy’s hands?

The EMS girl ran up to help him … she spoke softly to the little boy.  The little boy responded to her voice … he moved toward her.  The EMS girl took his little hands … the guy had a blue, plastic container for her to put whatever it was … into it.

The little boy dumped whatever he had in his hands … into the plastic container.  He patted, rubbed his little hands together to get off whatever was left on his hands.  He reached up for the EMS girl … he wanted to be held.

She leaned down to lift him up in her arms.  As she went to stand up with the child in her arms … she screamed.  Victoria saw blood oozing down the side of her face!  She grabbed the child … held him back from her body.  The little boy had just placed a nasty bite on the girl’s cheek!  The little boy was trying to bite Victoria as she held him away from her body.  Oh my God … his little white teeth were sharp!

Where had this little boy come from … why was he bloody to begin with … why did he bite the girl on her face?  The little boy was chattering … Victoria understood only one word he said … ‘hungry’!

She held the child as the EMS guy doctored the EMS girl’s face.  She looked into the plastic container to see what was in it.  She saw tufts of fur … little feet in the bowl.  It looked like … a baby rabbit!  What the hell?  The little boy had been eating on a baby rabbit!

Victoria felt alarm … she looked around trying to see through foliage, brush.  She sensed a presence not far from where they stood … in the direction the boy had come from.  Someone was there … waiting.

Victoria sensed vile, evilness … in fact … she could smell it coming off the presence standing not far from them.

She would have to come back … now, it was time for the rescue and police to leave.  It would be safer if no one else was here.  Something bad could happen here … Victoria left as soon as the EMS was through.

To be continued …..

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