Kissy Tried To Fit In That Small Space… I’ve Never Seen Him Do That Before


Kissy was ‘hugging‘ Chadwick (our yellow Pup)… they slept that way for over an hour!  I’d never seen Kissy do this before…… September 19, 2013… Friday.




Kissy Tried To Fit In That Small Space…  I’ve Never Seen Him Do That Before

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Last night, I saw our Rottweiler named Kissy do something, I’d never seen him do before.  I was at my computer, happened to turn around to check on our Pups, to see where they were.  (We have three Pups… Kissy; and Chadwick, our yellow Pup; and Camie, the little blue merle Puppy I rescued).


I took a photo of what I saw… it was taken in the near dark with the flash on my Iphone.  Only the tv was on making light in the room.  Chadwick had went to sleep on the couch… and left only a very small place between his rump, and the arm of the couch.


Look at the photo… Kissy did his best to get up on the couch to sleep beside Chadwick.  Do you see how he only ‘fitted’ in that space ‘just so much’?  :)))  Does he look as if he is hugging Chadwick?


I was looking at them for the longest time.  They both slept soundly, never waking up as I took photos of them.  They stayed that way for over an hour.. only Kissy’s leg moved.


I was thinking Kissy was hugging Chadwick… because Chadwick ‘escaped’ yesterday… and ‘he might not have come back’.  I was thinking Kissy is so glad his brother came back safely.  Kissy tried to fit in that small space… I’ve never seen him do that before.




I Tucked You In… Precious Camie

I Tucked You In… Precious Camie
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



She watched around her as she was led out of the door… through the chain-link gate.  She turned to look back… she didn’t want to leave.  No!  She wanted to stay home… she loved her home, and her family.

The door opened on the pickup truck… she was helped in.   Gentle hands touched, patted her head.  She sensed that no one wanted her to go anymore, than she wanted to go.

The door opened to the pickup truck… she got out.  By now, she knew the drill… she began to walk slowly up the brick drive, onto the slanted boardwalk.  They got to the wooden door… stood for several minutes talking while she waited.

They went through the door where they were greeted with cheerful voices.  She ran toward them… she recognized them!  She loved the people behind the voices.

Come on, Camie… let’s weigh you.  The nurse walked her onto the scale… Camie had lost 1 pound.

It was time for her to be left… she would have surgery sometime that morning.  Camie was going to be spayed… have her skin scrapings, bloodwork done.

We began to turn, walk out to the pickup truck.  Camie stopped, ran toward me.  My heart melted… I bent down to kiss her, tell her I’d be back to get her.  I turned, walked out the door… with tears in my eyes.

I loved Camie so much… I sneaked a peek at Skip… I saw what looked like tears… in his eyes.  He, as well as I, love our Pups… we want them home… we want all to be all right.

I waited for the phone call to come.  I expected it around lunch-time… I couldn’t wait to know how Camie did.  I was on pins and needles.  I got the call… Camie came through like a champ.  I was so happy.  Now, it was time to wait until the evening to go pick her up.

I drove to the Louisburg Veterinary Clinic to pick Camie up… she was due to be picked up at 4:30 pm.  I was much earlier… I was ready to get her.  I wouldn’t rest until I had her home!

I went in, talked with Dr. Fontenot, and his staff… Morgan and Pam.  I stood there, absorbing all I needed to know to give Camie all her medicines.  She had pain medicine; antibiotics, and she had Heartgard… and Certifect.  They were for heartworms, and for ticks, fleas.

Pam made Camie’s appointment to come back in 2 weeks.  I won’t bathe her until after her appointment.  Every week, I give Camie her very own ‘Camie Spa’… where I bathe her with her medicinal shampoo.  After the shampoo, I gently massage… dry her.  So, no more until after the next appointment.

Dr. Fontenot went over Camie’s bloodwork report.  Camie’s been bitten by a brown tick… her blood tested positive for Ehrlichia canis.  We’ll be talking about that soon.

