You Write heart … I Write Heart

You Write heart … I Write Heart

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee

Heart … heart … you write ‘heart’ … I write ‘Heart’.  Have you ever noticed that I always capitalize the ‘H’ in Heart?

Why do I do that?  I’ll tell you why … once in a while someone will comment that I always write ‘heart’ … ‘Heart’ no matter where I put that word in a sentence.

This is why … I do that.  When I write, do you notice I write, use words straight from my … Heart?  I do, when I write I feel my words whether the words are happy, sad, angry, cheerful.

So, when you see my stories, articles, posts, comments … just know now, why.

I love you with my Heart.  That’s the Gloria way … my words have real meaning … always.

Sometimes, I agonize over how to find the words to say things straight from my Heart.  Sometimes, I capitalize … as another way to express sincerely what I think, feel.

You write heart … I write Heart.

Photos/article are both owned/written by me.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee

A Memory Drifted By In My Mind…

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee



 A Memory Drifted By In My Mind…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee



I sit here in my world that’s been sad

Feeling happy, light-hearted deep in my soul

Thoughts, memories stirring in me of

My lover, my best friend … my hero



I am sitting here looking inside my mind

I can’t see you, because you aren’t there

I see my thoughts, I hear them.. too

I can’t feel them with my hands, I can with my heart



I see a memory coming closer

It’s of me standing on tiptoes to place a kiss

On your sweet lips, I kiss your nose, too

I love you my… husband, with my very heart



The memory floated away in my mind

Just as another memory drifted in

There you are smiling at me, love in your eyes

Do you know how dear you are to me?



I feel a softness in my face, in my heart, when I think of you

I love you, my husband, my lover, my best friend

You are my life, my world … my hero

As that memory floats away … we make more memories to take its place



I love you, my husband, my lover, my best friend

You are my life, my world … my hero

I feel a softness in my face, in my heart, when I think of you

As I think of you, see you … a memory is taking its place at this moment





I was thinking of Skip as I wrote this … I read it to him … I said to him, “I wrote this thinking of you.”  Skip said, “I can tell, it’s self-explanatory.”  :)))  



I just smiled, nodded… sometimes, even after twenty-plus years, a shyness can pop up out of nowhere … sweet, special … you know what I’m speaking of … remember experiencing it when first meeting the love of your life?



I still feel that soft, so sweet shyness with my husband sometimes.  When I do … it rates stopping for a moment to take a closer look … I only smile more … when I do.  



I love you, Skip … I love you to my dying day.  If I died at this moment, I will have known, loved the best husband, best friend … in this whole-wide … world.  Love Your Wife, Gloria :)))

I Think I Have Turned Into A Rainbow!

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Happy Colors!

I Think I Have Just Turned Into A Rainbow!


(Photo/Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… 2012 GBB)…………

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Good morning …  lately it seems I’m more into writing about ‘today’.  That’s because my present life has changed so much in the past two weeks.  My whole world… almost crumbled.

The definition of ‘my whole world’ is simply ….. Skip, our two Pups.  Tommy used to be part of ‘my whole world’… Tommy is gone now… for so long dark colors ruled my world.  Happy colors have come back in my world until… just recently.

That means …my whole world became more precious to me.  I, now know…. that things can happen to take away ‘our whole world’.  Therefore… my whole world has become more precious… than precious.

Yes, I am writing about what is really happening ‘today’ in my life because for now… I can for this time…. ‘feel, see, know’ what has changed in my life.  For now, I can’t go back into the past to find things I want to tell you, to write about.

Life is playing out at the moment… it makes me feel, see, know that I could have lost Skip… my whole world.  At this moment in my life… I have cried again, hurt again, and have been afraid.

Those dark colors have tried to crush all the happy colors in my life… once again.  I don’t know how I would have survived such….

I just felt a cold nose nudge my elbow while I sit here… it brought my mind back from ‘going down the road of ‘I don’t know how I would have survived such’.  That was Chadwick running back inside from the pet door… goodness, his coat feels… cold!

Thank you, Chadwick… now, my mind will think about the happy things.  Skip is getting so much better!  Skip……. could come home today!

