SEE RED … Part 7 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

See Red …    Part 7 … in The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny



Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Live each day … put excitement in your life but … don’t be like Walter Sebastian Corbett. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Walter Sebastian enjoyed his life … it was full of excitement.  Of course, he had to help himself have fun.  That’s what life was all about … right?

Walter Sebastian was bored … and when he got bored there wasn’t any telling what would happen next.  Damn, he had such fun at the beach several weeks ago.  His favorite color was red … he got to see it … everywhere!  Liquid red … thinking about it made him begin to crave to see it again.

He laid back on his couch … put his legs up on the back of it.  He scratched his balls in deep thought. What could he do to generate some excitement … see red?  His eyes glazed over at the pleasure he felt touching himself … and seeing the red water brought about by the sharks at the beach.

Walter Sebastian played with himself as he thought … soon he felt such wonderful relief.  He fell asleep while seeing red … thoughts of what he was going to do to make fun things happen.

Several hours later Walter Sebastian woke up feeling refreshed … hungry.  He went to the bathroom and pissed up a storm.  He liked to see how far he could piss … he stood back several feet to pee.  Didn’t matter if it wet the floor … commode … what mattered was he could step back farther to piss.  He had a strong pisser.

Walter Sebastian walked out of the bathroom without washing his hands.  The thought never entered his mind that he had germs on his hands.  Damn … he was hungry!

He walked into the kitchen … stood with his hands on both hips.  What do I want to eat?  His mind went to the container in the refrigerator … in the container was one of his favorite foods.  There was even some red in the liquid it all sat in …

Walter Sebastian opened the refrigerator door never seeing the wilted lettuce, moldy cheese … dead roaches …dead flies …  he did see the large, plastic container with … red liquid in it.

He took the cold container out … set it on the countertop.  He went back for 4 eggs, scrambled them … opened the container and took a large spoon … dipped out some of its contents.  Damn!  This was going to be good.  Saliva dripped down one side of his mouth.

He let the big, slotted spoon drip for a minute … put the contents of the spoon into his eggs.  He whipped all up … poured into a hot frying pan.  There was nothing like good old brains and eggs! Nothing!

When the brains and eggs were cooked … Walter Sebastian put them in a paper plate.  He picked up his fork … his hand shook as memories came flooding back … when he got his brains … to eat with his eggs.

Screams sounded in his mind … blood-red curdling screams.  Eyes wide open with pure fear … snot pouring from a nose!  This was good for his appetite … it made the atmosphere for eating brains and eggs good!  He closed his eyes to eat, savor … all the while he watched his memories in his mind … he was at a movie in his mind.  He was the star!


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