The Basement …    Part 29:  Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga    


Sometimes we miss the bullet we never see coming for us … we thank God such and such … saved us. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(Photo of Gloria / Victoria Fairchild)

(Photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates)



Walter took Victoria’s arm … began to lead her the way he’d just come.  He froze when he heard voices, loud noises outside.  What the fuck!

Victoria turned toward the front door.  She could hear men talking … a noise like someone kicked a bucket.  She remembered an old, white plastic bucket laying near the front porch.  Victoria wasn’t afraid … but, she was glad for the distraction.  She really didn’t want to go down to the basement.

The truth was … the longer Victoria was with Walter … the worse she felt.  She had been around evil all her life … Mr. Walter Sebastian was different.  At this time she wasn’t prepared to deal with him … no, she had to be at her strongest.  For now … she needed to get him to take her back to her car so, she could get to safety, home.

She’d only met one man like Walter … he was the serial killer who would come into the homeless population to rape, torture, murder women.  He was ruthless.  Victoria met her match in him … she won the battle for her life … she carried scars today from it.

Victoria always heard about him but, had never encountered him.  He always smelled of expensive cologne.  The man was from a wealthy life … he chose to come to the homeless population to do his evil.  She remembered his words … “who gives a fuck what happens to human trash!”

Now … she had Walter Sebastian to battle.  Battle him … she would.  First … she needed to get home … be away from him for a time to get her strongest.  He wasn’t going to be easy.

Walter was carrying on a conversation with the men.  Victoria wanted to find a way to leave without raising Walter’s suspicions … while the men were here.

She walked out onto the front porch, casually mentioned to Walter that it was time for her to get back into town.  It sure was nice to come out to see his old house.  Walter turned, looked at her … damn cunt!  He hid his anger … smiled at her.

Victoria had to make sure they left … now.  She walked up to the men and asked them would they please follow them to town.  She explained Walter’s car was making a strange sound … she didn’t want them to break down on the side of the road.  Sure!  The men didn’t mind at all.

Once Victoria was back to her car … she told Walter she would be out of town for several weeks. Walter was the angriest he’d ever been in his life … he smiled sweetly with a smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes.  He knew Victoria had his number … Walter told her to call him when she got back in town.  He still wanted to show her his home place.

Walter Sebastian left … drove back to his old house.  He went down the steps to his basement.  Candles were burning everywhere … even on a table set with dishes, silverware.

His anger was boiling like water on the fires of Hell … it was splashing pure liquid hot as Walter kicked the chair away from the table.  Son-of-a-bitch!  Damn prissy-ass cunt!  I’ll get her ass and she won’t know what hit her!

He walked over to the wall bookcase … pressed a secret button.  The whole wall opened into a bedroom where more candles burned.  This was the only place in the whole house that was pretty.  The bed had a frilly, floral spread on it and matching curtains were on the wall … only there weren’t any windows behind them.

Walter extinguished all the candles, turned the ceiling fan off.  He had cooled off some and went on to put all the other candles out.  He left the table like it was … excepting he picked up the picnic basket.  He couldn’t leave all that good food.

As he got ready to leave … he walked into the kitchen area.  He looked around.  His island was a big stainless steel table with little sides on it … and a drain at the end of it.  A hose connected to the tube was screwed onto a big jug.  Walter pulled opened the big drawer on the table … he lovingly caressed his big knives, touched his meat scissors … bone saw.  He was smiling …

Soon Walter was on the way home … he was carrying a nice picnic home to his beautiful wife, Grace.  Oh, how she would oo-ah about it!  Such a romantic thing to do … he knew she would say, “Oh, Walter … how thoughtful of you!”

Three weeks passed by quickly … one day Walter’s cell phone rang … Hi, Walter, this is Victoria …

To be continued …

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