Sweet Flesh and Warm Blood …          Part 21 … The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



It’s strange how when the curtain of darkness opens to reveal something we forgot … no telling what we’ll remember. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Walter followed Zelma through the glass doors leading to the pool.  Walter, you go into that room over there and change into one of the men’s swimming trunks.


Walter didn’t want to go swimming with Zelma.  Ms Zelma, I don’t have time to go swimming in your pool.  You just came out of the shower …


Why, Walter … I thought we’d have some fun.  Walter saw a nasty glint in her eye and her tone of voice changed.  Something wasn’t right.  Why … was she talking to him like this?  Not only that … the sight of those polka dots disturbed him … he kept being distracted by them.


Ms Zelma, I have to be home in a short while.  I promised Grace we’d do something together.  I’ll be glad to help you move the piece of heavy furniture.  Can we move it now?


Zelma stopped … slowly turned around.  Her face had turned fiery red.  Blazing hell was in her eyes … she was totally pissed off.


Walter stood still … like a deer in a spotlight.  What in the world had made this woman so angry?  Walter had no memory of meeting Zelma in the church before … his accident.  He had no memory of doing the awful thing to her … sneezing in her face leaving a booger on her.


Zelma had no idea that Walter had lost his memory.  She couldn’t understand why? he was playing games with her.  Damn, she was going to make him pay for embarrassing her in her church in front of her friends.  She wanted to pay him back by making him do something he didn’t want to do.


Zelma was angry because he was messing up her plan for him.  She hadn’t had a man in many years since she had put on 100 lbs of weight.  She meant to have a man now … she was going to use Walter for all he was worth, excepting … the bastard wasn’t cooperating!  She was some kind of mad!


Walter, you can quit playing games!  You know what you did to me in church!  You embarrassed me in front of God and everybody!  Do you want me to tell Grace that you really aren’t a … nice man?


Walter stood there in total shock.  What in the hell was this fat slob talking about!  For a moment his mind almost pulled the curtain back on his memory … he looked inside himself … he began feeling rage.  Oh God!  Forgive me … I am a good man and I don’t want to feel ugly feelings toward this woman!


Those damn polka dots began working on him … he had this crazy feeling of wanting to jerk Zelma’s bikini off and … hug the polka dots to himself!  What’s happening to me!  Walter was in a turmoil … his memory began surfacing … his rage continued to build … and he remembered his … passion for wearing polka dotted underwear.


Zelma saw his expressions working on his face.  She felt intense excitement … she wanted this man.  He must feel the same way!


Walter lost all pretense of being a good man … he was back to being Walter Sebastian.  This bitch was going to pay!  Yes, he remembered her face that day in church …


He walked the few steps between them … grabbed Zelma by the hair.  Zelma experienced a thrill go through her body exciting her more.  He wanted her as badly as she wanted a man!  She felt her lips pucker up to be kissed …


Walter looked down into her disgusting face … smiled an evil smile.  She interpreted it to be a smile of lust … oh, how he wanted her!


Walter bent his head down to kiss her … just as his lips almost met hers … he bared his teeth at her.


Zelma had never been so turned on in her life!  Give it to me, Walter!  I want you, Walter!  I’ve needed a man like you for so long!


She arched her neck back so, he could kiss and bite her neck.  She couldn’t wait … she needed him … now!


When Walter’s teeth touched her neck … Zelma moaned.  Oh my God, it felt so good!  Walter rubbed his teeth on her neck looking for her vein … Zelma cried out in pleasure.


Walter went in for the kill  … he bit her neck with such force as she screamed in ecstasy.  The blood squirted into Walter’s face … Walter Sebastian remembered … he loved the taste of blood.  He sucked, drank to his heart’s content as Zelma fell to the ground, dying.


When Walter finished … he opened Zelma’s fat thighs … untied the strings that held her bikini on … he pulled it off.  My God, the woman had a big-ass forest down there!


He rolled Zelma over … untied  her bikini top.  He held both pieces in his hands.  He felt sensual excitement stir … he began to harden.  He rubbed his hands over the polka dots …


Walter Sebastian laid the bikini down on Zelma’s warm body.  He stripped his clothes off … he felt the urge to … put the polka dots on his body.  Walter Sebastian remembered he loved … polka dotted underwear with a passion.  This was as close as he could get … for the moment.


He reached down, picked up Zelma’s polka dotted bikini … he began putting it on.  It was too big, he didn’t care.  He needed the polka dots against his skin.  Walter had an orgasm as he finished tying the last string.


Walter Sebastian put his clothes on … hiding the bikini.  He stood looking down at Zelma.  She wasn’t going to be moving anymore.  He stood directly over her … spit into her face.  The glob of saliva landed exactly where his booger had landed that fateful day in church … before his accident.


He would be moving something heavy after all.  He put Zelma’s body into his trunk.  Now, that he had his memory back … he knew where he was going to take her.  Zelma wanted to go swimming … just before she died.  He was going to honor that wish.


Walter Sebastian changed his mind … instead of feeding her to the fish … there was a lot of her to freeze for the months ahead.  There wasn’t anything as good to Walter Sebastian than … sweet flesh … and blood.


He walked back to the pool area … looked for a faucet.  He saw one with a garden hose attached … he rinsed off the cement where Zelma’s body had fallen until all the blood was gone.  There wasn’t anything left to show Zelma had bled.


Walter Sebastian drove to his old house … not the new house he’d purchased.  He took Zelma’s body inside … stretched it out on the sturdy table in his kitchen.  Walter Sebastian stripped his clothes off … worked naked.


He reached for his electric saw … began cutting Zelma’s body up.  As he stacked pieces of flesh to be wrapped … he rubbed her blood on his body … down there.  Walter Sebastian was back to being himself … he stood masturbating until he felt such exquisite relief.  The warm blood felt so good to Walter as he had stroked himself.  It had been so long.  Sex with Grace was too … tame.


Grace!  Walter Sebastian showered as he pondered on what to do about Grace.  He could just simply stay … disappeared … or go back and pretend to be the Walter she knew …


Walter Sebastian was donning his polka dotted shorts … today it was purple polka dots on green shorts.  Purple and green was Walter Sebastian’s favorite colors.  It felt so good to be back home!


He didn’t want to leave at all … but, he knew he would be going back to Grace’s one last time.  He would keep up the pretense of lost memory.  She wouldn’t ever know.


Walter drove up … parked, got out of the car.  He walked into the house where Grace ran to him, kissed him while welcoming him home.  She paused for a moment to look into Walter’s eyes.  It seemed for a second … something was different.


To be continued ….

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