The End of 328 Baxley Street

The End of 328 Baxley Street …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny




Author:  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … story and artwork owned, written by me.

Artwork by/owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  I did a drawing of Victoria Fairchild, and her cousin … Lind Lou.




The child sat playing in the sand.  He held a little matchbox car in one hand, and a firetruck in the other.

Bud-um-ummmmmmmm.  He made the sound of a motor as he drove each one on the sand.  He was completely lost in his own little world.

Michael!  Michael, come into the house!  Time to eat lunch!  Michael never heard his mother.  He had become lunch …

John slipped into the woods unseen. He ran back to his home.  The forest was perfect cover all the way.  He made sure the little boy didn’t spill a drop of blood on the way.

Now, he knew his lunch’s name.  Michael.  Michael.  He repeated the name in his mind.

John was hungry.  It had been several days since he’d moved to 328 Baxley Street.  He had eaten once since then.  He couldn’t wait to get Michael to the kitchen.

Each limb was wrapped in its own package.  The head was in another package.  He began slicing thin strips of juicy flesh off the torso.  John’s mouth was drooling … he couldn’t wait to savor the tender pieces of young flesh.

Three bowls sat on the countertop … broccoli florets, cauliflower, carrots in one bowl … chopped onion in the second bowl and in the third bowl … button mushrooms.  John was drooling, damn if wasn’t hungry as hell, he thought.  Stir-fry!

The frying pan was hot enough.  John placed the strips of flesh into the frying pan.  Each piece began to crackle, pop in the hot olive oil.

The flesh was done in a matter of moments.  John placed each piece on a paper towel. He dabbed at each strip to be sure each piece was dry.

In another frying pan he stir-fried the vegetables in olive oil until tender.  He added the cooked flesh … to the average eye it was a wonderful, stir-fry meal.  No one would ever know his secret ingredient.

He washed, dried his frying pans, spatula.  He didn’t like any kind of mess in his house.  John looked around his kitchen … all was in place, countertops spic and span.

John took his plate to the table, went back to the refrigerator to get a soda.  He came back to sit down, began eating.

God, the flesh tasted better than ever.  John closed his eyes, savored the tender meat… vegetables.  It was a good thing he’d placed a napkin in the top of his shirt.  It was soaking wet … John was drooling heavy.

He finished his lunch.  He cleaned his mess up.  There were several drops of blood on the bottom cabinet door.  He grabbed the bottle of bleach, sprayed, wiped it off with a paper towel.  Now, all was spic and span.  John hated a mess.

John couldn’t wait for the night to come.  He would be sitting on the porch, watching the children play.  Today, he had watched the little boy play near by in his yard.  It was too easy to get his lunch today. He was driven by hunger, the need for food … now.

He heard a knock on the door.  John put a pleasant expression on his face.  He opened the door, smiled big at the man and woman who stood there.  Hello!

The woman had been crying … John asked her what was wrong.  She asked him if he’d seen a little boy.  Her little boy was missing.  She began to cry out loud.

Michael! Oh Michael, where are you?  The man put his arm around her.  We are going to find him, Martha.

John stood, looking at them.  He had put an expression of compassion on his face.  Oh my! he said. I’ll keep my eyes open as I move about the neighborhood, he said.

He saw the woman’s eyes go to a spot on his shirt where a piece of stir-fry meat, and carrot had landed as he was eating.  Michael!  He knew there was no way she could know she was looking at a … piece of her son.

He apologized as he wiped it off.  I was just eating lunch.  The woman never noticed.  She was crying loudly now.

The man asked him to call if he saw a little boy.  He handed John a piece of paper where he’d written their phone number.  We live just next door to you.  Thank you.  I’m getting Martha home, Michael could be there now.

They left.  John wiped the kind expression off his face.  He didn’t feel normal feelings.  He had to fake them.  He walked to the bedroom, laid down on the bed.  He was going to take a nap.  He burped up some of the food he’d just eaten … swallowed it.  Damn that had been good eating.

I was in the darkness of the closet.  The door was opened halfway.  I chose to stay inside. The darkness and I blended together.  I didn’t always live in darkness.

I have a beautiful home, husband, pups, and a cousin named Lind Lou Livingston, and my best friends, Ms Nancy, and Mary.  They were my closest family, friends in this world.

Sometimes, when I go out to stop bad things happening to good people, homeless, elderly, children, animals … I am gone for a while.

Sometimes, someone will say to me in my real world … Victoria Fairchild, when you are around … it just seems like good things happen.  Sometimes, I think you are an angel.

I am capable of strange powers.  Even I don’t know to what extent.  I surprise myself sometimes. I do what others can’t.

I’m mean enough to do what’s needed to save, help good people … innocent people, animals.  I never bat an eye … I just do what’s needed, an eye for an eye … no more … no less.

Lind Lou, my cousin … also, has strange powers.  We never share what we have the ability to do … in our family, it’s possible one could turn on the other.  It was better to stay secretive, guard ourselves.

Lind Lou and I … somehow, we stay close … this always amazed me. I still watched her, too.

She came to visit me, sometimes.  Whenever she did visit, wherever she went, strange things would begin to happen.  I had my suspicions of what some of Lind Lou’s hobbies were.  I was biding my time … I would know for certain if I was right.

I knew John had killed another child for food.  I had followed him in the darkness of the forest to the edge.  He killed the little boy, Michael, as his mother called to him.

