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Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Life is too real … yes, it really is.  It’s full of challenges, twists … turns … obstacles in one’s path.


You take many journeys in life … events happen … unexpected events … life-changing events.  Each time something happens … you, your life … everything changes in some way.  Life isn’t ever the same again.


Sometimes, and best … are the little things that happen in Life.  You know … the things we can fix … do something about.  These are the events we’d rather have.


The events that happen … boom!  right out of the blue … these are the scary events.  These are the events that are life-altering … have to do with life-threatening illnesses, accidents.  A lot of times, we can recover from them with little change … a lot of times, completely life-changing.


The life-changing events can be so drastic as to make a person lose everything they have … quality of life goes all the way down … even to being homeless.


If you don’t go homeless … there are other scary things … being near homeless, hard to get medicines one needs … get nutritous foods to keep one’s health up … to stay warm, cool.  Buying gas to go to the doctor, supermarket.  Paying co-pays so, a doctor won’t quit seeing you (we had that happen … a cardiologist at that).  Scary.


Such things as I’ve mentioned … these are the things one has a time trying to recover from … sometimes, never recovering from them.  I can’t think of all to name here … but, I’m sure many of you who read here … know more things.


Other things to change one’s life are when you lose everything you’ve got … due to medicals bills, just trying to survive.  We did this when we both had cancer … I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and my husband … Colon Cancer.  When we did begin recovering … we lost everything to a house-fire.  We were left at the mercy of the world.


Another time … my husband was in a tractor-trailer accident out in New Mexico.


Then … one by one … my family members began dying … the very people I loved with my Heart, my very favorite people whom I knew loved me.  This included my mother, brother, father, grandmother … a step-mother who might have in a way (didn’t matter, I really did love her), uncles, aunts, cousins … then, several of our friends.


One after one … they kept dying.  One cousin hit a log truck head-on during passing a car … she died instantly (she was trying to help us get on our feet after the house fire) … her brother, one of my cousins I loved dearly as a child … died with a gunshot to his head (supposedly suicide).


On and on … the deaths happened just like cards being dealt.  I have no one now left in my family that I can be close to.  They all live their lives, I live mine.  We go in peace.


These are just examples of life events, journeys in life.  All were awful … took so long to cope with … some I never got to cope with properly … because one after one kept happening … and then …


The worst of any of those things … was the evening a man, complete stranger rung our phone to say, “ma’am, I have a collapsed man here who isn’t breathing.”


My only child, my son … had gone on vacation with his family to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Tommy (my son) … told me the evening before how he was looking forward to playing with his 3 year old son for the first time ever at the ocean.  His face was lit up like the sunshine … he was excited … I felt his excitement.  We were smiling happily while he told me.


The next evening, May 29, 2010 … Saturday evening … Tommy did get to play with Taban, my grandson … for a few minutes before he died there on the sand.  He’d been sending me photos, video to my computer.


A group of people watched this tall, blonde-headed guy run, play and laugh with a little blonde-headed boy who looked just like him.  Laughter, squeals of delight … as the waves came in to wash around their feet.


Tommy collapsed on the sand … thankfully, the people saw something was wrong, hurried over to protect my little grandson.  He was all alone … as his daddy’s soul drifted up to Heaven.  He could hear the sea gulls singing as he called his daddy.


I’ll stop here … this was the worst of worst to ever happen to me in my life.  I stopped living for 3 years … I was the walking dead … I had already died … inside.  Life stopped for me when I became aware of the meaning of the words the stranger was trying to tell me over the phone … the end, that was it.


I’ve never taken drugs … but, I do recall the last thing I said to my husband, Skip … before going into the darkness.  I told him to please take me to the hospital and let them drug me.


I couldn’t live with such knowledge inside me … I was trapped inside myself … my son was dead!  My son had died!  Oh my God, my son!  My son, Tommy!  I could not stay awake to know that … drug me until I’m not here anymore.


Unknowingly at that time … Skip told me later about standing at times to listen to me breathe … he was afraid I would die … I was taking the medicine because I couldn’t bear to face the daylight … I had to hide in darkness.


I vaguely remember Skip begging me not to take the medicine anymore … “please don’t take it, Baby Girl”.  I couldn’t … not take it.  God knows what would have happened if I had.


Anyway … you get the idea of what I mean about journeys, life-changing events.  I’ve lived real life … I’ve lived more life-changing events than anyone knows … some I’ll never reveal, they’ll go to the grave with me.


I made it … I’m still here … something inside me kept fighting to survive when I really died inside to I didn’t know I was still living.


I’m not the only one to suffer, go through pain and grief mostly in life.  Where you probably have had a normal, good life without such things happening in your life … maybe one or two things … mine has had more than I could count.


I’ve been reeling … constantly getting back to my feet where Life has slammed me into the ground all through my time here on earth.


