Kissy Tried To Fit In That Small Space… I’ve Never Seen Him Do That Before


Kissy was ‘hugging‘ Chadwick (our yellow Pup)… they slept that way for over an hour!  I’d never seen Kissy do this before…… September 19, 2013… Friday.




Kissy Tried To Fit In That Small Space…  I’ve Never Seen Him Do That Before

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Last night, I saw our Rottweiler named Kissy do something, I’d never seen him do before.  I was at my computer, happened to turn around to check on our Pups, to see where they were.  (We have three Pups… Kissy; and Chadwick, our yellow Pup; and Camie, the little blue merle Puppy I rescued).


I took a photo of what I saw… it was taken in the near dark with the flash on my Iphone.  Only the tv was on making light in the room.  Chadwick had went to sleep on the couch… and left only a very small place between his rump, and the arm of the couch.


Look at the photo… Kissy did his best to get up on the couch to sleep beside Chadwick.  Do you see how he only ‘fitted’ in that space ‘just so much’?  :)))  Does he look as if he is hugging Chadwick?


I was looking at them for the longest time.  They both slept soundly, never waking up as I took photos of them.  They stayed that way for over an hour.. only Kissy’s leg moved.


I was thinking Kissy was hugging Chadwick… because Chadwick ‘escaped’ yesterday… and ‘he might not have come back’.  I was thinking Kissy is so glad his brother came back safely.  Kissy tried to fit in that small space… I’ve never seen him do that before.




Something Bad Could Have Happened… Sweet Chadwick Escaped

Something Bad Could Have Happened… Sweet Chadwick Escaped

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




He ran like the wind, he didn’t hear the voice calling him to please come back.  He ran toward the open field near by, stopped… turned to look back.


He saw her standing at the gate… he saw pain on her face.  He couldn’t stop… this was his chance!  He turned his back on her as he heard her cry again.  “Please come back, please come back”!


He ran toward the trees, down the bank… into the highway.  He could hear someone crying behind him.  Please come back, the woman cried.  He turned for a moment to look at her… no matter how much he loved her… the pull to run was too strong.


He ran down the side of the highway, into the front yard of their home.  He laid down on the grass, rolled… got up, ran to the highway.  He heard the woman cry out to him… he heard the sound of a car coming fast.  He didn’t know which way to go!


Just as he began to cross the road, he felt something push him back!  The woman saw him suddenly leave the road, saw his hair flattened out from the force of the wind.  The car never slowed down as it passed.


He soon forgot about the car… ran like the wind.  He ran all around, never leaving the sight of the woman.  Her shoulders fell, tears fell down her face.  She turned, went inside the gate…


She went into the house, opened the refrigerator, took a cooked hamburger patty out.  Outside, she went… she saw him.  She began talking to him, telling him she had something good for him.


He ran down the length of the fence, neared the gate.  He smelled the hamburger, followed it.  The gate opened just enough, he followed the hamburger until he was safely inside.


The woman looked at him… told him she shouldn’t even give him that hamburger for upsetting her like that.  She looked down into his face, smiled… looked up to the sky.  She thanked God that he was safe.


She looked around her, at the other two.  These three Pups, her husband… Skip, were her whole world.  She almost lost one of them, because she was careless at the gate to their fence.  She felt weak from relief, from being so grateful he was safely back inside.


Chadwick… Sweet Chadwick, the ‘Wick-Wick’, their yellow Pup had escaped for about ten minutes.  He ran like the wind, rolled in the grass, felt freedom for a short time.  He came back to his fence… he wanted to be home where he was loved, protected, cared for.  He wanted his family around him… he knew them.  He didn’t ‘know out here’.


Gloria leaned over, took his sweet face, kissed it.  The other two Pups, Camie and Kissy… ran to be kissed, too!  She kissed them all, hugged them, and thanked God they were safe.


Something bad could have happened… when Chadwick escaped.




I Don’t Want You To Know… You Might Not Be As Strong As I Am

I Don’t Want You To Know… You Might Not Be As Strong As I Am

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




My son, my only child… Tommy, holding his little son.  I miss you, Son.  I was so proud of you.



