Leaving My Blog The Same Name …



Gloria Faye Brown Bates … photos of me … left photo taken December 2018

The right photo taken approximately 2014.  Photos owned by ME.

I tried to change name of my blog here to just my name.  It won’t do because it would cause such an ‘intense’ change to everything else.  That’s okay.  I will leave it as it is.

I put both photos above so, you know it’s ME 🙂 I have come so far since the photo on the right was taken.  I have found peace with the loss of my son, Tommy.  Plus, I have been picking the pieces of my shattered self up, putting me back together again.  I look like ME again.

I will write why I say ME a little later.  I’m not self-centered … it’s just I am so grateful, thankful to see “ME’ again.  I know this person now in the mirror.  When younger I would probably be vain to a degree … today, I just take big sighs of relief to look normal again, to dress in something without wondering if it’ll fit.

Truthfully, people show more respect like they did before I put on so much weight after Tommy died.  It didn’t matter to me then … Tommy died and nothing meant anything to me much less anyone respecting or not.

This is update on my blog here … the name will have to stay the same.  I will write by my name and not use ‘aka Granny Gee’ ever again.

Written/owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates


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