I watched John strike before I could act to cut him down.  He had torn the child’s throat out with his teeth, thrown his body into a black, plastic bag faster than you could blink your eye.  He was more dangerous, cunning than I had given him credit for.  I was watching him closely now.

As darkness filled the bedroom, I walked close to the bed.  I stood over John, studying his face.  I can see better than a cat in the dark … nothing escapes me.

John opened his eyes, looked straight into my face never knowing I was there.  He sensed something not right, sat up.  I smiled at him … cold, dangerous smile sharp as a knife. Soon, John … soon.

I could take him now, but then I wouldn’t have the pleasure of ending the life of a serial killer. I wanted to kill him as he was trying to kill another victim.  Die in the act of taking another child’s life.

I stood on the porch in the darkness as John watched with deep interest the children who played close by under the night lights.

He seemed focused on one child in particular.  I heard the other children call him David.  I heard John whisper one word … “soon”.  He smiled an evil smile.

I smiled at him, knowing this was my watch.  He didn’t have any idea what he was dealing with.

John began humming in a low voice, got up … stepped off the porch.  He walked several steps, bent down to straighten his pant leg.  I was slightly puzzled as what John was up to.  Was he going to take the little boy tonight?

John began walking briskly, increased his pace as he walked up the sidewalk right by where the children were running, laughing, playing.

The children saw John, came running to him.  Come play with us, John.  You can be It!

John engaged the children in conversation as his eyes scanned for the chosen one named David.  Where was he?  His tongue wet his lips, a little drool spilled down his chin.  Mmmm-mmmmmmm, he was feeling hunger pangs.

Michael had been a very small child. He didn’t last long.  Now David … was a bigger child.  John knew this boy’s young, tender flesh would be tasty.

David sat on a foot tall brick wall that surrounded a flower garden under the night light.  He watched this new neighbor who had made friends with everyone … not him.  He didn’t like John.  John scared him.

Come play, David!  One of the children called out to him.  He wasn’t going near John, he felt afraid.

The children pulled John by his hand.  Let’s play!  Let’s get David and play before we have to go to bed.  You can be It while we run, hide!

David felt fear he’d never felt in his young life.  I walked to stand beside David.  No one could see me. As long as a shadow was close by, I couldn’t be seen.  I was a shadow, I was the darkness.

I placed my hand on David.  He was trembling.  I whispered in his ear … he heard the breeze telling him he would be safe, not to be afraid.

The trembling in his little body subsided.  David told the children he would play with them.  John walked up to David, introduced himself.  He held his hand out for a handshake … David waited a moment, then shook hands with John.

The game of tag began.  John had to sit on the little brick wall, hold his hands over his eyes … he had to count to 100.  This was a mixture of tag, and hide-and-go seek.  He would be chasing children to tag them or try to find them.

The game went on for at least 30 minutes.  John told the children he had to go home, it was his bedtime.  The children kept playing until their mothers called them to come inside.

John walked up the sidewalk.  I saw the smile on his face.  John was just before taking a child tonight … I knew the child … David.

I have certain limitations … I can’t be at two places at the same time.  I can travel rapidly through the darkness from one place to the other without being seen.

If there was light … I would have to work my way toward my destination through the shadows, darkness to get back.  I love light, sometimes … it can be my foe, especially when trying to save a life.

I decided to stay with John instead of by David’s side.

At least I would know what he was doing, when he was going to do something.  John went inside his house, took a shower, put on a new change of clothes.  They were all black.  He put on a black toboggan that covered his entire face.  He couldn’t be seen by anyone … but, me.

He walked to the front door, opened it quietly.  John closed it, went to the back door.  He had checked to make sure the children were still outside playing.

He slipped through his back yard, staying in the shadows.  John crossed the street under the shadow of a tree.  He stayed close to bushes, trees so, as not to be seen.

John’s eyes searched for the little boy he had chosen for his meals.  There he was!  David was standing not more than 3 feet from him!  He was hiding from the others.

John struck like lightening. So did I.  As he grabbed David to tear into his throat … John’s head flew off in the air.  His mouth was still opened in a biting grimace.

The child turned with fear on his face.  He couldn’t run … he was frozen with fear.  I knew he was safe now … I could go.

Instead, for a brief moment I surrounded David with my shadow … filled it with love from my heart. Run, David … run to your mommy!

The child ran, almost tripped over John’s head.  He righted himself, never stopping.  Mommy!  Mommy!

I watched him … I saw the children come running to him.  Help me!  Something bad!  Something bad!  They followed him to his house.

David got to his front door just as his father opened it.  Daddy!  Daddy!  The father instantly knew something was wrong.  He got down to his knee to look into his son’s face.

Little David’s eyes were wide, he was in shock.  Daddy!  Daddy, something bad!  He turned, pointed to the way he’d just ran.  His daddy’s eyes followed the little boy’s finger.

Come show me, David.  David began shaking his head.  I’m afraid, I’m afraid!  His father picked him up in his arms … show me, son.  I’ll protect you.  Nothing can hurt you.

The child pointed the way.  His daddy walked until … he stopped in shock.  Was that a … head?

He stood frozen as his eyes found the body the head belonged to.  What the hell!

David’s father pulled his cellphone from his pocket.  He called 911.

I seeped into the darkness to spread my shadow.  Nearby red lights, blue lights lit up the night. Excited voices, people running, some taking photographs.

I heard someone say, “The little boy was hiding behind this tree. You can see plainly that this man was going to grab him.  By some miracle that little boy was saved.  I wonder what in the hell cut the man’s head off”?

