Taking Candy From A Baby … PART 12 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Taking Candy From A Baby … PART 12 … of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga …  written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



You really should pay attention when your baby cries … if you don’t understand why … look around … see what you don’t see. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Walter Sebastian laughed his ass off.  That old girl … Summer … was a trip!  She thought he was just an old, senile man with a dog.  He scared her alright.  He knew she wouldn’t be able to describe him to anyone.  He had made himself appear old.  He had been sitting … thinking about different things. She always popped up in his thoughts … she made him want to play with his polka dots.

He thought about the tax man.  He thought he’d made him disappear without a trace.  Walter Sebastian couldn’t count the people who had come into his life … he made disappear.  Oh, there were a few he let get away.  He always seemed to know when it would be okay too.  Sure enough … the ones he let go never told anyone what happened.

Walter Sebastian sat in his chair on the front porch … he was always in a pair of polka dot underwear … he loved colors.  For one so vile, evil … one would think he liked dark colors.  But no … Walter Sebastian loved his colors.  He had at least twenty pairs of polka dot underwear … all in wonderful colors.  Sometimes … he loved to let others see his polka dots.

Walter Sebastian was damn bored again.  He never could stay … not bored.  He always had to have action in his life … things moving, screaming, struggling.  Excitement!  Walter Sebastian thrived on the pain of others … he also, liked to end … their pain.  It was simple as that.

I’m so damn bored.  He scratched his head … looked around at the scenery around him.  He never saw its beauty … the only beauty he saw was in hurting others … and his beloved … colored … polka dot underwear.  His shirts, jeans never reflected his love for colors … he kept his colors hidden.  Why? He didn’t know and further more … he never thought about it.  He didn’t give a damn for nothing.

He saw a rabbit hopping along the edge of the yard.  He thought about throwing the broken brick laying near his chair at it.  He’d do it to watch it bleed … thrash in agony.  He closed his eyes imagining how it would be … he put his hand to his crotch.  Michael Sebastian played with himself until … he wet his polka dots.

He grunted, groaned in ecstasy.  He moved his hips hard against his hand.  Harder, harder he pressed until … the world was quiet again.  The roaring in his head subsided … his hand relaxed.  Walter Sebastian closed his eyes … went to sleep.  As he fell asleep he smiled his strange little smile … damn!  That felt good!

Couldn’t nobody play with himself like he could play with himself.  He was the best.  Colors!  That’s why … he loved his polka dotted underwear.  That’s what he saw when he played with himself! Colors!

Walter Sebastian woke up … walked to the edge of the porch … pulled his Johnson out … whizzed on wilted flowers below.  Flowers never had a chance … they came back each year … each day Walter Sebastian pissed on them.  He never saw them.

Walter Sebastian wanted to make someone cry today … didn’t matter who, what … when.  He walked into the house to find his jeans and a shirt.  He pulled the polka dotted shorts away from his leg … where they’d dried, stuck to it.

Walter Sebastian only bathed once a week if he felt he needed it.  Surprisingly … he never stunk unless someone came close to him or … he got bloody from a kill.  Walter Sebastian took a shower when that happened … he couldn’t just walk around with blood all over him.

He put his jeans, black shirt on … walked out to his tax-paid pickup.  Walter Sebastian drove up the long lane to get to the highway.

Thirty minutes later found Walter Sebastian standing in line behind a young mother holding a baby. The baby looked over his mother’s shoulder into Walter Sebastian’s face.  His little mouth was puckered around a pacifier.  For some reason seeing that little mouth sucking on the pacifier pissed Walter Sebastian. Damn spoiled little fucker!

No one was looking when Walter Sebastian reached up … pulled the pacifier from the baby’s mouth. The baby’s eyes went wide … his little mouth formed into an O … he began to scream bloody murder!

Walter Sebastian pocketed the pacifier … stood quietly as the mother turned around … held her baby out to see what was wrong.  She talked to the baby in a soothing, mother’s voice.  The baby quit crying.  The mother held it close to her chest once again … the baby looked over her shoulder.

Walter Sebastian began to grin his little strange smile … he reached into his pocket … pulled the pacifier out … stuck it in … his own mouth … sucking on it.

The baby’s eyes widened … his mouth puckered up wanting his pacifier!  He reached his little, plump hand out for it … whining, crying louder for his pacifier.

Walter Sebastian sucked it harder as if it was the best thing in the world … then … he pulled it out of his mouth and acted like he was giving it to the baby.  When the baby barely touched it with his little mouth … Walter Sebastian pulled it back … stuck it in his pocket as the baby began to scream again.

The mother turned her baby around … her forehead in a crease … wondering what was wrong with her baby.  She never noticed Walter Sebastian at all … him smiling the whole time.

Finally … Walter Sebastian was outside the store.  He saw the mother walking toward her car … it was parked next to his tax-paid pickup.  The baby watched Walter Sebastian the whole time … with his little hand stretched out for his pacifier.

Walter Sebastian pulled it out of his pocket … held it out to the baby … put it back into his pocket quickly.  The baby began screaming bloody murder again!  The mother talked to her baby as she put him into his safety seat … never knowing what was wrong.

Walter Sebastian got into his pickup … grinning his evil little grin.  That’s how … you took candy from a baby!  In this case … he took the pacifier from that little, spoiled bastard.  Walter Sebastian hated babies.


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