Thoughts Float Around Just As I Do…

Thoughts Float Just As I Do… You Know How Thoughts Go… Anything Goes! I’m Just Saying….


Thoughts Float Just As I Do… You Know How Thoughts Go… Anything Goes!  I’m Just Saying…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

‘This picture’ used to be ‘me’ at a younger age!  :)))  I always drew ‘myself’, everyone would recognize it.  Now… I would have to figure out how to make my girl appear ‘older’…  :)))

I floated around in the pool on a hot-pink float.  I let my mind ‘float’, also.  Whatever thoughts wanted to go through it… I let them.  Just because I said ‘hot-pink’ doesn’t mean ‘it’s a beautiful sight’!  :)))  I’m just saying…..

I’m at least 2-3 feet, or more… off the ground.  Only a thin, vinyl wall separates me from the space that would make me fall onto the ground!  The thin, vinyl wall holds the water that makes it possible for me… to float around on the space that normally… I could only walk on.  Think about it… amazing!  I mean… have you really ‘thought about it’?  I’m in ‘this clear liquid that allows me to ‘float’ around… in the air!

I see a bug floating around, his little legs kicking hard.  I care about this little bug; yet, I would kill a spider, fly; and battle a ‘kiddiddle hopper’!  I help it by pushing a leaf up to him… I think he is very happy to climb up on it.  I’m happy for him.  I forget about the bug…

My eyes enjoy the very hot-pink of the float I’m holding onto, then… as I pass by the neon green float… I feel pleasure at seeing such ‘happy colors’… especially when all comes into focus along side the beach ball with its yellow, white, blue, hot pink colors.  Happy colors do make me happy… they keep the ‘darkness’ away from me.  I’m afraid of the … dark.

I love colors… I was thinking even the ‘ugliest’ person in the world could have on happy colors… they would be beautiful; especially… if their personality was just as beautiful.  Don’t you agree?  Can you see that ‘I agree with myself’… as my photo below… does a ‘happy dance’? 

I need more happy colors in my life again… when Tommy died… through time since… I notice I wear a lot of black, dark colors.  My happy colors seem to be all ‘inside’ now.  I am trying to make them ‘show’, again.  A little color here… a little color, there…

My funny, happy-moving photo… Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee… I still haven’t figured out ‘how’ I made some of my photos move!!!  My friend, Prenin, in England said my camera probably has the ability to make photos animated.  I have some I would like to see animated… but, ‘how’?  :)))

I closed my eyes, feeling relaxed.  I could hear the drone of a plane so high up in the sky… behind fluffy, white clouds.  I couldn’t see it, so… I closed my eyes once again. 

I listened to a black bird as he kept saying ‘caw’!  He said it many times… I wondered if it was communicating with the dog across the road.  The dog would bark, the black bird would ‘caw’…

I opened my eyes, feeling…. sensing my swimming pool.  It felt ‘safe’, I studied the sides of it, I didn’t ‘feel’ as if it would ‘all of a sudden’… collapse!  If it did… I worried for a moment about going out with all the water… in front of God, and whoever happened to be looking. 

I wasn’t in the mood to entertain anyone by riding a wave of water as the pool collapsed!  Much less getting more… sand burns!  I still have a couple of places that are still healing.

I looked at the privacy screen (3 sections that fold).  It stood nearby… I’m thinking about painting a beach scene on it.  I don’t paint for anyone now… I can’t put my heart into it… I thought I might not can be inspired enough to paint for myself.

The privacy screen is made of wicker… white.  I was thinking of refreshing the ‘white’ with more white.  As I look at it, I can imagine the sand; ocean disappearing into the sky in the far-off distance… the sky blue; big puffy white clouds…. and several white sea gulls flying in the wind.  I imagine several breaking waves on the shore… then, my mind goes to … Tommy.

Tommy was at the ocean when he died… he was happy.  He and Taban, his little 3 year old son… were running, playing.  Their happy sounds blended with the music of the sea gulls, waves washing ashore… I know it was a beautiful sound his ears heard… just ‘before’…

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… a poster I did for a business some time ago.  I love this… I wish I could become inspired to paint, draw again………..