Hey, isn’t that the new guy who moved in 328 Baxley Street?  David’s father walked over to look down at the head.  It was laying on a white tarp now.  The detective held his light directly on the man’s head.

Oh my God, David’s father said.  He and the detective looked at each other.  They knew where the other child went.

The detective spoke to someone, they began walking rapidly toward … 328 Baxley Street.

Photo of When She’s Good … She’s Good.  This is a thin book … it is an introductory to Victoria Fairchild.  I have a copyright for it from Library of Congress.  This is second book I published as an Indie author.




Note by this Author:

This is introducing Victoria Fairchild once again. She is my main character whom I’m proud to introduce.

Victoria is everyone’s best friend … but only … if they are good.  Good doesn’t mean you can’t be bad sometimes … but, good in that you don’t mistreat, abuse, kill others, animals.

I am writing book 2 of The Saga of Victoria Fairchild.  I wrote this story so, my readers could be familiar with Victoria Fairchild.  I will do this at times.

One can see Victoria Fairchild is an unusual person.

She’s everybody’s friend … but, let her hear, see, catch you mistreating someone … know you are in her sights … sooner or later, she’s going to get your ass.  It’s not going to be a pretty picture.

Victoria believes in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.  Victoria Fairchild is protective of children, animals, elderly, homeless, good people.

Watch your back if you are bad.  There’s always someone bigger, badder than you.

There’s someone always meaner than you.  And … it doesn’t necessarily take a ‘bad’ person to be meaner … they just know how to take care of business, go on about their own, never think about it again.  Don’t kick that dog!

I Don’t Need To Go On Jerry Springer Show… I Told Skip My Secret That I Kept For Years…

I Don’t Need To Go On Jerry Springer Show… I Told Skip My Secret That I Kept For Years…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Slices of soft bread lined the countertop where I was making sandwiches.  I went to the refrigerator to get the deli meats to put on each.  I didn’t forget the cheese…

I had on my mind a confession I wanted to make to Skip.  One about love…  In fact, once I told him, I would back it up with photos, so… he could understand.  You know how life is… we do things… sometimes.

I wanted him to know what I have… unknowingly… to him… been doing.  I’ve been committing this… act… over and over… he never knew it.

You know how it is… one thing leads to another…. and before you know… a lot of time has passed… and …. you are still doing it.  I was still doing it… with passion, love.  Now… it’s time to tell Skip…

I was wondering if I should contact Jerry Springer Show… make a big deal out of it… like everyone else does?  Would you help me make a decision?

When I tell you… you’ll understand what’s been on my mind.  I know I should have probably felt guilty all these years doing what I have done…  I know I should, but… I have to say… I’m not.

Don’t look at me that way, please.  You’ll understand in just a moment what I’ve been doing secretly for years.  You might decide… you could do it… get away with it, like I have.

I look at the bread slices lined up on the countertop… I’m about to do it again.  I always feel good when I do what I’m about to do… it has to do with the… secret.  Actually… IT is the secret.

I go back to the refrigerator… I reached for the squeeze bottle of… mustard.  NOW… it’s almost time to do what I love to do, have done unknowing to Skip… all these years.

I just called Skip … to come see.  I decided I don’t need to go on Jerry Springer Show… I told Skip he’d understand when I showed him photos of what I’ve been doing all this time.  I told him, I needed to make a confession to him… I can’t live with not telling him anymore.

I showed him two photos.  He stood looking at them, as I told him what I have kept secret for so long.  He just stood there….

I saw a light come in his eyes… watched as his lips began… to smile.  You know what he said to me?  “I love you, Monst”.

I will tell you now, what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been using the squeeze mustard bottle to ….

To draw inside of each of Skip’s sandwiches.  I draw, I write … in mustard…. I write the words, “I Love You”.

You can see the hearts I drew inside his bread slices.  He knows now, that for all these years, whenever I make him a sandwich… it’s been full of… love.

I don’t need to go on Jerry Springer Show, now.  I told Skip my secret… that I kept from him for years.


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Comfort… Pure Comfort

Comfort… Pure Comfort

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Coffee…  I am sitting here at my desk.  Guess what is sitting ‘on’ my desk?  You guessed it… it’s a big, old, hot cup of coffee.  I’m not even a coffee-drinker… I can take it … leave it.


Do you know what I love about coffee?  The heat… warmth… coziness… most of all, the ‘pure comfort’ of holding a hot cup of coffee in my hands.  I know you are seeing in your minds as you read… looking back to the times when you became aware of enjoying your coffee the most.  You are thinking about the taste, of course… but, I know you are remembering how comforting it felt to hold that cup in your hands.  It was warm, soothing, special … all the way to your soul.


There are those times that coffee can ‘mean the whole world’.  The warmth of it ‘really does’ reach to your very soul, comforts you where nothing else does.  It’s true… I know of one of those times when… nothing else could reach me, but… holding a hot cup of coffee in my hands did.


Our home had burned down… we lost everything.  It happened several days after Christmas in 2004.  We lived in a 200 year old house, historical house.  The man should have changed the wiring, was told to do so… he didn’t.  He just placed a new box on the outside of the house… and went on about his business.  We learned from him that he did that… when we had asked about something.  He told us what he’d done, and that all was okay.  We were friends with him.  We never paid attention… everything was fine… we loved it there.