You know how it is when you get busy doing something… your mind begins to wander here, there.  In just a short time, one can think a ‘million’ thoughts… about many different things.


My mind lingered on my new book I’m in the process of completing.  I’ve had to stop for a few days.  Chadwick, our Pup, had 2 seizures ‘out of the blue’.  My attention has been on him… I couldn’t concentrate on ‘writing words’.


I did go outside, on the porch… yesterday.  I painted while I was near the Pups, where I observed Chadwick.  I paid close attention to him.  He’s normal… he is the same Pup.  He has never appeared to be sick.


I’m thinking that what I read is… what’s wrong with him.  I ‘feel’ it’s low blood sugar.  He’s so active, moves very fast… he burns up calories quickly.  I looked back in my mind… both times, he and Camie (the little precious puppy I rescued) were running so fast around their yard… that I could hardly follow them with my eyes.  Are they secretly …gray hounds?  Race dogs


I know blood sugar can drop lower in a person when they exercise.  I feel that happened with Chadwick (we call him ‘Wick’ or ‘Wick-Wick’).  I have been making sure to give him a little snack every several hours between his main meals at breakfast, supper.


I began thinking about wiener roasts, toasting marshmallows, and hot chocolate.  Fall time, my most favorite season is upon us… it’s time to think about these things.


The strange thing is… I forgot to think about such things since Tommy died on May 29, 2010.  I thought about what I’ve forgotten to think about for 3 years.  Holidays are ‘one of them’.  I think that I can think about them this year… and ‘everything be alright’.


I have been so ‘lost’ until this past year.  I have been ‘finding myself’… things happen to knock me back down.  I keep getting up, dust my ass off (yes, I said that in defiance)… and ‘go it again’.  I’m not staying ‘down’.  I’ve come a long ways… I’m sure not ‘going back’… too dark, scary… too easy to become lost once more.


Can’t take that chance… have to keep my mind on the light, colors, life… now.  I have to hold on to these things with my very life.  I don’t have to hold so tightly now… because I know I can make it ‘now’.  I think I can relax my grip on life… some ‘now’.  I don’t want to go back to the … darkness.


I still go through such overwhelming periods of time, grieving for Tommy.  It consumes me, occupies my every thought…  I feel as if I’ll die, myself… it’s the very pain.  The intensity…  can make me have to lay down… it hurts that bad.


I keep telling myself, just bear with it… it’s going to be alright… just get past this… it’s going to be alright.  A lot of times, it gets alright in a short time.


It’s those times, when it takes… longer, that make me afraid.  That’s when I’m afraid… that’s when the pain is so raw, so ‘looming up in my mind like it has just happened’.  That’s when my chest feels it will explode, I feel as if my very soul is screaming.


That’s when it’s hard to live with myself… I have no place to go.  I can’t go get in the car, drive away… leave the pain behind.  I can’t simply walk off from it, and not feel, hear, know it.  It follows me my every waking moment.  I only find peace when I go to sleep… when my mind can’t think.


Though, I tell you this… I still know everything’s going to be alright.  I try to think of something to describe just a little to make you know how it feels.


Nothing I tell you can describe the grief for the loss of your child… you DO have to lose a child to know this pain… so, when I try to describe in mere words… know this.


Suppose you had to walk everyday to where you are going to.  You don’t have a choice… you are going to go whether you want to, or not.


Suppose there were things on your path that you ‘were going to face’ each day.  Bad things.  Maybe there’s a yard you have to walk by that has a very mean, angry dog… and it comes after you, follows you for a time, until it turns back.  It could get you any moment, shred you up in a ‘million’ pieces.


Sometimes, it draws blood.  The mean, angry dog grabs you, shakes you, bites you several times.  You fight like hell, manage to get away.  You’ve been wounded, yet… over time, you are going to be alright.


Each time you pass by that yard… depending on how much that mean, angry dog wants you… determines the severity of the pain he inflicts on you.  He could destroy you… but, only … if you allow it.


Grief is like this… only … worse.  It isn’t the same each time it ‘happens’.  Everyday… the ‘threat is there’… to get me.


