The Basement …    Part 29:  Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga    


Sometimes we miss the bullet we never see coming for us … we thank God such and such … saved us. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(Photo of Gloria / Victoria Fairchild)

(Photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates)



Walter took Victoria’s arm … began to lead her the way he’d just come.  He froze when he heard voices, loud noises outside.  What the fuck!

Victoria turned toward the front door.  She could hear men talking … a noise like someone kicked a bucket.  She remembered an old, white plastic bucket laying near the front porch.  Victoria wasn’t afraid … but, she was glad for the distraction.  She really didn’t want to go down to the basement.

The truth was … the longer Victoria was with Walter … the worse she felt.  She had been around evil all her life … Mr. Walter Sebastian was different.  At this time she wasn’t prepared to deal with him … no, she had to be at her strongest.  For now … she needed to get him to take her back to her car so, she could get to safety, home.

She’d only met one man like Walter … he was the serial killer who would come into the homeless population to rape, torture, murder women.  He was ruthless.  Victoria met her match in him … she won the battle for her life … she carried scars today from it.

Victoria always heard about him but, had never encountered him.  He always smelled of expensive cologne.  The man was from a wealthy life … he chose to come to the homeless population to do his evil.  She remembered his words … “who gives a fuck what happens to human trash!”

Now … she had Walter Sebastian to battle.  Battle him … she would.  First … she needed to get home … be away from him for a time to get her strongest.  He wasn’t going to be easy.

Walter was carrying on a conversation with the men.  Victoria wanted to find a way to leave without raising Walter’s suspicions … while the men were here.

She walked out onto the front porch, casually mentioned to Walter that it was time for her to get back into town.  It sure was nice to come out to see his old house.  Walter turned, looked at her … damn cunt!  He hid his anger … smiled at her.

Victoria had to make sure they left … now.  She walked up to the men and asked them would they please follow them to town.  She explained Walter’s car was making a strange sound … she didn’t want them to break down on the side of the road.  Sure!  The men didn’t mind at all.

Once Victoria was back to her car … she told Walter she would be out of town for several weeks. Walter was the angriest he’d ever been in his life … he smiled sweetly with a smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes.  He knew Victoria had his number … Walter told her to call him when she got back in town.  He still wanted to show her his home place.

Walter Sebastian left … drove back to his old house.  He went down the steps to his basement.  Candles were burning everywhere … even on a table set with dishes, silverware.

His anger was boiling like water on the fires of Hell … it was splashing pure liquid hot as Walter kicked the chair away from the table.  Son-of-a-bitch!  Damn prissy-ass cunt!  I’ll get her ass and she won’t know what hit her!

He walked over to the wall bookcase … pressed a secret button.  The whole wall opened into a bedroom where more candles burned.  This was the only place in the whole house that was pretty.  The bed had a frilly, floral spread on it and matching curtains were on the wall … only there weren’t any windows behind them.

Walter extinguished all the candles, turned the ceiling fan off.  He had cooled off some and went on to put all the other candles out.  He left the table like it was … excepting he picked up the picnic basket.  He couldn’t leave all that good food.

As he got ready to leave … he walked into the kitchen area.  He looked around.  His island was a big stainless steel table with little sides on it … and a drain at the end of it.  A hose connected to the tube was screwed onto a big jug.  Walter pulled opened the big drawer on the table … he lovingly caressed his big knives, touched his meat scissors … bone saw.  He was smiling …

Soon Walter was on the way home … he was carrying a nice picnic home to his beautiful wife, Grace.  Oh, how she would oo-ah about it!  Such a romantic thing to do … he knew she would say, “Oh, Walter … how thoughtful of you!”

Three weeks passed by quickly … one day Walter’s cell phone rang … Hi, Walter, this is Victoria …

To be continued …


Walter’s Dark Place …    Part 28:  The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Sometimes … we are so used to being strong … we don’t recognize strength in … others. It’s our downfall. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (Victoria Fairchild)


Walter and Victoria had a nice lunch.  They walked out to the parking lot.  Walter knew he couldn’t just let her get away.

