Part 2: Room 401 …. Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues

Photo owned/taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …. Fall of 2016

Part 2:  Room 401 written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.




Watch out for a hungry child … it could just take a bite of you. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee for my Victoria Fairchild story.




Part 2:                 Room 401


Victoria found out where Ms Nancy’s room was.  She got into the shiny elevator … looked at herself in the mirrored doors.  She could see the other people standing near her.  Everyone seemed to be going to 4th floor.


The elevator doors opened … everyone waited for Victoria to step out first.  She walked to room 401 … this was where Ms Nancy was.


She walked into Ms Nancy’s room.  Ms Nancy was laying there … eyes closed.  Her head was wrapped in a thick bandage … she saw matted blood in Ms Nancy’s hair.  Victoria’s heart felt stabs of pain seeing her friend laying there.


She pulled back the white sheet to look at Ms Nancy’s right foot.  She saw a white cast on her leg.  Victoria saw another bandage on Ms Nancy’s right arm.  She didn’t know exactly which side of the head Ms Nancy was injured on.  The gauze looked thicker on the right side of her face, cheek.


Victoria began speaking softly to Ms Nancy.  She hoped Ms Nancy would wake up … talk to her.  She took Ms Nancy’s hand … held it between both of her hands.  Can you hear me?  Ms Nancy, can you hear me?


Ms Nancy began to move … she was trying to wake up.  Victoria!  She was trying to tell Victoria something.  Boy … bite me … hungry!


Victoria’s eyes narrowed as she heard the words coming from Ms Nancy’s mouth.  If she hadn’t seen with her own eyes the little boy she would have thought Ms Nancy dilirious.  She had seen the little boy … heard for herself the little boy say he was hungry.


Ms Nancy’s eyes opened.  Victoria was so glad to see her coming around.  She needed to know what happened.  Ms Nancy began telling Victoria what happened.


Victoria listened in shock to Ms Nancy’s story.  Oh my!  Ms Nancy had been talking to Victoria on the cell phone while sitting at the picnic table.  She said a little girl from nowhere climbed up onto the bench of the table.  The little girl said she was hungry … Ms Nancy had eaten her sandwich earlier … she didn’t have anything to give to her.


Ms Nancy looked around to see where the little girl’s parents were.  No one was there.  She didn’t know what to do … she had to leave to meet Victoria at The Purple Door … she couldn’t just go off and leave the little girl alone.


The little girl appeared to be about 3-5 years old.  She was dirty.  Why in the world was this little girl so dirty?  Ms Nancy looked at her closely … saw dirt underneath the little girl’s fingernails.  Her blonde hair was tangled.  The little girl sat on the table beside Ms Nancy.  Hungry!  Want food, hungry!


Ms Nancy stood up.  As she stood up the little girl stood up on the table.  Ms Nancy reached to take the little girl … she looked in confusion as she heard an awful growl come from the child. The little girl lunged at Ms Nancy … Ms Nancy caught her out of natural instinct.  The little girl began to chew viciously on Ms Nancy’s face!


Ms Nancy tried to get the little girl off … the little girl was very strong.  Ms Nancy stumbled backwards … fell, twisting her right leg in an awkward angle.  She couldn’t get up.


The little girl jumped onto her chest … her little sharp teeth showing.  Hungry!  Blood dripped down her chin … Ms Nancy’s blood dripped down her chin.  She came closer to Ms Nancy’s face … as she did … the little girl was ripped away.  Ms Nancy went into shock … she saw a man standing there with an evil smile on his face.


Come on, Anna.  Let’s go.  The little girl began crying … I’m hungry!  The man disappeared into the woods close by.  Ms Nancy passed out … her blood dripped down the side of her face, down her arm onto the sand beneath her.  Soon it slowed down … stopped.  Flies lit on her face, arm where she was bitten severely.  Ms Nancy never felt the bites from the flies.


Victoria asked Ms Nancy if she saw a little boy.  No, Ms Nancy said.  She only saw the little girl and the scary man.  She described the man saying he was probably 6 feet tall.


He had on an old hole-ridden, black floppy hat.  She couldn’t see the colors of his shirt, pants.  The sun hurt her eyes, tears blinded her.  The pain was very bad.  Ms Nancy mercifully passed out.


To be continued …

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