Camie’s skin still hasn’t healed completely.  I worry … of course, I would.  I want her to be past all this, completely healed… no more medical problems.  I’m a little worried also, about her testing positive for Ehrlichia canis.  I want her to be well like our other two Pups, Kissy and Chadwick.  My mission is to make it happen.

I look to my left… there she lays.  I gave her pain medicine, it made her drowsy.  She got up on the couch, put her head on a pillow, went to sleep.  I got up, took her blanket… placed it over her to keep her comfortable, snuggly, warm.

I tucked you in… Precious Camie.


I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy… It Must Be Meant To Be

I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy…  It Must Be Meant To Be

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Yesterday, I received in the mail… my second Copyright Certificate.  This one is for ‘I CRY FOR TOMMY’.  Now… I have both certificates in my possession; both of my books are officially copyrighted.





Gloria Faye Brown BAR




Lately, as you know… most of my time has been in caring for Camie (Precious Camo), the little puppy I rescued.  Also, I had a pulled muscle from carrying Camie, when I rescued her… that really was quite painful for some time.  Skip has been very sick… he is better now, but… still sick.


Kissy and Chadwick both, are well.  I’m so thankful for that.  They both are used to Camie being in the house… sometimes, they will go lay down by the ‘hospital area’, near her.  They don’t bark, growl at her.


It will be some time before Camie will be well enough to be able to play with them.  Her skin is in real bad condition… so sore.  She has demodectic mange… and it’s a really bad condition.  Hers is worse for having laid on the cold, wet ground dying.


The photos I take of her show her condition.  I’ll be so happy when you can begin to see such progress in her photos.  This precious little puppy has a very long, hard road to travel.  I hope you will constantly send prayers her way, and positive thoughts.


I mean to win this battle, make her get well.  I sleep short periods of time at night to watch over her… and let her out so, that she doesn’t suffer extra waiting to ‘go to the bathroom’.  She’s housebroken, and won’t ‘go’ inside.  She’s a very smart puppy.


I’m so thankful to have this little puppy… it must be meant to be.  :)))





By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Kissy…   Kissy Fairchild…   Kissy Fairchild Bates…   Biggie…  Big Boy…    Big Head Rascal…    Bear…    Kissy-Kissy…


All the names above, belong to one special Pup.  He is all of those special names, plus more.


One more special name is ‘Stalker’…  you see, Kissy Fairchild knows how to stalk ‘good’.  It is so entertaining to watch him, to see him go into action.  His movements become fluid-like, smooth…… his eyes become ‘trance-like’, alert…


For instance, either Skip or myself, can ‘start him up’.  We can stop all of a sudden, look directly at Kissy.  He’ll instantly stop what he is doing, ‘freeze’… look directly back at us.


Skip can (or I can)… begin moving one foot, hand very slowly, move toward him…. and he will do the same!  So, instead of one stalker, there are two stalkers … stalking each other!


We laugh when we do this… because when we begin to ‘close in’ on Kissy… he’ll ‘come alive’, and jump in the air, running toward us to be hugged, loved.  It’s so much fun to watch.


Sometimes, we see him while standing at the window… we’ll see him begin to ‘stalk’ Chadwick.  We love to watch what happens next.


Chadwick will stop, look at Kissy… sit down like a ‘kangaroo’, wait for the right moment, jump at Kissy… they will ‘play fight’.  They have the best time.


Kangaroo Jack (Tommy loved that name), Sweet Chadwick, Soft Eyes, Wickster, Wick-Wick…


Those are the nicknames for Chadwick.  He’s the other special Pup.  He is one fast Pup… so, is Kissy.  They will chase each other in circles… that’s entertaining, also.


Stalking… is the most fun to us… because we can make it happen… anytime!  We like to … stalk!  :)))

Shoes Of A Different Color… Taban’s Car Seat… Damn House Phone!



Granny Gee’s shoes … today I wore them for several hours before discovering they don’t match….  :)))  It was one of those ‘I don’t believe it’ moments.



Shoes Of A Different Color…  Taban’s Car Seat …  Damn House Phone!