I’ll never forget that day, though I see it through a fog in my mind.  I was leaving the house early that morning, I told Skip I’d see him in about a hour.  I was going to exercise. As I began to go out the back door, my attention was caught by a ‘red glow’… I looked back across the room to the window.  That’s the moment our life ‘went to hell’… I cried, “Skip”!


That night we were put in a motel, along with our three Pups.  We were in a deep shock at all that happened that day.  Skip had almost got lost in the burning house.. he went back in to retrieve his billfold, and the only money we had.  He had several areas on his skin that had been burned.


A neighbor’s voice led him out… I was on the other side of the house… grabbing each Pup (they were full-grown Pups, one being a huge Rottweiler).  I grabbed one up at a time, took it through the gate, and put it in my Expedition.  I did that 3 times, I saved our dogs.  Skip and I were never aware of what the other was experiencing.


I did feel the pain through my shock, and I did feel the weight of each Pup.  I’d had two surgeries several years prior.. it didn’t take much to make me go into pain.  I live in pain every moment of my life… to this day.  It’s my trade-off to live… you won’t hear me complain.  I remember for a brief moment, asking myself ‘can I carry these big pups to safety’?  I never thought anymore, I … did carry them to safety.


At the motel that night, I opened a box our friend, Ms Nancy, had given us.  It was a Mr. Coffee Maker, and a canister of Folger’s coffee, jar of creamer, 2 coffee cups.  I went to the sink, filled the carafe with water… I don’t remember truthfully if I ‘ran the water through the first time’ before making the coffee.  Comfort… comfort, comfort was what I was seeking in my shocked state of mind.


I made the coffee, sat at the table the Mr. Coffeemaker sat on, listened to the gurgling sound.  I could feel in my mind that the sound was calming me.  It was a familiar, happy sound… one that most of us recognize.  Finally, the coffee was made…


I poured the coffee in both ceramic cups.  I gave Skip his cup.  I sat down, became lost in the inner storm in my mind.  I was lost in a fog, seeing fleeting images from the day.  I felt panic inside… what are we going to do?  How will we come out of this?  Thank-God, Skip and the Pups are safe!  Thoughts like lightening bolts were shooting through my mind… my heart thumping like thunder.  I was in turmoil… though to Skip, I think I looked calm, though my hands trembled as I held the hot cup of coffee.


The coffee!  Through my mind’s storm… I began to feel… comfort.  I began to search for it through the fog… my mind slowly became aware of warmth… it was coming from my hands, warming me inside… finally reaching my… soul.  I held onto it, like a person reaching out for a lifesaver, finding it, holding on tight.


I sat there, for the first time in my life (I’ve never been a big coffee-drinker, though… the idea always seemed ‘romantic’)… for the first time in my life, I understood ‘why’ people loved coffee.  I, not only understood, I was at that very moment, experiencing ‘why’ coffee was so important to people.  That was when coffee became ‘forever’ important in my life.  Comfort… pure comfort.



I Will Put My Hand Down Its Throat… If Need Be

I Will Put My Hand Down Its Throat… If Need Be
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Years ago, I drove up in the drive-way to visit my mother. I saw her big, yellow dog underneath the Oak tree. He was laying on the ground, his paws were franctically pawing at his face.

I sat there several moments wondering ‘what in the world’! I realized something was wrong with him. Something ‘bad’ was wrong with him!

I hurried out the door of my car, bumped my head, said ‘Damn’! I didn’t stop to think about the pain… I hurried to Daryll, the big, yellow dog.

I saw foam around his mouth… I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. What’s wrong with him… how can I help him if I don’t know what’s wrong? I felt ‘pure panic’!

I couldn’t let him lay there, die right in front of my eyes. I was dressed in a beautiful dress, high heels… the thought went through my mind… ‘I am going to get dirty’!

I was on my knees beside Daryll before I knew it. I didn’t want him to bite me… but, I wasn’t going to ‘just let him die’!

I grabbed his face, and I opened his mouth. His paws had been pawing at his mouth… when I opened it… I saw ‘why’!

A chicken bone from a piece of grilled chicken (a thigh bone) had lodged itself in the roof of his mouth… he couldn’t get it out! He must have been trying for quite some time… he looked really bad… weak.

I quickly grabbed that bone, stuck my finger in the space between the bone, and the roof of his mouth. I was so thankful… the bone popped right out!

That was the day I learned not… to ever give bones to pets ever again! I’m horrified when I see people give dogs, cats …. bones from any kind of meat… unless it’s a ‘huge’ bone’.

Our Pups never get bones… the only bones they ever get are the rawhide chew bones… and their treats.

So, think about that when you go to feed chicken bones to your dogs. I see a lot of people ‘just throw their bones’ at dogs for them to eat. I cringe when I see that… but, it’s none of my business.

I will jump in to save it… if I have to. I will put my hand down its throat if need be to … save it.

They Had Better Hurry Up And Enjoy Their Food Before They Are Turned Into Crackers!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

They Had Better Hurry Up And Enjoy Their Food Before They Are Turned Into Crackers!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I spent a nice day together.  We had things to do, places to go.  :)))

We decided to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken to have lunch.  Skip likes to go there on Monday, Tuesday… so, he can get the ‘senior citizen‘s discount’.

We went to the buffet bar, got our meals; sat down to eat.  I sat there, people-watched.  I noticed all the ‘old-timers’ were coming in for the ‘senior citizen discount’… it was very noticeable.  Only a few people were young in there.  :)))

I was enjoying my lunch when Skip said something that made me almost choke in laughter.   It hit me as so funny.  You see, I’ve been telling Skip that one day probably before we die… ‘we old people‘ are probably going to be turned into crackers, wafers to be a food source for the world.

