Just Tell Them To Pass It Forward… Without Any Strings Attached

Just Tell Them To Pass It Forward … Without Any Strings Attached

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Sometimes… I stop, think about friends, and real friends. There is a difference in the two.

Friends are the people you choose to be friends with in ‘everyday’ life.

Real friends… are rare. In each person’s life… I bet they have less than five… real friends. This is my personal opinion… ‘you’ may have more than that… ‘you’ may think you do.

In real, everyday life… friends make up our very world. Real friends… make up our very world… they overlap into our life that everyday people don’t know… exist.

Real friends know the things we hide from everyday people, friends in general. They can know when we cry… when we are upset about something… know when we go through hard times, not wanting the whole world to know. They know a lot of our… secrets.

I can honestly say… without a doubt, that both Skip and I have four such … real friends. We can count them on our hands… one hand each. One… two… three… four. They are only so close… as close as we could allow anyone to be… in our life.

Our privacy is very important… we learned to treasure it. Through time when we wished for a big family…. and lots of love… no one was there, especially after they got things they wanted… that was the end of them. No one was there, when each of us became deathly ill, almost died.

We learned that we could trust, depend on only the other. We didn’t want from the other… we wanted to give, take care of us… our Pups. Now… our whole world is in front of us at any given moment… Skip and I, and our three Pups. We can turn our head… our whole world is ‘right there’.

We know we are loved; we don’t have to worry about someone loving us ‘one moment’… not caring the next moment. We are real… we aren’t like that. It doesn’t matter if someone can ‘give us something… or not’. A lot of people will ‘love’ you… as long as you keep giving….

Our ‘bestest’ real friend is gone. He died May 29, 2010 with 2 blockages to his heart. He was my son… Skip’s son, just as well. He and Skip were very close. He and I were very close… we all three were… most close. We were… ‘tight’… if the other suffered… we all felt it. We would give each other the moon… if possible.

A huge part of our life died … with Tommy. He meant the very world to us. We meant the very world to him. I miss Tommy with my very Heart. At this moment… I could sink to the floor, sob with deep grief for him. I won’t… I’ve learned somehow, to cope with his death. I had to learn on my own.

I thought about real friends because… I was thinking of who seemed to care about us the most. We never bother anyone… we never ask anything of others… yet, there are four people who seem to know without really knowing… when we are hurting; when we need something; who care.

They don’t have to ask us if we need something; they seemingly know. It’s like us… we don’t ask when we give people things to help them… we ‘just know’. We find a way to do it without hurting pride. It hurts when we see someone in need… and we are in need at the same time… and we don’t have something ‘to make things better’ for them.

We have given to others… half what we have, giving the best to them. They don’t have to be our friends… we see ‘need’. We care. I truly wish we were rich… oh, the difference we could make in this life.

I failed at ‘saving the world’ as a young person… when I thought I could. I could ‘save the world’ … around me, now… if I were rich.

I think ‘saving the world’ means… ‘save the people you see around you who need, suffer… wish. Each person could do their part… by looking around them… can you imagine? Sadly… people aren’t like that… most are about ‘me… me… me’.

There was a time… when we… did make a difference in the lives of strangers, homeless people… family. Those days have long since gone.

I miss doing ‘wonderful things’ to make someone happy. I miss seeing pure joy, happiness in the eyes of someone I did something ‘good’, for.

I see people who need… and it doesn’t take a lot to bring pure happiness into their life. The sad thing is … we don’t have it to give. We can only share what we have… wishing we had so much more to give… to make someone happy.

One of the greatest joys in life, in my ‘Gloria Opinion’… is giving… and if possible… make someone’s dream come true…. without any strings attached.

Just tell them to … pass it forward, without any strings attached.


I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy… It Must Be Meant To Be

I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy…  It Must Be Meant To Be

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Yesterday, I received in the mail… my second Copyright Certificate.  This one is for ‘I CRY FOR TOMMY’.  Now… I have both certificates in my possession; both of my books are officially copyrighted.





Gloria Faye Brown BAR




Lately, as you know… most of my time has been in caring for Camie (Precious Camo), the little puppy I rescued.  Also, I had a pulled muscle from carrying Camie, when I rescued her… that really was quite painful for some time.  Skip has been very sick… he is better now, but… still sick.


Kissy and Chadwick both, are well.  I’m so thankful for that.  They both are used to Camie being in the house… sometimes, they will go lay down by the ‘hospital area’, near her.  They don’t bark, growl at her.


It will be some time before Camie will be well enough to be able to play with them.  Her skin is in real bad condition… so sore.  She has demodectic mange… and it’s a really bad condition.  Hers is worse for having laid on the cold, wet ground dying.


The photos I take of her show her condition.  I’ll be so happy when you can begin to see such progress in her photos.  This precious little puppy has a very long, hard road to travel.  I hope you will constantly send prayers her way, and positive thoughts.


I mean to win this battle, make her get well.  I sleep short periods of time at night to watch over her… and let her out so, that she doesn’t suffer extra waiting to ‘go to the bathroom’.  She’s housebroken, and won’t ‘go’ inside.  She’s a very smart puppy.


I’m so thankful to have this little puppy… it must be meant to be.  :)))



When You Turn Your Back…

When You Turn Your Back

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Did you know that someone thinks of you when you don’t know it?  They wonder how you are doing in your life, though they don’t keep in contact.

Did you know that someone says prayers for you, your family to have a good life without things to hurt you?  To always be safe in all that you do…

Someone cares about you, though they never let you know.  You can be walking through a doorway … someone never sees your face… yet that someone says a prayer for you to have a good life, for things to be going well in your life.

You can be walking down the street, someone sees your face full of worry, fatigue from living life….. someone cares, someone says a prayer for you.

You could drive by in an old, beat-up car that smokes, rattles…. someone says a prayer for you, prays that you can get a nice, dependable car soon in your life…. prays that you have food at home, and all will be alright for you.

Animals lay on the roads ‘everywhere’… cars have struck them, killing them.  Someone’s heart hurts, someone says a prayer that… that animal never suffered.

Seeing you walk away … someone looks at your back and sends such good feelings, wishes to follow you in your life.  Someone prays all will be good in your life, wishes all good things to come your way.

Turn around sometimes … look at the person you just passed.  You might see a soft, kind smile… someone may have just sent well-wishes, a prayer … when you turned your back.

I do………. no matter that I like, don’t like you.  I do…… even not knowing you.  I care about people, animals.  I say prayers all the time, I wish good all the time…. to your face, when you turn your back.

I wish life to be kind to you, all to go right.  I know how it feels to walk many of life’s paths that have been full of pain, grief from losing home, loved ones…. needing money, needing things, nothing going right…. I know how so much feels…. it hurts so bad.

That’s why I say prayers, wish good things when I see you…. even when you walk off, when you turn your back.


I hope that happens behind my back.  Sometimes… I see people make fun, laugh at others…. instead of caring.  I don’t do that … I can’t make fun of people in need, grieving, their circumstances.

So, know when you are where my eyes see you, no matter that I know or don’t know you… it doesn’t matter…. my heart cares, and I will say a prayer, send good wishes behind you… when you turn your back.