I floated around, deep in thought, as I imagined a big guy, a little guy running, squealing, laughing.  It was the big guy’s first time to play at the ocean with his little son.  I let myself… hear them in my mind.  This time… I didn’t cry.  I let go of my ‘Tommy’ thoughts…

The motor of a big truck sounded… the neighbor just came home.  I don’t know him, nor his wife.  I heard they were nice people.  I think maybe someone’s been repairing their roof… a tree fell during a storm.  I’ve been hearing the sound of a hammer, lately…

I hear a sound outside the pool… why, it’s Kissy walking by.  He looks at me, probably wondering how I can be in the air like that.  If I were a Pup… I would wonder many things, too.  His sweet face… another sweet face appears. 

Chadwick, our other Pup… just walked by…  neither Pup tries to get on the pool… I like that.   It has a inflated ring that goes all the way around it… it could lose air… if a toenail punctured it.

My mind is coming back to reality… it ‘seems like the pool is going to be… alright’.  I’m hoping it will; it means the world to me to have it.  I think about all the money Skip earned to make the pool possible for me… all he goes through.  My heart… it touches my heart.  Thank-you, Skip. 

I decide to get out as I cast my eyes around the inside wall, the water… I compare what I see with what I saw on the outside wall… I ‘think’ everything’s going to be alright. 

I don’t feel ‘gun-shy’ now, about getting into the pool.  I look forward to the next time, when… I can let my mind float around just as I float on my hot-pink float!  Free as the wind…

I want to float ‘free as the wind’… a soft wind.  Not one that will throw my a___ out on the sand in a torrent of violent waves of water!!!  I’m just saying…  :)))

You know how one thinks… anything goes!


They Had Better Hurry Up And Enjoy Their Food Before They Are Turned Into Crackers!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

They Had Better Hurry Up And Enjoy Their Food Before They Are Turned Into Crackers!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I spent a nice day together.  We had things to do, places to go.  :)))

We decided to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken to have lunch.  Skip likes to go there on Monday, Tuesday… so, he can get the ‘senior citizen‘s discount’.

We went to the buffet bar, got our meals; sat down to eat.  I sat there, people-watched.  I noticed all the ‘old-timers’ were coming in for the ‘senior citizen discount’… it was very noticeable.  Only a few people were young in there.  :)))

I was enjoying my lunch when Skip said something that made me almost choke in laughter.   It hit me as so funny.  You see, I’ve been telling Skip that one day probably before we die… ‘we old people‘ are probably going to be turned into crackers, wafers to be a food source for the world.

I am reading so much lately about things happening in the world that was in books to read for entertainment when I was a young person.  Now… these ‘crazy’ things are becoming reality!  For example, the drones…. they’ll be everywhere spying on people… and no one will notice them… they will look like little insects.

In some restaurants… drones can be used to ‘fly’ food to the seated customer at their tables!   I read that one day ‘soon’, drones will be used to deliver pizza … after obtaining permission to fly over people’s property… permission to use their ‘air-space’.  Isn’t it amazing?

Some things I’ve read… concern me.  It brings back to me, a memory of a movie I watched as a young person.  Lately, it’s been on my mind… the name of the movie is Soylent Green (Thank-you, my friend, Prenin, in England… for helping me to remember the name of the movie).  I just received the movie in the mail; I ordered it from

I haven’t seen this movie since being very young… it made an impression on me.  It’s about feeding the masses of people, and the food source used.  Old people…. if I remember right… were turned into crackers/wafers for people to eat.

Yeah… they were eating their grandmas, grandpas…. right and left!  I don’t have to worry about that… I don’t have either one left in this world… and I have no desire to eat your grandma, grandpa… so, they are safe with me!

I’m going to take time to watch this movie soon.  I can’t wait to see it again… to see if I remember right.

Anyway… I’ve been getting Skip interested in watching this movie.  I told him about the food source in the movie… he agreed there’s no telling what will ‘happen one day’.

I saw a group of ‘old’ people come into Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I watched as they walked up to the counter to order.  They were given their trays, cups… everyone walked to the buffet bar to get their food.

