It’s Not About Vanity At All …

It’s Not About Vanity At All …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Photo is of me … my beautiful hair!¬† ūüôā¬† Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My hands fluffed, played with my hair. I love my hair. It’s thick … curly, full … below my shoulders. I don’t fix it all the time … I let it be wild. My fingers love the silky feeling curls.

I’ve always fluffed it, run my fingers through it. I wear perfume in my hair … my hair smells as nice as I do! No matter how ‘wild’ it is … my hair smells good.

I don’t mean to be vain about my hair … sometimes, someone may think that I am. The truth is … I appreciate my beautiful hair with my very Heart. I’m not vain at all … I’m most grateful for all my hair.

Cutting my hair short, in hopes that it could stay just like it was … I looked in the mirror. My eyes were red from crying my Heart out. I’d just had my hair cut short … I don’t like short hair at all. I’m looking back into the past … back to … then.

Just before cutting it, my hair was midway down my back … so many wonderful curls. Now … it’d been chopped off … honestly, it wasn’t ‘chopped’ off. The beautician had cut it in a nice way … she was gentle when doing it.

I looked back in my mirror … oh my God! My hair, my beautiful hair! I was told it was going to be worse than short hair … but, I couldn’t imagine. I was going to … lose all my hair!

I began crying once again … scared, ashamed. How many women want to lose their hair … become … bald-headed? How many? I was almost tempted … not to cut my hair at all … not lose my hair at all. If I had made that decision … of course, there’s no way I would be sitting here, writing.

Vanity for my hair … has through time … turned into gratefulness to have hair … long hair once again. I’m so thankful for it every day. So, if you see me playing with my hair, fluffing it … just know that while I’m doing it, I’m still aware of how it felt to not have it … know in my mind, I’m thanking God for it.

I had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma … CANCER. That’s how the word cancer was seen in my mind … in giant letters. I almost didn’t survive it … now, I have a heart condition from the drug, adriamycin. I am glad to be living … it was a trade-off to live.

I lost my hair twice, due to chemotherapy drugs. I had two major surgeries, twice. I went through chemotherapy two separate times … the second time, my hair was beautiful … short, curly … happy hair!

Can you imagine … no, you honestly can’t anymore than to imagine losing your only child … how it feels to be a woman … with no hair?

Think about it for a moment … I can imagine you thinking you are so glad you have your hair. Can you imagine … not having any choice in the matter … getting cancer, taking chemo treatments … losing your hair? No … you can’t … these are things you can’t even imagine. I pray you never experience it.

Losing one’s hair, as a woman … isn’t just losing one’s hair. A lot more is involved … like a nightmare one is living in, wants to get out of.

Over the days after the chemo treatments began … my scalp became very sensitive. Oh, how my skin on my head … hurt. Touching it … felt painful, awful. I wish I could describe how it really felt. The drugs …

Taking a shower became an ordeal … my hair began to come out as if nothing was ‘holding’ it to my scalp. Can you see yourself, standing in horror, looking into your hand … seeing your beautiful hair laying in strands … across your palms? You hurry to the mirror …. I hurried to the mirror … oh my God.

There were places on my head … there wasn’t any hair! I knew then … why my scalp hurt … had such a strange sensation in it. At nighttime … my scalp hurt when laying my head on the pillow.

I cried so much … how could I let Skip, anybody … see me like that? How could I? Everyone loved my hair … ever since I was a little girl … people always commented on my beautiful head of hair. Now … it was … all gone.

Without going into further detail … time has gone by … years. I have two awful scars on my back from those two surgeries … I’ve been trying for years to get my hair ‘that long’ … to reach those scars. Finally … I have done it.

Charolette, my beautician … has made it possible … she understood. In the past, beauticians have always cut it shorter than I wanted them to. She trimmed it, always … exactly the way I asked her. In fact, she was the one who had cut my hair with compassion … just before I lost it. I lost track of her through the years … found her again, this past year.

Hair … my hair … my beautiful, wonderful, happy hair! ūüôā Don’t I sound so vain? I think you know by now … it’s not about vanity at all.

Photo/true story are both owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


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I Fought For My Life… In The Dark!