I’m just realizing at this time in my life that I’ve become an OLD-ass woman … can you believe how time’s gone by?  During all the crisises in my life … I wasn’t ever aware of how I was growing older.  Isn’t that damn-amazing?


Now … I’m on another road in Life … on another journey.  I’m having to learn my way on how to navigate being OLD.  I’m on the OLD road in Life.  Especially now … I’ve got to learn in a hurry what to do.  I’m not OLD but … old.


Skip has had a stroke … I almost lost him a couple weeks ago … he had complete 3rd degree heart block (electrical activity in the heart where the upper chamber communicates with the lower chamber … his wasn’t doing that).


Skip just got a pacemaker to help his heart beat as it should … he isn’t well, is recovering now.  The stroke did something to his left eye, he is still having headaches.  He has diabetic neuropathy in his feet/diabetes.


I have my own medical conditions I have to cope with on a daily basis.  For now, I am having to be the strongest.  I take care of Skip, and our Pups.  No matter what I have to go through … I will focus on caring for them.  They are my whole world … they are all I have left in this world.


So, that means Skip can’t work … no income.  I have to find a way to get help.  Get help with rent … food … medical … gas to go back and forwards to the doctors.  I’ve applied for food, medical … I won’t know for a week or so, if I get it or not.  I pray that I do … for once we are really desperate … it’s a crisis.


When I asked for help with the rent … it was at closing time … the Spanish girl wanted to go home.  Everyone at the office there was excited at the pending snowstorm heading our way.  They were walking out the door to go home … only the Spanish girl had to stay … until the last person … being me, and my very sick husband.


She met us with a cold expression, took us down a long hall to her office.  She wasn’t interested in anything I said … I sensed she just wanted us to be gone.  She wanted to go home.  I asked her for resources for seniors … for help to pay rent … some direction to go to get help.


I’ll never forget the Spanish girl looking up at me, saying “go to a shelter, but … I don’t know where there’s one.”  I sat there stunned … my poor, sick husband sat there stunned.


She wanted us to go, leave so she could go home … we did, and she almost beat us getting to her car in the parking lot.  I was just opening the door to get in when she rushed past us … I told my husband to look.


This is another of those life-altering events that I have no manuel, no direction in which to turn.  I don’t know what to do … what do I do?


Where will I go first?  How do I keep from hurting when someone steps on my pride?  Makes me feel bad for asking for help when I’ve waited too long to.


What happened to the other seniors before me … who were disabled, desperate for help?  Were they sent away to a dark hole, box?  Where are they?  I asked the Spanish girl … “what happened to them?”  Who did they go to … to get help, direction?


I mean, it was this young, Spanish girl whom we were sent to … to get this type of help.  I told her we were sent from the front to her, and were given hope … she told me, “well, it’s this way … they don’t know how I operate back here … I don’t know how they operate up front.”


They might tell you … you can get help with your rent … but, they’re wrong.”


How can I argue that with her without looking bad?  Or appear to be making a scene?  When it was past time for her to go home?  I didn’t … we left, feeling hopeless.


The thought of going to shelters, being separated from each other … our two Pups that are our entire life being taken away from us … in our minds.


We were crushed.  She never smiled at us the first time … she never offered words of comfort … hope.  Cold … blank face … uncaring.


I haven’t gotten through this new journey I’m on … I’ve just stepped onto the road … I am seeing roads ahead … the signs are blank.  I don’t know which way to go.


I will have to make decisions blindly … unless someone can speak out, tell me.  I understand people in our situation might not want to talk … afraid it could affect them in their life … mess up the even keel they finally got on.


In the meantime … we have to live … but very soon, we’ve got to have financial help to buy gas to go find help, go to doctor appointments, eat … to stay in the home we live in (rental), to buy water to drink (we can’t drink water from the tap).


I’m not going to beg, whine, cry to get help … I’m not doing that now.  I don’t feel sorry for myself … I was knocked to the ground again by Life … I’ve dusted my pants off … I’m standing up … holding my ground here.  I just need solid advice … some sure-fire direction to go in … not what someone ‘thinks someone did’ … but, seriously … what did they do to find real help.  I’m living real Life … I need to know.  I know I’m not the only one who has had to do this.


My email address is:   gloriapaintsat@yahoo.com  … if you can offer solid advice (it has to be for North Carolina) … won’t you please email me, tell me?


We hope to stay here in the same rental house we moved to after my son’s death … it feels like home, safe … good neighbors who mean the world to us.


I’m not asking for anyone’s money, material things … just for words that will be my arrows to point the direction to get the help we need.


Just words that will be arrows to point in the direction of help.  You don’t have to give me your names … if you do, I promise to respect your privacy.  I’m on a new road … I just don’t want to get lost.




Note by this Author:


Photo/true story (January 2016) owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


I have written our situation in hopes of someone knowing what to do … will contact me … tell me.  I’m not asking for anything else … just words that turn into arrows to point the way to help on this new road I’ve just gotten onto.  Thank you in advance.  Gloria/Granny Gee.