Hey!  Do you want to spend some time together, he asked.  Sure, Walter, I would love to.  They made arrangements to meet early the next morning.  Walter told her he wanted to take her somewhere special to him.

That evening he made supper for his beautiful but, boring wife … Walter?  Walter looked up at his wife when she called his name.  Are you okay?  Walter told her he was just fine … just had a lot on his mind.  Grace smiled … got up … came to him and put her arms around him.

Walter Sebastian had a hard time sleeping.  He couldn’t wait for the morning to come … Grace to go to work.  Walter was going to have some fun tomorrow … damn right, he was!  It’d been a while.

The next morning found Walter waiting for Victoria to show up.  Exactly on the dot … Victoria drove up … parked beside Walter.  She got out of her car … looking at her took his breath away.  Victoria was dressed in white today.

Victoria had on a sleeveless white blouse tucked into white slacks and a gold belt that sparkled in the sun.  Her sandals were white with gold beads on them.  Her beautiful blonde hair flowed around her shoulders.  Damn right … Walter felt himself hardened … he was going to have some fun!  Those eyes … those emerald green eyes!  Walter was mesmerized by Victoria’s unusual eyes …

Victoria got into the car with Walter Sebastian.  He smiled at her, she smiled back.  Walter began driving … Victoria never asked where they were going like most women did.  He had no idea Victoria knew as soon as she touched his hand … she knew Walter was taking her to his … dark place. Victoria wasn’t afraid.  To keep him from hurting others … she had to go.

They laughed … talked.  Soon, Walter Sebastian turned down a dirt road.  He told Victoria he was taking her to his old home place … a place dear to his heart.  Victoria told him she would love to see it.  She knew something bad was getting ready to happen … she was prepared.  She’d play along with him.

Soon, Walter turned down a dirt path … finally … they arrived at an old house.  It looked rough on the outside … she saw trash laying around … the old house looked empty.

Come on, Victoria. I’ll show you the inside.  I know it looks bad outside … I promise you the inside doesn’t look like the outside.  They entered into semi-darkness … Victoria could see in darkness, so it didn’t matter to her … Walter didn’t know this.  Nor did Walter know anything about her.

Just as Walter promised … when he turned the light on … the house on the inside didn’t look like the outside.  It looked … worse.  There was an unpleasant odor in the house … Victoria recognized it instantly.  She’d been around that smell many times in her adventures.  It was … pure death.

Victoria wanted to leave right away but, she didn’t let Walter know.  She knew he had her there for a reason … she wanted to see what he would do.

She sensed he’d done this with other women in the past … they didn’t leave alive.  She knew she was smelling … death … of many people here … who was … still here in some form or other.  One thing for certain … she wasn’t going to be one of them.  Walter had met his match for the very first time in his life … he just didn’t know it yet.

Walter told her to stay right where she was … he wanted to show her the basement … there were special things down there he knew she’d love to see.  He’d be right back.

Victoria listened … she had keen hearing.  She could hear a fly buzzing a mile away.  She would hear him when he came back up from the basement.  She wasn’t a fool … she knew he was preparing something … for her.

She tiptoed around to investigate.  She saw dried clumps of hair on the floor in the kitchen.  Old blood stains were on the dirty white tile.  Dried blood was on the refrigerator door.  Victoria walked to the refrigerator … peeped in.

A woman’s head stared back at her.  It was in a very big glass jar … in some type of liquid.  Victoria expected something like this … she didn’t lose her cool.  She saw what looked like brains in smaller containers and … 2 flats holding 18 eggs in each.  She opened the freezer … saw body parts.

Footsteps coming up from the basement alerted her to Walter’s return.  She was standing in the same place he left her when he entered the living room.  Walter grinned at her … he was a handsome, evil devil.  Today … Walter was going to have fun!

Would you like to go down, Victoria?  I have everything ready for you to see.  You are going to love what I have to show you.  Victoria smiled back at him … she was going to go along with Walter … for now.  She wasn’t afraid … not at all.

