Hoist That Rottie in the Air! Pull Him Down!

Rottie in the Air …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny




Photo of Kissy, our Rottie now.  Sweet Chadwick, our yellow Pup is gone now (January 16, 2015). Photo owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.






I don’t know if you are like me in wanting to improvise ways to do things.  You know like when you are trying to problem-solve.

Like when you don’t know what in the world you could find, use to accomplish some deed you want done.  I like to make things from … nothing.

Like when you want to trim a Rottweiler’s nails.  Like when that Rottweiler doesn’t want his nails trimmed.  Like when he gets very pissed-off if he even thinks you are going toward his nails.

See, about 0 years ago, I had my first Rottweiler.  I loved him with my Heart.  I began by trimming his nails to the tune of … vanilla wafers.  He loved vanilla wafers!  (Now … I know vanilla wafers are NOT good for Pups!)

I had to be very fast trimming his nails … as time went by he grew bigger … and the vanilla wafers would go quicker … he’d run out of them, get an attitude!  He had a growl that intimidated me!

He was my teddy bear but, he didn’t put up with nonsense.  It would be like, “Girl, you better get some more of them vanilla wafers”!

I learned this when I thought I could keep on trimming … he looked me in the eyes, did a growl … he held my hand in his mouth.  He didn’t bite … but, he successfully taught me … who was boss.  No more vanilla wafers for him!  I don’t even know if vanilla wafers would have worked anymore.

Each day while working, I would think about how I could improvise a way to trim his nails.  I thought of how I could keep his head at a safe distance while trimming.   Of course, I didn’t want to hurt my baby.

A light bulb went off one day.  I knew what I was going to do!  I talked to my brother and Tommy, my son.  I had a team … and this was going to work … I was sure it would.  I knew it would be safe at the same time.

I went to my mother, talked to her.  She let me have one of her queen-sized sheets … I took my scissors to it.  I made 4 holes in it for my Rottie’s legs to go through.  I knew when I got ready … his head, tail would be at the edge of the sheet on either side … legs through the holes.

I called my team … my brother, son … they brought rope with them.  They helped me to secure the rope onto the sheet.  See, the plan was … my Rottie was going to put each leg in a hole on the sheet.  I would then, draw the sheet up around him … his head would stick out on one side … tail would be at the other side.

The rope had been thrown over a wooden beam, a rafter … in the room my step-father was remodeling.  All my brother, son had to do was to hoist that sheet, Rottweiler in it … I would hurry, trim every nail on his feet.

You know … do like those mechanics on race-cars.  They have their stuff together!  I was sure I had my stuff together, too!  I could work on this … car!

The sheet, my Rottie went up into the air.  He had a surprised expression on his face … I began to quickly trim his nails.  Be damned, if he didn’t scare Hell out of me!  He made a growl like something I’d never heard!

“Let him down, let him down”!  My brother, son let him down gently.  I told them I couldn’t do it.  That growl made all the other growls he’d ever made … sound like little meows!  This growl told me something.  I listened.

I never did get to trim his nails.  Thankfully, vets know how to do that!  Today when Kissy, our Rottie goes to the vet … they trim his nails.

See, it’s a different Rottweiler in a different time … he doesn’t like it either.  Rather than to put me, him to the stress … I let them trim his nails … and he doesn’t mind.

Don’t try this at your home.  Sweets are bad for your dogs.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to pull a rope/sheet trick like I did either.

I don’t think it wise to swing a Rottweiler from a rafter!  Nor tempt a Rottie with vanilla wafers!




Note by this Author:

I hope you don’t do a dumb thing like I did regarding vanilla wafers, and putting my Rottie up in the air like he was a car to work on.  So much for bright ideas!  He was never in danger … I still don’t think anyone should do what I did.

This is a true story of my life.  I was telling our Vet today about doing that.  They trimmed our Kissy’s nails today.  I’m so glad!  🙂

Photos/story are owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


It Was A Happy Thanksgiving For Pups, Too!


It Was A Happy Thanksgiving For Pups, Too!


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I mashed the warm sweet potatoes, added real butter to mix both together.  I put a big mound in each of the two plates I was preparing with Thanksgiving foods.


I sliced turkey off the breast of the turkey I had baked to a golden brown color, placed slices on each of the two plates.  I now, had the plates ready to serve to …. two most special Pups, Kissy and Chadwick.


“Happy Thanksgiving, Kissy,” I said, as I placed his Thanksgiving dinner in front of him.  I walked over to put Chadwick’s plate in front of him.  “Happy Thanksgiving, Chadwick.”


I stood beside Skip watching them eat…  I felt so thankful to have them.  They mean everything to Skip and I.  They are all we have, Tommy is gone.


We don’t see his two children, we don’t hear anything from anyone to let us know how they are.  Nor, do we know where our grandson is at.  They’ve moved, never told us… we told his mother when we moved, our new address, phone number.   We cared.  Happy Thanksgiving, Taban and McKenzie.


Skip and I made plates for our friends, our neighbors… and guess what?  One of our friends had made plates for us, too!  Not only that… she made us a Hawaiian pie which was wonderful.  I wonder if I have the nerve to say what happened to that good pie?!!!  By the end of this story… we’ll see. :)))


Throughout the day Skip and I ate the different Thanksgiving foods I’d prepared, including the foods he came back with when taking our plates to our friends.


Later in the evening Skip said, “I couldn’t have had a better Thanksgiving”.  I felt happy inside… I wanted it to be so nice for him, the Pups.  He’s been through so much for the past months… no one would believe.  Also, he’s been deathly ill… I’m so thankful Skip is here… he almost wasn’t.