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I went to run several errands on Sunday, I visited several stores.  I didn’t feel my best but, I had the confidence I normally have, until … I looked down at my feet.  Something seemed a little odd, at that moment I didn’t pick up on it.  


My mind kept saying ‘something ‘isn’t right’.  I looked back down at my feet, my mind not registering anything out of the way.  I went on to finish all I needed to do, got in my truck, came home.  My truck is high enough off the ground that I have to step up on the running board to enter it.  Sometimes, it isn’t an easy job when there are days my body ‘feels the pain more’… also, for a ‘short’ person.  :)))


When I got home, I began to exit my truck and slid down to the ground… when the sunlight revealed to me what I had not seen before … I was wearing different sneakers!  They didn’t match!  They were of different colors!  Oh my God!  I went out in public like this!  I couldn’t believe it.  I knew I wasn’t feeling well, but…..


Well, hopefully no one noticed it… thankfully, they were of the same style, but… of different (soft) colors.  I didn’t recall anyone looking down at my feet… I ‘looked into my mind immediately!’).


I had gotten sick on Saturday, very sick with flu-like symptoms …enough so, that Skip was worried.  I slept all of Saturday evening, through the night, and on Sunday morning, I felt ‘well’.  How fortunate was I?  I didn’t feel 100%, but, almost.  I think I ‘missed the bullet.’  


Not feeling the very best, is my only excuse for wearing non-matching shoes.  I did that once many years ago, when I worked in the office… I couldn’t go home, I kept my feet hidden under my desk! 


Not only did that happen… something kept distracting my attention as I drove my truck.  Each time I looked into my rear view mirror, I saw this:





Taban’s brand-spanking new car seat.  I will save this for him ‘one day’… I already have his wagon, dump truck, artist easel with paints, paper, Christmas presents, and toys… blankets….. and …. and ….. and………………………………………………………………………


This was what kept bothering me as I looked into my rear view mirror… see Taban’s seat sitting there on the 3rd seat of my truck?


Taban’s car seat has sat here almost as long as Tommy’s been gone.  Taban has never gotten to ride, while sitting in it.  


 Taban’s seat still rides with me everywhere I go, sitting there wishing for a little, precious boy to sit in it.  It been there for almost as long as Tommy’s been gone.  I ordinarily don’t let my mind focus on it….


That was the second thing … today, that bothered me.  When I got home, got inside… another thing made me feel worse.





You can see 24 Missed Calls… get an idea how much I pay attention to that house phone, I don’t hear it anymore … I don’t care.  Who’s going to call, unless it’s someone with something ‘bad’ to … tell me?


The third thing… the house phone was ringing … Kissy began crying, howling.  It sounds so sad, I can’t bear to hear him do that.  It’s strange … it’s really strange he does that.  


I ‘know why’ I can’t bear to hear the house phone… that’s how I found out Tommy was … Tommy died.  The man talking on Tommy’s cellphone called our house phone…


I hate the house phone, I feel instant anger when it rings.  ‘If’ I answer it, I know anger is in my voice… I feel mad, I feel anger….  I begin to tense up when it rings.


It is just how it affects me… so, whoever chances calling me on it, also…. may hear pure anger in my voice.  I know it’s wrong, not right… but, tell my feelings that.  I feel ‘mad’ now.. talking about it.  I’m not mad at who calls…. I’m mad … at something in the past.


Combined with how I feel, Kissy crying each time it rings… it’s almost… unbearable.  We use it mostly to fax with. I would not keep it, if it wasn’t needed.  Our cellphones would be enough..


I’ve turned the phones down as low as they will go… thinking the tone is too high for Kissy… it doesn’t matter.  He begins crying, howling… anyway.  


Same thing when he hears the theme song for ‘Two and a Half Men‘… and the ‘bacon, bacon, bacon commercial.’  Kissy will begin crying so pitifully, it turns into howling non-stop.  


We can use the remote control on the tv to mute the sound, but… we don’t have a remote control… for everything.


So, today shoes of a different color, Taban’s car seat, and the house phone have bothered me…. threes are always my number it seems.  A lot of times though… threes are significant in a good way.  Today, they weren’t… I felt them more because I was sick.


