The Girl and Her Dog

The Girl and Her Dog




Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I was sitting at my desk
When movement caught my eye
I looked out my glass door
Saw a girl and her dog




She was walking in her yard
With her beautiful Rottie
She held her umbrella over her head
She was dressed in black




Her umbrella was black … gray
The Rottie’s collar was pink
The girl kicked a pine cone toward her dog
As the pine cone flew in the air




The Rottie jumped to grab it in the air
I sat at my desk looking out my glass door
Smiled as I watched the both of them
I was looking into their world while sitting at home




What a beautiful picture they made
It wasn’t only the picture they made … it was
The pure love a girl has for her dog
Pure love a dog has for its most important person




The rain came down harder
I had begun typing what I saw
Looked up … the girl and her dog was gone
They’d given me a glimpse of pure love




As I sat at my desk looking out my glass door
I looked out the glass door once more
Yes, they are gone back into the house
To live their life while I sit here … write, live mine




Note by this Author:



I sat here at my desk this morning … looked out the glass door to see my neighbor walking with her dog in the rain. She is more than my neighbor … her dog is more than just my ‘neighbor’s dog’.



The girl is one of our closest friends … her dog is one who is a part of our everyday life … we visit her each day, keep an eye on their home … bring her outside for a while while the girl works. We love them as if they were close family. We love the girl and her dog … the one walking with a black/gray umbrella and the dog with a pink collar.



Photo is of Kissy Fairchild …. our beautiful, sweet Rottie.  Photos owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Poem dedicated to Chelsea King and Angel King. Owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Don’t Let Your Dogs … Be Weekend Cowboys

Don’t Let Your Dog … be a Weekend Cowboy
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


99c86-kissy2bfairchild2band2bskip2bbates2b-2b2014  08e4e-4-27-14pupswithglasses012  bea24-december14252c2012-spoiledpupsandtheirchews034  Kissy, Camie January 24, 2015 031


Kissy Fairchild … our sweet Rottie.  Precious Camo (changed to Precious Camie).

When fur parents are at work all week … their dogs are at home resting, waiting for them to get home. All day long, these pets lay, sleep, eat … wait. This goes on for the whole week … and when the weekend comes … the fur parents take their dogs out to exercise, have fun. They become … weekend cowboys!

Your dog has rested all week, while eating … probably putting on extra weight. He may be middle-age. He may be a big dog (though it happens to smaller dogs, also). You don’t notice all these things … you are only looking forward to giving your dog a good time on the weekend … so, he can get ‘good exercise’, have fun.

Too much fun all at once can cause serious injuries. Say, you took your dog to run, jump, romp, play at the park … you could come home with your dog, find that he is limping. That’s a warning sign you should take seriously. This can only become worse if … he has a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament.

A ruptured cranial cruciate ligament … is when the ligament ruptures between the tibia, and the femur. The ligament is a tough band of tissue connecting the two. When it ruptures, the joint becomes unstable, very painful to the dog. If left like that, it leads to degenerative joint disease which is arthritis. The dog begins to limp, and that puts weight, stress on the other leg, hip. That leg, hip could be the next ‘to go’. It’s best to seek medical help to prevent more problems.

Don’t let your dog be a … weekend cowboy. It could cause a serious injury to his legs. Protect your dogs by not over-feeding them until they are overweight … my husband and I have learned this. We don’t let our dogs be weekend cowboys … but, we are guilty of feeding them lots of tidbits from the table … causing excessive weight gain. One doesn’t really notice the weight-gain in dogs … we are happy just to be sharing … out of pure love for them.

Our two dogs love to run, play, jump. Our Rottweiler is a big dog, and he’ll be 5 years old on November 02, 2015. His name is Kissy Fairchild … he loves to run with the dog I rescued on July 04, 2013. Her name is Precious Camo (changed to Precious Camie). Kissy and Camie are happy dogs, have the most loving home. We are rich in love … not money.