To be continued …

Only He Would Know Where To Find Her …   Part 27:  The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Just because something is soft, beautiful … doesn’t mean it’s … weak. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Once the man loosened his grip on Victoria … she was out of his hands in a flash.  She jumped back from him … began swaying like grass in the wind.

Victoria slowly pulled her scarf off … her beautiful blonde hair fell below her shoulders.  It too … swayed like silk … back … forwards in slow motion.

The man stood in shock … he was entranced by the beauty of this woman he thought was like everyone else here.  He couldn’t move … he could only stand … watch this woman who was like a graceful, beautiful Cobra.  Except … Cobras don’t smile.

Victoria began to strip … her old, raggedy clothes fell to the ground.  The man had never seen anything like this woman in his life.  He had to have her.  Only … she kept smiling at him … he didn’t like that because … the smile didn’t reach her beautiful, green eyes.  Damn … he felt fear and he’d never been afraid of anyone in his life.

Fuck this woman and her mama, too.  He wasn’t going to be afraid of a damn woman no matter how pretty she was.  Damn that fucking smile on her face.  He wanted to take that smile off her face.

She did something he never expected … she began whispering softly … like windchimes blowing in the wind.  Her voice was beautiful.  He was completely charmed by her.  As she whispered … she moved slowly toward him.  He never thought to step back … he probably couldn’t if he tried.  He was under her spell.

Victoria stopped moving toward him … she took both hands … to slowly caress her breasts … her face … her special place … hips.  The man was in a vacuum … he wasn’t aware of life around him … he was completely under her spell.  He stood there … his pants were still around his knees … he had an erection unlike anything he’d ever known.

Victoria put her finger slowly in her mouth … let her lips caress it.  She licked it softly with her tongue all the while looking into the man’s eyes.  Then … she slowly licked the tip of her finger … placed it in her mouth … let her tongue caress it … making the man want her more.

She stood facing him … challenging him to come get her.  Come get me, she whispered softly.  She turned, bent over to pick her clothes up.  As she did, she slipped her knife out … held it hidden in her hand … up along her wrist.

She felt him come up behind her … she turned around … whispered for him to follow her.  As he walked behind her … his mind was on what he was going to do to her … and he couldn’t wait much longer.

She walked to where it was a little darker in the alley way near another dumpster.  There was cardboard laying on the pavement near it.  Perfect … she thought.

Victoria laid her clothes on the cardboard neatly.  She pointed for the man to lay down on the cardboard.  He liked this better and better.  He licked his lips in anticipation …

Victoria straddled him … he pulled her hips closer to him … his hands on her waist.  Damn, he couldn’t wait to get inside her!

Victoria began smiling once again … she leaned forward so he could touch her breasts with his lips.  All the while his hands struggled to get inside her.  Victoria kept slipping away so, he couldn’t enter her.

He grabbed her breasts with both hands … kissed them.  Victoria pushed his head back onto the cardboard.  She put her face close to his neck … he could feel her warm breath on his skin.

Victoria played with him … all the while whispering to him.  He couldn’t hear her whispers … only the soft sound she made.  He had to have her and he wasn’t waiting any longer.

Victoria knew he was ready to do something desperate … he was going to push her down so he could rape her.  Before he could do that … she lifted her head … looked him straight into his eyes.  She had the most beautiful smile on her face … this time it reached her eyes.  His excitement went up another notch … he hadn’t seen this kind of smile when she smiled.

She touched his lips with her finger … caressing them.  Her other hand slid the knife across his throat … he never knew what hit him.  As he lay dying … Victoria put her clothes on … wiped her knife off with a piece of paper laying nearby.

Victoria walked over to the man … gently closed his eyes … whispered, “Rest in peace”.

Victoria walked back the way they had come … she saw the little girl was gone.  She’d hoped to sit, hold her … talk to her … get her out of the homeless world she called … Hell.

Victoria’s mind came back to Walter Sebastian Corbett.  As she touched his hand … visions of the terrible things he had done flashed in her mind.  The most recent being sharks, blood, people at the ocean … no …. she got a vision of a fat woman … a knife … cutting her into pieces.

She knew she had to take this man out of the world.  He was a danger to everyone he met.  She didn’t know yet what his triggers were that made him to terrible things.  Victoria was going to push his buttons to see, though.