I Fought My Life… ¬†In The Dark!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I was tired, I just wanted to get into the house, and go to my bed and sleep. ¬†Sleep for as long as I wanted to. ¬†My bed wasn’t far from me, now… it was just inside the door… go through the living room, go to my bedroom.


All I had to do was to unlock the door, go in… change to my nightgown… and jump into bed. ¬†Simple as that!


I breathed a sigh of relief… as my key unlocked the door. ¬†I smiled… I was … home at last! ¬†Oh my… I couldn’t wait to step into the living room, close and lock the front door behind me.


I stepped inside… it was very dark. ¬†I was reaching for the light switch, feeling so happy to be home.


All of a sudden, I was fighting for my life! ¬†I screamed over, and over! ¬†Help me! ¬†Please help me! ¬† Someone was pulling my hair from above… they had to be taller than I was. ¬†I knew no one would hear my cries… no one would come to help me!


I fought to pull my head, my hair out of their hands. ¬†The grip was too strong as I pulled my head away from them! ¬†I was trying to run! ¬†I couldn’t comprehend what was happening! ¬†My hair was grabbed again… I’m going to die! ¬†Oh, God… I’m going to die!


I reached out for the light switch… not knowing who I was going to see! ¬†I couldn’t imagine…. I kept striking out to make contact with whoever it was holding me by my hair, pulling my hair!


The light switch came on, I spun around! ¬†No body was… there! ¬†No body was there! ¬†I kept spinning, ready to fight for my life… no one was there! ¬†My hair was still being pulled, pressure was on my head!


I began grabbing at my thick, curly hair! ¬†All of a sudden, my hair was released! ¬†Oh, my God! ¬†Oh, my God! ¬†Something big flew off … what in the world!?


I couldn’t believe my eyes! ¬†An owl landed on the counter top that separated the kitchen, and living room! ¬†An owl! ¬†An owl was in my house! ¬†How did that owl… get in the house?!


I pushed the front door open…. then, I began to make my way to the pantry… I wanted the broom. ¬†I didn’t want to hurt the owl… I just wanted to have the straw part of the broom to help ‘guide’ it out the front door!


I jumped as that big bird moved… I was holding my breath. ¬†I was ready to begin screaming again. ¬†I stayed close to the wall, my eyes darting to the big owl, and to where that broom was.


The owl flew up from the counter… I began screaming as its big wings came close to my head. ¬†It was going to grab me by my hair again! ¬† I put my hands over my head as I ducked down….


That big-ass owl flew out the front door into the night!  I ran, closed the door, locked it tight!  It was not coming back in!


I stood there, taking deep breaths to calm myself down.  I felt my head where my hair had been pulled.  I felt to see if there was blood.  The pain was horrific!


I began shuddering as both my hands held my head, felt my thick, curly hair… my hands went to my eyes. ¬†I pressed them hard over my eyes. ¬†I kept thinking how grateful I was that I wasn’t being murdered, raped… that I’d been attacked by … only an … owl!


NAKED… A Limb Snagged It And Tossed It Into The Air!

