Is There Ever a Last Drop?


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter/



Bottles of water … Jugs of water … photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates


We have to buy our water as do a lot of people around where we live.  So, I’m always opening a plastic bottle of water … or a jug of water.

I’m thankful to have water that’s good to drink … to bathe in … to cook with … to wash with .  It means the very world to us.  So, I never waste it … not even one drop if possible.

I caught myself … trying to get the last drop of water from a plastic bottle yesterday.  I became aware of myself letting the water flow from the bottle into the coffeemaker … holding the bottle up once it emptied … to see ‘just a little bit’ of water left in the bottle.

I turned the bottle upside down once more … let the water run into the reservoir.  I turned the bottle upright … there was ‘just a bit more water’ in the bottom of the bottle.  I turned the bottle upside down once more … let the water drain out.

Letting the last drop flow from the plastic bottle … I turned it back up … getting the idea if it possible to … pour the last drop from the bottle.  I turned it upside down once more … another drop flowed out of the bottle!  This made me wonder … is there a last drop?

As I went to throw the bottle into a special bag I use for plastic … a quick thought came to my mind … ‘suppose my life was at stake … and it depended on whether a ‘last drop’ of water came of this now empty bottle … you know … you die if a last drop comes out … live if no drop comes out!  I feel the panic … am I going to live … am I going to die!?

I unscrewed the lid back off … looked at the bottom of the bottom thinking … it’s now or never!  If a drop of water comes out … I die!

I was into my game!  Please, please … I don’t want to die!  Please don’t let a drop of water come out!  I held the bottle above my mouth …

Waited …

At the very second I thought I was going to live … I felt a cold drop of water fall to my tongue!  I fell over … dead!

Is there ever a last drop?


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Imagination can feel real when we play a game … especially a ‘live or die’ game … adrenaline begins to pump 🙂 Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Note by this Author …


Photo/story for entertainment  … owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter/

We have to buy water for us, our Pups to drink.  We can’t drink water from the tap.

Poor Thing … to Poor Old Granny Gee! :)

Poor Thing … to Poor Old Granny Gee!   🙂

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter/

‘Granny Gee’ … artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Poor thing … let me get that door for you!  Noticing how frail, thin the old woman was … I knew the door to the gas station was heavy for her to open.  I held it open as she hobbled inside to pay for her gas.  She had to be at least 65 years old or older.  I held it open while forgetting the pain in my own body.

I went to pump gas in my vehicle.  The old man next to my stall was trying to hold the gas pump nozzle to put gas inside his tank.  Poor old thing just couldn’t seem to put it in the hole.  I stopped the gas on mine, stepped across the aisle, told him to please let me help him.  I told him I sometimes, had problems myself.  I proceeded to pump gas.  I was glad to help that old man out.  Damn … my knees were hurting from stepping across.

I went to Wakefield to Rex Medical Center, to keep my appointment with the doctor.  There was an old woman walking very slowly with her walker.  I knew it was going to be very hard for that lady to open the heavy door.  My legs were hurting as I hurried to get to the door first.  I held it open for her, she went inside as she thanked me.  Poor old woman.  My right thumb was throbbing … the door was heavy even for me!

As I was waiting for the elevator door to close, a woman who was probably in her forties, began rushing on her crutches to beat the elevator door.  I managed to stop the doors from closing.  She wasn’t a poor old person … but, she definitely needed some help.  I could feel in my body as I helped her.

The elevator door opened, and I walked out into the open waiting room, big windows made it seem part of the hallway.  My knees were killing me.  I needed help … I was desperate to get relief that wracked my body.

I was seen by the PA, she gave me 2 injections, one in each knee.  I could already feel the relief I knew would soon follow.  Oh, thank God.  I wanted to cry.  I’d been suffering for a month now.

I was sitting in a tall chair close by when the PA took a moment to look at me.  She asked me how tall I was.  I told her I was 5 feet, one and one-half inches.  She said, “you poor thing … your feet can barely reach the floor”!  Would you believe that pissed me off?  “Poor thing”? …………..