Email:  gloriapaintsat@yahoo.com    …..  (my private email address)


Did You Know Dogs Can Climb? When Life Reaches Out to Touch You Unexpectedly …




Did You Know Dogs Can Climb?  When Life Reaches Out to Touch You Unexpectedly …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Kissy Fairchild Bates … Our Rottie

Precious Camo/Camie Leigh Bates … Our Mixed-Perfectly Australian Shepherd




Do you ever think if you stay at home … mind your own business, not bother anyone … that the world will leave you alone?



Even if you never socialize … close yourself off to the world … stay private not ever speaking to someone, or go around someone else … did you know … the world can touch your life … reach in, jerk your ass out of your little world … whether you like it or not?



Seriously … think about it.  I will give you just a little example of what I mean … we are private people and we love to be around people … so, don’t think we are so private we don’t get around other people.



We like people … we love to talk …  just at home it’s hard to have company … our Pups aren’t used to visitors … they will bark, raise Cain if someone comes.  Not exactly a good visiting atmosphere … it’s their home, too.  We have never had many visitors so, it’s understandable.  The Pups deter visitors …



Getting back to what I mean about the … world reaching out to touch you … while you are in your own little world, minding your business, not bothering anyone.



We live to ourselves … our Pups have a small fenced-in yard with a locked gate.  They go in and out through their pet door.  They are clean, and they are house-broken.  They are good Pups … they never run loose in the neighborhood.



To us it would be like letting little children run all over the place who are innocent to the perils of the world.  They might never-ever make it back home … wild animals, other dogs, a car could make their little journey out running around … be the last time we see them.  Too many dangers … something could kill them … just like that.  I can’t bear to think of it.



Getting back once again to what I mean about the world … life … reaching out to touch you … while you are in your own little world.



We were sitting in the living room … our 2 Pups laying close to us.  We were watching something on tv.  I heard an unfamiliar bark and I thought it was on tv.  It didn’t take but, a moment to realize that no!  it was in our back fenced-in yard.  I hurried to the door, Skip behind me … of course, our 2 Pups ( I hate to call them dogs :).



The Pups ran out their pet door, immediately began wildly barking, growling.  I knew something was out there!  I opened the door and didn’t see anything at first … I looked at the end of the porch where our dogs were … going crazy!



I couldn’t believe my eyes … there was a small Beagle dog barking, growling back at our Pups!  She was inside their fenced-in yard!  We began immediately putting a barrier between the dogs … we couldn’t bear for any of them to get hurt!



I went inside, got a baby gate I use on the front storm door in case a Pup ever decided to jump up on it … I don’t take chances, nor take anything for granted … I protect our Pups. Anyway …



The little Beagle ran up onto the porch, got beneath the bench making it easier to protect it.  I got our 2 Pups’ leashes, put them on the Pups … brought them inside … closed up their pet door.



We were going to calm the Beagle down … let it go back outside the fence.  We kept wondering ‘who would have dropped the dog over our fence’?  About that time … a man walked up … he was looking for his two little Beagle dogs … named Laverne and Shirley.



Shirley was the Beagle on our porch.  We unlocked the gate, let the man come in to get his dog.  The man had a belt in his hand … before I let him get the little dog … I asked him, “are you going to whip that dog?”  He smiled, said … “no! I’m going to use it like a leash”.



He went on to tell me he always let the little dogs run in this neighborhood when he came to visit.  I asked him not to do that anymore … because there were other big dogs that ran free here, and something bad could happen … because something did happen this past summer.



The man was visiting his son … had always brought his dogs to run free.  He said he wouldn’t do it again.  He was concerned to where his other little dog was.  He got Shirley and went walking off calling … Laverne!  I pray he found her, too.



If I hadn’t felt good about that man … he’d had a problem getting the little Beagle dog.  The belt bothered me, but I saw how the little dog reacted to him.  It loved him, and it got as tight to the man’s chest when he picked it up.  That made me know the little Beagle wasn’t afraid of him.  The man held it tightly, he was glad to find her.



See what I mean about … how Life can reach out to touch your life and you are in your own world?  Who would have thought a dog would have been inside our fence … a strange dog?  Thank God, we were home … the outcome might not have been good at all.



You would think we could let our guard down at home.  To a degree, we can … we still have to be alert around us.  How did the dog get into our fenced-in yard?



Did you know Beagle dogs can climb?  No one around here would have put a dog inside our Pups’ fence ( with a Rottweiler and an Australian Shepherd).  Skip was telling me how they can climb fences.  I went online … watched a video of a Beagle dog … climbing a fence!  Amazing!



I didn’t know dogs could climb.  Did you?



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Note by this Author:



True story/photo written … owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Hoist That Rottie in the Air! Pull Him Down!

Rottie in the Air …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny




Photo of Kissy, our Rottie now.  Sweet Chadwick, our yellow Pup is gone now (January 16, 2015). Photo owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.