My scalp tingled, and felt very strange.¬† I was feeling fear, my stomach hurt.¬† I wasn’t feeling well at all.¬† I’d been through a major surgery, and now… had begun chemotherapy.¬† I stayed in excruciating pain, now ‘this’ was happening.
I had to hold on to things to walk, my body was very weak and I’d lost all my muscle tone, my mind was in a medicated fog…¬† always.¬† Now…¬† ‘this’ was happening… there was no mistaking what was going to happen.
The oncologist told me that some of the drugs that were in my particular chemotherapy treatments would most likely make me lose all my hair.¬† She told me that I had the option to take chemotherapy… or be like some of the women who had cancer… opt not to take the chemotherapy treatments.
The oncologist told me that I’d be surprised how many women who were so vain over losing their hair… opted not to take chemotherapy to save their own lives.
I had long curly, beautiful hair.¬† I didn’t want to lose my hair… it had taken some time to let it grow this long.¬† Always… I got lots of compliments on my hair.¬† I asked her did alot of those women die… she said yes, they did.¬† It didn’t take me but, several minutes to decide to have chemotherapy.
Skip was always by my side..¬† I never went to tests or to anything medical by myself.¬† Skip was always there with me.¬† He asked the oncologist ‘where’ could he buy me the nicest wig that would look like my hair.¬† She told him, and when we left the office… we went there.
Skip helped me to choose the wig, one that was almost as long as my hair, just as curly.¬† It was an expensive, human hair wig…¬† it was beautiful and lightweight.¬† The lady gave us a box with the wig we wanted.
We got home and I put the pretty box with the wig up… just in case… really when I would need it.¬† I felt that scared feeling in my stomach.¬† I didn’t want to lose my hair… but, the oncologist said some of the drugs caused¬†hair loss.¬† I remember thinking in the past that ‘cancer made one lose their hair’…¬† that’s untrue.¬†¬† Certain drugs will cause hair loss.
I decided I would go have my hair cut¬†short… I had the feeling that it ‘was¬†going to¬†begin coming out’.¬† My scalp felt so tingley, strange….¬† I’d never felt this feeling before.¬† Actually…¬† it felt like when I placed my hand on my hair that ‘my hair hurt’.¬† The night before I’d felt this same sensation in my scalp, it hurt a lot to just lay my head on my pillows.¬† I’d never ‘had my hair to hurt’.
I went to the beauty salon, I was so sad as I watched the lady cut my hair off.¬† I’d taken such pride in my hair, it was long and beautiful, curly.¬† I felt tears in my eyes, my nose burned inside, I wanted to cry my heart out.
The next morning I was alone, Skip had already left.¬† I made my way slowly to the bathroom to take my shower.¬† I got into the warm shower and began washing my hair, my scalp felt painful touching it.¬† My biggest fear came true…¬† my hair began coming out in my hands.¬† I began crying.
My tears were mixed with water from my shower.¬† I cried as I took my shower.¬† I reached for my towel and began to dry off.¬† I finally made myself look into the mirror…¬† I began crying¬†again.
I began wondering how could I go to bed tonight sleeping in a wig.¬† I couldn’t imagine letting Skip see my head without hair!¬† I could hardly bear seeing myself in the mirror.¬† I had never felt less than a person in my life…¬† as I did now.¬† I had no hair, excepting on top I had some curls left.
I put the wig on, my scalp felt awful.¬† It was tingling and felt so uncomfortable.¬† I almost felt like I wanted to die… how could I let Skip see my head without hair, just how could I?¬† I knew that I had to think of something because that was sure to happen.¬†¬†I couldn’t wear a wig all the time.
That evening skip came home, he didn’t notice that I had a wig on!¬† It looked so much like my hair.¬† As the evening progressed, I became more upset…¬† how could I go to bed without the wig.¬† I was in too much pain from the surgery to sleep on the couch.¬† I had a incision that began almost at the top of my shoulder that rounded to almost under my left arm.¬† The pain was unbearable…¬† my hair loss only contributed to it.
I began sobbing.¬† Skip quickly came¬†to see what was wrong.¬† I told him that I couldn’t just let him see me without hair.¬† I was so embarrassed, so ashamed.¬† I felt him put his hand on my shoulder, when he spoke, I listened in amazement.