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

Then … on second thought … she didn’t see me as I saw ‘me’.  I saw old people all around me … forgetting that … hey, I’m getting older, also.  I’m beginning to go from ‘poor thing to … poor old thing’!  I just know that’s coming … next!

I don’t know that I’m prepared for that … so, that’s why I’m making changes with myself … slow, but sure.   I might go to being a belly-dancing Granny Gee in my eighties … or to a parachuting Granny Gee in my seventies … or be a wild, happy Granny Gee in my sixties.  Who knows … my sign is Aquarius … suits me to a T.  I saw pole-dancing on tv today … (;

I just be damned if I’m giving it up without one last fight.  I’m not going from ‘poor thing’ to ‘poor old thing’ … no time soon. Save it for someone else.  It’s too easy to be sucked into the ‘old, decrepit world’… Not!

Some people can do it gracefully … I thought I would.  Now, I’m seeing I’m not … going in easy … I’ll be kicking, fighting all the way.  I’m just on the … outside … of the ‘Old Age Jar’ … I’m just not going in!

When I can’t move … I will sit in silence with a sweet, little Granny Gee smile … then, I’ll play the game of accepting old age with grace.

Why old Granny Gee is getting old gracefully … ain’t she?  I’ll hide my frustration … smile a Granny Gee smile.  This will probably be about the time I am 100 years old.  I know it will just plain piss me off if I hear someone say that!

My Grandmother Lola lived to 100 years old … just as strong, intelligent as always.  She never had any health problems that threatened to bring her down … if she did, she hid them.  She was beautiful, positive all the way … to the end.  I have her in mind …

Just because I’m getting ‘older’ doesn’t mean I’m a ‘poor old thing’ … oh!  I need to remember that in my way of thinking about … old people, too!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Being old is like being in disguise.  Like going to a party with a mask of OLD on.  No one recognizes you … maybe sometimes, they stop a brief moment thinking … ‘mmm-mmmm, that looks like someone I … used to know’!  Well, I’m fortunate there … people recognize me easy … even with weight gain.  So … maybe I have something to work with … yet!  🙂

Am I going into ‘second childhood’ … how would I know?  I know I’m not being slicked into ‘Old Age’ without a fight.  I have missed a lot of years on my living … I mean to have them.  No one’s putting me in that jar of Old Age!

Childhood photo of Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …

Do you think I’m going from ‘poor thing’ to ‘poor old Granny Gee’?  🙂

Today … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Note by this Author:

Photos/writing are owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Stay tuned … this show ain’t over yet.  🙂   Oh, and I’ll break any Old Age Jars that come my way … and bend the lids so, they’ll never twist on!  Maybe someone can escape when I do … that wasn’t ready to go in it either!  🙂


Just Because I’m Older … Doesn’t Mean I Forgot How To Dance!

Photos of a younger Granny Gee who could really dance; and an older Granny Gee who hasn’t forgotten … and still do a few of the moves 🙂  Artwork by me in bottom photo … all owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …

Mm-mmmm, I can still do that! I used to be a ‘good’ dancer! Just because I’m older … doesn’t mean my body forgot how to dance! It doesn’t mean that … I can’t dance, anymore.

Okay, okay … so, it hurts more, since this body has become older. I know sometimes, if I try to dance … my body gets stuck in a strange position. It hurts like … heck. Really.

I’ve had so much surgery … that things ‘feel’ much different. I watch little videos on the computer … of senior citizens doing ‘remarkable’ things. I think … ‘why, I can do that’!

You hear of senior citizens defending themselves … shocking the heck out of their attackers! We all love that. Just because someone is ‘old’ … doesn’t necessarily mean they are weak, senile … helpless.

Sure, they need help doing something, at times. Think about it … if you were thrust into a life-threatening situation … you would become stronger, quicker … fight to the death, if needed. I know I would. No matter how old, weak I had become … I would do something ‘remarkable’, if possible.  Older people don’t … forget.

I’m a little older, little fatter … have some gray in my hair (I have it covered up … so, nobody can ‘see that I got older :). Having saying this … doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how to dance!