I don’t know if you are like me in wanting to improvise ways to do things.  You know like when you are trying to problem-solve.

Like when you don’t know what in the world you could find, use to accomplish some deed you want done.  I like to make things from … nothing.

Like when you want to trim a Rottweiler’s nails.  Like when that Rottweiler doesn’t want his nails trimmed.  Like when he gets very pissed-off if he even thinks you are going toward his nails.

See, about 0 years ago, I had my first Rottweiler.  I loved him with my Heart.  I began by trimming his nails to the tune of … vanilla wafers.  He loved vanilla wafers!  (Now … I know vanilla wafers are NOT good for Pups!)

I had to be very fast trimming his nails … as time went by he grew bigger … and the vanilla wafers would go quicker … he’d run out of them, get an attitude!  He had a growl that intimidated me!

He was my teddy bear but, he didn’t put up with nonsense.  It would be like, “Girl, you better get some more of them vanilla wafers”!

I learned this when I thought I could keep on trimming … he looked me in the eyes, did a growl … he held my hand in his mouth.  He didn’t bite … but, he successfully taught me … who was boss.  No more vanilla wafers for him!  I don’t even know if vanilla wafers would have worked anymore.

Each day while working, I would think about how I could improvise a way to trim his nails.  I thought of how I could keep his head at a safe distance while trimming.   Of course, I didn’t want to hurt my baby.

A light bulb went off one day.  I knew what I was going to do!  I talked to my brother and Tommy, my son.  I had a team … and this was going to work … I was sure it would.  I knew it would be safe at the same time.

I went to my mother, talked to her.  She let me have one of her queen-sized sheets … I took my scissors to it.  I made 4 holes in it for my Rottie’s legs to go through.  I knew when I got ready … his head, tail would be at the edge of the sheet on either side … legs through the holes.

I called my team … my brother, son … they brought rope with them.  They helped me to secure the rope onto the sheet.  See, the plan was … my Rottie was going to put each leg in a hole on the sheet.  I would then, draw the sheet up around him … his head would stick out on one side … tail would be at the other side.

The rope had been thrown over a wooden beam, a rafter … in the room my step-father was remodeling.  All my brother, son had to do was to hoist that sheet, Rottweiler in it … I would hurry, trim every nail on his feet.

You know … do like those mechanics on race-cars.  They have their stuff together!  I was sure I had my stuff together, too!  I could work on this … car!

The sheet, my Rottie went up into the air.  He had a surprised expression on his face … I began to quickly trim his nails.  Be damned, if he didn’t scare Hell out of me!  He made a growl like something I’d never heard!

“Let him down, let him down”!  My brother, son let him down gently.  I told them I couldn’t do it.  That growl made all the other growls he’d ever made … sound like little meows!  This growl told me something.  I listened.

I never did get to trim his nails.  Thankfully, vets know how to do that!  Today when Kissy, our Rottie goes to the vet … they trim his nails.

See, it’s a different Rottweiler in a different time … he doesn’t like it either.  Rather than to put me, him to the stress … I let them trim his nails … and he doesn’t mind.

Don’t try this at your home.  Sweets are bad for your dogs.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to pull a rope/sheet trick like I did either.

I don’t think it wise to swing a Rottweiler from a rafter!  Nor tempt a Rottie with vanilla wafers!




Note by this Author:

I hope you don’t do a dumb thing like I did regarding vanilla wafers, and putting my Rottie up in the air like he was a car to work on.  So much for bright ideas!  He was never in danger … I still don’t think anyone should do what I did.

This is a true story of my life.  I was telling our Vet today about doing that.  They trimmed our Kissy’s nails today.  I’m so glad!  🙂

Photos/story are owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Look What Love, Prayers, Donations Did … Created a Miracle

Look What Love, Prayers, Donations Did … Created a Miracle

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/aka @GeeGranny on Twitter



















Precious Camo … Camie

Photos are all owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  These are not the worst photos of Camie.  You are welcome to go to hers and Kissy’s Facebook page where I am posting lots of photos this week until July 4th.         https://www.facebook.com/camocameobates           Come, be their Facebook Friends.  I update almost every day.

On July 04, 2013 … I rescued a little puppy whose name was Camo.  She was a little girl puppy.

Someone had named her Camo … we thought she was a boy at first.  Our special friend in Australia chose her new name … Camie.  So, you see both Precious Camo and Camie on her Facebook page.

She was near death when I picked her up off the ground.  Maggots began falling off her body.

I brought her home not knowing how I could even begin to pay for medical care to help her.  We already had our 2 Pups and we took extra-good care of them … because we didn’t want to take a chance on one having to go to the vet.  We were making it week to week … and it was very hard.

I had in my mind that if this little puppy died … it wouldn’t die alone, unloved.  She would be with me by her side.  In my mind, I knew one way or other … I was going to fight for her to live.  I would beg if I had to … to get medical care for her.