He told me that this was only temporary, he loved me with his heart and I meant the world to him.¬† He told me that the loss of my hair didn’t make him love me any less, that it would be growing back.¬† What was important now…¬† was to do all possible to get well.
When he said those words, I instantly felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders, I took in a deep breath…¬† I knew inside that everything was going to be alright.¬† That night I took the wig off and placed it on its stand.¬† My scalp felt so ‘naked’… cool from the air.¬† Now…¬† I knew ‘why’ men who were bald, wore caps when it was cold!¬† I was now…¬† bald-headed…¬† though I had several curls on top of my head.¬† Skip nicknamed me his ‘Gerber Baby‘.
I never did get used to wearing the wig, though it was beautiful.  I wanted my own hair back.  I went through many weeks of chemotherapy, finished it.  I began to notice that my hair was growing back!
One day we went to the lake…¬† there were trees nearby.¬† We were walking near them and… the unthinkable happened!
I felt my face turn red, I was so embarrassed!¬† As we walked close to one of the smaller trees…¬† a limb snagged my wig and took it right off and …¬† tossed it up in the air!¬†¬†¬†I felt like my dress had blown up to my waist… instead my wig was gone…¬† leaving my scalp naked for God, and everyone to see!
I stood there…¬† deciding whether to cry and melt into the ground from embarrassment… or the thought came to my mind that this was really funny!¬† I was thinking that if I would begin to find ‘gentle, good humor’ in things…¬† all would be better.¬† Guess what I did?
I began laughing as I watched the expression on Skip’s face change to a¬†smile!¬† I was feeling better as I laughed!¬† I could see Skip was so glad that I took it this way.¬† I reached up on that limb and took my wig¬† back and I…¬† stuck in on my head!
I¬†asked Skip if I had it on right… he said “no, it looks a little sideways!”¬† I¬†gradually turned it until it was right…¬†¬†Skip’s face was my mirror.¬† I told Skip “I¬† can’t believe my hair came off!”¬† We both began to laugh again in a ‘good’ way.¬† I thought to myself that…¬† with humor in good taste… everything is going to be alright.¬† It honestly made everything better.
It seemed laughter in good taste gave me hope, made me know that yes, indeed my rocky path was going to get better, though it took a long time.¬†¬† I was on at that time in my life, the hardest path I’d ever traveled.
When we began to smile and laugh, things got better.¬† Even when I had injections it would hurt so¬† bad, I would smile through my tears, sometimes I reassured the technican or nurse, that it was all right…¬† I knew it was going to hurt, but, to get well I had to get through this.¬† Sometimes, I saw tears in their eyes….¬† for me.¬† I was amazed.¬† Truthfully…¬† I met more ‘angels’ on this path, though rocky, who went out of their way to make things better for me.
That was the only time I ever lost my wig!¬† It never got caught on anything else to make it come off.¬† When it became time to put it up, I was so thankful.¬† I had it shampooed, fixed, rolled it up a certain way to keep the curls ‘just right’… stored it back in the pretty box.¬† I never thought I’d have to wear that wig the following year…¬† I did have to once again.¬† I didn’t stay in remission long.
That wig was a life saver once again…¬† it made me look normal.¬† People complimented it…¬†¬†that made me feel like an imposter.¬† I felt the¬†need to tell people that it was a wig…¬† I didn’t want them to think I was something I wasn’t.
The wig is¬† gone…I think we lost it in the house fire when we lost all of our belongings.¬† You wouldn’t believe all that happened to us in the past 12 years.¬† I don’t, when I stop to think about them.¬† I can’t look long, I have to go forward.¬† I don’t want to get trapped in the past, I’ve come too¬†far.
I’m glad to think of one good, funny thing concerning that wig…¬† it really was funny when that limb snagged it like that…¬† it bounced it up into the air, when it came down… it landed right in that tree!¬† It created a ‘good’ memory… when it could very well have been a ‘bad’ one.¬† I’m smiling gently as I ‘look back’. I hope you will, too.¬† Everything turned out alright!