I am reading so much lately about things happening in the world that was in books to read for entertainment when I was a young person.  Now… these ‘crazy’ things are becoming reality!  For example, the drones…. they’ll be everywhere spying on people… and no one will notice them… they will look like little insects.

In some restaurants… drones can be used to ‘fly’ food to the seated customer at their tables!   I read that one day ‘soon’, drones will be used to deliver pizza … after obtaining permission to fly over people’s property… permission to use their ‘air-space’.  Isn’t it amazing?

Some things I’ve read… concern me.  It brings back to me, a memory of a movie I watched as a young person.  Lately, it’s been on my mind… the name of the movie is Soylent Green (Thank-you, my friend, Prenin, in England… for helping me to remember the name of the movie).  I just received the movie in the mail; I ordered it from

I haven’t seen this movie since being very young… it made an impression on me.  It’s about feeding the masses of people, and the food source used.  Old people…. if I remember right… were turned into crackers/wafers for people to eat.

Yeah… they were eating their grandmas, grandpas…. right and left!  I don’t have to worry about that… I don’t have either one left in this world… and I have no desire to eat your grandma, grandpa… so, they are safe with me!

I’m going to take time to watch this movie soon.  I can’t wait to see it again… to see if I remember right.

Anyway… I’ve been getting Skip interested in watching this movie.  I told him about the food source in the movie… he agreed there’s no telling what will ‘happen one day’.

I saw a group of ‘old’ people come into Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I watched as they walked up to the counter to order.  They were given their trays, cups… everyone walked to the buffet bar to get their food.

I was watching as they began walking to their table… I was in my own world, deep in thought, thinking about that movie… when I heard Skip say…

“They better hurry up and enjoy their food before they are turned into crackers!”

I’m Guilty As Sin… Food Porn

I’m Guilty As Sin… Food Porn

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Doesn’t this look good… mmmm-mm, the flavors are wonderful.  I make this now after being ‘seduced‘ by photos on the computer!


Diced tomatoes, diced onion, half of a lemon to squeeze juice from, red and yellow bell pepper, cucumber… avocado, saltines…  I was seduced yet, once again… I just can’t seem to resist… Food Porn.




Is your food better ‘naked or dressed’?  I just heard one of the doctors say that on the TV Doctors.  I really like to watch them, they talk about any, everything.  That’s why I like to watch, listen.


They tell things like they really are… everyone can learn.  I wish they’d been around when I was a child… I would have never grown up learning everything the hard way… because of being too embarrassed to ask.


Truthfully, I can tell you now… I’m old enough.  I made the ‘darnest mistakes’, learning things as I grew up.  Some… I will never, never-ever tell you.  I can’t bear to think of them… I know I’m not going to tell you!  I mean it, now!  :)))


I like dressed food, myself.  I like ‘good stuff’ on my food.  It makes me really want it… put it in my mouth, eat it… ‘pure savor’ the ‘deliciousness’ of it.


The TV Doctors are talking about Food Porn… I know sometimes, we see food being ugly.  I try not to look at it.  :)))  Sometimes, I have to act like I’m not looking… but, I am!  I really try to be good.


You know…. the fresh, crisp, green lettuce all up on that hamburger, hugged as tight as tight can be.  Not only that, the cheese is stuck, pure melted… all over it!


Slices of red-red tomato, and white rings of onion laying on top of each other, on top of the yellow cheese… it ought to be a sin to see food like this.


To top it off… all that yellow mustard, white mayonnaise dressing it to the max… if your mouth waters… then, you aren’t any more innocent than I.  I know you like it, too!  You bad girl… you bad boy!


To top the ‘whole’ thing off… there may be sesame seeds adorning the bun ‘holding it all’.  You know you want it… if you are even grinning the slightest… I bet you get one before the day is out.


I try to be as good as good can be… but, when I see that… I want it, too!  Seductive food… I want a hamburger, now!  So, I’m guilty without meaning to be… I like porn… Food Porn.  The ‘good thing’ is that… I like dressed foods.  Not all bare, naked…. ugh!  :)))  So… I’m not … all bad.


I can see it now… all the wonderful fresh colors of tomato, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper… both red, yellow, orange; cucumber … all on a bed… of lettuce.  Next, the creamy Blue Cheese dressing with chunks of blue cheese… poured slowly on top…. on the side of the plate are two boiled eggs, cut in half… with deviled egg yolks inside each.


I mean those yolks have been mashed up good with mayonnaise, seasoned… gently folded back into each half of egg white… looking better than it did when it came out.  Sprinkle that with just the right amount of paprika… just beautiful.


Top it off with a big, dark-green dill pickle, and some white saltines… oh my.  Don’t forget to put the pine nuts, green edamame peas on top.  Do you see ‘why’ I love dressed foods?


So, naked foods… don’t tempt me…. it’s the dressed-up stuff that does.  I should get some credit… since I don’t pay attention to naked foods.  Dressing does make all things… better.


I just realized as I’m writing.  I have been committing Food Adultery.  I have to tell Skip… I’ve heard talking, thinking about something is almost like actually doing it.  I’m just before… lusting after a good hamburger.  Squeeze extra mustard on it, please… yeah, put an extra slice of onion on it… that’s right.


While you are at it, give me a cup of that fine… crushed ice, tea to wash all that goodness down my throat.  If that’s Food Porn… I’m guilty as sin.