My heart just turned into a big sun… emitting such golden, yellow rays…. I hope you can ‘feel’ it…. it feels ‘that big!’

If it possible, I hope ( I wish I were a magical creature, I would make wonderful things happen!)……. if possible, I hope it touches every person that reads my words at this very moment…..  their life in a wonderful way to make good things happen in their life!

I would share my happiness in this way… if possible!  I would keep happiness ‘going’.  Just suppose… happiness could keep spreading that way… by thoughts, feelings inside one’s heart!

Just suppose, that my ‘sunshine heart’ emitting such golden, yellow rays… is doing that… somehow in a magical way.  Then….. then in return…. your magical hearts began spreading such special happiness to all your loved ones, friends!  Wonderful, good things could begin happening!

Last night, this morning… when Skip called me from his hospital bed… Skip’s voice is …. back to being Skip’s strong voice!  You can’t imagine how my heart felt hearing that… wait a minute, I bet you ‘do imagine’ how my heart felt… you all just read my words.  :)))

Colors!  I’m feeling my happy colors again!  I think I just turned into a … rainbow!  Soft, wonderful colors are beginning to come out again. :)))

My World Is Split Between The Hospital, Home Tonight… Last Night I Had This Terrible Dream…

English: Checking the blood pressure by using ...

English: Checking the blood pressure by using a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My World Is Split Between The Hospital, Home Tonight… Last Night I Had This Terrible Dream….


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Tonight I have taken alot of sighs of relief… I think Skip is finally going to be alright.  He is in the hospital where he’s been most of the day.


Skip’s blood pressure has been so high, tonight it came down to normal.  So many people sent us prayers through Facebook, emails.


I can’t tell you what knowing those prayers being said…. meant.  I still can’t say in words how special they are.  I watched Skip as I read them to him on my Iphone… I saw his eyes.


His eyes showed me how much it meant knowing that people who didn’t know him, people that knew him… cared.  He really cared that you all cared about him… it meant more than you know.


I know that made all the difference in him getting better tonight.  Thank you everyone from my heart, it means the world to me.  You all brought a smile to Skip’s face.  I know it helped his heart as he was having irregular heart rhythms.


Skip is so amazed that people all over the world read my blog, correspond with me…. and more amazed that they cared about him, not knowing him in person… but, through my blogs.  I’m so proud of that.


I have been so afraid for weeks now… remember how I’ve written alot about death?  Now… I know ‘why’.


Last night I had this terrible dream I want to tell you about….. in my dream this is what happened:


Skip and I sat in a van… it didn’t have a ‘nose’…. you know like where the motor goes.  It was ‘flat’ in front.  We sat in a van parked at a restaurant… the front of the van was about six inches from the brick exterior part of the building.


I said, “Skip, don’t park so close to the building.  People are looking out the window at us now.  Our headlights are shining drawing their attention.”


Skip backed up… pulled back up to the brick wall adjoined to the building… he hit the bricks breaking them into pieces.  I watched the bricks as they began to fall.  I was in shock, I looked at Skip, and saw a blank expression on his face.


“Skip, why did you break the brick wall?  Those people are looking out at us!”  Skip never said a word, he calmly opened the door, stepped out and began to walk away … until I didn’t see him somehow.


I opened my door quickly, ran to find Skip.  I couldn’t find Skip!  I was in tears as I ran around the restaurant… strangely enough there was a path all around… trees were grown almost up to the building.  As I ran on that path, several kittens were startled… they began to run.  I ran around the building……….


All of a sudden I was at a cookout…. a huge cookout.  Lots of people were eating… they were sitting at picnic tables smiling, laughing, talking.  I couldn’t find Skip as I made my way through many happy faces, many picnic tables.


When I woke up, I was afraid.  I turned over to see if Skip was alright.  He wasn’t in bed.  I got up, I could hear his voice talking baby-talk to the Pups in the kitchen… I met him coming through the hall.  “Good morning, Baby Girl ( :))) he always says that!)”


I was so glad to see him… I had woke up from looking for him, I had woke up … afraid.