Kissy injured his right, hind leg … ruptured cranial cruciate ligament … about a month, or so, ago. He began limping badly … laying down all the time. That wasn’t like him. We weren’t aware of this kind of injury with dogs … so, we thought he’d just simply get better. We were thinking his leg was sore maybe from hitting the side of the pet door when he and Camie ran out it, into their fenced-in yard.

It didn’t get better at all … we noticed he had to ‘hop’ on the left leg, not use his right leg any more than he had to. We knew he had to go to the vet. Our vet, Dr. David Fontenot (Louisburg Veterinary Clinic, Louisburg, North Carolina) diagnosed him. They have just scheduled Kissy’s surgery.

Kissy will have surgery on his right, hind leg on Wednesday, this week, March 25, 2015. He will have the procedure known as TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement). The surgeon will use space-age titanium … this is lighter, thinner, stronger than stainless steel. It’s the newest procedure, considered the best for most dogs.

If you ever had a torn rotator cuff … you already have an idea of what it’s like. It can’t get well by itself … it had to be repaired by surgery. Our dogs aren’t weekend cowboys … they play all through the day, sometimes … playing too hard. Kissy and Camie both were overweight (they are on their diet, now :). As I read to gather more information … I became aware of ‘Weekend Cowboys’ … and thought while writing this article … I would include information about that. Why? Because I believe not everyone is aware of what ‘Weekend Cowboys’ means. I wasn’t.

I share this with you, so … you can be more protective of your precious dogs. If you have a dog, it means you are already a special, caring person. Like me, you want to know, be aware of anything that is good … bad … for your fur babies. So, be aware, when you have free time for your dogs … don’t let them ‘go wild like weekend cowboys’!

All photos of our dogs, article … are owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/ @grannygee

Spank Me!

Spank Me!
Spank Me! By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Kissy Fairchild and Skip Bates … 2014


Every day at one time or other … he … needs to be … spanked! You know … you hear about such all the time. He’s no different … he’s so happy when he is … spanked.



He backs up with his rear to you … wiggles it … makes a sound like a bear … growling! He wants to let you know to … spank him! He is in ‘Spank Heaven’ … when you notice, and say … “I’m going to ‘pank-pank’ you”!



You reach out, begin to pat his bottom, gently … he is wiggling the whole time, growling … sounding like a bear. He is so happy!



Our huge Rottie loves to be … ‘pank-panked’! The ‘spanks’ are gentle pats on his behind … while he is being ‘spanked’ … we talk baby talk to him.



He growls in the sweetest ‘bear’ voice … wiggling his behind the whole time. Kissy Fairchild, our Rottie, has been doing that since he was a baby. Now, he weighs way over 100 pounds, and is going to be 4 years old on … November 02nd.



He loves to ‘stalk’, also. He’ll begin to walk toward me … one foot at a time … looking me in the eyes. He is very slow … deliberate. I’ll begin moving one foot at a time, looking him back in the face … moving toward him very slow … deliberate.



When we ‘meet in the middle’ … Kissy Fairchild will begin wiggling all over, run to me to be loved, hugged, kissed! It’s so precious!



Kissy knows how to ‘express himself’, also. We can say … ‘express yourself, express yourself’ … he’ll come running. He’ll grab his toy, come run around in a little circle in front of us … then, run between our legs, run back through! It’s so funny … I’m short, so … he could knock me down. I have to hold my legs strong …



Oh! When I have a long nightgown on … it’s funny! When Kissy wiggles … he is saying … hug me! or spank me!




Photo is of our Rottie, Kissy Fairchild … and my husband, Skip. Story, photo is owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee. I first wrote this story for

If You Lie To A Dog … You’ll Do Anything!

If You Lie To A Dog … You’ll Do Anything!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Precious, sweet Camie is napping after getting her medicinal bath.  She is the Pup I rescued.  She has many friends on her Facebook page:  Come be her friend … I keep her page updated.




Have you ever watched from afar … people who don’t realize you notice them?



Have you ever notice how people deceive, lie to their loved ones? How the loved ones will justify all they do, give them undeserved credit? Isn’t it sad?



