Excitement at the Beach! Part 1:

DO NOT READ IF YOU SCARE EASILY … This is the beginning of …The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga … It is written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny and … her special friend who is writing with her … to entertain you while we have fun playing ideas and such off the other.



My friend’s name will be on her stories as she writes … Camille Lunsford.  We are girls who are wanting to just have fun!  🙂



Excitement At The Beach …written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee …

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



He sat on the beach under a blue, white striped umbrella. The towel he sat on was blue. Black sunglasses sat on his face. If you looked at him and people didn’t … you’d forget him as soon as you turned away.


He watched the children play, run splashing through the ocean waves … the man sat with a strange, little smile playing about his lips.


Should he … shouldn’t he? His hand felt the little vial in his shorts pocket …


Before the man came to the beach, he’d listened to the news. He was surprised to hear sharks were swimming here at the beach close to the beach-goers. As he listened to the news … the strange, little smile began.


He felt excitement … adrenaline began pumping. He was going to the beach.
No one paid him any mind as he walked around to find the perfect spot to put his umbrella … he didn’t stand out to anyone.


That’s exactly … why … no one ever saw anything out of the ordinary … when … extraordinary things happened. He was like the wind blowing … he was there but … no one saw him.


The man stood up … began to stroll toward the waves. He felt the warm, foamy water splash his feet. He closed his eyes … listened to the children play. A mother called to her child to come eat a sandwich, rest for a few minutes.


Well, that would be one lucky child the man thought. Go eat your sandwich little boy … one day you’ll look back to this day … realize how lucky you were, thank your mother for calling you in.


He walked into the water … stopped to enjoy the warm water that came to his waist. This was as far as he would go … he wanted to have some fun.


His hand fondled the vial in his shorts’ pocket. All he had to do was flip the lid on it … walk casually back to the beach … sit … watch the fun.


There were many children, adults playing in the water. Some were farther out than he went. Perfect … the strange, little smile made his lips quiver.


His finger pressed against the lid on the vial … it … popped open.


The man walked casually back the way he came. The little vial emptied its contents all along the way …


He reached the beach …began walking to his umbrella … towel. No one ever looked at him … why would they?


He sat down on his blue towel … waited. Five minutes went by … nothing happened.


He heard another mother call her child to come take his medicine, then he could play all he wanted to. He saw the little boy run out of the water onto the beach to go to his mother.


Someone squealed … laughed loudly. Something bumped her on the leg he heard the girl say. She thought it was her boyfriend playing with her.


People laughed nearby … it was funny … everyone loves to see guys play with their girls. It was so cute!


The girl screamed out … the man heard laughter again. The people nearby didn’t pay the girl any mind … her boyfriend was playing with her … trying to scare her.


Help! Help me! The girl began screaming bloody murder. No one paid her any attention … her boyfriend began screaming. Shark! Shark!


The man on the beach … reached in his bag … took out a package of peanut butter crackers. He opened his cooler … took out a Coca-Cola. He was ready to watch the action. He was glad he had come to the beach!


He watched as he nibbled on his peanut butter cracker. Damn … it was good! He was in a trance by now … he felt like he was at a good movie.


He drank a big gulp of Coca-Cola … it mixed with the peanut butter cracker … the flavor was wonderful.


People were running to the water to see what was happening. Everyone was screaming … everyone was trying to get out of the water.


The man watched as the water turn red. Oh my … this was fun! People were pulling other people out of the water … some were missing legs … arms.


The man was licking some peanut butter off his lips as he watched a body being dragged to shore …. it had no head. That sure was some good peanut butter in those crackers he thought.


Soon, the rescue crew came … they began helping the people who were mangled … many lay dead on the beach.


The water was red …. the man saw fins swimming close to the shore. He knew a shark could bite a person in very little water.


Finally, the last person was carted off to the hospital. The man was the last person left on the beach.


No one ever saw him … no one would ever know … about the little vial of blood he took into the ocean.


My … what a beautiful day. Seagulls sang … puffy, white clouds floated in the sky … a man walked on the beach … he ran when the waves rushed about his bare feet. It was a beautiful picture … nothing bad could touch this.


He had one more peanut butter cracker to nibble on as he walked on the beach. He nibbled to his heart’s content … downed the last swig of his Coca-Cola. He saw peanut butter on his fingers from the crackers … he licked it off.


It was a good day to watch sharks play. He had a good time … now it was time to go home. He wished he’d brought popcorn … maybe next time.



Amazing the power we hold in our hands. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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