Part 14: The Plan …

Part 14:       The Plan …      Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … dedicated to Ms Nancy Smith Satterwhite while she recovers from her surgery.


Photo owned/taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.




When one has a bad feeling … it’s best to listen to it … one knows something is going to happen … be it good … or bad. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.





Victoria grabbed a jacket … left to go to Tom Siddon’s office.  She was curious to what his plan was. She knew she would play a big part in it.


She was glad Tom was good enough friends with her to know she had unusual abilities.  This way she could do things to ensure the safety of his officers.  She had a bad feeling.


Thirty minutes later had Victoria and Tom sitting in his office talking.  Tom was ready to take a group of men to Rainbow Mountain Park the next day.  He asked Victoria if she would ride with him.


He and Victoria talked about getting there before the men arrived … he knew Victoria had special abilities … in this case, she was going to have to use them.  She could go into the cave without being seen.


Tom was amazed … cannibal people in today’s time.  He’d talked it over with his superiors … they had no choice but to kill them.  They couldn’t ever function in society.


It was agreed Victoria would go first in her special way … come back to report to Tom.  They would decide then how the men would go in to kill the animal people.  It would be like killing wild, dangerous animals … they were dangerous animals.  Once that was done … a special crew would come in to begin digging, searching for bodies … bones.


Victoria left Tom’s office.  She had a lot of thinking to do … Tom was picking her up at 5:00 am the next morning.  Her mind was already working ahead on how she’d dress … the weapons she’d take with her.  Victoria had a bad feeling.


Tom had decided to carry gas … they were going to trap the animal people in the cave … burn them to death.  It was up to Victoria to go inside the cave once again … find the exit so, it could be blocked.


The next morning Victoria dressed in black … put her blonde hair up … donned a black hat.  She had several small weapons in strategic places on her person … small but … lethal.


She walked outside to wait for Tom.  Soon he came … they were on the way to Rainbow Mountain Park.  Victoria knew she could take care of herself … she still had an uneasy sensation in the pit of her stomach.  She … had a bad feeling.


Tom parked when they arrived … both got out of the pickup.  Victoria would go ahead to scout … Tom would wait for his men to get there.  Once Victoria reported back he would know where the exit was … send his men to seal it off.  Another group of men would storm the entrance with gas … and set it ablaze … get out of there … seal the entrance so none of the animal people could get out.


Tom watched Victoria walk silently into the woods.  He had given her a hand-held radio … she would leave it off unless she needed to relay something in a hurry.  All he could do now … was wait.



To be continued …

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