We took her to Louisburg Veterinary in Louisburg, NC (Dr. David Fontenot).  We talked to him about Camie’s condition.  He said he’d never seen a worse case of demodectic mange.  He kept her overnight, did tests on her.  She was in a bad way.   Not only that, she’d been bitten by a brown tick and had canine ehrlichiosis.

People usually have dogs put to sleep when they are this bad off.  I never thought about doing that even for the first time.

She had no hair, had been exposed to the elements and was laying on the wet, cold ground when I found her.  Her skin was oozing with clear fluid, blood … she had no hair.  Looking at her … broke my Heart.

I was already in the grieving process for the loss of my only child, my son … Tommy.  My attention went to this little puppy, and I became determined to make her live … I wanted this puppy to know how it felt to be loved, to eat good food … to be a part of us.

Now … this comes from a person who didn’t want another dog.  For years I have been tied down to the home to make sure our Pups were loved, cared for.

I didn’t go on trips, on the road with Skip.  I’m the person who dearly loves to travel.  My love for our Pups … was most important.  So, I have missed out on many miles of traveling.  It has been worth it.

Thank God … I have traveled a lot in my younger life … at least I’m not afraid to go out my back door, even by myself … drive anywhere in this country of ours.  I don’t really need a map to travel by … I know how to go.  I’ve traveled in the past by private vehicle … and for 3 years on a tractor-trailer ( I drove, also!  🙂  At least, I got to travel …

I hope and pray to do it again in the future.  I’d dearly love to just have a small travel trailer to pull  (we used to have one years ago).  That way, we could go on short trips at least … and we’d have that … the Pups and us could go, stay long as we wanted to.

I hope we can find one by a miracle that isn’t so expensive … and in the best of shape.  Anything is possible. Not only that … if for some reason one couldn’t pay high rent always … they have a shelter over their head.

This is honestly my way of thinking.  I wish we’d kept the one we had years ago.  It would be in good shape, because we take care of our things.  I’m straying from my subject of Camie … 🙂

We would carry a portable fence, set it up as needed.  We are most protective over our Pups … Kissy and Camie.  Our Sweet Chadwick Elsworth died on January 16, 2015 during a seizure.  Skip and our 2 Pups are my whole world … since Tommy and Chadwick, died.  I have no one else … I treasure Skip, Camie and Kissy.

Getting back to Camie … Precious Camo.  She has a Facebook page where one can see all the photos I’m posting this week until July 4, 2015 … she was rescued on July 4, 2013, two years ago.

I do this each year of her life to show her new friends what condition she was in when I rescued her … they only see her photos now … would never know she wasn’t always like that.  Like me … Skip (cancer survivors) … she is lucky to be here.

The people who donate constantly to Camie’s and Kissy’s medical care at Louisburg Veterinary in Louisburg, NC (919-496-2638) … people who constantly keep our Pups in their prayers … when they look at these photos … they can see where their hard-earned money went … know it helped 2 precious Pups get better.  They can visit the Facebook page each day for a peep into their daily life.

Not only that … I am forever grateful to them.  They can actually see each day what they are a part of … what they did.  If it wasn’t for them … I can’t bear to think about it.

I will put photos here on this to show you.  You are welcome to come to her Facebook page, be her friend … see how far she has come to be here.  I update her page almost every day so, one can keep up with her and Kissy, our Rottweiler.

The link to Camie’s and Kissy’s Facebook page is:


Photos are owned by me … article written, owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.

Love Battles Death … Won

Love Battles Death … Won

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee

Kissy Fairchild…

Precious Camie…

Kissy and Skip…

She lay on the cold, wet ground.  Her little body shivered from the cold wind.  No shelter … just the shade at the edge of the woods where they left her to die.  How she longed for a loving hand to touch her, a soft voice to let her know she was cared for … she missed being loved, petted.

No hair, only wet skin from her body fluids oozing out of her.  Maggots ate at her, urging her to go on … die.  They had one purpose …

She could hear the sounds of the children she used to play with.  They had forgotten her … no way could she keep up with them in the condition her little body was in.  Besides, how can the dead … play?

Death was reaching its hand out for her when … she felt her little body being lifted.  She heard a cry, then only gentle words meant for her.





Photos of Precious Camo/ Camie … demodectic mange can’t be cured by home remedies … you need to take your dog to the vet to get life-saving meds.  The bottom photo is when I finally got to hug her for the first time … her skin had healed enough for me to hug her … she put her little head against my chest.


You are mine, now.  I’m taking you home.  I’m going to make you live.  No!  Death, you can’t have her!

Maggots fell, one by one … onto the wet ground.  Wet. little small pearls that eat on dead flesh.  The woman felt them … she didn’t give a damn, any other time she would have cringed, not been able to let them touch her skin.