When your mind begins to panic, thoughts going here, there non-stop… your stomach feels the trapped birds in a cage… pecking, screeching, fluttering their wings wildly to escape… the pain so great… you feel as if you’ll die from it all.


You HAVE GOT TO make yourself… your thoughts slow down.  No matter what, you have to do this… I never said it was easy… and I didn’t say it’ll work every time.


Slow down enough, so… you don’t become confused, forget where you are… because as sure as the sun shines… you are going to get lost in… grief.  You’ll get lost in the dark…


You can’t find your way back easily… if you ‘go too far’… you have to make yourself think, slow your thoughts down… to come back.  Otherwise… something bad’s going to happen.


Saying all that… is easy.  It doesn’t mean you can do it every time… you can’t.  In fact, sometimes… you can’t think … for the pain.  You do get lost in grief… I do get lost in grief.  I can’t think about things around me… they cease to exist for a time.


I am looking ‘inward’… I’m trying ‘to bring Tommy back’.  I’m wishing Tommy wasn’t gone… Tommy wasn’t………………. …………. can I say it?  I’m wishing Tommy wasn’t ….. dead.


Dead… my son is … dead.  I can say it right this moment.  I’m not … lost in grief.  Sometimes, I can be alright… and grieve at the same time.  Sometimes… I can say ‘that word’… dead.


Dead… dead… dead.  I made myself say it… I felt my eyes close, and I felt a bright flash of pure, white anger.  My son is … dead.  I see his face in mind… I do have stop, now.  Sometimes, one can push things too far…


‘Bittersweet’…  flavors of life… death.  It’s very painful, but… one can find beauty, specialness at the same time… but, only at times when it’s a ‘bittersweet’ time.


I won’t become lost in grief, today.  I can tell at this moment, I will be alright.  I did ‘feel mad’ for a brief moment.


See how my thoughts… turned to … grief for Tommy, my only child, my son?  This happens all the time… right in front of you… everywhere I go, no matter what I do.  You never know… unless you come ‘here’ to read it.  I never bother anyone with… my grief.


If you read about it… you choose to read, and leave quietly with thoughts of your own.  So.. no matter what, everything is alright… you can go back to your life… see, hear, enjoy your children… I smile for you.  I wouldn’t want you to know what I feel.  It’s already happened to me… I’m stronger now, for it happening.


No, I wouldn’t want you to experience this.  I’ve accepted I can’t change a thing.  I don’t want you to know this… since it’s already happened to me… let me be the only mother to know.


I’m going to be thinking about what could possibly be special, beautiful about death… about Tommy being gone.  What positive can I find in my heart about him being gone?  What have I learned from the death of my only child?


No more questions… you, no one can answer them for me.  I won’t waste my time asking ‘why?’  I may as well walk to the wall behind my desk… stand there, beat my head against it… I will never learn the answer to my ‘why?’.


Don’t tell me… if you really don’t know.  If you do know, ‘have been there’… I’ll listen.  Otherwise, don’t say anything… I don’t want to ‘not’ like you.  I’m not writing to just get comments.  This is … real life… the ‘bad’ part of it.


This is the part of life, ‘you’ don’t want to know.  Just read it, and be so grateful you don’t.  I’ll tell you so, you don’t have to experience to know.  I don’t want it to happen to you.  You might not be as strong as I am.





Grief is the threat of a thunderstorm happening anytime, day or night.  Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I Tucked You In… Precious Camie

I Tucked You In… Precious Camie
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



She watched around her as she was led out of the door… through the chain-link gate.  She turned to look back… she didn’t want to leave.  No!  She wanted to stay home… she loved her home, and her family.

The door opened on the pickup truck… she was helped in.   Gentle hands touched, patted her head.  She sensed that no one wanted her to go anymore, than she wanted to go.

The door opened to the pickup truck… she got out.  By now, she knew the drill… she began to walk slowly up the brick drive, onto the slanted boardwalk.  They got to the wooden door… stood for several minutes talking while she waited.

They went through the door where they were greeted with cheerful voices.  She ran toward them… she recognized them!  She loved the people behind the voices.

