This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Garden…

This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Bale Garden…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Something bad has happened in the homeless world… Victoria’s cousin Lind Lou has arrived, is staying for several weeks.  Victoria went for visit to homeless world… as soon as she steps through the door, she knows something… bad has happened.


She begins walking cautiously to the brick room (that used to be a brick enclosure for trash cans… Chip had it enclosed, made into a ‘safe’ room with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom for Stevie, Caroline).  Victoria never could talk them into leaving the homeless world, let her get them a home, take care of them.  She and Chip did the next best thing… made a safe room for them to live, to escape to… with just a press of a button.


Victoria saw droplets of dried blood on the cement as she walked to the door… she was afraid of what she would find when she pressed the secret button to open the door.  Her dear friends…. her stomach felt butterflies, she felt she couldn’t breathe… something bad has happened, something bad has happened….


‘No!’ her mind screamed.  As she nears the door… she sees Caroline’s cellphone broken into a thousand pieces… on the cement ground.  It was no longer a shiny purple color… dried, rusty-red coagulated blood held many pieces together……..


In her mind… she know something bad has happened to Caroline, and Stevie.  Why didn’t they call her!  Because… they are dead?  She looks down to Caroline’s cellphone… she wonders why Stevie didn’t call on his cellphone……………


The above is an update to book two I am writing about Victoria Fairchild… ‘The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild’… things are about to ‘go to hell’ … again.  Lind Lou is there… the serial murderer has struck close to Victoria… only one of them will walk out of the homeless world… alive.


Book two… is beginning to pop, crackle… the fires of Hell are always burning… Victoria Fairchild will meet up with more than her match… she will have to walk through Hell… to make it out alive… ‘if’ she makes it out at all.



My ‘Straw Bale Garden’ is beginning to take shape… this is day 3.  I’ve planted more seeds in containers I made from clear gallon jugs that held water.  I put holes in the sides, bottom of each… so, they can drain.  We have to buy water, and I hated to keep throwing the nice jugs away… they now, have a second life.


I planted corn (yes, corn!), and sweet basil, sunflowers, cosmos, and pumpkin, watermelon seeds.  I also, planted squash.  Remember… I am planting on a very small scale, so… I’m not doing a labor-intensive garden.  What I do is quite easy.


I will be taking photos all along so, you can see all I’ve done.  Today is ‘Day 3’… some of my friends, followers are going to plant a straw bale garden!  Maybe I’ll get to see photos of theirs.


This is the perfect garden for anyone who has serious health problems… Skip does any lifting, or moving I need done.  The heaviest thing I lift … are the seeds.  :)))


This is the update on both my book, and straw bale garden….



Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…

Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…


Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston… Book Two:

The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild… (being written at present….:)))

This is Victoria Fairchild… and her first cousin, Lind Lou Livingston… who has just come into the story.

Lind Lou is spicing things up… life is just about to get very exciting around Victoria’s house.

Victoria Fairchild… Victoria loves the homeless people, and animals. Woe be unto the one she sees/hears mistreating, abusing either. Victoria believes in an eye for an eye… a nose for a nose. Victoria will go as far as she needs to … to protect the innocent, the helpless… sometimes, she’ll go as far as…

Lind Lou Livingston… Lind Lou is a barber/beautician. She loves to cut hair… she loves the color ‘red’. Sometimes, Lind Lou ‘accidently’ cuts, nicks an ear, chin… Lind Lou never waste anything, not even the hair she cuts…

Lind Lou is also, an artist. She loves to paint the unusual, she uses the unusual to paint with. Her paintings look ‘alive’… sometimes, when looking at one of her paintings, one almost expects it to ‘cry out for help’.

undefinedWhen Victoria Fairchild, and her cousin… Lind Lou Livingston, walk into a room… all eyes are on them. Both are as beautiful as the other, they are as different as night and day. Both can … charm the birds out of a tree.

Lind Lou is ‘dark’… she loves to paint evil, loves to paint pain, suffering. The music she loves to hear while she paints… is live ‘music’, the cries of someone who is helpless in front of her… who ‘poses’ for her paintings. Lind Lou is ‘dark’ as the night she loves to be out in, dark as the shadows she stands in… watching, waiting…

Victoria Fairchild is as good as good can be. She doesn’t like to hurt anyone unless… she catches them abusing a helpless person, animal. Especially if the one she catches … is a woman. Victoria doesn’t like women, especially big, blonde-headed women. She was abused as a child by … women. No, a woman doesn’t want to meet up with… Victoria Fairchild, if they are abusing a child, person… animal.

Victoria Fairchild is as good as can be… when she’s good, she’s good. When Victoria Fairchild is bad… she’s very, very … bad.


I just wanted to share my drawings of Victoria Fairchild, and Lind Lou Livingston…. Book Two: THE SAGA OF VICTORIA FAIRCHILD.

Looks like things are getting ready to happen… :)))