The way they describe Food Porn is how it’s posed to be seductive to our taste buds.  When we look at it, our mouths drool, saliva flowing down our chins.


Oh, how we want that food more than anything in this world.  I notice if I would just close my eyes… look away… I’m not tempted.  We should all look away, so … we aren’t tempted to taste the delights of the world.


All that wonderful green, healthy, nutritious food!  I can feel it as it slides down my throat.  I’m thinking of something one of the TV Doctors suggested… think about healthy Food Porn.


At this moment, I was thinking about celery.  Dressing it with pimento cheese… orange-colored with beautiful flecks of red pimento cheese!  Crisp, cold, fresh-green celery… so crunchy-good when chewing it; the flavors of celery, pimento perfectly blending perfectly.


Anyway, I like dressed …everything.  I don’t want to see naked people, animals… much less… plain food.  I love the eye appeal… colors, textures, design.  Same way with clothes… I pay attention to detail.  That’s what seduces me…


Food Porn… well… in my ‘Gloria opinion’… that is why there’s obesity in a lot of cases.  It’s Food Porn… where beautiful foods are posed in their very best light; to tempt, tease us with… colors, textures, scents, aromas tempting us all.


I think if we didn’t look… or allow our noses to smell… we’d never be seduced by foods.  I ‘try to be as good as good can be’… but, I like Food Porn… I love to look at posed foods with all the colors, textures, smells.  I’m guilty as sin!



He Does Understand… We Are Going To Have Our Differences

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) o...

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) offered for sale at the farmers’ market in Rochester, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He Does Understand… We Are Going To Have Our Differences
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I tried something I’ve never tried in my life. Today, I felt well enough to go to the supermarket. In fact, in the past couple of days I’ve tried food I’ve never eaten before in my life.


I was buying bags of frozen vegetables to put in the freezer. I bought several bags of something I’d never eaten before. I will surely buy more now.


I tried Edamame, a variety of soy beans… I bought the steamable frozen pods with sea salt. I put them in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes, took them out, let them cool a bit.


I began taking the peas from the pod to eat. Oh my, what a tasty snack! I love the taste, I don’t know how to describe it, I’ve never tasted anything like them before. I read that they have a lot of good protein, and people eat them for a snack when dieting.


Tonight, I did something I’d never done in my life. I bought two bulbs of garlic at the supermarket. They always look so fresh, pretty in their little packages. I felt I wanted a box of them.


Tonight, I held each bulb in my hand, sliced off the ‘top’… then took the ‘paper’ skin off. I put each of the two garlic bulbs into a piece of tin foil… drizzled olive oil on them, sprinkled a little salt, pepper over them. (Note: I need to get Kosher salt :)))


I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees, then… took the cloves from each bulb… pressed each clove with a fork to get the creamy, roasted garlic out. (Note: I need to buy a garlic press :)))


I spread the creamy garlic on a piece of toast, drizzled a tiny bit more of olive oil on it, sprinkled a tiny amount of salt, pepper over it. I began to eat it… I really loved it! This would be wonderful with spaghetti! (I know… you all already probably been eating garlic like this … I never buy garlic, Skip doesn’t like it. Sometimes, I do use garlic salt on a steak :)))


Now… how to get the garlic scent gone! I’m sure I will have garlic breath tomorrow! Does anyone know how to make the garlic smell go away?


I saw how to prepare the garlic on a video, it looked so good… I had to try it. I love things I haven’t ever tried before. If anyone has any good tips about the Edamame pods, or garlic…. let me know!


I know that Edamame peas can be made into ‘hummus‘ … instead of using chickpeas, one can make hummus with Edamame peas, using cilantro, and such. I love hummus.


Skip doesn’t like ‘everything’ I like… especially garlic!!! But, he understands that we ‘are going to have our differences’! :)))




It Was A Happy Thanksgiving For Pups, Too!


It Was A Happy Thanksgiving For Pups, Too!


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I mashed the warm sweet potatoes, added real butter to mix both together.  I put a big mound in each of the two plates I was preparing with Thanksgiving foods.


I sliced turkey off the breast of the turkey I had baked to a golden brown color, placed slices on each of the two plates.  I now, had the plates ready to serve to …. two most special Pups, Kissy and Chadwick.


“Happy Thanksgiving, Kissy,” I said, as I placed his Thanksgiving dinner in front of him.  I walked over to put Chadwick’s plate in front of him.  “Happy Thanksgiving, Chadwick.”


I stood beside Skip watching them eat…  I felt so thankful to have them.  They mean everything to Skip and I.  They are all we have, Tommy is gone.


We don’t see his two children, we don’t hear anything from anyone to let us know how they are.  Nor, do we know where our grandson is at.  They’ve moved, never told us… we told his mother when we moved, our new address, phone number.   We cared.  Happy Thanksgiving, Taban and McKenzie.


Skip and I made plates for our friends, our neighbors… and guess what?  One of our friends had made plates for us, too!  Not only that… she made us a Hawaiian pie which was wonderful.  I wonder if I have the nerve to say what happened to that good pie?!!!  By the end of this story… we’ll see. :)))


Throughout the day Skip and I ate the different Thanksgiving foods I’d prepared, including the foods he came back with when taking our plates to our friends.


Later in the evening Skip said, “I couldn’t have had a better Thanksgiving”.  I felt happy inside… I wanted it to be so nice for him, the Pups.  He’s been through so much for the past months… no one would believe.  Also, he’s been deathly ill… I’m so thankful Skip is here… he almost wasn’t.