Come on, Camie… let’s weigh you.  The nurse walked her onto the scale… Camie had lost 1 pound.

It was time for her to be left… she would have surgery sometime that morning.  Camie was going to be spayed… have her skin scrapings, bloodwork done.

We began to turn, walk out to the pickup truck.  Camie stopped, ran toward me.  My heart melted… I bent down to kiss her, tell her I’d be back to get her.  I turned, walked out the door… with tears in my eyes.

I loved Camie so much… I sneaked a peek at Skip… I saw what looked like tears… in his eyes.  He, as well as I, love our Pups… we want them home… we want all to be all right.

I waited for the phone call to come.  I expected it around lunch-time… I couldn’t wait to know how Camie did.  I was on pins and needles.  I got the call… Camie came through like a champ.  I was so happy.  Now, it was time to wait until the evening to go pick her up.

I drove to the Louisburg Veterinary Clinic to pick Camie up… she was due to be picked up at 4:30 pm.  I was much earlier… I was ready to get her.  I wouldn’t rest until I had her home!

I went in, talked with Dr. Fontenot, and his staff… Morgan and Pam.  I stood there, absorbing all I needed to know to give Camie all her medicines.  She had pain medicine; antibiotics, and she had Heartgard… and Certifect.  They were for heartworms, and for ticks, fleas.

Pam made Camie’s appointment to come back in 2 weeks.  I won’t bathe her until after her appointment.  Every week, I give Camie her very own ‘Camie Spa’… where I bathe her with her medicinal shampoo.  After the shampoo, I gently massage… dry her.  So, no more until after the next appointment.

Dr. Fontenot went over Camie’s bloodwork report.  Camie’s been bitten by a brown tick… her blood tested positive for Ehrlichia canis.  We’ll be talking about that soon.

Camie’s skin still hasn’t healed completely.  I worry … of course, I would.  I want her to be past all this, completely healed… no more medical problems.  I’m a little worried also, about her testing positive for Ehrlichia canis.  I want her to be well like our other two Pups, Kissy and Chadwick.  My mission is to make it happen.

I look to my left… there she lays.  I gave her pain medicine, it made her drowsy.  She got up on the couch, put her head on a pillow, went to sleep.  I got up, took her blanket… placed it over her to keep her comfortable, snuggly, warm.

I tucked you in… Precious Camie.


I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy… It Must Be Meant To Be

I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy…  It Must Be Meant To Be

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Yesterday, I received in the mail… my second Copyright Certificate.  This one is for ‘I CRY FOR TOMMY’.  Now… I have both certificates in my possession; both of my books are officially copyrighted.





Gloria Faye Brown BAR




Lately, as you know… most of my time has been in caring for Camie (Precious Camo), the little puppy I rescued.  Also, I had a pulled muscle from carrying Camie, when I rescued her… that really was quite painful for some time.  Skip has been very sick… he is better now, but… still sick.


Kissy and Chadwick both, are well.  I’m so thankful for that.  They both are used to Camie being in the house… sometimes, they will go lay down by the ‘hospital area’, near her.  They don’t bark, growl at her.


It will be some time before Camie will be well enough to be able to play with them.  Her skin is in real bad condition… so sore.  She has demodectic mange… and it’s a really bad condition.  Hers is worse for having laid on the cold, wet ground dying.


The photos I take of her show her condition.  I’ll be so happy when you can begin to see such progress in her photos.  This precious little puppy has a very long, hard road to travel.  I hope you will constantly send prayers her way, and positive thoughts.


I mean to win this battle, make her get well.  I sleep short periods of time at night to watch over her… and let her out so, that she doesn’t suffer extra waiting to ‘go to the bathroom’.  She’s housebroken, and won’t ‘go’ inside.  She’s a very smart puppy.


I’m so thankful to have this little puppy… it must be meant to be.  :)))



I Can’t Say Grief Is The Color Of Rainbows…

Male Rottweiler, 1½ years old

Male Rottweiler, 1½ years old (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Can’t Say Grief Is The Color Of Rainbows…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee


This morning as I sit here at my computer, I am hearing Christmas music on the commercials on tv.  Yes, I know it’s October… I’m not making it up!


