Part 11: Tragedy at Walmart…

Part 11:     Tragedy at Walmart…     Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues


Story owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  Dedicated to my friend Ms Nancy Smith Satterwhite as she recovers from surgery.  Love you, Ms Nancy!


Photo owned/taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  Taken near where I live.



People are always thinking of ways to harm others … why? Some people are born evil. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Victoria drove to Walmart to pick up several things.  She drove into the parking lot … found the perfect parking place.  As Victoria was reaching for her purse she noticed something strange.  At first, she didn’t know why it caught her attention.


She forgot about her purse … sat up straight in her seat to watch.  Victoria saw a man get out of one car … get into another car.  He was carrying something in his hand … Victoria reached for her binoculars … looked closer.


She couldn’t read the words on the bottle he held in his hand.  What was he doing?  She watched him get out of the second car … behold … he walked to a third car … got in … did whatever he was doing … got out … proceeded to the fourth car.


Victoria had a bad feeling.  She got quietly out of her Expedition … slipped around it to observe the man.  She heard laughter, voices coming toward the second car … she watched as everyone got into the car.  She heard a female voice say … give me my BoJangle’s tea!  More laughter.  Happy people.


Oh my God!  What’s wrong, Sandra?  What’s wrong?!!! Help!  Help! Sandra!  Doors quickly opened … a young girl was slumped on the door … hands grabbed to break her fall to the pavement.


Victoria ran up to see what had happened.  She smelled a strange odor … the man must have put something in the tea sitting innocently in the cup holder!  There were two cups … one still in the cup holder … one on the floor.  Victoria called 911.


She tried to help the girl … it was too late.  Victoria remembered the man going from car to car!  She wasn’t noticed as the rescue people worked on the young girl.  Victoria began searching for the man … she felt he was poisoning cups of drink left in cup holders.  Most people didn’t lock their doors.


She didn’t see the man … went back to where the poor girl had died.  Victoria saw an officer … she walked to him … told him what she had seen.  She told him she believed the man was putting poison in people’s drink cups.


The officer looked hard at her … are you serious?  Victoria looked him straight in the eyes … told him he’d better find out or there’d be more death.  Victoria had a bad feeling.


More laughter … the light-hearted silliness of friends, family happy to be out shopping … being together … several people were coming to get into the car … the first car!


Officer, you have to see if they have drinks sitting in their cup holders!  He decided to humor her … he began walking toward the car when a young boy staggered from the car.  He fell to the ground clutching his throat.  He struggled to breathe … stopped.  The young boy was dead.


Victoria watched in shock just as the officer did.  It happened so fast.  More police cars came, parked … so did several ambulances.  The police were stopping people from getting into their cars … they soon had all in control.  Victoria went to do her shopping.  It wasn’t her business now.


She was looking at a soft blue, pink bra.  Victoria loved colored under-clothing.  It was beautiful.  She looked for her size, found it … put it in her shopping cart.


Victoria looked up … she narrowed her eyes.  She saw the man who was poisoning drinks in the parking lot.  Victoria dialed 911 … she was told officers were on their way … to stay on the phone.


Victoria walked around shopping … watching the man.  He never knew she was there.  Soon … several officers appeared … surrounded the man.  He was looking at a camouflage jacket … the officers walked up to him … spoke quietly to him … arrested him.  No one ever noticed.


Victoria paid for her bra … several other items.  She was glad they caught the man who’d done such an awful thing.  From now on she’d warn others not to leave their doors unlocked … someone could poison their drinks.  Who ever thought of such?  People were thinking of all kinds of things to do to harm others.


She went home … relaxed.  Victoria began to have a feeling … that something big was going to happen soon.  She knew it had to do with the animal-people.  She had a bad feeling …


To be continued …


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