Sometimes … We Don’t Need to Know Everything


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter






We’ve been keeping up with the news about the little 13 year old girl who met an older guy online.  We don’t know all the circumstances yet … but, he and another girl who was close to his age … murdered this young girl.



They stabbed her to death.  Why?  They haven’t told us ‘why?’, yet.  Two people who are around the ages of 19-21 years old … stabbed, killed a 13 year old girl?  What’s wrong with that picture?



A little, innocent girl … who met the boy online … she climbs up on a piece of furniture in her bedroom, slips out the window to go … meet Death unknowingly.



We wonder if the couple raped, tortured her.  We wondered if they cursed her, scared her … tortured her physically … tortured her mentally, verbally before she died.  We worried that they did, said unspeakable things to her before she died … how long did she … have to know … she was going to die?  If it was quick … or took a long time?



These things are in our minds … and I wonder what her last thoughts were … was she in shock from the realization of the mistake she’d made as a child … a mistake she’d have no chance of … ever not making again.  Knowing … she should have listened to the warnings to not talk to strangers online … not to go meet them.



I know as a child growing up … when I knew I was learning a lesson in life … I remember thinking ‘oh my God! if I can just make it through this … I’ll never do it again!’  This little girl never got that chance to ‘never do it again’ … she learned a lesson … but, it was too late to know that she did.  I worried for her thoughts before … darkness came … permanent darkness.



I think of such things … I think of details … I worry for what people go through … I care.  I wish I could make time go back … the little girl live to never repeat her mistake again.  If this … if that … I go back to worrying what were her last thoughts … I know her parents do … and it torments them.



I’ve lost my only child … I worry for what were his last thoughts … things like that.  Sometimes … we don’t need to know everything.



I always think to the last moments when I hear someone has died, been murdered, killed. I grieve for what they must have gone through. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Note by this Author:



It is my nature to think about everything … living or dying.  My mind looks for even the tiniest details … it wants to know everything.  Maybe I should have been a detective in my life.  I would have been thorough … go the extra mile in determining the cause of this … of that.



I look closely at the photo put up on the news broadcast … 13 years old.  I still ‘see’ her baby face … she hadn’t even begun to mature like a lot of young girls do … getting a older face as a teenager.  She hadn’t even got to the point of using make-up to be … beautiful … she didn’t get the chance to do anything … to be a teenager.



Two people … I think the girl was 19 … and maybe the boy was 21 … not too much older than her … killed her.  Why did the bastards do that?  They didn’t know that little girl.  I wonder if they terrorized her … prolonged torturing her before they killed her.



I truly wish each person who murdered someone … would have the same thing done to them … if there’s no doubt.  Or … taken to the point of being murdered … left to be made to live so, they can feel, see how it felt.  Do I sound cruel?  I promise you I’m not.  I have the biggest Heart in the world.



Photo/story owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



That’s What We Get … For Skipping Church!

That’s What We Get … For Skipping Church!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee





Photo Credit is mine, owned by me.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka &granny gee .  Photo is of me!


I was trembling inside with excitement! For the time-being, I was free as a bird! Not only that, I was with a group of wild girls. We all were thirteen, fourteen. We might meet a boy!

We were all walking toward the ocean, where an old fort was at. I couldn’t wait to see a … real fort! I was fascinated … I wanted to see!

Everyone was giggling, laughing. We bumped into each other playfully, grinning all the while. Someone said we might just meet a handsome boy on the way! A handsome boy! My, that would top our evening!

We were at summer camp in Fort Caswell, North Carolina. I’ll never forget how excited I was to get to go. Why? I never could go anywhere other kids went … I missed out on all the wonderful kids’ movies, events … I always listened to the girls talking in the background … wishing … I could have went.

I remember being in the Brownies for a short time … oh, how I loved it. When my my mother left me in Hell … I never remembered going back. It seemed everything I loved, meant something to me ‘got gone’. Looking back to then … that’s exactly what happened.

A little girl who was growing up to be somebody … became nobody when she was left in Hell … what a way to go.

No one had money to give me to do anything other kids did. I began to think how ‘things were possible for others … not possible for me … I had become a … nobody’. The other girls got Barbie Dolls; how I always wished for one … but, I never told anyone.

I knew there wasn’t any money to buy me one. I don’t recall asking for a lot as a child … I just ‘knew’ … the good things weren’t for someone like me. The rich kids got them … they were better than me.

Who, what, when … where … I don’t know how I got to possibly go to summer camp! It was wonderful … just pure … wonderful. I was the happiest young girl in the world. I was at the ocean! I was away from Hell … all I heard was laughing, happiness all around me!

We didn’t notice it was beginning to be late evening. We arrived at the old fort … I could see huge, flat … round steps leading to a big, rounded doorway … it didn’t have a door.