All of these things were upsetting, but… I don’t dwell on things too long… I make myself ‘let go’…..  to find peace of mind.










Is It My Imagination?

Photo Taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… January 04, 2013 at  9:45 am… Friday

Answer me this:  Do you see a Dragonfly?


 Is It My Imagination?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I wonder what insect you see when you look at the photo

The photo I took of the root our Kissy brought to me

As I sat in my art room to write about Tommy?


I couldn’t believe my eyes as I bent closer to see

What in the world he brought, dropped on the floor

For me … at first, I was afraid it was a bug of some kind


My hand came back quickly before I touched it

I began to see a …… no, that can’t be!

It’s too much of a coincidence, I was just writing about a…


Dragonfly … when, one ‘drops out of heaven’ before me

Kissy was the messenger who brought it to me

Can you ‘see the dragonfly?’ or is that just my imagination?


How can I be writing about Tommy, a dragonfly, while inside

For a dragonfly to appear to me?

To appear in the form of a root…. shaped like a ………………


I can’t believe my eyes, yet… I believe

I know such happens, I’ve seen strange things in the past

As they happen, I know they’re true


I keep them to myself, I don’t tell you

This one time I did, because it happened while I was

Writing to you about Tommy, a dragonfly


It’s strange, it really happened

I felt you should know it did as I sat here

Writing to you, when Kissy brought that ‘dragonfly’ to me


I was wishing to see Tommy’s face, his eyes

Instead… from heaven, a dragonfly dropped down

In the form of a root that came from outside


Did this root come from heaven, or from the earth

I wonder if Kissy dug it up, sensing I needed to see Tommy

Or, did he catch it outside when it fell from heaven?


It doesn’t matter now, I ‘see’ the dragonfly

It’s message is clear, it’s too much of a coincidence

For it to happen as I wrote about Tommy, and a dragonfly


For one to appear to me in those moments

I wonder?  Can you see the dragonfly or is it

Wishful thinking, do you think I’m seeing one because I want to?

Can I Open The Curtain Of Air To Peep Into Heaven?

The day the Dragonfly Appeared..Kissy brought it to me 1-04-2013 001

(Something Just Happened As I Was Writing This Poem !!! )


Can I Open The Curtain Of Air To Peep Into Heaven?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A little ant scurried along the tiny ant path

Going to only where he knows

Taking a tidbit of food with him as he goes

The red hawk in the distance swoops to the ground

Hoping to catch the little rabbit that hops, runs for its life

The hawk misses, the rabbit is safe for another day

Insects buzz with lazy, happy sounds

The sun shines down, warming the ground

On the surface of the pond, the water breaks

A big fish pulls back the curtain of water

Is that how Tommy left one day in late May?

Did he reach out to open the curtain of air?

The curtain of water that separates pond from air opens

The fish appears for a moment on this side

Open the air … is it possible to ‘open the air’ to Heaven?

Open the curtain of air, peep in to see our loved ones

To see where they could have gone?

I’m always feeling the air with my hands, looking for that opening

I know that I couldn’t stay just as the fish can’t stay

On this side of the water… unless it died … I died

The fish only wants food, I only want to peep in at my son

I just want to see his smiling face for a few moments

You know… see his eyes that I know so well

I really miss him so much … I want to just peep for a moment

Not stay long, you know

Just a moment, just a couple of moments

One more moment, please?

I stand on the grassy knoll in my mind

Seeing a dragonfly land on a little yellow flower

I wonder as I look … could that dragonfly be Tommy?

Did it appear for me, to let me know he knows I’m here?

Tommy, my mind cries out, I miss you, my son!

Please don’t leave, stay for a moment

You don’t have to stay long

Light on my hand, just for a couple………… Oh My God!

At this very moment I wrote that!

Kissy came to me, I bent down to pet him

Heard something fall to the floor

It was a ‘dragonfly!’, a root shaped like a dragonfly!

This just really happened several moments ago!

I took time to get photos of it to put here

I just wrote about a dragonfly up above!