This was different.  This was a little puppy who had demodectic mange … it had progressed to the point … the little puppy looked like an alien from another world.  It can’t be cured with ‘home remedies’ … only a vet can make it get better, heal with medicines, shampoos.

The woman had no way of paying for such medical care for the little puppy.  She didn’t give a damn … the puppy wasn’t going to die by itself … she would be there to hold it, talk lovingly to it.  It would know love at the end of its life.

When her husband came home, he told her no matter what he had to do, he would find a way to pay for the puppy’s medical care.  They took it to the local vet.

They told him their situation.  He suggested donations …  at that very moment is when the woman said she would ask everyone in the world to help her.  She didn’t let her pride stand in her way … when normally, she would never ask for help for herself … unless desperate.

She was going to fight for this little puppy’s life … battle Death to the very end.  She began to think of how to go about getting donations to help her.  Someone suggested an online donation fund, told her of a website to go to.  She set up a GoFundMe campaign online.

She began getting donations from people over the world … and that’s when Camie’s Angel stepped in … she donated many times.  If it hadn’t been for Camie’s Angel … the woman would have never gotten all she needed for the medical care.

GoFundMe seemed to collect funds for vacations or a car for someone … quicker than helping a puppy who needed desperate medical care.  She soon realized she couldn’t depend on GoFundMe. Thankfully, Camie’s Angel stepped in, began helping.

Camie’s Angel… written by me.  (I hoped my 3 books would sell to make money to take care of all our Pups’ medical care.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.)

Camie’s Angel always made the difference at the end of each crisis.Thank God for everyone who cared, thank God for Camie’s Angel.  Camie’s Angel became Kissy’s Angel later when he needed surgery.

Thank God for Camie and Kissy’s Angel, and everyone who cared enough to send money to their vet for their medical care.

The woman wanted everyone, even now … to send their money to the Pups’ vet.  She wanted people to know where their money went to.  She encouraged, and encourages anyone to this day … to call, talk to the vet, ask questions.

The woman feels/felt that when people cared enough for her Pups, then … they have every right to call, know what’s going on.  This way, people could know their money was being used in the right way.

The woman is me, Gloria/Granny Gee/@grannygee … Precious Camie (Precious Camo) … is our Pup.  Kissy Fairchild is her brother.  I manage her Facebook page at:  http://Facebook.com/camocameobates

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … 2014

It is now, the Facebook page for both our Pups … Precious Camie and Kissy Fairchild.  I update it every day, put photos there.  They have a lot of friends, and if you’d like … come be their friends, also.  🙂

You can see photos of Camie … how beautiful she is now.  She is an Australian Shepherd, mixed.  Her coloring is blue merle.

Precious Camie

Mischievous Pups… Kissy and Camie

Precious Camie loves to sit on Kissy Fairchild…

Precious Camie … her hair is absolutely beautiful, silky now…

Precious Camie … smart girl!

Kissy is our Rottie.  He is black, mahogany.  He is a gentle giant.  Both Pups are very close. He just had surgery in March and is recovering now.  It’ll take several months for him to be fully recovered. He had a torn ligament in his right leg.

I fought Death to keep Camie here.  I wanted her to know love, and a good home, good food.  She has been in our life since July 04, 2013.

Thank God for Camie … I was grieving over my son, and couldn’t come out of it.  I began caring for Camie … fighting Death for her … it helped to save me.  I became aware of living again.  I never knew I would ever care about living anymore.

My whole world is Camie, Kissy and Skip, my husband.  They are all I have left in this world … I treasure them with my Heart.

This is my whole world … Skip, Kissy, and Camie…

Kissy Fairchild…

Kissy Fairchild and Skip…

With our love, my nursing Camie … our vet, Camie’s Angel … and the friends who contributed to Camie in money … the friends of Camie’s who constantly said prayers for her, sent healing thoughts … Camie is still here.

She has the most beautiful, silky hair/fur.  She still has to fight … and always will … she will need medical care forever.  She won’t do it alone, I am here.  So, is Skip and Kissy, and all her friends.

I will do what I have to … to get money to care for her … and Kissy, when needed.  I will ask for help when it comes to them … and throw my pride to the wind.

Pure love, caring for our Pups … if you ever see me ask for donations … know that is what drives me.

Never be afraid I would badger anyone to help … it would always be someone’s decision to do so.  I would just quietly let everyone know. No one will ever know how grateful, thankful I am for all the help I’ve gotten.

This is a case where pure love went to battle with Death … and won.  Camie’s still here and thriving. We aren’t rich in money … but, we are very rich … in love … for our Pups.

Love battles Death … won.

Note by this author:   Thank you to our vet, and his staff at:

Louisburg Veterinary Clinic

15 N. Church Street

Louisburg, NC  27549

Dr. David Fontenot


Thank you … Camie’s Angel

Thank you … Camie’s Friends

Photos/story owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee


Kissy Had Surgery … (lots of photos, thank yous)

Photos/story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee


Kissy had surgery on his right, hind leg on March 25, 2015.