Skip took his blood pressure and it was almost perfect.  He recorded it for the cardiologist he’d just been to see.  His blood pressure was stabilizing, had been for the past two days.  We were so happy.


Today, he went to the doctor… his blood pressure had went up to 197/111.  I took him straight to the emergency room where they kept him, he’s there tonight.  He had a CT scan, EKG, blood work done, and a X-ray, and when I left late tonight… he was given a new blood pressure medicine.  He may have an MRI, and more tests tomorrow.


When I got home, I called back… his blood pressure had come back down to normal.  I felt tears in my eyes… do you know how thankful I am.  I know all of your prayers made a miracle happen.


Skip has been awfully sick this past week… I think something really bad was ‘just before’ happening, I really do.


Tonight… I did as my cousin Pete told me to do…. ‘take a deep breath’.  Hey Pete, I have taken alot of them out of relief.  I was so afraid… I was so very afraid.  Thank you for caring, too.


Our Pups were glad to see me when I got home.  Our neighbor so kindly waited on his porch to make sure I got into the house safely…. thank-you so much. That meant the world to me… it made Skip feel comfort, ease of mind knowing you were looking out for me.


One of our friends made me promise to call her when I got home safely…. thank you for caring.   I told Skip, and it made him feel good later, when I called back to the hospital.


You both brought comfort to my heart… I think I really needed that.  I was thinking I was all alone… do you know… you both touched my heart deeply.


Well, I am going to bed now…. my world is split between the hospital, home tonight.  I have the Pups here at home…. I so, hope Skip comes home tomorrow… then, my world will be whole again.  I know everything is going to be alright.


It means the very world to have all of you to talk to.  Thank you for being ‘there’.  You just don’t know how much it means to me.


Love, Gloria/Granny Gee :)))

The Rules For… ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award

Mind creates life

Mind creates life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rules For…… ‘ One Lovely Blog’  Award…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

1)  I need to thank the person who nominated me……

Thank-you very much, Yaz Rooney, for nominating me for this award.  It means alot to me.

2)  I need to share 7 things about myself that you still may not know…….

1…  I love animals, I’m a ‘dog’ person, I don’t like people mistreating dogs, animals… I say prayers when I see animals on the road that have been hit by cars… this is my prayer:  ‘I pray that you didn’t suffer little one, in Jesus’ name’… my heart is touched each time and in my mind I think: ‘I’m so sorry you had to die’….

I hope people who are cruel to animals… get the same punishment ‘back to them’.  I hope the same with people who hurt, kill, harm people… I feel when someone knows ‘they will have to feel the very exact thing’ that they could do to another living being… they would decide to love, care instead.

2…  I believe in good, I believe in miracles, I believe in forgiving, letting go… I’m amazed at how I’ve forgiven such ‘bad’ things done to me by others in my life.  I feel I had to in order to go on to live, so I can live with myself.  Truthfully… I don’t hate anyone though I carry alot of pain inside…..  that’s okay… I know pain well…  I’m strong enough now… I’ve been taught well.

I’ve always had to fight ‘hate’ in my heart… in my family we were taught that early in life… hate, anger, distrust.  If you could see my mind you would see ‘scuffles’ … me battling to not ‘be like that’… I have so much love in my heart, caring.

3…  I’m not perfect at all, I wish I had never done anything wrong in my life, I’m old    enough to wish this now… I can look back now… I wish I had never made mistakes, or have looked ‘bad’ to others as I learned my life’s lessons.

I would like to be able to say this to you…. ‘I am so perfect, my life has been all I wanted it to be, you’ll be glad to know I’m somebody very special, wonderful, famous and life will be good ‘if’ you know me’.  Guess what?  I’m none of that at all… I just try to do my best and go on…. I fall down, I crawl to get back up… I just don’t anyone to think ‘I’m anymore …than I am’.  I’m nobody… but, I am in my world.

I don’t try to fool people into thinking I’m more than what I am… it hurts me for someone to be disappointed in me.  So, if you like me from the beginning… it’s hopefully ‘me’… you really like.  I don’t apologize being ‘me’… I used to feel my existence had to be apologized for as a young child…. I don’t apologize at all no matter what someone thinks of me… now.