I am feeling strange now, you see

I think Tommy just ‘sent a dragonfly to me!’

He sent it by Kissy, who brought it to me

I don’t know what to think

I have this ‘dragonfly’ sitting in my art room

To always stay now… it just appeared… today!!!



January 04, 2013… This just really happened! Just as I typed the words ‘just for a couple’……. I stopped long enough to get photos of the ‘dragonfly’… a root shaped like a dragonfly!

At first, when I heard something fall to the floor, I couldn’t imagine what it was… I had just bent over from my desk chair to pet Kissy (he wanted to Express Himself! To run in a circle as I excitedly tell him ‘Kissy, Express Yourself!’).

As my hand went to pick up what fell, my eyes couldn’t identify what it was.. I drew my hand back quickly. On the dark carpet it looked like … I was afraid it could be a big insect, or something until… I leaned down close enough to investigate!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! You won’t either, when you read what I’ve just wrote… this … really … happened … a ‘few moments ago!’

Granny Gee/Gloria


P.S. Normally, I don’t tell anyone about such things … I keep them to myself. I know strange things can/will happen … and if one doesn’t see it for themselves … they don’t believe it.

This happened just a short time ago… about 9:45 am … January 04, 2013 !!! Friday!







Prince and The Rock-Weiler…



Gift Of Love… (Photo by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee)


Prince and The Rock-Weiler…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip had one of the best night’s sleep in some time. He woke up feeling refreshed, began to turn over in bed…

What in… the… world? He felt immediate pain in his right side! He didn’t know what was wrong, but, whatever it was… it didn’t feel right. It was lumpy, too big to be ‘just laying’ in the bed with him. It felt like a ………

About that time, Kissy stretched out on the bed. Now, you all know how big Mr. Kissy is… why, he is as long as a full-grown man when he stretches out.

When Kissy stretches, one needs to move out of the way. He will bop you in the eye, or in the stomach, or the back… it hurts! We call that ‘big-footing’. We say, “I just got big-footed.” Kissy did it!

“Oh, Kissy! I’ve just been big-footed!” Skip yelled out, “not only that, something is hurting my right side!”

Skip began the process of turning back over to sit up on the side of the bed… it’s no easy feat on a king-size temperapedic mattress.

In fact, it’s very hard to do…. I’m ready to upgrade to a ‘real’ mattress… I sleep on the edge, so… I can get off easily. That’s another story :))).

Skip grabs whatever it is that was hurting him in his right side, while holding his left eye…. sits up on the side of the bed. “I want you to look at this!” In his hand, he held a ….

I couldn’t believe my eyes, my mind went immediately to the fairy tale about the princess and the pebble! How the princess could feel the pebble through all those mattresses! If she’d had what Skip had in his hand… she’d known it!

In the palm of Skip’s hand lay a rock! Yes, a rock! You can see it in the photo at the top of this story! I put a happy flower (from a friend!) with its stem shaped into a heart …. and the rock inside it…. to reflect love. Kissy put that rock there for Skip out of love! Sometimes, love hurts! :)))

Sometimes… Kissy forgets he is a ‘Rottweiler’… he becomes a ‘Rock-weiler’… he loves to move rocks … he’ll bring the gift of a little rock in the house for us.

He is like us, people… sometimes… we are something else other than what we are….. example: coffeemaker! :)))




Guardian Angels…

Guardian Angels…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I am on alert this morning.  Kissy came to wake me up this morning at 5:20 am.  He got up on the bed, hit me with his big foot (he did what we call ‘big-footed me’)  … and barked.  I woke up, watched him in the nightlight.  He doesn’t do this unless something is outside, something is going on closeby.


Kissy sat for a moment looking toward the bedroom door… I ‘knew’ his attention was on something.  I got up, he barked again.  As I came closer to the door to enter the hall, he jumped off the bed in front of me.  I had to follow him up the hall.


We went to the living room where I saw Skip sitting in his recliner holding a plastic hospital container he brought home with him yesterday.  He was nauseated.