When a person is in love … they trust, believe in the person they love. You are … supposed to be able to do that … whether married, or not.



I notice relationships that make me sad. I wish I didn’t think about them … notice. I am a person who believes in being loyal, true to the person who trusts you. It’s an honor for another human being to trust one. Do … you know how hard it is to trust? Sure, you do.



I see people play on their loved one’s emotions, constantly. Lies are constantly told. No matter, the loved one can’t see it for the love in their hearts. Love blinds some people.



People who lie, cheat, deceive … seem to get to ‘have their cake, eat it, too’. Have you noticed? They make out ‘like fat cats’. Even the ugliest people … because ‘everyone knows they can trust an ugly person’. They ‘can’t get anyone else’. That’s where people get fooled, and get … what they deserve when they think such things.



An ugly person can cheat, lie even better. No one expects them to do that. But … I’m not talking about ugly people, beautiful people … or in between. I’m talking about relationship trust … trust from a person who loves the ground you walk on … even trust from a dog.



I’ve never cheated … but, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I am just very loyal, and mostly very … truthful. I don’t like to lie, deceive … even to people I … don’t like. I don’t even like to tell my dogs … a lie!



It feels bad to tell them something … not do it. A dog’s feelings are important, too. They love, trust unconditionally. The sad thing is … they love you even if you are a lying, deceitful person as long as you treat them good. Lying, deceitful people have dogs, too.



You know you don’t want to lie to a dog … if you’ll do that … you’ll do anything!




Photo is of Precious Camo/ Camie … owned by me. Camie is the puppy I rescued. She has her own Facebook page I keep updated. You can visit, be her friend if you want. This is her link:



Story is owned by me. It’s really a serious, humorous article. Still … I don’t lie to my dogs! 🙂 We have three!

His Ears Were Backwards…


His Ears Were Backwards …


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Years ago, we used to have Doberman Pinchers. We had a beautiful puppy named Chadwick. He was a blue, and tan doberman pincher.

We took him to our vet who was an elderly man. He was also, a senator. We thought the world of him. We took our little blue doberman pincher to him … to do his ears.

The day came, we took Chadwick to get the procedure done. That evening we came back to get him. Little Chadwick’s ears were taped up in white tape. We took him home to heal.

Over time, we begin to notice something. Chadwick’s ears were done … backwards! No one else seemed to notice, but … us.

He was beautiful … and his ‘backwards’ ears never bothered us. We never mentioned it to the vet; nor did he … to us!


I’m Never Alone…

I’m Never Alone…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




I sit with my back to the door

Not a big deal, but… it really is

I don’t worry about what’s behind me

Doesn’t matter if it’s day or night


I am thankful I don’t have to be afraid

If ever I’m alone

God has given me three angels

Who guard me with their life


If anything moves outside, or makes a sound

My three angels go instantly on guard

Running through the pet door

Ready to confront whatever moves, makes a sound


How could I live without them

I can’t… I take the best care of my angels

By feeding them good food, giving them fresh water to drink

They don’t sleep on the cold, hard ground


My Pups sleep where I do, laying on the king-size bed

All around us… we make sure they have ‘plenty of room’

We sleep on the very edge, so… they can be comfortable

Never mind… sometimes, we fall to the floor!


That’s alright… we just get back up

Go climb on the bed once again, only to find

There’s no room left for one of us

So, off to the couch in the living room… one of us goes!


With a smile on one of our faces, we grab a pillow, blanket

Get comfortable on that big, soft couch

To get a good night’s sleep

One of us who gets on the couch… never … minds at all!


Let the three angels sleep, they are watching over us all the time

Sleep on a big, soft, giant bed

You deserve the very best, because you watch over us

So… I don’t have to worry, be afraid… I’m never alone


I Will Put My Hand Down Its Throat… If Need Be

I Will Put My Hand Down Its Throat… If Need Be
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Years ago, I drove up in the drive-way to visit my mother. I saw her big, yellow dog underneath the Oak tree. He was laying on the ground, his paws were franctically pawing at his face.