Victoria smiled into his face with one of her most dazzling smiles.  Oh, but she was beautiful … Walter thought.  He was going to find a way to get her to meet him … he knew where he was taking her.  She’d never be found again … only he would know where to find her.

To be continued…

Rape Of A Child …   Part 26:  The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Smile sweetly at your enemies … that way they won’t see the Fires of Hell coming for them. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (Victoria Fairchild)



The next day found Walter Sebastian sitting at a table by the window at the Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill.  He came early so, he could have a couple of drinks before Victoria Fairchild arrived.

He’d been thinking non-stop about the beautiful woman he’d just met several days ago.  She was unusual … he couldn’t quite put his finger on it but, he was intrigued by her.  Mysterious … Walter liked mysterious … in this case, he was going to find out what was mysterious about the beautiful Victoria Fairchild.

He noticed everyone was turning in their seats toward the door of the bar.  He looked … he saw Victoria Fairchild entering.  She had attracted everyone’s attention.

Victoria Fairchild stood for several moments as she scanned the bar for Walter.  Damn!  She was beautiful!  Walter’s eyes took in her figure shaped like an hourglass.  She had on an off-the-shoulder dress.  He saw what looked like a tattoo on her right shoulder.

As Victoria walked toward him when she saw him … she swayed her hips mesmerizing Walter.  She held her head high as she walked.  Her waist was small … her skirt was full, flowing around her shapely legs.  It reached to her knees.

Victoria Fairchild was a green haze of loveliness … her dress was green, her high heels were green … her eyes were green … her jewelry sparkled purple and green.

Purple and green were Victoria Fairchild’s favorite colors … and good luck colors.  Purple was her birthstone … amethyst.  Her birthday was on February 14th … Valentine’s Day.

Walter was turned on just watching her.  She was more than beautiful … he had to have her.  He rubbed his crotch under the table for a moment.  He was hard as a rock.  He couldn’t wait … to have fun.  She was going to be easy … he would do all the things in his sick mind to her … and for as long as he wanted to.  Afterwards …

As she sat down beside him … he saw her tattoo was a purple and green dragonfly on her right shoulder.  She was the most striking woman he’d ever seen or met.

They sat talking, laughing.  Once Victoria touched his hand as they were laughing … a vision came to her mind instantly.

Screaming children, adults in the ocean water … just before she pulled her hand away … Victoria saw shark fins, blood around the people … she saw Walter on a pier above holding a little vial in his hand while … grinning.  She saw one drop of red blood dripping down into the water…

Instantly she knew … what happened a few weeks ago at the ocean when sharks attacked 15 people in the water.  Victoria bet Walter would be in that news footage standing on the pier above.  How would anyone ever know, prove … Mr. Walter here … dripped blood into the water causing the sharks to attack?

Victoria wasn’t ever shocked by the things people did.  She’d seen everything done in Hell … where her beloved homeless people live.  Like the time she was mingling around with friends … checking on everyone.

She was dressed in a ragged, old dress with white socks, old sneakers.  Victoria had her hair tied back … a scarf around her head, hiding her face.  She looked like a homeless woman … she had broken her finger nails so she could blend in.  No jewelry, no makeup.

She heard a child’s voice cry out … a muffled scream.  It went through Victoria like an electric current.  She could almost guess what was happening … rape.  Rape happened here all the time.  There were men who would rape a baby just as quickly as they would rape a woman.

She felt the familiar white-hot rage fire up from deep down.  She wanted to see what was happening … she wanted to help the child.

She walked into the darkened alley … she could hear commotion on the other side of the dumpster.  The first thing she saw was a man’s naked ass.  He was up on his knees … he was trying to hold a little girl’s hands with one of his hands.  He stuck his other hand in his mouth, spit on it … reached down to wet the little girl’s vagina.

He lowered himself to put himself in her … she cried out.  He put his mouth over hers.  Her body began to thrash exciting the man.  As he pushed into the little girl … he froze… all sexual excitement draining from his body … he felt the most awful pain in the side of his head.