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


What you see here … are happy colors! My mood is all beautiful colors because, now… I can cope with my hair. I’ve been using Moroccan Argan Oil products on my hair… it’s beautiful.




My hair is three colors… it’s not noticeable here in the photos, but… in person… oh, how I love my hair color now! It begins light at the top, progressively becomes darker as it goes to the bottom.





Can you see that I’ve come to peace with my hair now… and enjoy it? On March 5th, I went for a perm… it almost ruint my hair. It was an awful, awful time… I just couldn’t cut it after ‘finally’ growing it out long enough to reach a scar on my back from the first of two major surgeries to save my life (I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma… at that time, my hair was long, curly, beautiful…. soon, after the surgery… I learned how it felt to ‘have no hair’… the chemo drugs caused it to come out.)


It’s taken all these years to ‘finally’ grow it out… it seems no matter how many times one tells some beauticians ‘to barely trim one’s hair, my hair… they take that as a ‘go’ to ‘cut it all off’. Finally, I learn to hold my ground… and stress not to ‘cut my hair short, I don’t want short hair‘. It usually happened when a hairdresser began talking on a phone… their head on their shoulder, sandwiching a cellphone in between.


I have to give Felicia credit for the happiness I am feeling about my hair now. It isn’t important to anyone else, but… me. To myself, I am very important… :))) Thank-you, Felicia… for making me smile again, in such happiness. I can look in the mirror now, enjoy my hair again… even while the ‘bad perm’ grows out. I don’t have to think about even cutting it.






New Author Card….


This is my new Author Card…. I like this one best… so far. I love change

so, of course, there will always a different one…. :)))





Photos of  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I waited until today to take photos of my wonderful, beautiful hair! Don’t you think the color is beautiful? ¬†


No, don’t think me vain… those of you who are just coming here for the first time. ¬†I’m not vain at all… I am just so happy to ‘at last’ find a ‘good place’ with my hair… as for the past month it has caused me only… extra grief.


You can read back several posts and see what transpired to make me upset. ¬†I won’t repeat it all again….. it would be like getting a stream to back up, begin all over again…. it’s ‘water under the bridge’….


Thank-you so much, Felicia… I am most happy with my hair. ¬†What a beautiful job you did coloring it… what ‘perfect colors for me! ¬†Happy colors… just like I love! ¬†I hope you’ll read this… if not, you’ll know in a few weeks. ¬†


NOW! ¬†Someone can ‘see my face’… there’s color around it. ¬†Don’t you all agree… that my hair looks so much nicer… and don’t forget the ‘bad perm’ put in it. ¬†Felicia ‘deep-conditioned’ it, also. ¬†


For my hair to have gone through the ‘bad experience’ just 4 weeks ago … how do you think it looks … ‘now’?



Making Magic… Turning Straw Into Silk

Making Magic…. Turning Straw into Silk
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sat, talked with the lady. Felicia was her name… I found this out later, as I spent time with her.

I quietly told her my story, my experience. I asked her for a miracle, hoping she might be the one. The last time I asked for one, a disaster happened, devastating me.

Later, I watched as her hands moved quickly, doing things I could tell she was very used to doing. She was performing magic… I prayed for my miracle… at times, I held my breath. Is it possible…

I could smell the scents of the different magic potions she used. Oh, they smell as if magic could happen! I loved the soft fragrances that tickled my nose…

In the meantime, I talked with her and Brandon, the young gentleman who was close by, busy with his own client. I would try to peep, see what the lady was doing… hoping, praying something special would happen….

This miracle meant the world to me as I’ve been living with such sadness inside for the past almost 3 years.

On March 5, last month I went at last to begin making my hair look nice again… so, I could begin being ‘myself’ again. That was the day… my hair was turned to… straw. A ‘bad spell’ was placed on it… my curly hair became straight… dry… I couldn’t bear to look at it in the mirror.

I have been a ‘strawhead’ for one month and a half now. I’ve been using Moroccan Oil, and Nexxus products on my hair…. thank-God for such wonderful products… they’ve helped me to come this far. I was devastated when my hair was … ruint.

Finally… I had grown it out long enough to have the curly perm I wanted, so… I could fluff it out to my heart’s content, and enjoy my ‘big’ hair again. My hair ‘finally’ reached the first scar of the major surgery I had when I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

I went with happiness in my heart to get that perm, knowing it was going to be ‘beautiful’… my hair was finally as long as it was when I lost it the first time due to the chemotherapy treatments.

It has been my goal… it’s been hard to grow it out this long again… not because it wouldn’t grow… but, every hairdresser would cut ‘it all off’… no matter how many times I would stress ‘not to’.

The past several years I finally began to be very firm about cutting my hair… guess what? My hair began to get long fast…

You know what happened next… my hair was changed to ‘straw’. You wouldn’t believe the grief I have suffered over my hair… along with the grief I carry in my heart for Tommy.

Getting back to …today. I went to a place where magic could be created in a moment… I’d passed by it many times looking in, seeing the miracles that happened there. I saw lots of smiling faces, and… beautiful hair. I want my hair to be ‘beautiful’… again!

