They Had Better Hurry Up And Enjoy Their Food Before They Are Turned Into Crackers!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

They Had Better Hurry Up And Enjoy Their Food Before They Are Turned Into Crackers!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I spent a nice day together.  We had things to do, places to go.  :)))

We decided to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken to have lunch.  Skip likes to go there on Monday, Tuesday… so, he can get the ‘senior citizen‘s discount’.

We went to the buffet bar, got our meals; sat down to eat.  I sat there, people-watched.  I noticed all the ‘old-timers’ were coming in for the ‘senior citizen discount’… it was very noticeable.  Only a few people were young in there.  :)))

I was enjoying my lunch when Skip said something that made me almost choke in laughter.   It hit me as so funny.  You see, I’ve been telling Skip that one day probably before we die… ‘we old people‘ are probably going to be turned into crackers, wafers to be a food source for the world.

I am reading so much lately about things happening in the world that was in books to read for entertainment when I was a young person.  Now… these ‘crazy’ things are becoming reality!  For example, the drones…. they’ll be everywhere spying on people… and no one will notice them… they will look like little insects.

In some restaurants… drones can be used to ‘fly’ food to the seated customer at their tables!   I read that one day ‘soon’, drones will be used to deliver pizza … after obtaining permission to fly over people’s property… permission to use their ‘air-space’.  Isn’t it amazing?

Some things I’ve read… concern me.  It brings back to me, a memory of a movie I watched as a young person.  Lately, it’s been on my mind… the name of the movie is Soylent Green (Thank-you, my friend, Prenin, in England… for helping me to remember the name of the movie).  I just received the movie in the mail; I ordered it from

I haven’t seen this movie since being very young… it made an impression on me.  It’s about feeding the masses of people, and the food source used.  Old people…. if I remember right… were turned into crackers/wafers for people to eat.

Yeah… they were eating their grandmas, grandpas…. right and left!  I don’t have to worry about that… I don’t have either one left in this world… and I have no desire to eat your grandma, grandpa… so, they are safe with me!

I’m going to take time to watch this movie soon.  I can’t wait to see it again… to see if I remember right.

Anyway… I’ve been getting Skip interested in watching this movie.  I told him about the food source in the movie… he agreed there’s no telling what will ‘happen one day’.

I saw a group of ‘old’ people come into Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I watched as they walked up to the counter to order.  They were given their trays, cups… everyone walked to the buffet bar to get their food.

I was watching as they began walking to their table… I was in my own world, deep in thought, thinking about that movie… when I heard Skip say…

“They better hurry up and enjoy their food before they are turned into crackers!”

I’m Guilty As Sin… Food Porn

I’m Guilty As Sin… Food Porn

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Doesn’t this look good… mmmm-mm, the flavors are wonderful.  I make this now after being ‘seduced‘ by photos on the computer!


Diced tomatoes, diced onion, half of a lemon to squeeze juice from, red and yellow bell pepper, cucumber… avocado, saltines…  I was seduced yet, once again… I just can’t seem to resist… Food Porn.




Is your food better ‘naked or dressed’?  I just heard one of the doctors say that on the TV Doctors.  I really like to watch them, they talk about any, everything.  That’s why I like to watch, listen.


They tell things like they really are… everyone can learn.  I wish they’d been around when I was a child… I would have never grown up learning everything the hard way… because of being too embarrassed to ask.


Truthfully, I can tell you now… I’m old enough.  I made the ‘darnest mistakes’, learning things as I grew up.  Some… I will never, never-ever tell you.  I can’t bear to think of them… I know I’m not going to tell you!  I mean it, now!  :)))


I like dressed food, myself.  I like ‘good stuff’ on my food.  It makes me really want it… put it in my mouth, eat it… ‘pure savor’ the ‘deliciousness’ of it.


The TV Doctors are talking about Food Porn… I know sometimes, we see food being ugly.  I try not to look at it.  :)))  Sometimes, I have to act like I’m not looking… but, I am!  I really try to be good.


You know…. the fresh, crisp, green lettuce all up on that hamburger, hugged as tight as tight can be.  Not only that, the cheese is stuck, pure melted… all over it!


Slices of red-red tomato, and white rings of onion laying on top of each other, on top of the yellow cheese… it ought to be a sin to see food like this.


To top it off… all that yellow mustard, white mayonnaise dressing it to the max… if your mouth waters… then, you aren’t any more innocent than I.  I know you like it, too!  You bad girl… you bad boy!