Now, I was a chubby, young girl, but … I was used to fighting for survival, playing ball, climbing trees, running, walking. I didn’t think about being chubby at that time …

All of a sudden … my eyes caught something white … I quit laughing. Not only that … a quietness came over all the girls at the same time! We all were facing that big, rounded door full of black … darkness!

A white ghost appeared … in his right hand, it held a long, pointed knife (all was white!) He was coming toward us … we couldn’t move, we were all frozen to the ground.

I remember holding my breath … I felt weak! I couldn’t believe my eyes. A ghost! He was coming to get us! Oh, my God! Run!

My foot wouldn’t move … I tried to take off. I felt like I would faint! All of a sudden, where my foot was frozen to the ground, it let go! I ran like hell … it broke the spell over the other girls … I could hear them behind me! We were like racing horses running to win a race!

We saw a big, wide ditch ahead … I never thought I couldn’t clear it! I sailed over that damn ditch like nobody’s business … I looked back quickly to see other girls jumping, landing in the ditch only to scramble to get out! I didn’t slow down.

I beat them all to the church we were supposed to be at in the first place. I ran quietly into the bathroom. I put my hands over my mouth, I was laughing hysterically. Fear makes one act just damn crazy!

One by one, the girls came into the bathroom. They were laughing with their hands holding their mouth! Their hair, eyes looked wild. I never thought about myself.

We began asking each other what the other saw … we all saw the very same thing!

It came to my mind, and I voiced it. “That’s what we get for skipping church”!



Photo, and true story are mine; both are owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee


Things Have A Way Of Appearing, If You Think About Them!

Things Have A Way Of Appearing, If You Think About Them!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee





When we were little … children played outside all the time … every chance they got.  We played tag, marbles, in the sand … ball.  We even threw clods of dirt at each other (that wasn’t nice!).  We pitched dimes up to the line drawn in the sand (we were mean little kids … I learned a lot when I was sent to Hell ).  Photos are of me before being sent to Hell … a trusting little girl.  They are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee

Sitting there … hidden from the world, a little girl sat. She was trying to make herself be quiet. She was afraid she was going to be found! She was breathing too hard! She ran to find the first place she knew she wouldn’t be found at.

She was inside … the butterbean vines. They draped over a cord to hang down on each side. They were full of butterbeans, and lush, green leaves. She loved hiding here. She didn’t want to be found! She didn’t want to be ‘It’ …

She sat there listening to the squeals when the other children were being found … when she froze.

Do you know how you look at something … and all appears to be fine? But … as you stare, things become clearer to you?

The little girl pulled the vine back to peek out, quickly pulled it back. There her cousin was! She held her breath …

As her little head went back to get another deep breath … she saw it! She almost fainted! Oh no! It was looking straight at her, and it was turning its head! It seemed to stare through her! It was the same color as the leaves!

The little girl froze, hoping it would just go away! It didn’t, in fact … it began rubbing its ‘hands’ together. The little girl knew he was warming up to get her! She was trying so, hard to be quiet …

The damn thing jumped at her! It was long … it was going to get her! She began having a hissy fit! She began screaming, breaking those vines from the cord that held them. She came out of the butterbeans like a banshee from hell!

She ran until she had to stop … began shaking all over. Just the idea of that thing touching her!

From then, on … she was afraid of praying mantis … they looked too intelligent. Their ‘arms’ were too long! Even today … she can’t look directly at one … nor touch a photo of one!

In fact, she doesn’t let herself think of one … because things have a way of … appearing if you think about them! Same way with those damn … kididdlehoppers!

Photo/Story Credit belongs to me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka &grannygee


What Did You Say, Little Boy?


What Did You Say, Little Boy?


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Tommy had been playing, ran in to visit his great-Grandma Alma.  Photo is owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I was sitting in the car, both windows were completely down. My son who was sitting there with me. We had been waiting for someone who was in a store. My son was getting impatient … he wanted to run, play.

Tommy was just a little boy of four. Full of energy … at the age that one never knows what is going to come out of a child’s mouth.

A tall, blonde woman walked by. She did have the ‘biggest’ boobs I’d ever seen on a woman. One couldn’t help but, notice. Who would think a little boy would … notice?

If I could have known …. Tommy turned his head toward the open window as she walked by. “Oh, what big tiddies you have”!

I couldn’t believe my little boy said such! He’d never done that before. The sad thing was … I was a young girl … and my reaction was to begin laughing, hysterically! I couldn’t help it … I began sliding under the steering wheel, trying to hide in the floor!

What made it worse was … that big, blonde woman turned around … come back, stuck her head down to the open window, and said … “what did you say, little boy”?

I apologized to her, all the while laughing like something crazy. I couldn’t stop laughing to save my life! She could tell by my eyes I was so sorry … though … my mouth couldn’t quit laughing.