This is where I met the two nicest people… Felicia, and Brandon. I was impressed with them when talking to them… because when I sat quietly, asked my questions (I already knew the answers)… they would answer me honestly. I needed that…

For instance, one of the questions I asked was… ‘isn’t my hair too light’. I asked them, and in the nicest way possible… they answered my question, said ‘yes’. Skip and I both knew it was ‘too’ light… making it ‘hard to see my face’.

I appreciated so much someone telling me … this was a good thing. I, then… talked about having two colors on my hair…. more my own natural color with softer blonde.

I asked Felicia to help me decide on the ‘right’ colors for my hair. I told her I realized I had become older… but, I still liked my hair to be big, fluffy, beautiful. I, also, told her that for the past years I haven’t cared… everything stopped when my son died.

Her hands began to work their magic, mixing this potion… that potion. The next thing I knew … I was looking in the mirror as she worked her spell… my hair was separated into strands, placed in foil. She put the magic potion on my hair… as she did, I said a prayer. I prayed that she could fix my hair to be beautiful… somehow.

As she went through the ritual of making my straw hair become more like hair… I felt hope as I looked into the mirror! I even felt happiness when I saw my hair as she worked. Then… I wouldn’t look … I didn’t want to break the spell!

Soon, Felicia was finished after she deep-conditioned my hair. Oh, when I looked into the mirror, I was elated!

Felicia had worked a miracle…. she turned straw into silk!
I thank you from my heart, Felicia. Skip loves my hair… not only that… I ‘pure love’ it!
It means the world to me. I called you this evening to find out that you had made a ‘customer card’ with all the necessary information on it… including the perfect colors you chose for me… I wanted to make sure you remembered them… because I will be coming back to you.
Thank you, Felicia. I am excited to wake up in the morning to look at my hair in the mirror… you can’t imagine how long it’s been!
Brandon, I enjoyed talking to you, too. I liked you very much… I watched you do magic on your client… and saw her smiling face when you were through. Both you, and Felicia made a big difference in my life today when I met you… a person’s hair means ‘everything’.
Oh… I don’t want to forget the lady who had the pink hair, I think she said it was called ‘camo’. You are very nice, too. You reminded me of my friend in Australia… she has pink in her hair, too! Not only that, she used to have leopard paws in it! You have a wonderful personality, too.
Today has been a good day… you all touched my life in a good way… sometimes, we need that.



Damn Little Bee…




Damn Little Bee…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I looked for a dragonfly today, instead found a bee

It flew all around looking for a place to land

I was sorry that I did not want it to land on me

It would have surely stung me… this is what I thought


But… then, I think I judged it just ‘knowing’ it would

I had on my favorite perfume, it was in my fluffy hair

I just know it would have stung me because I smelled so good

I could have stung my own self… I smelled like a flower!


Oh, beautiful-smelling me with my fluffy, good-smelling hair

The wind blew it all around my face, getting in my eyes

Making me lose track of that little bee

Oh, where is it… where is it?¬† I know it’s going to sting me!


I pulled my hair away from my face, I didn’t see a bee

The wind felt wonderful so, I let my hair blow free

Oh, how great life felt I thought as I closed my eyes

Until… that damn little bee stung me!

I Would Let Vanity Fly Out The Window… Only Then



I Would Let Vanity Fly Out The Window… Only Then

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Wow! I’ve gotten all kinds of wonderful tips from your comments, and emails… to help care for my damaged hair. Thank-you very much for telling me. That means so much…

I know I’m not going to cut, or shave my head as several people suggested… :))) I’ve been ‘bald-headed’ twice in my life from the chemo drugs… I don’t want to ‘go that route’ again. Thank-you, anyway for your suggestions… I understand about ‘starting over’. I can’t bear to do that again.

I like the ideas of using Infusion 24, and olive oil treatments. Oh, and the mayonnaise. I can see where that would work… I may try that.

I think for now, I will continue to use the Nexxus products I purchased. Smells better, less messy… :)))

I will treat my hair so gently, and just ‘go day by day’. I know I had two comments about ‘hair is just hair, it’s no big thing’. I understand that when one has ‘never lost their hair to realize just how much it does mean’…. it does mean something to me.