What the fuck?  He looked up to see an old homeless woman standing there with a cloth bag in her hand.  He realized the bitch had just hit him up side the head!  He’d kill her damn ass with his bare hands after … he got some of that ass.

He began grinning at Victoria Fairchild … be damned if the bitch didn’t smile back at him.  Was she stupid, crazy?  She was going to die in just a few minutes … here she was … grinning.

The man reached out to grab Victoria … she stepped back, making the man lose his footing.  He fell to his knees … he was really mad now.  As he jumped up … went toward Victoria to grab her.

As he grabbed Victoria by her raggedy dress … the bitch kicked him in the teeth.  Mother fucker!  The man began cussing up a storm.  I’m going to kill you!

He went toward Victoria again … she disappeared.  Where the hell did she go!  She reappeared and as he jumped to get her … she disappeared again.

The man didn’t know Victoria could become a shadow … if he’d noticed he would have seen the shadow on the ground near the dumpster.  Shadows aren’t … dangerous.

Victoria Fairchild wanted to punish him for hurting the little girl.  She looked to where the little girl lay on the pavement … the little girl was in a fetal position with her thumb in her mouth.  Her little body shook as she silently cried.  Damn you, for hurting this child, she hissed at him.

Damn you for messing up my piece of ass!  You are going to pay for it.  Victoria Fairchild decided then and there … she wasn’t going to punish him … he was going to get exactly what he deserved … right at this very minute.  She stepped toward him so, he could grab her.

As he grabbed Victoria Fairchild … put his face into hers … the bitch smiled sweetly at him.  The man as mad as he was … felt uneasy.  He loosened his grip on her.  When he did that … all Hell broke loose.

To be continued …

Walter Seduces Victoria Fairchild …   Part 25:    The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga

Walter Seduces Victoria Fairchild …

Part 25:    The Walter Sebastian Corbett/Victoria Fairchild Saga


If you don’t pay attention … you may meet someone meaner than you … and not recognize it. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(Photo of Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee)



Victoria Fairchild had been taking a break for the past month from going to the homeless people she loved.  There was a big population of homeless people who lived behind the big building she and Chip, her husband owned.  It was in the city.

All Victoria had to do to enter the homeless population was to simply go through a door of their building … slip right into the homeless people without anyone knowing who she was.

You see for those who are familiar with my Victoria Fairchild character … you will remember Victoria has secret closets in her big, beautiful home. She has one for normal dress … her beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelry, so on.

Victoria had 2 more closets … secret closets.  She could press a button … opening the wall up into the 2nd closet.  This was where her clean, but raggedy clothes were … her homeless clothes.  She also had a shopping cart on wheels.

On this cart were secret places to hold her weapons in case she needed one.  She always packed what she would need when she would go into Hell … where her beloved homeless people lived.  She would push her cart right out the door at the building she and Chip owned.

There were cameras mounted so, she could monitor what was going on outside the back of the building … and who was near the door.

Not only that … those who have followed my Victoria Fairchild character … know that just outside the back door is a room … a secret safe room.  This was where Victoria would bring someone from Hell, the homeless people lived in … when she was rescuing them or taking them to a new life.

Victoria Fairchild was a blonde-headed, green-eyed woman.  She was a beautiful woman.  Victoria Fairchild was an unusual woman … of many talents.  Even she didn’t know all she was capable of.  She had the strength of an elephant.  Looking at her … all one saw was the beautiful, dainty woman she was.

Victoria Fairchild is my ‘vanity character’ … she is the character I would be in a comic book or story.  I think like Victoria Fairchild … I know her well.  I just don’t do some of the things … she has to do. Victoria Fairchild is a good-evil force … sometimes, you need ‘bad to do good’.  Sometimes … good people have to be … bad.

Victoria Fairchild is a force to be reckoned with … no one messes with animals or homeless, helpless people and Victoria Fairchild finds out about it.  Some people … never live to tell about their meeting with Victoria.  Depending … some people did … they straightened their asses up.  Victoria Fairchild had ways to convince them.