He told me he had been up since 1:00 a.m. hurting in his right side.  I took his BP, and temperature.  I, also, called the hospital.  For now, Skip is comfortably resting on the couch where I put his soft pillows… and covered him up in cosy bedcovers.  I just looked over at him… he is resting quietly.


I made him promise not to get up sick again… without waking me up.  He understands I need to know what is going on with him ‘in case’ he has to go back to the hospital.  I am recording everything on paper ‘just in case’… this way all is more accurate… if we have to go back.


I am his ‘guardian angel’ in life… I will watch over him.  I like to think Tommy is his guardian angel in the afterlife looking over him.


I look at Skip at this very moment… he is sleeping quietly.  He seems to be resting comfortably.  Kissy did want to lay on top of him… for now, he can’t.  :)))


Kissy is tight against my feet, laying on my blanket as I sit here and type.  Chadwick wanted to stay close to Skip… he is now, sleeping on the loveseat.


They are worried about their Skip.  They are his ‘guardian angels‘, also.  I loved that Kissy woke me up to come to Skip… I loved that Chadwick stayed near Skip.


I may stay awake alittle longer, when I feel it’s okay… I will nap closeby Skip.  We ‘guardian angels’ have to stay on the alert… our special somebody needs us… we need him.  I love you, Skip.

You Rascal!

You Rascal!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I saw sparkling colors… lights that were happy colors!  You know my attention goes straight to colors… I do follow colors.  I have to be very careful where they lead me!

My mind couldn’t place ‘why’ these happy colors were here in an unlikely place.  Why… would they be in Kissy’s mouth?  Kissy, is our Rottweiler who will be 2 years old on November 2nd.

Kissy was one year old when this happened.  He ran to the next room… I was in the bedroom when I first saw the colors.  I went on to foget about the happy colors thinking it was my imagination.  I should have known better!

Once in a while I thought about the colors in Kissy’s mouth… wondered if I really saw something or thought I saw something.  He had pranced out the pet door to go play with Chadwick, our special-mix Pup, who was 4 years old.

I went on to forget about it once again…. until I decided to call someone.  I went to look for my beautiful cellphone.  I was especially proud of it, Skip had just bought it for me.  It was expensive ($300.00), so, I knew I was going to take very good care of it!  Yes… I would take very good care of my beautiful cellphone!

I felt for it, it wasn’t in the case that was clipped to my side!  I felt an over-whelming panic in my chest.  I ran to the bedroom, frantically began scanning all around for my beautiful cellphone!  I couldn’t find it!

I felt weak… my beautiful cellphone… you know… the one Skip had just bought for me…. was gone!  How did it get out of my case?!!!

I ran to the living room, the kitchen… I looked at the pet door.  Uh oh!  The happy colors!  Oh no, the happy colors I thought I’d imagined!  I ran to the door and opened it…. I began calling Kissy!

I saw the colors again!  I knew I had to sweet-talk Kissy, to get my phone back.  It really was my cellphone…. no, it really was my new, beautiful cellphone that Skip paid alot to buy for me!  It was the cellphone that I had had for one day!  It was the cellphone I was going to ‘protect with my life!’

It was the … happy-colored cellphone in Kissy’s mouth!  He came to me, I grabbed the cellphone.  It was wet… happy colors were on the cracked screen!  Only those colors didn’t make me feel happy… I saw pink, red, lavender, green colors.  I love happy colors but, these weren’t the colors I wanted to see.

“Oh, Kissy!”  I cried out, “how could you do this?”  I felt very upset as I walked back inside the house.  I sat down at the dining table with my beautiful cellphone… that had many happy colors on it… no longer was it pretty anymore.  It was wet, grimy… the screen cracked… teeth marks on the battery.  There was no hope for it.

I went several weeks before getting a new cellphone… I used a second-hand cellphone.  It was like driving an old car that had no shocks on it… all the best part had been ‘used up’.  It was awful.

What was wonderful was that Skip bought me another beautiful cellphone …. just like the one Kissy got!  Kissy, you ‘ate my cellphone’, you rascal!  We never got mad at him.

Kissy!  You Rascal!  :)))