I sat there several moments wondering ‘what in the world’! I realized something was wrong with him. Something ‘bad’ was wrong with him!

I hurried out the door of my car, bumped my head, said ‘Damn’! I didn’t stop to think about the pain… I hurried to Daryll, the big, yellow dog.

I saw foam around his mouth… I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. What’s wrong with him… how can I help him if I don’t know what’s wrong? I felt ‘pure panic’!

I couldn’t let him lay there, die right in front of my eyes. I was dressed in a beautiful dress, high heels… the thought went through my mind… ‘I am going to get dirty’!

I was on my knees beside Daryll before I knew it. I didn’t want him to bite me… but, I wasn’t going to ‘just let him die’!

I grabbed his face, and I opened his mouth. His paws had been pawing at his mouth… when I opened it… I saw ‘why’!

A chicken bone from a piece of grilled chicken (a thigh bone) had lodged itself in the roof of his mouth… he couldn’t get it out! He must have been trying for quite some time… he looked really bad… weak.

I quickly grabbed that bone, stuck my finger in the space between the bone, and the roof of his mouth. I was so thankful… the bone popped right out!

That was the day I learned not… to ever give bones to pets ever again! I’m horrified when I see people give dogs, cats …. bones from any kind of meat… unless it’s a ‘huge’ bone’.

Our Pups never get bones… the only bones they ever get are the rawhide chew bones… and their treats.

So, think about that when you go to feed chicken bones to your dogs. I see a lot of people ‘just throw their bones’ at dogs for them to eat. I cringe when I see that… but, it’s none of my business.

I will jump in to save it… if I have to. I will put my hand down its throat if need be to … save it.

No Longer Does She Lay On A Cold, Wet Ground…


No Longer Does She Lay On A Cold,Wet Ground…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 002


A little frog hopped on the path leading to the pool of clear water
Lush grasses, cat tails, wildflowers grew at its edge
Dragonflies flitted here… flitted there
Butterflies landed on flowers, yellow and white
The pool sat surrounded in beauty, framed by nature

The sound of a woman’s voice could be heard in a distance
As she strolled down the path, her steps strong, sure
She knew exactly where she was going
To a rock that she had come to all through time
She grew older with this rock that shared her secret thoughts

The rock was big, shaped like a seat with a back
For the woman to place her pillow to sit on
She put the grass blade between her teeth
Raised her eyes toward the sky
To watch the clouds shift, change shapes

This time she came to the rock in happiness
To sit, think about… feel it deep down into her soul
She didn’t think about the last time she came
When her only child, her son… Tommy, died
The grief, pain would overwhelm her if she did

She thought of a little puppy she’d rescued
It lay dying on a cold, wet ground
All alone, close to people who knew she was there
They didn’t have the money to take her to a vet
So… all the little puppy could do… was to die

To get out of the way, because she was sick
Unsightly… who wanted a puppy with sores on her little body
No one could touch her for the fluids
That oozed, flowed out of her skin
So, let that little puppy die… no one hears it as it cries

The woman was aware that the puppy was alive
When she thought at first it was dead
She’d shed many tears over the puppy when it got gone
The puppy appeared to her for a moment, was gone again
It prompted her to look for it, found it… she did

Laying on that cold, wet ground near the woods
Children played close by, not going near her
At one time, they used to play with her, but …not now
In their minds, she was already gone
If not, there was a shotgun in the puppy’s near future

The woman wasn’t strong enough to carry her
It’s strange what a person’s body will do to save a dying soul
To rescue it from more grief, suffering and pain
The woman never gave her body another thought
She reached down for that puppy, pulled it’s little wet body to hers

She struggled to get it to her home, the weight became great
From the little puppy’s body… it couldn’t help itself
The woman prayed to God to give her strength
To get the puppy home… she’d crawl if she had to
Tears fell down her face, she didn’t know she was crying