I might look like a little, fat butterball with legs … but, I promise you … I haven’t forgotten how to dance. 🙂

Thoughts Float Around Just As I Do…

Thoughts Float Just As I Do… You Know How Thoughts Go… Anything Goes! I’m Just Saying….


Thoughts Float Just As I Do… You Know How Thoughts Go… Anything Goes!  I’m Just Saying…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

‘This picture’ used to be ‘me’ at a younger age!  :)))  I always drew ‘myself’, everyone would recognize it.  Now… I would have to figure out how to make my girl appear ‘older’…  :)))

I floated around in the pool on a hot-pink float.  I let my mind ‘float’, also.  Whatever thoughts wanted to go through it… I let them.  Just because I said ‘hot-pink’ doesn’t mean ‘it’s a beautiful sight’!  :)))  I’m just saying…..

I’m at least 2-3 feet, or more… off the ground.  Only a thin, vinyl wall separates me from the space that would make me fall onto the ground!  The thin, vinyl wall holds the water that makes it possible for me… to float around on the space that normally… I could only walk on.  Think about it… amazing!  I mean… have you really ‘thought about it’?  I’m in ‘this clear liquid that allows me to ‘float’ around… in the air!

I see a bug floating around, his little legs kicking hard.  I care about this little bug; yet, I would kill a spider, fly; and battle a ‘kiddiddle hopper’!  I help it by pushing a leaf up to him… I think he is very happy to climb up on it.  I’m happy for him.  I forget about the bug…

My eyes enjoy the very hot-pink of the float I’m holding onto, then… as I pass by the neon green float… I feel pleasure at seeing such ‘happy colors’… especially when all comes into focus along side the beach ball with its yellow, white, blue, hot pink colors.  Happy colors do make me happy… they keep the ‘darkness’ away from me.  I’m afraid of the … dark.

I love colors… I was thinking even the ‘ugliest’ person in the world could have on happy colors… they would be beautiful; especially… if their personality was just as beautiful.  Don’t you agree?  Can you see that ‘I agree with myself’… as my photo below… does a ‘happy dance’? 

I need more happy colors in my life again… when Tommy died… through time since… I notice I wear a lot of black, dark colors.  My happy colors seem to be all ‘inside’ now.  I am trying to make them ‘show’, again.  A little color here… a little color, there…

My funny, happy-moving photo… Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee… I still haven’t figured out ‘how’ I made some of my photos move!!!  My friend, Prenin, in England said my camera probably has the ability to make photos animated.  I have some I would like to see animated… but, ‘how’?  :)))

I closed my eyes, feeling relaxed.  I could hear the drone of a plane so high up in the sky… behind fluffy, white clouds.  I couldn’t see it, so… I closed my eyes once again. 

I listened to a black bird as he kept saying ‘caw’!  He said it many times… I wondered if it was communicating with the dog across the road.  The dog would bark, the black bird would ‘caw’…

I opened my eyes, feeling…. sensing my swimming pool.  It felt ‘safe’, I studied the sides of it, I didn’t ‘feel’ as if it would ‘all of a sudden’… collapse!  If it did… I worried for a moment about going out with all the water… in front of God, and whoever happened to be looking. 

I wasn’t in the mood to entertain anyone by riding a wave of water as the pool collapsed!  Much less getting more… sand burns!  I still have a couple of places that are still healing.

I looked at the privacy screen (3 sections that fold).  It stood nearby… I’m thinking about painting a beach scene on it.  I don’t paint for anyone now… I can’t put my heart into it… I thought I might not can be inspired enough to paint for myself.

The privacy screen is made of wicker… white.  I was thinking of refreshing the ‘white’ with more white.  As I look at it, I can imagine the sand; ocean disappearing into the sky in the far-off distance… the sky blue; big puffy white clouds…. and several white sea gulls flying in the wind.  I imagine several breaking waves on the shore… then, my mind goes to … Tommy.