Hawaiian pie… what a wonderful pie!  It’s sort of like whipped cream… only the texture is different… has bits of pineapple, I think coconut in it.  I have to say that pie disappeared over a short time!  That was too good… Skip and I enjoyed it so much.  :)))  I’m glad it wasn’t a giant pie!


Our Pups enjoyed their foods all through the day.  It was a happy Thanksgiving for Pups, too!


I Was On The Inside Looking Out… Folger’s Coffee And Ms Nancy, Hope

English: How to apply traditional coffee in Syria

English: How to apply traditional coffee in Syria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Was On The Inside Looking Out …  Folger’s Coffee And Ms Nancy, Hope…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Coffee…  I was thinking this morning what could I write about that is ‘important’.  I was pouring myself a cup of hot coffee… only add cream to make it light… it’s perfect for me.  I rarely take sweetener in it.. and then, it’d be only a little pink spoon of Sweet ‘n Low.


It came to me that ‘Coffee’ is very important in my life… and I’m not even a big coffee-drinker.  I average 1-2 cups some mornings, no coffee other mornings.  It doesn’t matter.


Skip is the coffee-drinker here.  He loves his coffee.  Lately, the coffee has been too weak, even I’ve noticed it.  It seems our coffee at home has been too weak (my fault… who am I to know how to make good coffee?  :)))  We have stopped when out to purchase cups of coffee… guess what?  Their coffee was …. weaker than the coffee I made at home.


So, even not being a big coffee-drinker… I’ve been ‘craving’ a good cup of coffee.  I guess it adds up for me after a time of not drinking at least one ‘good cup of coffee’.


The coffee this morning… well, it’s so wonderfully good!  We went back to our favorite brand yesterday… Folger’s coffee… the coffee is so good, so….. welcomed!


Folger’s coffee …. is important to me.  In several ways because first of all, it’s our favorite.  It taste very good, rich but, not too rich.  ‘Now’ since December 28, 2004… it became most important and special to me.  Why in the world would coffee after all these years become so much more important?


Well, that day…. that momentous day… something awful happened in our life.  That morning when I got up early, took my shower, dressed,  I stopped at the bedroom door to tell Skip and our Pups, ‘then’ … goodbye.


I turned to go out the back door when my eye caught a ‘red glow’.  A red glow?  My mind felt confused and as I turned to look behind me… I saw in the window a big, red glow and… “Skip!  Skip!  The house is on fire!”


That day was a blur as I stood there watching everything go up in smoke.  That big two-story house burned everything we had, in it.  Things we treasured, somehow held onto through the years burned.


Tommy‘s scuba diving equipment, his old coin collection, his knife collection burned.  All of our clothes, shoes…. everything was gone that wasn’t on our back.  I had a collection of Ty Beanie Babies … we had………….. we lost so much in that fire.


We lost all the Christmas presents we had for McKenzie, our granddaughter.  We hadn’t seen her to give them to her.


We lost…………………………………………………. everything.  We only had what we wore that morning on.  We had… our Pups, our vehicles.  Thank God.


Our three Pups were safe… when I screamed to Skip that the house was on fire, I immediately went into action.  I put our Mr. Fairchild (our Rottweiler who lived to be eleven years old), and our father and son Basset Hounds, Gloria’s Garraway and Chadwick Elsworth, into my Expedition.  Our Basset Hounds lived to be fourteen, and thirteen years old.


I vaguely remember pain from lifting, half-carrying them, putting them into my truck.  I meant to save our Pups, I knew Skip would put the fire out.  We had fire extinguishers.


I ran back to help, couldn’t find Skip.  Skip had gone back inside the house, got lost coming back out.  Later, I found out … Skip could have died in there.  How many people come back out of a burning house?


Our neighbors voice guided Skip back out of the house through the smoke, fire.  He had gotten burned on his hand.  He had breathed a lot of smoke.


Our world went up in flames…. my mind was numb as I stood off from people, watching.  I remember just staring through my shocked eyes… seeing those scary flames.  I knew if we’d been asleep… we would have been burned trying to get out… or worse.  We had three big Pups we would have died for to save them.


Tommy was at his girlfriend’s house, she later became his wife… Taban’s mother.  At that time she cared for us, loved us…. she was a special person to us.  We loved her… we’ll always love her just as we’ll always love… McKenzie’s mother.  We love her step-father… Tommy had alot of respect for McKenzie’s step-father.


Through the following days I saw her sitting on the cold ground cleaning things she found in the debris, sitting there cross-legged.  She cared that much… through the shock I took notice.  I knew her fingers were so cold, they were black with soot.  It was so very cold, later … my fingers became frozen trying to savage anything from all the rubble.


I remember one day I was back at the house, I was so cold, my hands were freezing… a man came by to speak to me.  He must have noticed my hands… he went to his truck, came back and handed me a pair of camouflage gloves that were new.  He told me to put them on to keep my hands warm.  I appreciated those gloves very much.  I never forgot him for that.


There are so many fleeting images, moments in my mind at that time but, I couldn’t focus on any one.  The shock I was in was like if one was standing still as…. everything began to pass them by….. you only catch fleeting sounds, voices talking, brief glimpses of faces… you can’t ‘see just one’… you can’t focus on any one thing.  Your mind, your brain is in a panic… only at moments can one get it together only to fall back into… pure shock.