Not only that, I have a big Rottweiler puppy …laying on my bare feet keeping them warm!  I love for our Pups to lay on my feet, they comfort me… and keep my toes warm!


I have a blanket over my lap that is draped over my legs, over that big, spoiled pup!  He is a blanket pup!  Kissy Fairchild… who is named after two famous Rottweilers… our 2 Rottweilers before him.


I try to remember when we got our Rottweiler puppy.  It was a few months after Tommy died… I remember now.  Fairchild, our 11 year old Rottweiler died…  3 months after… Tommy died.


It’s strange… Tommy’s birthday was November 20…. our new puppy’s birthday is November 02….. we got it in the same year Tommy died.  Tommy died May 29, 2010…. Tommy’s birthday was November 20…. our new puppy, Kissy’s birthday is November 02, 2010.  It’s just unusual…..


Fairchild had cancer, though at first we didn’t know it.  We had taken him back to have surgery.  Our vet came out to tell us that she couldn’t do the surgery… Fairchild’s cancer was too far gone.


Skip and I were already grieving for the loss of Tommy.  Fairchild was gently put to sleep… the grief was beyond description.  I cried inside for Tommy and Fairchild… they both loved each other… Skip and I loved them.  Our whole world was almost gone.


I could see caring through the quiet tears in my eyes…. from the staff at the vet’s office.  They knew of Tommy’s death, now…. Fairchild.  I remember looking back to see Skip kneel down to kiss Fairchild, tears on his cheeks.  He loved Fairchild, Fairchild loved him.


I remember Fairchild’s sweet face lying on his paws… he weighed 128 at his death (he’d lost weight).  I remember seeing how ‘baby-sweet’ his face looked as he was going to sleep without suffering.  I cry quietly inside now… thinking about it.


I felt a tear roll down my right cheek… wet, cold.  Another tear just rolled down my left cheek, making the side of my nose ..itch.  You all know how tears do.  I took a moment here to … describe it.


I’m not sure how to describe how my heart just felt, it’s like it is being ‘squeezed’, my throat felt like it tightened, closed up.  How does one describe ‘grief’.  I try sometimes as I am experiencing it… it isn’t pretty.


The words to describe … grief… are never pretty.  I can’t say grief is the color of rainbows… I might could say grief is the color of a rainbow if all the colors were to all of a sudden… mix together.  The colors would be awful……


Sweet Chadwick was a baby puppy, he’s our mixed pup.  He’s the perfect mixture for us.  When we got home from the vet’s office, Chadwick was there for us.  He loved Fairchild… oh, Fairchild loved Chadwick.  Chadwick was our life-saver…. Sweet Chadwick.


Soon after Fairchild’s death, I went to pick his ashes up.  They were in a white, tin cannister with black paw prints all over it… Skip bought a brass plate, had Fairchild’s name engraved on it.  I glued it on the top that one can lift off Fairchild’s ashes.


In a little black bowl, an old baseball rests sitting on top of that cannister.  It’s dirty… Fairchild used to play with it outside.  I tried to wash the dirt off… it’s still stained.  That’s okay…


Beside the ball, sits a little minature Rottweiler with its feeding bowl by its paws.  I had found it at A.C. Moore‘s when I was there shopping for paint brushes, bottles of acryllic paint.


Fairchild’s ashes sit on Skip’s desk… every morning Skip walks by it, puts his hand out to touch the cannister.  One can see to this day … emotion in Skip’s eyes when he speaks of… Fairchild.  No one can see the emotion in my heart when we speak of Fairchild.


Tommy… Fairchild… Tommy… Fairchild… Tommy…  Grief that can’t be described in words to make you really feel ‘how it feels’.


I can only try.  I was thinking of colors… you all know I associate colors with all in my life.  I was thinking….. I can’t say grief is the color of rainbows…







Guardian Angels…

Guardian Angels…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I am on alert this morning.  Kissy came to wake me up this morning at 5:20 am.  He got up on the bed, hit me with his big foot (he did what we call ‘big-footed me’)  … and barked.  I woke up, watched him in the nightlight.  He doesn’t do this unless something is outside, something is going on closeby.