You can see from the photos that his leg is doing very good.  

This is one of the beds I have made for Kissy.  It is in the living room.  I sleep beside him, sometimes. 

When Kissy begins to cry softly, I know he is hurting, and he needs comfort.  I grab my pillows, blanket and get down on his bed with him.  He calms down.

This is the bed I made for him at the end of our bed. This is his second bed.  Kissy has always slept with us since he was 6 weeks old.  He is now, 4 years old.  
For now, his injury … surgery has kept him from getting up on the bed … I imagine it’ll be several more months before he can get back up on the bed.

This is Kissy Fairchild’s sister … Precious Camie Leigh.  She loves Kissy, and is always near Kissy.  
Camie loves to sit on Kissy.  Kissy was laying in the hallway, yesterday … I saw Camie sitting on him! I took a photo! 

Remember the article I wrote about not letting your dogs be ‘Weekend Cowboys’?  Well, if you let your dogs rest all week … they are prime candidates to get torn ligaments, and such when they play, run, jump on the weekends when you take them to exercise.  They can do it anytime, also.  
Kissy and Camie rough-house all the time, running … jumping, spinning around.  That’s how Kissy injured his leg.  He couldn’t walk at all on his right leg, and it was hurting his left hip, leg before surgery.  Now, he will always have to always be careful … because there’s the chance he’ll have to have the same expensive surgery on his left side!

Take my advice, don’t let your dogs play too hard. If I had just known.  Especially … when they are overweight … Kissy weighed 128 lbs.  He had to lose weight for his surgery.  He lost 9 lbs.
You can Google the surgery he had.  The name of it for short is:  TTA … meaning Tibial Tuberosity Advancement.  It’s the best surgery for big dogs.  

This is the approximate cost of Kissy’s surgery.  The cost was a little more at the end.  
Our sweet Kissy is getting better day by day.  It’s only been 1 week since his surgery.  I stay by his side, keeping him on leash whenever he goes outside.  I’ll have to do this for quite some time.  I will take care of our Kissy.

Kissy up on Skip’s lap with his new toy from his Auntie G.
For now, he isn’t supposed to walk a lot of steps. After the first two weeks, he’ll begin to increase in small increments.  It will probably take 4 months to get him back to walking good.  
Thank you from our Hearts to everyone and they know exactly who they are … that made sure Kissy got his surgery … the cost was $3,000.  Thank you are the only words I know to say when I mean so much more.  My Heart means more than I can possibly say.

(This photo is in memory of our Sweet Chadwick Elsworth … he died January 16, 2015.  He loved to be up on Skip’s lap.  It breaks my Heart looking at his photo.  He was my … Yellow Pup).  Skip loves for our Pups to get up on his lap.  
Skip, my husband … and our 2 Pups, Kissy and Camie … are all I have left in this world.  They are my whole world.  When my son lived … he was a huge part of our world.  Now, there’s no one but, us. We love, treasure our Pups.  I will do all I possibly can for them. 
Thank you to the surgeon, Dr. Doby Whiting.  One can look, see what a beautiful surgery you did on our beloved Kissy. 
Thank you to Kissy, and Camie’s ‘doc-doc’ (that’s what Kissy and Camie know their vet as 🙂 … and his staff at:

Dr. David Fontenot 
(Morgan, Teresa, Tonya, Heather … and everyone there).  You don’t know how much we love, respect you.  All of you have become special to us over time.




If You Lie To A Dog … You’ll Do Anything!

If You Lie To A Dog … You’ll Do Anything!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Precious, sweet Camie is napping after getting her medicinal bath.  She is the Pup I rescued.  She has many friends on her Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/camocameobates  Come be her friend … I keep her page updated.




Have you ever watched from afar … people who don’t realize you notice them?



Have you ever notice how people deceive, lie to their loved ones? How the loved ones will justify all they do, give them undeserved credit? Isn’t it sad?



When a person is in love … they trust, believe in the person they love. You are … supposed to be able to do that … whether married, or not.



I notice relationships that make me sad. I wish I didn’t think about them … notice. I am a person who believes in being loyal, true to the person who trusts you. It’s an honor for another human being to trust one. Do … you know how hard it is to trust? Sure, you do.



I see people play on their loved one’s emotions, constantly. Lies are constantly told. No matter, the loved one can’t see it for the love in their hearts. Love blinds some people.



People who lie, cheat, deceive … seem to get to ‘have their cake, eat it, too’. Have you noticed? They make out ‘like fat cats’. Even the ugliest people … because ‘everyone knows they can trust an ugly person’. They ‘can’t get anyone else’. That’s where people get fooled, and get … what they deserve when they think such things.



An ugly person can cheat, lie even better. No one expects them to do that. But … I’m not talking about ugly people, beautiful people … or in between. I’m talking about relationship trust … trust from a person who loves the ground you walk on … even trust from a dog.



