Part 4: Up In The Tree



Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee  (dedicated to Nancy Smith Satterwhite).



Photo taken/owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …. Fall of 2016



What horror lies at the end of the path … nobody knows. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny for Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues.



Victoria parked in the isolated parking lot.  She sat in deep thought, deciding what to do. She laid her head back on the seat rest.  She was scanning the area where Ms Nancy had been attacked … where the little bloody-handed boy had come out of the brush, woods close by to the picnic table.


She reached into the console … took out the gold-colored watch to hold in her hands.  She sensed pure evil … a strange sensation pulsed through her fingers as she held the watch.


She half-closed her eyes … began to see images in her mind.  Lots of little children … dirty little children … blood … bones … bars, cave … a big man … the man Ms Nancy had mentioned.  She was going to have to be careful … she knew this man wasn’t an ordinary man.


Victoria slowly got out of the gray van … pulling her black bag behind her.  She slipped the keys into her pocket on her slacks … zipped the pocket up.  She closed the door quietly, walked away from the van.


Victoria walked to the picnic table where Ms Nancy was attacked.  She stood over the spot where her body had lain.  Victoria closed her eyes … listened … sensed things an ordinary person couldn’t.  It was time … she knew the direction to go.  She knew that not far from here was a secret place … she just had to find it.  She had to be very careful not to be spotted.


She opened her eyes … looked around.  She didn’t sense anyone around.  She walked to the brush that led into the woods.  She could see a faint path weaving into the trees … she began to follow it.


Victoria had to push limbs, bushes back with her hands.  Thankfully she had her black gloves.  The black hat protected her face … hair.


A briar vine scratched her cheek.  Damn!  Victoria said her favorite cuss word … that damn vine hurt like a son of a bitch!  She touched her cheek with her hand … blood.  She used her shirt sleeve to wipe the blood away.  Soon … she forgot about the scratch.

She was interested in the path she walked on. It was very faint … no one would know it was here.  It would have taken longer for her to find if she hadn’t seen the little boy while she sat at the picnic table.


Victoria stopped in her tracks … what in the heck happened to the little boy she had seen?  She remembered the EMS girl and boy both … holding the child as he struggled to get away.  She last saw him in the ambulance.  She would find out when she got back from her mission.  For now, she had to concentrate on finding out what was in these woods.  There was something strange, sinister going on.


She stumbled on a rock in the path … stopped to put it back into place.  She didn’t want to disturb anything … let anyone know she was looking for them.


The wind began to blow … treetops swayed.  Trees began creaking as they rubbed together.  Victoria didn’t like storms.  She could hear thunder in the distance.  She wondered if she should take shelter … maybe it was a quick-moving storm.


As she walked she saw the perfect tree to climb up in.  It had a big, fat limb to sit on and from where she stood she could see a hollow in the trunk of the tree.  She could take shelter here from the storm … sleep if needed.


Victoria was very agile … in no time she was up in the tree, sitting on the limb.  She looked into the hollow of the big tree … perfect for hiding inside … perfect for shelter.


She had a light-weight black blanket inside her bag.  Everything in Victoria’s bag was packed to be light.  She carried many things in the bag, including little packets of tuna fish, crackers … for protein.


There were cans of potted meat, packs of nabs to nibble on.  She would find water on the move though she had some small bottles of water in her bag.


Victoria could make a fire if needed.  She would avoid doing that if at all possible.  She didn’t want anyone to know she was here in these woods … not even an animal.


To be continued …


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