Soul Mates… Beauty Fades Just As A Rose

1983 Photo of Skip and I, Pups and Skip, Our Little xmas Tree 060

Skip and Gloria … SoulMates… 1983… Taken in St. Augustine, Florida


Soul Mates… Beauty Fades Just As A Rose

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I search in the mirror for myself

Only to see now… an older person

I have grieved for the person I used to be

For my youth that is forever gone

One might say that once I was vain

I guess one might be right in a sense

Because no one else did, I began to love myself

As I did, I became beautiful, special

When I did that, Skip came along

He was handsome, we complimented each other

We were tit for tat

Soul mates, lovers, best friends… forever

Skip and Gloria… always

We grow old together to the end of time

Hand in hand, hearts beat as one

Our youth, beauty fades just as a rose

Until one day, we are old

I still hope someone will see a glimpse of us

‘back in the day’ beneath the surface

Know that ‘we used to be pretty’, too

It’s your turn now, to shine with your youth

Enjoy it for all it’s worth

Because one day you’ll be searching in the mirror

As I do… trying to find a glimpse of the real ‘you’, too!