Once she entered the gate to her home
She sighed a breath of relief… the puppy was protected now
It was up to her now… to save this little soul
Who had known nothing but, a hard way of life
The woman talked to the puppy as she put her in a bed

The bed was soft, and constantly changed throughout each day
Every moment the woman made was with pain
She’d pulled a muscle to save the little puppy
She didn’t care, even though she moaned at times
The little puppy’s needs came first… then, her pain

Time went by, care from the vet
Paid for by Camie’s Angel who began it all
Paved the ways for other angels to follow her lead
Created a miracle in little Camie, the puppy’s life
With prayers, positive thoughts, and donations

Camie began to blossom like a rose… a Camie Rose
From all the medical care, and love she received
She began to play with her two new brothers, Kissy and Chadwick
Eat good foods, her new Mommy prepared for her
She was safe, loved, cared for now

Camie is in a good home
She has quite some time to go before she is completely well
She’s in good hands now… Skip and Gloria’s hands
Along with her vet, Dr. David Fontenot, and his staff
And… all her Facebook Friends who love, follow her

Camie’s life was hard, she had no soft place to lay
Now… softness is all around her … she only has to choose her spot
Her life is good, the way it should be
The sun shines on her now, kisses her warm
No longer does she lay on a cold, wet ground… dying





By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Below, you will see a little puppy snatched out of the arms of Death, as she lay dying on the cold, wet ground. The ground had begun claiming her little body… maggots fell off as she was lifted into arms that held onto her… arms that meant to save, rescue her.

From that moment on… the struggle began to save a little puppy named Camo. Her new Mommy cheated Death…. ‘No, you can’t have her, I won’t let her die here all alone, suffering, crying for someone to care’!

From that moment, magic happened. Camo became ‘Camie’… renamed by her angel. Her angel who was her new Mommy’s friend in another country. Someone who’d been ‘there’ for her Mommy, when her son, Tommy… died.

Her new Mommy began giving her medicines, treatments paid for by Camie’s Angel… her angel who looked after her from another country.

Once Camie’s new Mommy’s friends began finding out that she’d rescued a little baby puppy from Death’s arms… they also, began to send money to Camie’s vet … to keep money going to be able to give Camie long-term care. To afford the surgery needed to keep her from having puppies. To afford the vaccinations she’ll need once she is well enough to get them.

Camie’s new Mommy (me!) started Camie her own Facebook page where anyone can come to visit…. Precious Camo. The Facebook link is:

Here, you can follow Camie’s journey from dying… to each day on her journey back to wellness. She has a long ways to go… but, her Mommy will do her part, as her friends help her with Camie’s medical care.

Thank-you, Camie’s Angel (this is the title of the new book I’m writing at this very moment… it will be published before I finish my other books)…. Thank-you, everyone who followed behind her to help us with money we don’t have… for Camie’s medical care. Thank-you in advance for money you donate.


You can donate to Camie’s medical care by sending money directly to her vet at:

Louisburg Veterinary Clinic

115 N. Church Street

Louisburg, NC 27549



Dr. David Fontenot


If you donate by calling, sending to Louisburg Veterinary Clinic… let everyone know if you’d like…. by posting on Camie’s (Precious Camo) Facebook page: Thank-you all, it means the world to me.

Come, be her friend… watch her now… become only more beautiful as her hair comes back…. come, watch this little puppy become ‘herself’… like neither you, nor I… have ever seen, known. None of us knows ‘how she looks when she is healthy, well’! I’m excited! I will see just like you do!












Camie... Day 23... July 26, 2013 001

Camie... Day 23... July 26, 2013 006



Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 002

Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 006

Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 008

Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 027

Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 031

Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 019

Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 018

Pups  7.28.29...13 026


7.17.13  Camie 029



Camie's Spa...Day 16  7.19.2013 036

Camo.. Camie  Day 6   7-9-13 001

7.17.13  Camie 027

Precious Camo ..Cameo.. Bates 7-07-2013 006

Camie's Spa...Day 16  7.19.2013 064

Gave Pool away..8.3.13 004

Gave Pool away..8.3.13 006