I was watching as they began walking to their table… I was in my own world, deep in thought, thinking about that movie… when I heard Skip say…

“They better hurry up and enjoy their food before they are turned into crackers!”

Blue Moon and Happy Colors For Jimmy…

Blue Moon and Happy Colors For Jimmy…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Yesterday Skip and I were driving on the interstate.  We were watching the beautiful cloud formations.  I don’t know if I told you… but, I am a cloud-lover.  I love to watch clouds when they are active in the sky.

I love the wonderful shapes they shift to become… I get lost in daydreaming while watching them.  Yesterday, I saw a big ‘teddy bear‘ in the clouds.  I, also… saw a giant doughnut, a cave that one could enter through to explore!

My mind imagined all kinds of possibilities while watching the clouds change, shift shapes.  It was wonderful…. I even looked for Lena and Tommy ‘peeping down at me from their clouds’.

Johan, I will never-ever forget you saying that your mother, Lena….. is probably ‘looking down from her cloud’ at me.  You’ll never know how special I thought that was… when you said that. Also, you and Sara are special in my mind… always.  I send my love to Sweden to you both, and your family… also, to Barcelona, Spain.  :))) and in England.

My cellphone began ringing…. actually ‘happy’ music began to play.  :)))  It was my cousin, Linda, in Oregon.  She wanted to tell me that ‘Jimmy arrived today’…. that ‘he was sitting on the seat in the car’.  She would be taking him home in just a short while.

I have to say that I was so thankful that ‘Jimmy got there safely through the mail’.  His ashes were intact… they were in a strong heavy-duty plastic bag, inside a sturdy box… placed inside the Priority Mail box.  If you ever have occasion to ‘send a loved one’s ashes by mail’… you have to be certain the ashes are in a sturdy ‘container’.

Jimmy made it, his ashes are where they belong now.  My heart feels good… it’s meant to be.  I kept my promise, now… I can ‘let go’.  I sent Jimmy on his last trip… one that would have made him laugh, made his eyes twinkle.

He would have loved knowing he traveled to somewhere familiar, but… in the most ‘different way…. different form’.  He would have loved knowing that it was in a meaningful way, that he was cared about, loved.

Jimmy would have been comforted if he’d known in life that he would be ‘going home to mama’… to be placed with her in a special box made just for her…  they both will be placed in that box, their ashes together.

My cousin, Linda, told me about the special box, the wood and brass fixtures, how her nephew made it especially for their mother… how she loved that box.  It meant alot to her, she used it for her special things.  Now… it will be hers, and Jimmy’s special place to be … placed beneath a beautiful tree, in a most special place.

I will write about that when it happens this weekend.  Do you know what else will be special about the timing for this event?  My cousin, Linda, told me that this weekend… it’ll be a ‘Blue Moon’.

A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month, for it to occur there has to be a full moon at the beginning of a month…. both have to happen in the same month.  I read that the average span between two moons is …’29.5 days’.  On August 31, 2012… there will be a ‘Blue Moon’… it’s the second full moon in this month.

If you knew Jimmy, you would know how he would have appreciated this, I can hear him say …. ‘once in a blue moon’.  Yes, this would have meant alot to him…. it would have been special to him, too.

Not only that… Jimmy wanted to be in my colorful art room… now, it’ll be a ‘blue moon’… when he is placed in his final resting place.

His mother was a colorful person… remember how beautiful I said she was ‘in her day’……. with her skirts, blouses of ‘happy colors’, her sandals that had little decorations on them that made ‘happy sounds’?  There ‘won’t be a lack of colors’ … he will still be around ‘happy colors’.

Blue moon… happy colors…  unusual trip one ‘can’t just take’ like he did… Oregon… so far, I can ‘see Jimmy smiling’.  Jimmy was like me in the respect he loved the unusual, odd things in life… this would be ‘perfect’ to him.

All has meaning… he isn’t forgotten.  We all cared to make it ‘come together’.  All of this is ‘just perfect’… it would have touched Jimmy’s heart… in my mind… I can ‘see’ tears in his eyes from the emotion he would feel.  He would have been so touched… his heart would have been touched to his… soul.

I ‘know that this touches my heart… to the soul’.