Walter’s Dark Place …    Part 28:  The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Sometimes … we are so used to being strong … we don’t recognize strength in … others. It’s our downfall. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (Victoria Fairchild)


Walter and Victoria had a nice lunch.  They walked out to the parking lot.  Walter knew he couldn’t just let her get away.

Hey!  Do you want to spend some time together, he asked.  Sure, Walter, I would love to.  They made arrangements to meet early the next morning.  Walter told her he wanted to take her somewhere special to him.

That evening he made supper for his beautiful but, boring wife … Walter?  Walter looked up at his wife when she called his name.  Are you okay?  Walter told her he was just fine … just had a lot on his mind.  Grace smiled … got up … came to him and put her arms around him.

Walter Sebastian had a hard time sleeping.  He couldn’t wait for the morning to come … Grace to go to work.  Walter was going to have some fun tomorrow … damn right, he was!  It’d been a while.

The next morning found Walter waiting for Victoria to show up.  Exactly on the dot … Victoria drove up … parked beside Walter.  She got out of her car … looking at her took his breath away.  Victoria was dressed in white today.

Victoria had on a sleeveless white blouse tucked into white slacks and a gold belt that sparkled in the sun.  Her sandals were white with gold beads on them.  Her beautiful blonde hair flowed around her shoulders.  Damn right … Walter felt himself hardened … he was going to have some fun!  Those eyes … those emerald green eyes!  Walter was mesmerized by Victoria’s unusual eyes …

Victoria got into the car with Walter Sebastian.  He smiled at her, she smiled back.  Walter began driving … Victoria never asked where they were going like most women did.  He had no idea Victoria knew as soon as she touched his hand … she knew Walter was taking her to his … dark place. Victoria wasn’t afraid.  To keep him from hurting others … she had to go.

They laughed … talked.  Soon, Walter Sebastian turned down a dirt road.  He told Victoria he was taking her to his old home place … a place dear to his heart.  Victoria told him she would love to see it.  She knew something bad was getting ready to happen … she was prepared.  She’d play along with him.

Soon, Walter turned down a dirt path … finally … they arrived at an old house.  It looked rough on the outside … she saw trash laying around … the old house looked empty.

Come on, Victoria. I’ll show you the inside.  I know it looks bad outside … I promise you the inside doesn’t look like the outside.  They entered into semi-darkness … Victoria could see in darkness, so it didn’t matter to her … Walter didn’t know this.  Nor did Walter know anything about her.

Just as Walter promised … when he turned the light on … the house on the inside didn’t look like the outside.  It looked … worse.  There was an unpleasant odor in the house … Victoria recognized it instantly.  She’d been around that smell many times in her adventures.  It was … pure death.

Victoria wanted to leave right away but, she didn’t let Walter know.  She knew he had her there for a reason … she wanted to see what he would do.

She sensed he’d done this with other women in the past … they didn’t leave alive.  She knew she was smelling … death … of many people here … who was … still here in some form or other.  One thing for certain … she wasn’t going to be one of them.  Walter had met his match for the very first time in his life … he just didn’t know it yet.

Walter told her to stay right where she was … he wanted to show her the basement … there were special things down there he knew she’d love to see.  He’d be right back.

Victoria listened … she had keen hearing.  She could hear a fly buzzing a mile away.  She would hear him when he came back up from the basement.  She wasn’t a fool … she knew he was preparing something … for her.

She tiptoed around to investigate.  She saw dried clumps of hair on the floor in the kitchen.  Old blood stains were on the dirty white tile.  Dried blood was on the refrigerator door.  Victoria walked to the refrigerator … peeped in.

A woman’s head stared back at her.  It was in a very big glass jar … in some type of liquid.  Victoria expected something like this … she didn’t lose her cool.  She saw what looked like brains in smaller containers and … 2 flats holding 18 eggs in each.  She opened the freezer … saw body parts.

Footsteps coming up from the basement alerted her to Walter’s return.  She was standing in the same place he left her when he entered the living room.  Walter grinned at her … he was a handsome, evil devil.  Today … Walter was going to have fun!

Would you like to go down, Victoria?  I have everything ready for you to see.  You are going to love what I have to show you.  Victoria smiled back at him … she was going to go along with Walter … for now.  She wasn’t afraid … not at all.

To be continued …

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