To top the ‘whole’ thing off… there may be sesame seeds adorning the bun ‘holding it all’.  You know you want it… if you are even grinning the slightest… I bet you get one before the day is out.


I try to be as good as good can be… but, when I see that… I want it, too!  Seductive food… I want a hamburger, now!  So, I’m guilty without meaning to be… I like porn… Food Porn.  The ‘good thing’ is that… I like dressed foods.  Not all bare, naked…. ugh!  :)))  So… I’m not … all bad.


I can see it now… all the wonderful fresh colors of tomato, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper… both red, yellow, orange; cucumber … all on a bed… of lettuce.  Next, the creamy Blue Cheese dressing with chunks of blue cheese… poured slowly on top…. on the side of the plate are two boiled eggs, cut in half… with deviled egg yolks inside each.


I mean those yolks have been mashed up good with mayonnaise, seasoned… gently folded back into each half of egg white… looking better than it did when it came out.  Sprinkle that with just the right amount of paprika… just beautiful.


Top it off with a big, dark-green dill pickle, and some white saltines… oh my.  Don’t forget to put the pine nuts, green edamame peas on top.  Do you see ‘why’ I love dressed foods?


So, naked foods… don’t tempt me…. it’s the dressed-up stuff that does.  I should get some credit… since I don’t pay attention to naked foods.  Dressing does make all things… better.


I just realized as I’m writing.  I have been committing Food Adultery.  I have to tell Skip… I’ve heard talking, thinking about something is almost like actually doing it.  I’m just before… lusting after a good hamburger.  Squeeze extra mustard on it, please… yeah, put an extra slice of onion on it… that’s right.


While you are at it, give me a cup of that fine… crushed ice, tea to wash all that goodness down my throat.  If that’s Food Porn… I’m guilty as sin.


The way they describe Food Porn is how it’s posed to be seductive to our taste buds.  When we look at it, our mouths drool, saliva flowing down our chins.


Oh, how we want that food more than anything in this world.  I notice if I would just close my eyes… look away… I’m not tempted.  We should all look away, so … we aren’t tempted to taste the delights of the world.


All that wonderful green, healthy, nutritious food!  I can feel it as it slides down my throat.  I’m thinking of something one of the TV Doctors suggested… think about healthy Food Porn.


At this moment, I was thinking about celery.  Dressing it with pimento cheese… orange-colored with beautiful flecks of red pimento cheese!  Crisp, cold, fresh-green celery… so crunchy-good when chewing it; the flavors of celery, pimento perfectly blending perfectly.


Anyway, I like dressed …everything.  I don’t want to see naked people, animals… much less… plain food.  I love the eye appeal… colors, textures, design.  Same way with clothes… I pay attention to detail.  That’s what seduces me…


Food Porn… well… in my ‘Gloria opinion’… that is why there’s obesity in a lot of cases.  It’s Food Porn… where beautiful foods are posed in their very best light; to tempt, tease us with… colors, textures, scents, aromas tempting us all.


I think if we didn’t look… or allow our noses to smell… we’d never be seduced by foods.  I ‘try to be as good as good can be’… but, I like Food Porn… I love to look at posed foods with all the colors, textures, smells.  I’m guilty as sin!



Felt Like Someone Hit Me In The Stomach…

Our ‘Perfect Mixture’ Pup… Sweet Chadwick/aka Kangaroo Jack

  Felt Like Someone Hit Me In The Stomach…

  By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today we went to BoJangle’s to eat lunch.  We went out in the wind, cold rain… drove to BoJangle’s.  We were looking forward to sitting by the window to watch the rain… to feel cozy.

We went inside the restaurant, the aroma of fried chicken, biscuits smelled so good.  It was cozy inside, the atmosphere just right to have a nice lunch.

We ordered our chicken dinners, and BoJangle’s famous ice tea.  Skip ordered mashed potatoes, gravy with his chicken.  I ordered fries with my chicken… I love the seasoning that is on the fries.

We sat down at a booth, began eating when… my desire for fried chicken went completely away.  My stomach tightened up… I couldn’t eat anymore.

Skip asked me what was wrong.  I told him that just like yesterday when we went to a nice restaurant to eat… something else has just happened to make me feel I can’t eat.

At the restaurant yesterday, a woman had gotten sick in front of the salad bar… it felt like something hit me in the stomach… I felt sick.  The woman vomited over a large area.

I could go on a real diet if such things happened regularly…. then, I thought about someone was really sick to have done that, was probably so embarrassed.  I thought then, that ‘if it were me’… it would have been so awful to be so sick.