I can only go forward, doing the best from all.  I am a good person, with a big heart.  I’m sorry in my mind for ever making anybody feel bad, hurt because of my words, actions.  I know pain well, I don’t like to inflict it on anyone.  I’ve learned that sometimes … we ‘do’ have to hurt others to… put them into their place, out of your life.  Sometimes …we have to do/say things we don’t want to.  Hopefully I make the right decision.

4…  I have in mind to write a horror story … unlike any I’ve ever read.  I don’t want anyone to ever think I am like the main character though…. I have felt like that at times.  I will give a hint… ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth… you are going to get ‘exactly’ what you gave in life’……I would like to write a scary book like what I’ve always wanted to read… :)))

I would never do the things I will make my main character in my story…. do.

Truthfully… my main character is a very good person…. sometimes though… we need ‘good people who can be bad enough’ to protect in life……  sometimes… I’ve really thought only some of the things I’ll write… I know when I let my imagination go…. anything goes….. I will be ‘living it’ as I write.  The main character’s name is … Victoria.

5…  I can’t just write seven things about me in brief sentences… I am so much more!  :))) I really tried, but… I feel I have to tell more!

6…  I wish I were rich… yes, I know we all do for various reasons.  I’ll state my reasons anyway.  I would be like the ‘Secret Millionaire‘… in real life as I lived my happy life… my ears would be always ‘listening’.

You know… like in a line at the supermarket, bank, anywhere you can ‘overhear’ conversations…. I hear such sad things sometimes.  If I were rich, I would make it a point without anyone knowing it was me… to find out where certain people lived and I would make dreams come true for them… sometimes the most simple things in life mean the world to others, myself… I would do them, expecting nothing in return.

Truthfully in real life… both Skip and I have done that when we traveled, in our life when we had extra money.  We expect nothing in return… our reward was in our hearts… it’s unlike any other feeling one has ever experienced… I love that feeling.

I want to give… I would love to be rich so, I can do what I love best… give to make people who really need things… happy.

I wouldn’t forget people who don’t like me… I’m sorry they don’t… but, I would make life better for them, also.  I wouldn’t let anyone take advantage of me… because all would be done in a quiet, private way… and no one …would have to know it was ‘me’ that … made such things, happiness possible for them!

I wish I was rich… I remember well… how that feeling feels in my heart when doing something for others… that sometimes it really does take money to make happen.

That old saying about ‘money is the root of all evil’… I realize that is true… but, truthfully in ‘my world’… it also, makes life easier, better not only for me… but, for others around me when I have alot.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone ‘spread out from themselves’ when they have alot by giving?  That way if you could see a picture of it in your mind… you would see many lives affected  in positive ways.

Imagine a house in the middle where you and your loved ones live…. imagine a circle that ‘spreads out from your house’, the more you give..the more that circle grows bigger…  now, imagine seeing ‘lots of houses’…. and the huge, wonderful circles spreading out from them!

Can you see if everyone felt like I do… how ‘everyone’s lives’ would benefit from all of us being in the world?

Doesn’t it seem like the circles would begin overlapping each other leaving no one out… because as they are helped… they begin also, helping… others?

7…  By now… you all will know that asking me a question will involve more than one sentence from me!  When I think of ‘one thing’… I can’t leave out all the ‘other things’ your question brings to mind!  :)))  These are some of the things …. others might still not know about me.  Knowing all this now… I really am a good person, though not perfect at all.  ‘Bad’ things in my life only… made me a better person.

3)  I need to nominate 15 bloggers…

This is something I will do over time as I learn about doing this…… ‘feel’ the blogs that touch me deeply.

4)  I need to notify the nominees that I have done so….

I will do this when the time comes ……

5)  I need to put the logo of the award on my blog…

This is something I hope to get help with as, I don’t know how to go about it.  I am so honored for Yaz to nominate me for this award… that I’d be proud for it to be on my blog.  It means so much to me, and is very special to me.


A toddler girl crying

Image via Wikipedia


I was standing by the windows near the cloakroom at school.  My face was burning, I was so embarassed.  Nobody had ever told me that ….I held my head down, hot tears falling on the front of my dress.  I wanted to sink into the floor.