Thankfully … that blonde woman … found humor in the whole situation, too!


Photo Credit: Any photo I use is owned by me … #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #GrannyGee

Story is true story; it really happened when Tommy was a little fellow. Story is written in my words; owned by me … #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #GrannyGee


On the news this morning, I saw about a little four year old boy being banned from a donut place he went to with his mother. All because the owner said he was rude. All he did was ask a woman if she was pregnant.

My ‘Gloria Opinion’ is … children are taught to be open, to say what they feel, think in ‘today’s time’. Tommy, as an only child, was used to being talked to by adults. Children are even more open, today.

I felt bad for the child being banned from an establishment, for that comment. He didn’t say anything bad. You can think what you want … this happens to be my opinion. 🙂


I Had Become A Force To Be Reckoned With… My Mean Streak Came Out

I Had Become A Force To Be Reckoned With… My Mean Streak Came Out…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My son, Tommy… and myself… Gloria Faye Brown Bates
(Note:  The quality of many of my ‘older’ photos aren’t the best … they survived a housefire that claimed all our belongings.  Thankfully, I had an old suitcase full of photos … so many were wet from the firemen’s hoses… but, a lot survived after working with them.  In this photo, Tommy was about 5-6 years older than when the incident happened that I write about below…..


This morning as I was showering, the thought came to me… everyone of us, no matter how good we try to be… have a mean streak in us.  Don’t believe me?  I think by the time you read this… you’ll say, ‘hey, that’s right… I do have a mean streak in me’!
I promise you that I truly try to be the best person I can be.  I’m fair, honest, caring… I have such a big heart.  No matter… let the situation be right… I’m a mean old girl.  I would fight ‘tooth and nail’, fall out in the dust and stir it up… if had to be.  I would ‘do what I had to do’ in certain situations.  I think you will agree with me, say you would do the same thing.  There’s a line ‘somewhere’ that each of us will ‘draw in the sand’…. and say… ‘no’!
Now… this is just my way of thinking… my ‘Gloria Opinion’… so, whatever you do, don’t do… know that you make your own decisions for yourself… I make mine… for myself.  :)))  We are all responsible adults… right?  :)))
Let’s say for instance… you have a small, precious child.  You are sitting back talking to someone while you watch them play in the park.  You are relaxed, and the person you are laughing, talking to… thinks you are the nicest person ever.  All of a sudden… you begin to tense up… you sit up straight… a terrible expression appears in your eyes.  What you see… you don’t like.  Your lips tighten up as you watch… you don’t even know you have stood up… and have begun to walk, then… run.  Your hands are clenched as if… as if…
When it’s all over with… your memory of what happened is just a blur.  Recognize any of what I’m saying?  While you were sitting there… watching your precious child, you were all kicked back, relaxed.  You were talking about this, talking about that…. smiling, happy… at peace with the world.
All of a sudden, your whole body language changed… you became a ‘force to be reckoned with’….. you didn’t know you were… the person you were talking to didn’t know what was happening… they just witnessed you ‘becoming something’… you became something fierce, something no one could stop!  Like all of a sudden a tornado appeared… and it was going to ‘blow hell wide open’!
Why?  Because you saw an older child run over to your child, slap him/her to the ground.  Your eyes didn’t believe what you just saw… and by the time your little child got up… that big child knocked him/her back to the ground.  You became the wind, you moved like the wind… and Lord help what was in your path.  You were going to protect your little child… somebody’s ass was ‘going to get it… come hell or high water’…..
You reach the big child as he hit your child in the nose, making blood spurt everywhere…. by the time you ‘became aware of your surroundings’… ‘all hell had done broke loose’… and that big bully child was standing there looking at you in horror.  You had jerked him away from your child, your voice had ‘become a monster voice… daring him to touch your child again’!  You became … a force to be reckoned with… just enough to take care of the situation.
I remember a time when my son was small… we were visiting my mother… we were sitting at the dining table looking through the glass doors as my son ran to play basketball with my older brother, and his older friend.  I watched as the older friend grabbed a stick, ran and hit my son.  That was all I remembered… until I heard my mother’s voice telling me to stop.
My child was being hurt…. the big guy didn’t want my little son to get in their way.  He began switching him… that was all it took for the protective instinct in me as a mother… to come out.  Come out, it did!
That’s how fast a storm can come up… the sky can be all fluffy, white clouds… the sunshine golden, warm… all of a sudden… all turns black, the rain pours down, the wind blows hard.  A storm can go away… just as fast…
I didn’t remember running out the sliding doors to get to my son, to protect him… when I became aware of myself… I had both hands on the big guy’s shoulders… trying to push him into the ground.  I had become a ‘monster’…. I had become … the storm that came up out of the blue…  I had become a force to be reckoned with.  A very mean streak inside me… showed up.