At this same restaurant, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and the sight that greeted me… was awful.  There was feces on the commode, on the floor all the way out the door that was opened to the stall.

Today, here at BoJangle’s, I told Skip to turn around, look outside.  There was a beautiful … ‘real’ chicken running around outside.  I couldn’t believe it.   Skip said he didn’t like to see the chicken running around… because we were sitting in there, ‘eating its friend’!

That was it, no more chicken for me.  A little girl close to where we sat, spotted the chicken.  She began yelling about the chicken being outside.

I never did see where that chicken went to.  While I sat there looking at it, I imagined a golden circle of protection around it, and said a prayer that it would be safe.

We couldn’t imagine where a chicken would come from.  I worried for its safety.  I wanted to catch it, protect it.  I didn’t because I couldn’t protect it.

When we left there, just a short ways down the street, we saw a lone dog standing in a tire shop parking lot.  Standing in the rain.  My heart went out to it… it looked well-fed, cared for… but, ‘why’ would someone let their dog run free where heavy traffic is?  We couldn’t bear for our Pups to run free, not be protected by their fenced-in yard.

I imagined a golden circle of protection around it, and like I always do… I said a little prayer for it to be safe.

When I see animals in dangerous situations such as the chicken at BoJangle’s parking lot… and the dog… I feel such pain inside.  Both were walking where cars were too close to them.  Both were as innocent as children, not knowing the dangers around them.

This is an example of how things around me… affect me.  I hurt inside because of things I see… I can’t do anything about.  It’s sad because I find in life, there are times I have to turn my head… bear my pain at things I can’t change.

I used to think I really could ‘save the whole world’… remember thinking that way when we were young, strong… there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do!  As time went by… life happened… I realized ‘the world is bigger than I am’.

In one way it was fun to see that beautiful chicken at BoJangle’s walking around… down deep inside… I was afraid for what would happen to it… the same with the precious dog.

In my mind, I imagined the golden circles around them, protecting them everywhere they went until they got to safety… until they got home where they belonged.

Silly?  That’s okay… I can be.  :)))  My heart hurts easily for innocent, helpless beings that I can’t protect.  These are my thoughts tonight…

I also, still feel that sensation like someone hit me in the stomach ….

He Does Understand… We Are Going To Have Our Differences

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) o...

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) offered for sale at the farmers’ market in Rochester, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He Does Understand… We Are Going To Have Our Differences
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I tried something I’ve never tried in my life. Today, I felt well enough to go to the supermarket. In fact, in the past couple of days I’ve tried food I’ve never eaten before in my life.


I was buying bags of frozen vegetables to put in the freezer. I bought several bags of something I’d never eaten before. I will surely buy more now.


I tried Edamame, a variety of soy beans… I bought the steamable frozen pods with sea salt. I put them in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes, took them out, let them cool a bit.


I began taking the peas from the pod to eat. Oh my, what a tasty snack! I love the taste, I don’t know how to describe it, I’ve never tasted anything like them before. I read that they have a lot of good protein, and people eat them for a snack when dieting.


Tonight, I did something I’d never done in my life. I bought two bulbs of garlic at the supermarket. They always look so fresh, pretty in their little packages. I felt I wanted a box of them.


Tonight, I held each bulb in my hand, sliced off the ‘top’… then took the ‘paper’ skin off. I put each of the two garlic bulbs into a piece of tin foil… drizzled olive oil on them, sprinkled a little salt, pepper over them. (Note: I need to get Kosher salt :)))


I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees, then… took the cloves from each bulb… pressed each clove with a fork to get the creamy, roasted garlic out. (Note: I need to buy a garlic press :)))


I spread the creamy garlic on a piece of toast, drizzled a tiny bit more of olive oil on it, sprinkled a tiny amount of salt, pepper over it. I began to eat it… I really loved it! This would be wonderful with spaghetti! (I know… you all already probably been eating garlic like this … I never buy garlic, Skip doesn’t like it. Sometimes, I do use garlic salt on a steak :)))


Now… how to get the garlic scent gone! I’m sure I will have garlic breath tomorrow! Does anyone know how to make the garlic smell go away?


I saw how to prepare the garlic on a video, it looked so good… I had to try it. I love things I haven’t ever tried before. If anyone has any good tips about the Edamame pods, or garlic…. let me know!


I know that Edamame peas can be made into ‘hummus‘ … instead of using chickpeas, one can make hummus with Edamame peas, using cilantro, and such. I love hummus.


Skip doesn’t like ‘everything’ I like… especially garlic!!! But, he understands that we ‘are going to have our differences’! :)))