Gloria, we aren’t trying to hurt your feelings, we care and want to help you.  One of the girls standing there was looking at me with pity… well maybe… it was compassion in her eyes, that I look back.

I looked up into their faces … Deborah, Mary Pat, Kathy, Betty, and several others.  I was too embarassed to look anymore and hung my head down.  Just let me get back to Grandma Alma and George’s.  I wanted 3:00 to come so, I could go home!

I’m too ashamed to tell them.  I never knew, I never knew until these kind girls took it upon themselves to tell me.  They were trying to help me.  Grandma and George did the best they could, I knew no better than what I was told to do, how could I have known?

Grandma, grandma!  I was calling my grandma as I opened the screen door.  I wanted to tell my grandma what those girls told me!  Grandma Alma was sitting in her recliner, she had her head tilted to one side looking for me to come through the door to her sitting room (the Arena).  She had a smile on her face.  I loved my grandma with my very heart!

I ran to her, as I began to tell her what happened at school today, I began sobbing.  I felt awful!  I was so ashamed to be in the world.  I felt too embarassed to tell my grandma what those girls did.

“Faye, what’s wrong?”  My grandma was looking at me with tears in her eyes, she knew something had hurt me deeply.  I couldn’t talk, I was crying my heart out.

I finally stopped crying, I took the hem of my dress and wiped my eyes, and my runny nose.  My eyes burned, and I felt so sleepy now.  I always felt sleepy after I cried, everytime I got a whipping I would cry my heart out, and I would crawl into bed and go to sleep.  I could be at peace there.

My shoulders were jerking, and I was sniffling.  My nose kept running.  My dress hem was soaking wet with tears, and from wiping my nose.

Grandma, do I smell bad?  I asked my Grandma did I stink?  Grandma, some girls at school made me so embarassed today.  They said they had a present to give me, to help me smell better.  Oh, Grandma, I was so ashamed!  I’m so ashamed I could just kill myself!  I feel like nothing!

My Grandma Alma began to talk softly to me, she told me she could understand how I felt.  She told me she was so sorry that they only had cold water at her house.  There was only cold water in the bathtub, too.  George had to heat my water each morning for me to bath, he couldn’t bathe a little girl.  No, he couldn’t do that at all.

I was too little to heat my own water to take a bath with.  At my home… at my home?  Why couldn’t I be back at my own home?  I began to cry again… my mama was gone and I didn’t know when she would come back to get me.  My little brother, Wm Ernest was gone, also.  I began to cry harder… my heart was broken.

I laid my head on the arm of my grandma’s chair and weeped.  Grandma was crying with me.  We both cried together.  She took her good hand and rubbed my head.  I felt such love from my grandma.

I kept thinking about those girls and the present they gave me.  There was a bottle of Jergen’s lotion, and a bar of Dial soap, and a plastic bottle with Tussy deodorant, and a … washcloth.

Grandma and George had washclothes.  George was blind, he always had clean washclothes, I helped him to fold them.  George did the laundry by himself, I tried to help him.  How much can a little girl do?

I would tell him everytime he would walk toward something that he could bump into to hurt him.  I loved George with my heart… except when he hollered so loudly.  George could really holler… it’d make you jump!

That night I decided when I got up in the morning to get ready for school that I would wash myself very, very good and smell so nice.  I never wanted anyone to think I smelled bad … never again!

I kept thinking about how I didn’t know that I didn’t bathe good enough.  No one ever told me.  At my house, Wm Ernest and I always got into warm water in our bathtub, we got to play in the tub when we took our baths at nighttime.

My mama always made sure we were clean and had the softest towels to wrap up in.  She would dry us off and put pajamas on us.  I loved the clean smells at my home!  I missed them!

My mama would tuck me into bed every night and she’d pull the cover up to my ears, she’d gently tuck the cover on each side of my ears to keep them warm.  I loved my mama with my very heart. (As an adult when I lay dying… this vision of my mother tucking the covers around my ears to keep them warm… stayed in my mind when I was in the ‘dark world’.. this vision comforted me.)