Tommy was at the ocean when he died… he was happy.  He and Taban, his little 3 year old son… were running, playing.  Their happy sounds blended with the music of the sea gulls, waves washing ashore… I know it was a beautiful sound his ears heard… just ‘before’…

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… a poster I did for a business some time ago.  I love this… I wish I could become inspired to paint, draw again………..

I floated around, deep in thought, as I imagined a big guy, a little guy running, squealing, laughing.  It was the big guy’s first time to play at the ocean with his little son.  I let myself… hear them in my mind.  This time… I didn’t cry.  I let go of my ‘Tommy’ thoughts…

The motor of a big truck sounded… the neighbor just came home.  I don’t know him, nor his wife.  I heard they were nice people.  I think maybe someone’s been repairing their roof… a tree fell during a storm.  I’ve been hearing the sound of a hammer, lately…

I hear a sound outside the pool… why, it’s Kissy walking by.  He looks at me, probably wondering how I can be in the air like that.  If I were a Pup… I would wonder many things, too.  His sweet face… another sweet face appears. 

Chadwick, our other Pup… just walked by…  neither Pup tries to get on the pool… I like that.   It has a inflated ring that goes all the way around it… it could lose air… if a toenail punctured it.

My mind is coming back to reality… it ‘seems like the pool is going to be… alright’.  I’m hoping it will; it means the world to me to have it.  I think about all the money Skip earned to make the pool possible for me… all he goes through.  My heart… it touches my heart.  Thank-you, Skip. 

I decide to get out as I cast my eyes around the inside wall, the water… I compare what I see with what I saw on the outside wall… I ‘think’ everything’s going to be alright. 

I don’t feel ‘gun-shy’ now, about getting into the pool.  I look forward to the next time, when… I can let my mind float around just as I float on my hot-pink float!  Free as the wind…

I want to float ‘free as the wind’… a soft wind.  Not one that will throw my a___ out on the sand in a torrent of violent waves of water!!!  I’m just saying…  :)))

You know how one thinks… anything goes!


Gloria ‘Look Alike’…

Gloria ‘Look Alike‘…
 I have laughed so much… one of my favorite friends sent me a photo her husband took of her ‘before’ she did her hair and makeup…
Yep!  Guess who it looked like!  ‘Me’!!!  At first, I thought I was seeing myself when I clicked on the email.  I began laughing out loud, drawing Skip’s attention to the computer.
I told him this ‘is my twin’… at first, he didn’t know who it was!  He laughed, too.
This was such a fun thing… I wanted to share it.  I won’t tell you who my friend is… you might not recognize her here, even if you know her… she is beautiful!
Not only that, she is a wonderful mother, wife, family person.  Skip and I have always thought they are such a beautiful family. 
I was honored when she sent the photo her husband took of her.  She looks like me at ‘her worst’… think how pretty she is at her best!  Thank-you for letting me share this with my readers!  
This has made me smile a lot… it has been fun looking at these photos.  I hope you all enjoy them… just as much as I have!                        

Face To Face, Movement For Movement… I Met My Stalker Once Again!

OUR PRECIOUS PUPS !!!Our precious two-year old Rottie.  Kissy Fairchild will protect his Mommy!






Face To Face, Movement For Movement… I Met My Stalker Once Again!                    By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



This evening I became aware of being stared at.  You know what I mean, all of a sudden, you know ‘you are being watched… watched closely’.

I looked around me, I turned around… yes, there he was big as day, he didn’t care if I saw him.  He looked me straight in the eye!  I decided I would look him straight back in his eyes… I did!  I wasn’t going to run… no, I was going to hold my ground, and… stalk him back.  Let him see how it felt… see, how close he’d come to me!  I had something for him!

We stood there in a ‘face-off’… stared for several minutes.  I couldn’t believe it… he made one stealthy move toward me… I felt my heart beat a little faster… I’m not going to be afraid, I am going to meet him head-on!  No matter what happens… I’m going to hold my ground.