I am looking back to that day… I remember my little brother, Rick-Rick’s face suddenly in front of me… his face … he was crying for me, for us.  He was telling me he was so sorry our house was burning.  I remember I was so sad looking at my brother crying… he was all to pieces.  I can’t remember how I looked………. I was on the inside looking out.


The lady who lived beside us… we loved her dearly.  She and her husband had become very close to us.  He had died only months prior to the house fire.


I could hear her voice, she was crying for us… I remember turning around, putting my arms around her, petting her shoulder … telling her “everything is going to be all right, everything is going to be all right.”  She was so fragile, my heart hurt for her.  Her husband, best friend had died…. now this.


She used to speak of that later… she would say “Gloria, you turned around and hugged me when your home was burning down, and told me … everything was going to be all right.”  I think when I did that I was trying to reassure both of us…….  I know I was worried for her, she’d just been through so much.


That evening late, we were getting ready to leave to go to the motel the Red Cross had found for us.  We were so cold, our Pups were cold.  Our neighbor had let them be in an extra fence he had, that day.  I remember I wanted to clean it before we left, he said not to worry about it.  I appreciated so much our Pups being safe, I didn’t want to leave a mess.


Before we left… Ms Nancy came driving up.  She had something for us.  Do you know she had a coffee pot, and Folger’s coffee for us?  She gave us something warm to drink, something warm to hold onto.


That coffee was so special… think about how when ‘bad things happen’…. you will see hot coffee somewhere close by.  ‘Now’, I know ‘why’………. in my own words ‘it’s something warm to drink, something warm to hold onto’…….. I will say one more of my words to describe hot coffee at a time like that….. ‘hope’.


So, you can see why coffee is so important even to me, a ‘not so big’ coffee-drinker.  Ms Nancy and that Folger’s coffee…. I’ll never forget her for that…. she’ll never know really how that night following the fire…. that coffee soothed, comforted us.  It meant the world to us.  I love you, Ms Nancy.


Coffee was so important to me… as I stood there ‘on the inside looking out.’  Hope was in my hands, symbolized by a cup of Folger’s coffee, warm and alive.

Starbutts versus Starbucks…

Green logo used from 1987-2010, still being us...

Green logo used from 1987-2010, still being used as a secondary logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starbutts versus Starbucks

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I love Starbucks… I love to stand, look at the menu deciding on which special flavor I want today.  I love the wonderful aroma in Starbucks… coffee!

There’s another place I love to go in, to smell the wonderful aroma of coffee.  That’s Dunkin’ Donuts… I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  The flavor, the smell, the smoothness of that coffee…. so good!  So cosy, so warm, so….. happy!

Just put cream until my coffee is ‘light’… no sugar, please.  I don’t want sweet coffee though…. strangely enough, for comfort… ever so often I will put some sugar in.  Normally, I don’t want it.

Starbucks is a special place to me… I love the one at the Triangle Towne Mall… I like to ‘walk by it’ before… entering.  I like to just savor every moment of a special time… so, I don’t ‘just rush in’.

When I walk by it, turn around to come back, I enter slowly… my eyes taking in the specialness of the decor of Starbucks, the colors, the tables, people sitting enjoying their coffees, frappes.

I begin scanning the menu for something ‘to pop’ out to me… something different, special.  If that doesn’t happen, I will choose a regular coffee.  Most of the time though, I will pick something ‘so different’… I love new things, ‘different’ things.

Skip will stick with the traditional, and ‘known’… I will most always go for something ‘new, unusual, different’…. :)))  It’s my way!

I’ve been thinking of something more special than Starbucks… there’s a name for it… ‘Starbutts’.

Yes, Starbutts.  It’s a nickname I have given something that is so darn cute!  I see it everyday, it makes me smile.  Skip and I will both look at each other and say ‘there goes Starbutts’!

It’s like a burst of pattern… like a star… colored ‘coffee’ color.  It’s perfectly shaped, when moving it goes ‘this way, that way’.  We grin when we pay attention… it seems so cute, so ‘spoiled’, so …. precious!  The coloring is just… beautiful!

Kissy Fairchild, our 1 1/2 year old Rottie runs up to us to show us the chew/pacifier he has in his mouth.  He loves for us to tease him, pretending we will take it away from him.

One of us will ‘try’ to take it from his sweet, baby mouth… he’ll shake that big head of his to hold onto it…. hold it with the strength even he isn’t aware of having.  Oh, that special Kissy Fairchild, he’s something else.

At night-time, he has to have his chew… his pacifier.  As long as he has that he will lay down, go into a ‘trance’ while chewing it.  He can relax and go to sleep.

We can’t take it if we forget to buy chews for Kissy… he will pace the floor, the bed looking for his chew/pacifier until he has ‘driven us crazy’.  It drives us into saying ‘never again will we forget to buy Kissy his chews’!

Kissy Fairchild will walk up to us on the bed… I know he is smiling as he holds that chew/pacifier in his mouth… and wait for one of us to ‘try’ to pull it from his mouth.  It must make it taste better, he’ll turn around to go lay down…..

As he walks to lay down…. what is staring us in the face?  A burst of pattern… like a star… colored ‘coffee’ color.  It’s perfectly shaped, when moving it goes ‘this way, that way’.

We call him ‘Starbutts’…….  :)))  I love Starbutts …. more than Starbucks because who could ask for more ‘specialness’ than seeing a burst of pattern… like a star… colored ‘coffee’ color,  perfectly shaped, when moving it goes ‘this way, that way’. No, Starbucks ‘doesn’t have anything’ on Starbutts’!