Where was my mama?  Where was my little brother?  When am I going home again?  Our home was so clean, my clothes were so nice.  No one ever said I smelled bad before!

This little girl didn’t know… she had just begun one of many journeys in her life.  She’d never know the security of ‘family’… never again as a child.  She’d just went to hell… she just didn’t realize it …yet.  Life was going to get rough… she was going to have to learn to toughen up to …survive.

This little girl never saw her brother, Wm Ernest… again until once when they were teenagers, only several times in adulthood.  He’d been taken to Wisconsin to live with his father, the man I first knew as ‘Daddy’.  I never saw him again.

My little sister came into the world, and I only knew her for months.. she too, was taken from my world as a little girl.  I lost the most important people of my little girl world.  I can’t begin to count the tears I cried as a little child.. my mama was gone… coming back from time to time…only to leave again.

My little precious brother was gone forever in my childhood, he had meant the world to me.  My beautiful little blue-eyed baby sister was taken away at the same time I was taken away from Grandma Alma and George’s to go live with my Grandmother Lola.

My little sister was taken to her new parents.  I never forgot the kind voice of the lady who held my sister… she told me that I could see her again.  It’s strange how her voice traveled in my mind… always.  It was so… kind.  I think she cared with her heart.

I never saw my little sister after I was taken once again… to go live with my mama again.  I never saw her until I was in my early fifties.  How she touched my heart.  She was by my side when we went to my Grandmother Lola’s funeral.

I never see my brothers and sister, though I don’t….. I love them all very much.  They are ‘my’ brothers and sister.  My father wasn’t their father.

I can look back to the day the girls at school gave me the ‘present’… they opened my eyes up to knowing a person needs to always smell clean.. I always bathed even with cold water, and I always smelled good.  I really love my showers to this day… I love to smell so wonderfully clean!  I love bubbles and warm water!

I think I will say ‘thank-you’ to those girls now.  It was always hard to ever look them in the eye after that.  I was moved so many times between grandmas and my mama’s … that I would see them only from time to time… I was changing schools constantly.

Do you know.. looking back?  Even as a child, I never told on anyone… rarely did I complain about how I was treated.  I think I was just ‘playing ball’ and learning the rules as I went.  I don’t think I knew that I could tell someone what was happening in my life… I accepted it and did the best I could.

People would say mean things to me as a child… looking back… couldn’t they ‘see’, didn’t they know what was going on?  Didn’t they even …care?  Couldn’t they see that …. poor little dirty girl?

They did see and love the little clean girl, they could see me …then.  I was loved and the center of attention ‘before’…. what in the world happened?  I never knew until I was older… but, God… how I suffered.

Look at your babies and ‘just imagine for a moment’…. you wouldn’t let them be at the mercy of other people, and be little dirty girls, or boys.  They are so little and so fragile, and … precious.

I was a precious little girl at one time, but… at the age of nine… my fairytale ended.  I became a stepdaughter, unwanted daughter, unwanted child.  Where did my fairy godmother go?  I became the child who was always on the outside looking in …at what I used to know… a cosy, warm, and loving home, beautiful little dresses and lacey socks, warm meals, toys that were for me.

Someone used to make me good meals to eat, brush my long hair until it would shine, care for me… where did it all go?  I couldn’t find it anymore…. until I looked from a distance into your windows as I passed by… at your cosy, warm, loving life.

I’d become a poor little dirty girl… I was too little to know.  Others saw what I had to learn… no one made anything easy for me.  I had become … nobody.

Now.. I look back at that child and wish to hug her, and make everything alright.  It’s okay now… she stayed dirty no longer after she knew.  Life was hell for her… but, she went through it … clean!

Another good thing this author would like to say… I’m very clean, it’s been many, many years since I lived in hell, and now… I’m somebody… I’m a happily married person with two spoiled pups.  It’s been a very long time since I lived in hell.  I live a very quiet and private life.

My Aunt Frankie used to tell me I could choose to not have bad things in my life.  I’m a good ‘somebody’ … and I’m so clean!  :)))  I’m smiling now…. I see I’m ready to go to bed now.  Goodnight now… I sure have enjoyed talking to you.  You all mean the world to me!