Kissy sat for a moment looking toward the bedroom door… I ‘knew’ his attention was on something.  I got up, he barked again.  As I came closer to the door to enter the hall, he jumped off the bed in front of me.  I had to follow him up the hall.


We went to the living room where I saw Skip sitting in his recliner holding a plastic hospital container he brought home with him yesterday.  He was nauseated.


He told me he had been up since 1:00 a.m. hurting in his right side.  I took his BP, and temperature.  I, also, called the hospital.  For now, Skip is comfortably resting on the couch where I put his soft pillows… and covered him up in cosy bedcovers.  I just looked over at him… he is resting quietly.


I made him promise not to get up sick again… without waking me up.  He understands I need to know what is going on with him ‘in case’ he has to go back to the hospital.  I am recording everything on paper ‘just in case’… this way all is more accurate… if we have to go back.


I am his ‘guardian angel’ in life… I will watch over him.  I like to think Tommy is his guardian angel in the afterlife looking over him.


I look at Skip at this very moment… he is sleeping quietly.  He seems to be resting comfortably.  Kissy did want to lay on top of him… for now, he can’t.  :)))


Kissy is tight against my feet, laying on my blanket as I sit here and type.  Chadwick wanted to stay close to Skip… he is now, sleeping on the loveseat.


They are worried about their Skip.  They are his ‘guardian angels‘, also.  I loved that Kissy woke me up to come to Skip… I loved that Chadwick stayed near Skip.


I may stay awake alittle longer, when I feel it’s okay… I will nap closeby Skip.  We ‘guardian angels’ have to stay on the alert… our special somebody needs us… we need him.  I love you, Skip.

I Think I Have Turned Into A Rainbow!

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Happy Colors!

I Think I Have Just Turned Into A Rainbow!


(Photo/Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… 2012 GBB)…………

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Good morning …  lately it seems I’m more into writing about ‘today’.  That’s because my present life has changed so much in the past two weeks.  My whole world… almost crumbled.

The definition of ‘my whole world’ is simply ….. Skip, our two Pups.  Tommy used to be part of ‘my whole world’… Tommy is gone now… for so long dark colors ruled my world.  Happy colors have come back in my world until… just recently.

That means …my whole world became more precious to me.  I, now know…. that things can happen to take away ‘our whole world’.  Therefore… my whole world has become more precious… than precious.

Yes, I am writing about what is really happening ‘today’ in my life because for now… I can for this time…. ‘feel, see, know’ what has changed in my life.  For now, I can’t go back into the past to find things I want to tell you, to write about.

Life is playing out at the moment… it makes me feel, see, know that I could have lost Skip… my whole world.  At this moment in my life… I have cried again, hurt again, and have been afraid.

Those dark colors have tried to crush all the happy colors in my life… once again.  I don’t know how I would have survived such….

I just felt a cold nose nudge my elbow while I sit here… it brought my mind back from ‘going down the road of ‘I don’t know how I would have survived such’.  That was Chadwick running back inside from the pet door… goodness, his coat feels… cold!

Thank you, Chadwick… now, my mind will think about the happy things.  Skip is getting so much better!  Skip……. could come home today!

My heart just turned into a big sun… emitting such golden, yellow rays…. I hope you can ‘feel’ it…. it feels ‘that big!’

If it possible, I hope ( I wish I were a magical creature, I would make wonderful things happen!)……. if possible, I hope it touches every person that reads my words at this very moment…..  their life in a wonderful way to make good things happen in their life!

I would share my happiness in this way… if possible!  I would keep happiness ‘going’.  Just suppose… happiness could keep spreading that way… by thoughts, feelings inside one’s heart!

Just suppose, that my ‘sunshine heart’ emitting such golden, yellow rays… is doing that… somehow in a magical way.  Then….. then in return…. your magical hearts began spreading such special happiness to all your loved ones, friends!  Wonderful, good things could begin happening!