Oh, the 3rd closet … secret closet Victoria had in her home … was a room of many things.  This was where she brought the evil ones to see if there was any hope for them … usually, they never lived to get out of that room.  You can’t change true evil … it’s like strong tea … you can’t take the … strong … out.

This was the room of reckoning … this was where Victoria dealt out punishment.  No one fucked with homeless people, helpless people and animals on Victoria’s watch.  As good as Victoria Fairchild was … she was just as bad.  She believed in an eye for an eye … a tooth for a tooth.

Sitting on the bench in the park with Walter Sebastian Corbett … Victoria narrowed her eyes.  Walter didn’t notice it … he was caught up in wanting Victoria … he knew what he was going to do to her.  He’d tear her ass up … that’s how bad he wanted this woman.  There was something about her he needed to conquer.

You see … Walter Sebastian had never met the likes of Victoria Fairchild.  He never thought about being on guard for someone as tough as he was … he never thought about meeting his match.  All he was interested in was … charming, luring her to his trap.

Victoria could see the black, evil cloud around Walter … no one else could see it.  She sensed this man had done horrific things … this was a very dangerous man.  This man didn’t know … she was someone who could really ‘see’ him for what he was.  That was one of Victoria Fairchild’s talents … she saw auras around people.  She recognized evil in all its blackness.

She knew Walter Corbett was … charming her to fool her into thinking he was wonderful.  He was like the female version of a black widow spider … he was luring her into his web.  Did she want to … play … find out what he was about?

Victoria Fairchild had a feeling he’d killed innocent people … she saw a vision in her mind of him being at the ocean smiling.  Before she thought more … she realized Walter was asking her a question.

Would she like to have lunch with him tomorrow?  Victoria Fairchild had the feeling Walter was a very bad person and was up to no good … concerning her.  He just didn’t know … who he was messing with.  For a moment … she saw in her mind … children screaming in panic while playing in the waves at the ocean.  She … knew … Walter was responsible for their panic.

She looked at him closely … and with her sexiest smile, she said, “why yes, Walter … I would love to have lunch with you tomorrow.”

They made arrangements to meet at the Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill at 12:00 noon.  Victoria Fairchild jogged away as Walter watched her pretty ass.  Tomorrow … he would know what that ass felt like. Oh yes, he would!

To be continued …

Victoria Fairchild meets Walter Sebastian Corbett!  Part 24:   The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga


When two forces meet … one evil … the other good-evil … it’s possible all hell will break out. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Weeks went by … no one missed Zelma Struthers.  One Sunday morning someone mentioned Zelma hadn’t been to church for a while … wondered why.  A woman said she thought Zelma had gone to visit her daughter in Florida.  This was about the time she always went.  We’ll be hearing from her in about 3 months she said.

Walter Sebastian was becoming bored with his pretty wife.  She was good as gold … he couldn’t ask for a better wife.  Maybe she was … too good.  Walter Sebastian wanted some action … any kind of action.  Thank God, she was working again.  He had all day to do as he pleased.  Right now, Walter wanted to have some fun.

Walter Sebastian drove to the park, walked around for a while … sat on a bench under a big oak tree.  He was trying to think of something fun to do when he noticed a beautiful blonde-headed woman jogging.

The woman was dressed in black with a pink cap on.  Her sneakers were pink.  Damn, she was beautiful.  Walter Sebastian hoped she’d stop to get a breath here at this very bench he was sitting on.

Be damned if the woman didn’t stop … she walked to the bench, smiled at Walter … sat down.  They struck up a conversation … soon, they were talking up a storm.

What’s your name he asked.  My name is Victoria Fairchild.  Walter extended his hand … told her his name was Walter Corbett.  It’s nice to meet you, Walter.  Victoria’s voice sounded like music … music that made Walter want to … dance with her.  He liked this woman.

Victoria felt strange vibes from this man.  She wasn’t sure if she liked him or not.  There was something … unpleasant? about him.  She couldn’t put her finger on it.

Got to go, Walter.  It was nice meeting you.  Victoria rose to her feet in all her glory … she took Walter’s breath away.