I put a step forward… he blinked in surprise.  I know he was thinking ‘something’s not right here, she’s supposed to run!’  He tested me again, by putting another foot in my direction…

I stood there squinting my eyes at him… I looked him straight back into his deep, dark golden-brown eyes… I even saw the beauty of his eyes as I… took another step toward him!  This time, I felt my heart speed up another notch… am I really doing this?  Am I!!!?

He took several quick steps toward me!  I took several quick steps toward him… his little short tail began to wag so fast!  All of a sudden we both ran toward each other!  I hugged him, he snuggled into me!  I laughed, and squeezed him hard… he went between my legs pushing my long nightgown backwards, almost throwing me down onto the floor!

It was wonderful to be stalked, we do it all the time.  I’ve learned from our precious 2 year old Rottweiler, Kissy… how to stalk… I’ve become quite good at it.  Neither of us wants to do ‘serious stalking’… he’ll get happy, run to me quickly if ‘it gets too intense’, ha!

It’s fun to be stalked, and stalk like this.  Face to face, movement for movement… I met my stalker once again!

Happy Day… Haircut, And Waxed Eyebrows… Beautiful!

Happy Day…  Haircut, And Waxed Eyebrows… Beautiful!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Skip and I had a fun day.  We ate breakfast out this morning on our way to several stores to shop.  We bought some clothes, I did… too!


The reason I said ‘I did, too’!  is because I normally neglect buying clothes for myself… to buy art supplies.  I love to buy colors… paints, markers, so forth.


Skip was happy seeing me get nice clothes instead, today.  :)))  I have to say I am glad I stayed away from A.C. Moore.  I have clothes to show for my shopping trip, today!  Now, instead of happy-colored paints, markers… in my closet are happy-colored blouses, slacks.  :)))


Skip stopped at the shop he gets his hair cut, which is conveniently beside the shop I go to …to get my eyebrows, so on… done.  Today was the day, I got my eyebrows done.


I laid on the ‘bed’ listening to soft music while the girl put hot wax on my eyebrows… and as the soft music played… I felt great pain as she placed strips on the hot wax… then abruptly pulled them off!  Wow!  Soft music, and great pain!


I was very happy with the results… she did my brows ‘just right’.  I’ve been admiring them all evening!  Oh… Skip looked mighty handsome when the lady finished with him.  We were made ‘beautiful’!  :)))


All in all… we had a happy day.  Any day with Skip is a happy day!  Oh… I sure love my eyebrows… they are ‘beautiful’!  :)))  Skip is ‘beautiful’, also!


He Does Understand… We Are Going To Have Our Differences

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) o...

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) offered for sale at the farmers’ market in Rochester, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He Does Understand… We Are Going To Have Our Differences
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I tried something I’ve never tried in my life. Today, I felt well enough to go to the supermarket. In fact, in the past couple of days I’ve tried food I’ve never eaten before in my life.


I was buying bags of frozen vegetables to put in the freezer. I bought several bags of something I’d never eaten before. I will surely buy more now.


I tried Edamame, a variety of soy beans… I bought the steamable frozen pods with sea salt. I put them in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes, took them out, let them cool a bit.


I began taking the peas from the pod to eat. Oh my, what a tasty snack! I love the taste, I don’t know how to describe it, I’ve never tasted anything like them before. I read that they have a lot of good protein, and people eat them for a snack when dieting.


Tonight, I did something I’d never done in my life. I bought two bulbs of garlic at the supermarket. They always look so fresh, pretty in their little packages. I felt I wanted a box of them.


Tonight, I held each bulb in my hand, sliced off the ‘top’… then took the ‘paper’ skin off. I put each of the two garlic bulbs into a piece of tin foil… drizzled olive oil on them, sprinkled a little salt, pepper over them. (Note: I need to get Kosher salt :)))


I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees, then… took the cloves from each bulb… pressed each clove with a fork to get the creamy, roasted garlic out. (Note: I need to buy a garlic press :)))


I spread the creamy garlic on a piece of toast, drizzled a tiny bit more of olive oil on it, sprinkled a tiny amount of salt, pepper over it. I began to eat it… I really loved it! This would be wonderful with spaghetti! (I know… you all already probably been eating garlic like this … I never buy garlic, Skip doesn’t like it. Sometimes, I do use garlic salt on a steak :)))


Now… how to get the garlic scent gone! I’m sure I will have garlic breath tomorrow! Does anyone know how to make the garlic smell go away?