I know as a woman just how devastating it can be… to lose a whole head of long, pretty, curly hair…. to lose a whole new growth of curls … one year later.

It is just hair, I know. It can grow back if it’s gone… I know that, too. I just can’t bear the idea of ‘letting go of it so easily unless I was ‘forced’ to, to save my life’. I would let vanity fly out the window… only then.



You Aren’t Alone… If You’ve Ever Had A Bad Hair Experience


March 08, 2013 ..Bad Perm at SmartStyle, Louisburg, NC 27549 002



You Aren’t Alone… If You’ve Ever Had A Bad Hair Experience

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

If you’ve had a bad hair experience, you aren’t alone. I’m here, I’ve had a really bad hair experience.

Everyday, I’m having to cope with it in my mirror. I cope with it when I see people looking at my hair, wondering ‘what happened to my hair!’ I can’t explain to so many people…

My hair makes me cry now. I have one more thing to make me cry. It’s almost comical. Now… I cry over my hair… look at my photos, wouldn’t you cry, also?

I can’t fix it, I can only wash, let it dry naturally so, as not to damage it any farther. I began using Nexxus shampoo, conditioner. It’s very expensive. I was told it would help my hair until it grows out… grows out!

I can’t believe I have to ‘let it grow out’… I have waited so long to get it the length it is… to reach the scar I told you about. The scar of the first surgery I had when diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. (cancer).

Now… I don’t know what else to do. I wonder if anyone knows how I would care for my hair now. No one has bothered to answer my calls, to at least tell me how to care for my hair.

After this email with photos of my hair… if I don’t get an answer, I am going a step farther. I feel I should get my money back, and get my hair taken care of. Time will tell. I will keep you updated.

I have never heard of anyone ‘spraying a perm solution’ on someone’s hair like mine was done… not once, but… 3 times… each time being placed under the dryer again. The chemicals are harsh, and combined with heat… you can see by the photos what happened.

You aren’t alone if you have had a bad perm. I’d be so interested in knowing how someone coped with their hair, cared for it.


I Have No Doubt…


On March 08, 2013… my hair was damaged by a bad perm… I had finally gotten it long enough to reach the scar from my first surgery… on my back, where I had surgery on my lung. In the past, I had been diagnosed with cancer… my hair was long, curly… I lost it all from the medicines in my chemotherapy regimen. The following year, the same thing happened again… I wasn’t in remission long, had another surgery on my other lung, lost my hair once more. My goal was to grow my hair back to the long length it was when I got the first surgery… now, this happened.


I Have No Doubt This Time…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Easter is this weekend… this Sunday. I can’t believe it’s already here. I’m not prepared for it… I wonder if I will just ignore it being Easter this weekend?

I do think like this since Tommy died. Skip usually decides what to do special when the holidays come now. I don’t let myself think about them… unless I see that Skip wants them to be special. Only then… will I allow myself to be happy, excited…

Skip mentioned Easter today, he wants us to bake a big roast this weekend. That’s probably what we will do. I will think of special things to make it a nice meal.

We have our Pups to share Easter with. They love to taste good foods just like we do. :)))

I was thinking about my hair… on the 8th of this month, I let a woman put a perm in it… it damaged my hair. She sprayed it several times with a perm solution… each time made me sit under the dryer for 25 minutes each time.

She told me she was going to give me a beautiful perm. It didn’t happen. Now, I’m left with damaged hair that I’m conditioning, and caring for.

What’s sad is that these past years I’ve been trying to grow it to reach the scar on my back… where I had my first surgery on my lung. Finally… my hair touches it… I was so happy.

I lost all my hair because of medicines in my chemotherapy treatments… not once, but… in two years’ time… I lost it twice. I went through surgeries, and then …chemotherapy each time.

My hair was long when it first happened. I wanted my hair to reach that length again… it has. Now… it’s been damaged… and I’m left trying to figure out what to do to it.

These are two things that have been on my mind today… Easter, and my damaged hair…. and the words I keep hearing in my mind… “I’m going to make your hair beautiful.” It didn’t happen…

The good thing is that no matter what… everything is going to be alright. I always seem to find a way to get past something… and all is better than I could have predicted. I have no doubt this time…