Rape Of A Child …   Part 26:  The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Smile sweetly at your enemies … that way they won’t see the Fires of Hell coming for them. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (Victoria Fairchild)



The next day found Walter Sebastian sitting at a table by the window at the Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill.  He came early so, he could have a couple of drinks before Victoria Fairchild arrived.

He’d been thinking non-stop about the beautiful woman he’d just met several days ago.  She was unusual … he couldn’t quite put his finger on it but, he was intrigued by her.  Mysterious … Walter liked mysterious … in this case, he was going to find out what was mysterious about the beautiful Victoria Fairchild.

He noticed everyone was turning in their seats toward the door of the bar.  He looked … he saw Victoria Fairchild entering.  She had attracted everyone’s attention.

Victoria Fairchild stood for several moments as she scanned the bar for Walter.  Damn!  She was beautiful!  Walter’s eyes took in her figure shaped like an hourglass.  She had on an off-the-shoulder dress.  He saw what looked like a tattoo on her right shoulder.

As Victoria walked toward him when she saw him … she swayed her hips mesmerizing Walter.  She held her head high as she walked.  Her waist was small … her skirt was full, flowing around her shapely legs.  It reached to her knees.

Victoria Fairchild was a green haze of loveliness … her dress was green, her high heels were green … her eyes were green … her jewelry sparkled purple and green.

Purple and green were Victoria Fairchild’s favorite colors … and good luck colors.  Purple was her birthstone … amethyst.  Her birthday was on February 14th … Valentine’s Day.

Walter was turned on just watching her.  She was more than beautiful … he had to have her.  He rubbed his crotch under the table for a moment.  He was hard as a rock.  He couldn’t wait … to have fun.  She was going to be easy … he would do all the things in his sick mind to her … and for as long as he wanted to.  Afterwards …

As she sat down beside him … he saw her tattoo was a purple and green dragonfly on her right shoulder.  She was the most striking woman he’d ever seen or met.

They sat talking, laughing.  Once Victoria touched his hand as they were laughing … a vision came to her mind instantly.

Screaming children, adults in the ocean water … just before she pulled her hand away … Victoria saw shark fins, blood around the people … she saw Walter on a pier above holding a little vial in his hand while … grinning.  She saw one drop of red blood dripping down into the water…

Instantly she knew … what happened a few weeks ago at the ocean when sharks attacked 15 people in the water.  Victoria bet Walter would be in that news footage standing on the pier above.  How would anyone ever know, prove … Mr. Walter here … dripped blood into the water causing the sharks to attack?

Victoria wasn’t ever shocked by the things people did.  She’d seen everything done in Hell … where her beloved homeless people live.  Like the time she was mingling around with friends … checking on everyone.

She was dressed in a ragged, old dress with white socks, old sneakers.  Victoria had her hair tied back … a scarf around her head, hiding her face.  She looked like a homeless woman … she had broken her finger nails so she could blend in.  No jewelry, no makeup.

She heard a child’s voice cry out … a muffled scream.  It went through Victoria like an electric current.  She could almost guess what was happening … rape.  Rape happened here all the time.  There were men who would rape a baby just as quickly as they would rape a woman.

She felt the familiar white-hot rage fire up from deep down.  She wanted to see what was happening … she wanted to help the child.

She walked into the darkened alley … she could hear commotion on the other side of the dumpster.  The first thing she saw was a man’s naked ass.  He was up on his knees … he was trying to hold a little girl’s hands with one of his hands.  He stuck his other hand in his mouth, spit on it … reached down to wet the little girl’s vagina.

He lowered himself to put himself in her … she cried out.  He put his mouth over hers.  Her body began to thrash exciting the man.  As he pushed into the little girl … he froze… all sexual excitement draining from his body … he felt the most awful pain in the side of his head.

What the fuck?  He looked up to see an old homeless woman standing there with a cloth bag in her hand.  He realized the bitch had just hit him up side the head!  He’d kill her damn ass with his bare hands after … he got some of that ass.

He began grinning at Victoria Fairchild … be damned if the bitch didn’t smile back at him.  Was she stupid, crazy?  She was going to die in just a few minutes … here she was … grinning.

The man reached out to grab Victoria … she stepped back, making the man lose his footing.  He fell to his knees … he was really mad now.  As he jumped up … went toward Victoria to grab her.

As he grabbed Victoria by her raggedy dress … the bitch kicked him in the teeth.  Mother fucker!  The man began cussing up a storm.  I’m going to kill you!

He went toward Victoria again … she disappeared.  Where the hell did she go!  She reappeared and as he jumped to get her … she disappeared again.

The man didn’t know Victoria could become a shadow … if he’d noticed he would have seen the shadow on the ground near the dumpster.  Shadows aren’t … dangerous.

Victoria Fairchild wanted to punish him for hurting the little girl.  She looked to where the little girl lay on the pavement … the little girl was in a fetal position with her thumb in her mouth.  Her little body shook as she silently cried.  Damn you, for hurting this child, she hissed at him.

Damn you for messing up my piece of ass!  You are going to pay for it.  Victoria Fairchild decided then and there … she wasn’t going to punish him … he was going to get exactly what he deserved … right at this very minute.  She stepped toward him so, he could grab her.

As he grabbed Victoria Fairchild … put his face into hers … the bitch smiled sweetly at him.  The man as mad as he was … felt uneasy.  He loosened his grip on her.  When he did that … all Hell broke loose.

To be continued …

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