Part 7: Herds of Animal-People Came

Part 7:    Herds of Animal-People Came     … Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues



Photo taken, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates … of my own eye … for my Victoria Fairchild Saga story.  Story owned/written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Story/Photos written/owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … dedicated to Nancy Smith Satterwhite to read as she recovers from surgery.  I hope you are much better today than yesterday my friend.



Who knew there were animal-people in the forest of Rainbow Mountain? By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Victoria watched the children.  She couldn’t believe such children existed.  She knew if she didn’t have the powers she had … the children would have already attacked her.  She was just a shadow to them … but, if she changed back to herself … they would attack, rip her to shreds to eat her.



Victoria decided to experiment … only for a moment to see if what she thought was true.  For a moment … she made herself appear to several of the animal-monster children.  Chaos broke out … they all clamored to get to her … the growls and howls were ungodly.  The man came running to see what was wrong.  He was ready to use his cane.  Victoria changed back into a shadow … she wasn’t there anymore.  She was right … they were going to rip into her.



She had to decide how to get something done here … who to go go to with her discovery.  Also … how to tell it without revealing her special powers.



Victoria settled back to observe how they lived, behaved.  They never knew she was there.



She saw a boy of about 13 appear from one of the darkened holes in the cave.  He walked to a little girl of about 10, grabbed her by her long blonde hair.  He grunted at her … pushed her down on all fours and mounted her.  Animals … monsters … animals … monsters!  Victoria felt nausea … she couldn’t believe the brutality of the rape … or their … natural way of life.



This created excitement in the herd of animal-children.  They all began to copulate. Victoria’s eyes went to the evil man … she watched him as he played with himself.  He was enjoying all the excitement … he was getting off on it!



She watched him get up … she saw he had an erection … she knew what he was going to do.  It almost brought Victoria out of hiding … but, no … this went on here all the time … this was their life. She had to learn more.



The evil man walked to a girl of about 14 who had also, come from the darkened hole in the cave. She was naked … thin, had dark brown hair.  She had a wild, pretty face with full lips.  The man grunted to her … she immediately bent over for him to mount her.  She had done this many times … her movements were too smooth … been done a lot.    He bit her on the neck as he thrust into her. The evil man grunted, groaned as he climaxed into the girl.  He bent down … licked her dry.



The girl wanted more … she jumped up into his arms.  He held her tightly as he became erect once more.  He went to sit down with her in his lap.  Victoria saw the young girl mount the evil man … as they began kissing wildly.  This was a woman-girl who knew too much for her age … in a normal world.



Victoria had a lot to think about … she watched the life inside of the cave with pure shock.  She thought she’d seen everything … today taught her that even more things went on in this world than she imagined.  She thought … oh my God.



She heard howling, grunts coming from the way she had followed the herd inside the cave.  What was it?  She saw them coming … another herd of animal-children-people!  Older people this time in the herd!



She heard the screams of a woman before she saw her.  She was being dragged into the cave … all the animal-children quieted down … Victoria had this awful feeling … sure enough … all the animal-children closed in for the kill!  The screaming was ungodly … there wasn’t anything Victoria could do … special powers or not.



Thankfully … the screaming didn’t last long … she saw the woman’s heart in a little boy’s hands … he held it up to his mouth … it was still beating.



Victoria knew this was a hunting party with older adult animals.  She watched them as they taught their talents to the younger one through grunts, gutteral sounds.  No one seemed to know words.



Finally … Victoria had had enough.  It was time for her to leave.  She had to figure out how to make this cave be found … the animal-people found.  Pure human monsters!



Victoria’s shadow drifted as it found its way out of the cave.  She drifted through the thick foilage that hid the entrance.  She wouldn’t change back to her human form until … she got to her van.  Too dangerous.



She stood at the door of her van … unlocked the door … got in and closed it.  She locked the door back, started the motor.  As she looked up she was startled to see … a herd of animal people coming toward her!  She put the van in reverse … then went forward as they began attacking her van.



Victoria never lost her cool … she kept on driving until they all fell away.  She had to get home … she had a lot of thinking to do!  How was she going to handle this … who had ever heard of such a thing and … who, how was she going to get anyone to believe her.  She had to find a way to lead the authorities here plus … protect them at the same time without them knowing about her.



Victoria’s thoughts were going a hundred miles a minute as she drove to her home.  She had 10 miles more to go … she couldn’t wait to get into her safe home to think.



To be continued …

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