I’ve never cheated … but, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I am just very loyal, and mostly very … truthful. I don’t like to lie, deceive … even to people I … don’t like. I don’t even like to tell my dogs … a lie!



It feels bad to tell them something … not do it. A dog’s feelings are important, too. They love, trust unconditionally. The sad thing is … they love you even if you are a lying, deceitful person as long as you treat them good. Lying, deceitful people have dogs, too.



You know you don’t want to lie to a dog … if you’ll do that … you’ll do anything!




Photo is of Precious Camo/ Camie … owned by me. Camie is the puppy I rescued. She has her own Facebook page I keep updated. You can visit, be her friend if you want. This is her link: https://www.facebook.com/camocameobates



Story is owned by me. It’s really a serious, humorous article. Still … I don’t lie to my dogs! 🙂 We have three!

Hit That Mute Button!

Hit That Mute Button!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Kissy Fairchild… our precious Rottie… 2014

We were watching Two and a Half Men… it’s one of Skip’s favorite evening shows.  It is funny… even I laugh, sometimes.

There’s one thing about it that bothers us.  We have to hold the remote control in our hands at all times.  Why?

Because when the theme song comes on… our Rottweiler, Kissy Fairchild, becomes very upset.  He begins howling.

Sometimes, we forget.  We could be in the kitchen, and just before a commercial… the theme song comes on… and Kissy begins howling.  Oh my… what a fuss!

We begin getting to the remote control as fast as possible to hit the … mute button!  Sometimes, Kissy is too far gone howling… and won’t stop.

We begin baby talking to him to make him not cry anymore.  If he is outside in the fenced-in yard, hears the theme song… he will begin to howl.  The neighbors hear him… we have to tell them why.

There’s some commercial about a credit card, and cash back now!  Oh, Kissy hates that commercial!  He begins to howl.  We have to run for the remote control to press the mute button!

If Kissy hears a siren… he begins to howl.  Oh… there’s one more commercial that comes on tv… that you would think he would love.  It’s the ‘bacon, bacon, bacon’! commercial.  Goodness, Kissy sure can do some … howling.

Well, this evening when it was just before a commercial, the Two and a Half Men theme song came on… I had to frantically hunt for the remote control.  Too late… Kissy began howling… and even when I found the remote control, I pressed the mute button… he wouldn’t stop!

Skip began telling him to stop howling, he’d give him some chicken!  Kissy dearly loves chicken, but… there was a problem!  We don’t have any chicken in the house!

I was surprised!  Skip doesn’t usually tell our Pups a story!  I quickly told him to not lie to Kissy… and our Chadwick, and Camie.  They had run to him to get chicken, also!

I told Skip I couldn’t believe he lied to our Pups like that!  Skip was laughing at me… I told him that he knew how our Pups understood what we said.  Sometimes, we have to spell out the words!

So, here in our home, when certain sounds happen… we have to run for a remote control, hit that mute button!

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Our Precious Pups… with Glasses!


Our Precious Pups… with Glasses!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Precious Camie…

Sweet Chadwick…

Precious Camie…

Kissy Fairchild…

Kissy Fairchild…

Well… I can see that Camie, and Chadwick would be much easier to put costume things on… pose for a photo.  Kissy Fairchild… oh my!  He didn’t want glasses on him at all!  It was so funny.  Finally… he gave in and let me put the glasses on his head.  :)))))


Kissy Tried To Fit In That Small Space… I’ve Never Seen Him Do That Before


Kissy was ‘hugging‘ Chadwick (our yellow Pup)… they slept that way for over an hour!  I’d never seen Kissy do this before…… September 19, 2013… Friday.




Kissy Tried To Fit In That Small Space…  I’ve Never Seen Him Do That Before

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Last night, I saw our Rottweiler named Kissy do something, I’d never seen him do before.  I was at my computer, happened to turn around to check on our Pups, to see where they were.  (We have three Pups… Kissy; and Chadwick, our yellow Pup; and Camie, the little blue merle Puppy I rescued).


I took a photo of what I saw… it was taken in the near dark with the flash on my Iphone.  Only the tv was on making light in the room.  Chadwick had went to sleep on the couch… and left only a very small place between his rump, and the arm of the couch.


Look at the photo… Kissy did his best to get up on the couch to sleep beside Chadwick.  Do you see how he only ‘fitted’ in that space ‘just so much’?  :)))  Does he look as if he is hugging Chadwick?


I was looking at them for the longest time.  They both slept soundly, never waking up as I took photos of them.  They stayed that way for over an hour.. only Kissy’s leg moved.


I was thinking Kissy was hugging Chadwick… because Chadwick ‘escaped’ yesterday… and ‘he might not have come back’.  I was thinking Kissy is so glad his brother came back safely.  Kissy tried to fit in that small space… I’ve never seen him do that before.