Only He Would Know Where To Find Her …   Part 27:  The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Just because something is soft, beautiful … doesn’t mean it’s … weak. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Once the man loosened his grip on Victoria … she was out of his hands in a flash.  She jumped back from him … began swaying like grass in the wind.

Victoria slowly pulled her scarf off … her beautiful blonde hair fell below her shoulders.  It too … swayed like silk … back … forwards in slow motion.

The man stood in shock … he was entranced by the beauty of this woman he thought was like everyone else here.  He couldn’t move … he could only stand … watch this woman who was like a graceful, beautiful Cobra.  Except … Cobras don’t smile.

Victoria began to strip … her old, raggedy clothes fell to the ground.  The man had never seen anything like this woman in his life.  He had to have her.  Only … she kept smiling at him … he didn’t like that because … the smile didn’t reach her beautiful, green eyes.  Damn … he felt fear and he’d never been afraid of anyone in his life.

Fuck this woman and her mama, too.  He wasn’t going to be afraid of a damn woman no matter how pretty she was.  Damn that fucking smile on her face.  He wanted to take that smile off her face.

She did something he never expected … she began whispering softly … like windchimes blowing in the wind.  Her voice was beautiful.  He was completely charmed by her.  As she whispered … she moved slowly toward him.  He never thought to step back … he probably couldn’t if he tried.  He was under her spell.

Victoria stopped moving toward him … she took both hands … to slowly caress her breasts … her face … her special place … hips.  The man was in a vacuum … he wasn’t aware of life around him … he was completely under her spell.  He stood there … his pants were still around his knees … he had an erection unlike anything he’d ever known.

Victoria put her finger slowly in her mouth … let her lips caress it.  She licked it softly with her tongue all the while looking into the man’s eyes.  Then … she slowly licked the tip of her finger … placed it in her mouth … let her tongue caress it … making the man want her more.

She stood facing him … challenging him to come get her.  Come get me, she whispered softly.  She turned, bent over to pick her clothes up.  As she did, she slipped her knife out … held it hidden in her hand … up along her wrist.

She felt him come up behind her … she turned around … whispered for him to follow her.  As he walked behind her … his mind was on what he was going to do to her … and he couldn’t wait much longer.

She walked to where it was a little darker in the alley way near another dumpster.  There was cardboard laying on the pavement near it.  Perfect … she thought.

Victoria laid her clothes on the cardboard neatly.  She pointed for the man to lay down on the cardboard.  He liked this better and better.  He licked his lips in anticipation …

Victoria straddled him … he pulled her hips closer to him … his hands on her waist.  Damn, he couldn’t wait to get inside her!

Victoria began smiling once again … she leaned forward so he could touch her breasts with his lips.  All the while his hands struggled to get inside her.  Victoria kept slipping away so, he couldn’t enter her.

He grabbed her breasts with both hands … kissed them.  Victoria pushed his head back onto the cardboard.  She put her face close to his neck … he could feel her warm breath on his skin.

Victoria played with him … all the while whispering to him.  He couldn’t hear her whispers … only the soft sound she made.  He had to have her and he wasn’t waiting any longer.

Victoria knew he was ready to do something desperate … he was going to push her down so he could rape her.  Before he could do that … she lifted her head … looked him straight into his eyes.  She had the most beautiful smile on her face … this time it reached her eyes.  His excitement went up another notch … he hadn’t seen this kind of smile when she smiled.

She touched his lips with her finger … caressing them.  Her other hand slid the knife across his throat … he never knew what hit him.  As he lay dying … Victoria put her clothes on … wiped her knife off with a piece of paper laying nearby.

Victoria walked over to the man … gently closed his eyes … whispered, “Rest in peace”.

Victoria walked back the way they had come … she saw the little girl was gone.  She’d hoped to sit, hold her … talk to her … get her out of the homeless world she called … Hell.

Victoria’s mind came back to Walter Sebastian Corbett.  As she touched his hand … visions of the terrible things he had done flashed in her mind.  The most recent being sharks, blood, people at the ocean … no …. she got a vision of a fat woman … a knife … cutting her into pieces.

She knew she had to take this man out of the world.  He was a danger to everyone he met.  She didn’t know yet what his triggers were that made him to terrible things.  Victoria was going to push his buttons to see, though.

Victoria smiled into his face with one of her most dazzling smiles.  Oh, but she was beautiful … Walter thought.  He was going to find a way to get her to meet him … he knew where he was taking her.  She’d never be found again … only he would know where to find her.

To be continued…

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