Last night, this morning… when Skip called me from his hospital bed… Skip’s voice is …. back to being Skip’s strong voice!  You can’t imagine how my heart felt hearing that… wait a minute, I bet you ‘do imagine’ how my heart felt… you all just read my words.  :)))

Colors!  I’m feeling my happy colors again!  I think I just turned into a … rainbow!  Soft, wonderful colors are beginning to come out again. :)))

You Rascal!

You Rascal!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I saw sparkling colors… lights that were happy colors!  You know my attention goes straight to colors… I do follow colors.  I have to be very careful where they lead me!

My mind couldn’t place ‘why’ these happy colors were here in an unlikely place.  Why… would they be in Kissy’s mouth?  Kissy, is our Rottweiler who will be 2 years old on November 2nd.

Kissy was one year old when this happened.  He ran to the next room… I was in the bedroom when I first saw the colors.  I went on to foget about the happy colors thinking it was my imagination.  I should have known better!

Once in a while I thought about the colors in Kissy’s mouth… wondered if I really saw something or thought I saw something.  He had pranced out the pet door to go play with Chadwick, our special-mix Pup, who was 4 years old.

I went on to forget about it once again…. until I decided to call someone.  I went to look for my beautiful cellphone.  I was especially proud of it, Skip had just bought it for me.  It was expensive ($300.00), so, I knew I was going to take very good care of it!  Yes… I would take very good care of my beautiful cellphone!

I felt for it, it wasn’t in the case that was clipped to my side!  I felt an over-whelming panic in my chest.  I ran to the bedroom, frantically began scanning all around for my beautiful cellphone!  I couldn’t find it!

I felt weak… my beautiful cellphone… you know… the one Skip had just bought for me…. was gone!  How did it get out of my case?!!!

I ran to the living room, the kitchen… I looked at the pet door.  Uh oh!  The happy colors!  Oh no, the happy colors I thought I’d imagined!  I ran to the door and opened it…. I began calling Kissy!

I saw the colors again!  I knew I had to sweet-talk Kissy, to get my phone back.  It really was my cellphone…. no, it really was my new, beautiful cellphone that Skip paid alot to buy for me!  It was the cellphone that I had had for one day!  It was the cellphone I was going to ‘protect with my life!’

It was the … happy-colored cellphone in Kissy’s mouth!  He came to me, I grabbed the cellphone.  It was wet… happy colors were on the cracked screen!  Only those colors didn’t make me feel happy… I saw pink, red, lavender, green colors.  I love happy colors but, these weren’t the colors I wanted to see.

“Oh, Kissy!”  I cried out, “how could you do this?”  I felt very upset as I walked back inside the house.  I sat down at the dining table with my beautiful cellphone… that had many happy colors on it… no longer was it pretty anymore.  It was wet, grimy… the screen cracked… teeth marks on the battery.  There was no hope for it.

I went several weeks before getting a new cellphone… I used a second-hand cellphone.  It was like driving an old car that had no shocks on it… all the best part had been ‘used up’.  It was awful.

What was wonderful was that Skip bought me another beautiful cellphone …. just like the one Kissy got!  Kissy, you ‘ate my cellphone’, you rascal!  We never got mad at him.

Kissy!  You Rascal!  :)))

If We Had Tails…

If We Had Tails

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sit here looking into Kissy’s face

He looks right back at me with his baby face

I smile softly at him, my heart melts with love

Just as it does as I, also… look into Chadwick’s face

Special pups, our family… our life

They are all we have in this big, old world

They are between us and having no one

Between us and …loneliness

We love them, they are the family we come home to

The family we buy special things for

Basted chews, twisted chews, chew bones

Even a red fox toy, a possum toy or two

No matter how bad we feel, how sad

They walk, run to us with happiness in their faces

They are really glad to see us

They come to us with love, no matter what

Chadwick’s bushy, blonde tail will wave gracefully in the air

Kissy’s little short tail will waggle a ‘mile a minute’

When we come home after being away

Love, pure love for us… it means the world

When we are away we find we look forward to getting home

To make sure they are okay

We are so happy to see them

That… if we had tails….. we would wave, waggle them, too!