Hawaiian pie… what a wonderful pie!  It’s sort of like whipped cream… only the texture is different… has bits of pineapple, I think coconut in it.  I have to say that pie disappeared over a short time!  That was too good… Skip and I enjoyed it so much.  :)))  I’m glad it wasn’t a giant pie!


Our Pups enjoyed their foods all through the day.  It was a happy Thanksgiving for Pups, too!


Sweet Banana Pups!

Sweet Banana Pups!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I took a bag from the freezer, opened it to take out frozen pieces of banana.  I love to freeze bananas… did you know you can make ice cream, or a smoothie from them?  I learned that sometime ago, reading on the computer.

There isn’t a certain way you ‘have to do’ when using frozen bananas.  Sometimes, I put the frozen pieces of banana into the blender, add a little crushed ice, and blend.  It makes good banana ice cream… the texture is wonderful… you can add a little cream, or milk to make it creamier.

Sometimes, I put the frozen banana into the blender, put just cream in with it, blend.  It’s so smooth, and creamy.  You can add peanut butter, peanuts, just whatever you like.  I don’t usually add anything.

One can make banana bread later with the bananas that has been frozen.  This is what Skip does.  He can puree it, add his other ingredients to it… bake.

I blended the frozen banana pieces with a little crushed ice, cream (like Half and Half we use for coffee).  The texture was just right.

I walked out on the porch to sit on the cushions that cover the built-in bench at one end.   I was going to sit there and enjoy my banana ice cream.  It taste so good that it’s hard to believe you have a dessert that isn’t chock full of calories.

I sat there enjoying the sunshine, looking off in the distance at the little fish pond.  I was thinking about Lena, whom I had written about this morning.  Today is her birthday.  Lena died last August, 2011.

I ate part of the banana ice cream.  I felt something bump my elbow, looked down.  Kissy, our Rottie, was standing there… he wanted some banana ice cream!  Chadwick walked up (our special mixed pup)… he wanted some, too!

I sat there in the sunshine on those brightly colored pillows, and fed those Pups banana ice cream.  I love watching their ‘baby mouths’ as they each took turns to get their spoonful of banana ice cream.   They closed their eyes when they ate it… how precious!  Life is good!

My heart melted as I watched our Pups enjoy that ice cream… Banana Pups, that’s what they are!  I watch their little-big faces, their expressions of pure trust, innocence… spoilness!  Their little-big baby mouths making sounds like a baby eating… it melts my heart every time!  My heart swells with such love.

Oh, how I love our Banana Pups!  Those sweet banana pups!

If We Had Tails…

If We Had Tails

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sit here looking into Kissy’s face

He looks right back at me with his baby face

I smile softly at him, my heart melts with love

Just as it does as I, also… look into Chadwick’s face

Special pups, our family… our life

They are all we have in this big, old world

They are between us and having no one

Between us and …loneliness

We love them, they are the family we come home to

The family we buy special things for

Basted chews, twisted chews, chew bones

Even a red fox toy, a possum toy or two

No matter how bad we feel, how sad

They walk, run to us with happiness in their faces

They are really glad to see us

They come to us with love, no matter what

Chadwick’s bushy, blonde tail will wave gracefully in the air

Kissy’s little short tail will waggle a ‘mile a minute’

When we come home after being away

Love, pure love for us… it means the world

When we are away we find we look forward to getting home

To make sure they are okay

We are so happy to see them

That… if we had tails….. we would wave, waggle them, too!

Possum In The Shower… Rock On The Table

Male Rottweiler, 1½ years old

Possum In The Shower… Rock On The Table

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This morning I heard the clinking of something against glass… that was strange because Skip was in his bathroom.  This sound was in the living room… I couldn’t imagine ‘what in the world’ it was.

I was sitting at my computer when I heard that sound…. the sound was like something clinking against glass, then… it dropped onto wood.  I got up to investigate, I couldn’t believe my eyes….

Kissy, our Rottweiler was standing at the end table sitting a rock down on it beside the coaster… hence the ‘clinking’ sound!  He put it beside where Skip sits his iced tea when he relaxes in his recliner to watch tv.

I wonder what was Kissy thinking when he did that?  I really wish I knew.  I thought it was sort of like …leaving a gift for Skip.  Skip and I thanked him, praised him for leaving a wonderful rock there as a gift!  Of course, Kissy loved that, ate that special attention up!  He and Chadwick are so precious!

Later, this morning I was in my shower with my eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the spray when I heard Kissy walk through the door.  I didn’t think anything of it, he always comes in to see what I’m doing.  He’ll move the shower curtain back with his nose to see what’s going on.

I felt something on my foot, opened my eyes to look down… and lo and behold.. there was a possum sitting on it!  Oh… not a ‘real’ possum…. just Kissy Fairchild’s possum!  He carries it around all the time, he and Sweet Chadwick play tug of war with it, one will get it away from the other… then one will chase the the other to get it back.

Kissy walked out of the bathroom once he deposited the raccoon in the shower with me.  Now… that left me wondering ‘why’ for the second time would he be doing these things.  Whatever is that spoiled, rascally-rascal puppy thinking?  :)))

I began to think maybe he wanted me to give his possum a shower so, I proceeded to squeeze shampoo on it.  I got it soapy, rinsed it… squeezed the water out.  I called Kissy to come there, he did… I handed it to him from the shower.  He took it with him as he left the bathroom.  He didn’t come back… so, I must have done a good job!

I told Skip that we’ve had four Rottweilers in our lifetime… each one loved to bring a rock into the pet door from time to time.  I told him that it’s strange … I don’t think ‘Rott’ weilers know how to spell.  They seem to think they are ‘Rock’ weilers… they all love to carry rocks around.  Sometimes… very ‘big’ rocks!  So, besides being a ‘Starbutts’… Kissy is a ‘Rock’ weiler, too!