He watched her as she jogged away.  Walter knew he’d be right here tomorrow at the same time.  He wanted to have some fun.  All the while thinking that … Walter felt … just a twinge of … unease.

Walter Sebastian had supper ready for his pretty wife when she got home from the hospital.  He was whistling up a storm.  Grace walked over to him … kissed him on the lips.  All of a sudden Walter wanted her … wanted her in a bad way.  He was so hard.

He picked up Grace, carried her to the bed.  In his mind he could see Victoria Fairchild.  He hurriedly took Grace’s clothes off … with her help.  He didn’t wait to play … he had to get into her now.

He pushed her legs apart … pushed into Grace hard.  He couldn’t stop … Walter kept on until he climaxed.  He saw that Grace had climaxed at the same time.  He was glad because he didn’t have time to warm her up.

The next day found Walter sitting on the same bench at the park.  Sure enough … he didn’t have to wait long … Victoria Fairchild came jogging up the path.  She smiled at him as she slowed down.  Hi Walter!  Victoria sat down on the bench to get her breath.

Walter Sebastian began to get ideas in his head.  He might just have a little fun with Victoria.  He’d think about it as they talked.

To be continued …

No Longer a Part of This Life …

Sunday, July 12, 2015



Death… life. Good… bad. Live… die. Happy… sad. To live … we have to feel these things. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



No Longer a Part of This Life …


Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/aka @GeeGranny on Twitter




Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




She stood watching from a safe distance
As the big, black birds gathered, danced around

What was she thinking as she watched her baby
Being taken away, piece by piece … peck by peck

Swallowed into stomachs of the big, black birds
I felt grief for her … she is bound to feel pain

Someone hit her little baby, a fawn with white spots
It lay on the hot, hot road

Its little soft, brown eyes stared into the blue sky above
No pain … thankfully it never knew what happened

The big, black birds were only doing what they always do
Whether we like it or not … it’s the way of life

Animals die every day … by accident or careless drivers
The big, black birds come to eat … to survive

They come, never knowing they are cleaning up death
Never knowing they are helping man

In a short time, the little fawn’s body was gone
Leaving only a tiny bit of fur, flesh on the road

She turned … walked into the forest alone
She didn’t have a baby anymore

Heartbreaking, I turned my head … grief, pain in my Heart
I had seen this mother and her fawn several times

Saying little prayers asking protection for them
Sometimes, for whatever reason, our prayers aren’t answered

Big, black birds came to feed
Doing only what they always do

They aren’t aware of pain associated with death
Big, blackbirds eat to survive … it’s part of the food chain

I drove up the road … thoughts of the mother doe in my mind
Thoughts of the big, black birds and the food chain of life

Mother doe standing there … watching big, black birds
Helpless to stop Mother Nature …

Life is beautiful as well as ugly
You can’t have one without the other

Big, black birds flew into the sky, stomachs full
Baby fawn no longer a part of this life





Note by this Author:



The little fawn with white spots died just a short ways from where we live. It broke my Heart … did someone hit it by accident, or did they deliberately hit it … were they driving too fast?

None of these questions will be answered. Doesn’t matter now. The mother doe is in the woods somewhere … she doesn’t have a child anymore. I understand … I don’t have a child anymore. Isn’t life so sad … as well, as so happy, wonderful?

Tears fall from my eyes as I write this … my Heart is full of pain over a tiny little forest creature no one is aware of. It’s little body disappeared … that fast … big black birds came to eat in death what couldn’t be eaten in life. It’s the way it is. Life and Death and the food chain.

I’m not sure you could describe that as ugly. The big black birds were only doing what they were born to do. It’s just a part of life no one talks about, tries not to see.

If we eat our steaks, chicken, pork … are we being ugly? Or is this just a part of life … a part of the food chain? It’s just the way life is … you nor I … can change it. We walk around with food from death … in our stomachs just like … the black birds who came to eat.

I truly wish I’d never been brought up to eat meat from animals. I can’t bear the thoughts of animals being slaughtered to give me food. No matter … it’s a part of our food chain.



Photos/poem/note are written/owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



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*I wrote this in 2015 … I’m re-blogging my poem.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee