Bikinis …Pink, Yellow Polka Dot Underwear … Part 5 in the Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Bikinis …Pink, Yellow Polka Dot Underwear …. written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee………… Part 5 in the Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga.

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
You never know who is wearing pink and yellow polka dotted underwear … if you never notice them. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.
The man finished up at the Shriner’s bake sale. He couldn’t wait to watch the evening news … see the newspaper tomorrow. It was going to be interesting.
He drove home in deep thought. He loved how he could make his life interesting. Amazing how nobody thought about the power they held in their hands. In his whole life he’d never give out of things to do … to make life exciting.
He walked into the house, unwrapped the last brownie … grinned, popped it into his mouth. He never thought twice if his brownie held poison from the apple seeds.
He had wrapped this brownie … left it on the countertop to eat when he came home. Damn, it was a good brownie. He didn’t mind saying so himself.
He couldn’t wait to hear what the girls thought about his brownies … that is … if one of them could think now. The exciting thought in his mind was … did she … or … didn’t she get the poisoned brownie?
Walter Sebastian Corbett … laid back on his bed … smiling. He always smiled that strange little grin. It was like his name … everyone always called him … Walter Sebastian … not Walter … not Sebastian.
Walter Sebastian closed his eyes for a little nap. He’d wake up about the time the news came on. He turned the volume down on the tv. He was one of those people who kept the tv on 24 hours a day.
Two hours later Walter Sebastian woke up to the news. It seemed he woke up just in time. The reporter was telling about a girl who died at Walmart this morning. She and her two friends were shopping when she fell to the floor. No one knew what happened to her.
The reporter interviewed one of the girl’s friends. Her name was Marcia Dunston. “Oh no … she wasn’t sick at all … she felt excited about going to the beach tomorrow!” “We were going shopping for our bikinis!”
Walter Sebastian grinned … bikinis! Who is going to wear a bikini now? Snotty-ass girls who thought they were better than anyone. Bitches!
Time to decide what to have for supper. Walter Sebastian walked to the kitchen in his polka dot underwear. He looked damn-ridiculous in pink and yellow polka dot underwear. Didn’t matter … no one ever noticed Walter Sebastian.
To be continued …

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