I saw how to prepare the garlic on a video, it looked so good… I had to try it. I love things I haven’t ever tried before. If anyone has any good tips about the Edamame pods, or garlic…. let me know!


I know that Edamame peas can be made into ‘hummus‘ … instead of using chickpeas, one can make hummus with Edamame peas, using cilantro, and such. I love hummus.


Skip doesn’t like ‘everything’ I like… especially garlic!!! But, he understands that we ‘are going to have our differences’! :)))




Who Is That Knocking On My Door?

Who Is That Knocking On My Door?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was standing in my shower with my eyes closed… instant sunshine, vision of walking in a lush, green meadow of wildflowers… lavender, yellow, red flowers of all kinds, green grasses, leaves.  The breeze blowing my skirt making it flare out, I felt coolness on my legs, my feet… my arms, my face…….. my hair blowing away from my face… I’m running ever so slowly in my daydream, shaking my hair slowly from side to side, my hands constantly fluffing it out… my hands touch my cheeks to… find a happy smile on my… lips!

Bam!  Bam!  Bam!  I’m shocked completely out of my daydream!  What is that loud noise!?  I stand there, my heart has begun to beat …fast!  I’m ready to fight… to run the opposite way (but, where to?  I’m in the shower, I can’t go down the drain!).  Bam!  Bam!  Bam!  Bam!  Bam!

Someone is hitting the bathroom door!  How can that be?  The house is locked up… I’m alone, with the exception of our Pups!  I don’t hear them barking….

Bam!  Bam!  Bam!  I grab my big, fluffy, yellow towel… step out onto the plush, lavender rug in front of the shower/tub… I ease to the door when I’m startled backwards from the sound of ‘bam!’ once again.  This time I feel like I want to know what that sound is…. I have a feeling I ‘know’……

I opened the door to see…. Kissy Fairchild looking up at me with his teddy bear face… ‘Kissy!  It’s you who is knocking on my door!’  I begin to talk ‘baby talk; to him…. ‘Kissy, why are you knocking on my door?’

He becomes happy because the bathroom door is no longer closed… he just nonchalantly ‘plops’ down in front of the opened door.  It was Kissy!  He was ‘knocking on the door’… he doesn’t like closed doors!

Normally, I leave the bathroom door open… I wasn’t thinking when I closed it.  Kissy will not let anyone have a closed door around him… he has to know what is behind it… or maybe he worries if he can’t see us… :)))

Kissy Fairchild does… not… like closed doors!

The World On Stage…

The World On Stage…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

As I watch you talk, laugh, play

I think about what I am seeing

What is that you say?

Yes, I think the day is lovely, too

As we walk along being silly, carefree

The thought came to me that…

No matter where I am

No matter what I see

The view in front of my eyes

Is a stage where everyone is an actor

The stage is constantly changing

Such as over there is the ocean

The actors are in bathing suits

So natural, so not knowing they are watched

Through eyes of someone who sees the world

As a stage… who constantly is entertained

By never-ending movies… all the time

Look at the dog running to catch a frisbee

Running on the pure, white sand

Leaving paw prints behind

I stand and watch a young girl cover a boy in sand

He is buried up to his neck, lying there with a smile

She looks down at him with a mischievious grin

You can’t get out, she says

He lies there pretending he can’t get out of the sand

I turn my head to watch the waves

I see children running, a little boy fell

A wave splashed over him, he got up giggling, saying

I want to do it again!

I walked to the edge of the water

To let the waves wash over my feet

The water felt warm, comforting

As I stood there thinking it’s time to play

My part … I’m an actor in this, too

I begin to act the part of being on vacation

I smile, I laugh, I run in the waves, I reach out

My arms to embrace … the world

I’m a star now… I’m shining my very best!