Walter Seduces Victoria Fairchild …   Part 25:    The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga

Walter Seduces Victoria Fairchild …

Part 25:    The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


If you don’t pay attention … you may meet someone meaner than you … and not recognize it. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(Photo of Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee)



Victoria Fairchild had been taking a break for the past month from going to the homeless people she loved.  There was a big population of homeless people who lived behind the big building she and Chip, her husband owned.  It was in the city.

All Victoria had to do to enter the homeless population was to simply go through a door of their building … slip right into the homeless people without anyone knowing who she was.

You see for those who are familiar with my Victoria Fairchild character … you will remember Victoria has secret closets in her big, beautiful home. She has one for normal dress … her beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelry, so on.

Victoria had 2 more closets … secret closets.  She could press a button … opening the wall up into the 2nd closet.  This was where her clean, but raggedy clothes were … her homeless clothes.  She also had a shopping cart on wheels.

On this cart were secret places to hold her weapons in case she needed one.  She always packed what she would need when she would go into Hell … where her beloved homeless people lived.  She would push her cart right out the door at the building she and Chip owned.

There were cameras mounted so, she could monitor what was going on outside the back of the building … and who was near the door.

Not only that … those who have followed my Victoria Fairchild character … know that just outside the back door is a room … a secret safe room.  This was where Victoria would bring someone from Hell, the homeless people lived in … when she was rescuing them or taking them to a new life.

Victoria Fairchild was a blonde-headed, green-eyed woman.  She was a beautiful woman.  Victoria Fairchild was an unusual woman … of many talents.  Even she didn’t know all she was capable of.  She had the strength of an elephant.  Looking at her … all one saw was the beautiful, dainty woman she was.

Victoria Fairchild is my ‘vanity character’ … she is the character I would be in a comic book or story.  I think like Victoria Fairchild … I know her well.  I just don’t do some of the things … she has to do. Victoria Fairchild is a good-evil force … sometimes, you need ‘bad to do good’.  Sometimes … good people have to be … bad.

Victoria Fairchild is a force to be reckoned with … no one messes with animals or homeless, helpless people and Victoria Fairchild finds out about it.  Some people … never live to tell about their meeting with Victoria.  Depending … some people did … they straightened their asses up.  Victoria Fairchild had ways to convince them.

Oh, the 3rd closet … secret closet Victoria had in her home … was a room of many things.  This was where she brought the evil ones to see if there was any hope for them … usually, they never lived to get out of that room.  You can’t change true evil … it’s like strong tea … you can’t take the … strong … out.

This was the room of reckoning … this was where Victoria dealt out punishment.  No one fucked with homeless people, helpless people and animals on Victoria’s watch.  As good as Victoria Fairchild was … she was just as bad.  She believed in an eye for an eye … a tooth for a tooth.

Sitting on the bench in the park with Walter Sebastian Corbett … Victoria narrowed her eyes.  Walter didn’t notice it … he was caught up in wanting Victoria … he knew what he was going to do to her.  He’d tear her ass up … that’s how bad he wanted this woman.  There was something about her he needed to conquer.

You see … Walter Sebastian had never met the likes of Victoria Fairchild.  He never thought about being on guard for someone as tough as he was … he never thought about meeting his match.  All he was interested in was … charming, luring her to his trap.

Victoria could see the black, evil cloud around Walter … no one else could see it.  She sensed this man had done horrific things … this was a very dangerous man.  This man didn’t know … she was someone who could really ‘see’ him for what he was.  That was one of Victoria Fairchild’s talents … she saw auras around people.  She recognized evil in all its blackness.

She knew Walter Corbett was … charming her to fool her into thinking he was wonderful.  He was like the female version of a black widow spider … he was luring her into his web.  Did she want to … play … find out what he was about?

Victoria Fairchild had a feeling he’d killed innocent people … she saw a vision in her mind of him being at the ocean smiling.  Before she thought more … she realized Walter was asking her a question.

Would she like to have lunch with him tomorrow?  Victoria Fairchild had the feeling Walter was a very bad person and was up to no good … concerning her.  He just didn’t know … who he was messing with.  For a moment … she saw in her mind … children screaming in panic while playing in the waves at the ocean.  She … knew … Walter was responsible for their panic.

She looked at him closely … and with her sexiest smile, she said, “why yes, Walter … I would love to have lunch with you tomorrow.”

They made arrangements to meet at the Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill at 12:00 noon.  Victoria Fairchild jogged away as Walter watched her pretty ass.  Tomorrow … he would know what that ass felt like. Oh yes, he would!

To be continued …

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