I Wonder… Will He Grow Up To Be An Actor

I Wonder… Will He Grow Up To Be An Actor
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(Tommy holding Taban… he was so proud)………

Tommy Mitchell Sidden holding his newborn son shortly after he was born... 3-16-2007
I looked at a little face so familiar
So, like the little boy I had once
I even saw ‘myself’ in that little face
The eyes, the smile so, like mine… like Tommy’s

My little grandson, so like his father
With such a sunshine personality
That can change to stormy in a moment
I wonder who else was like that… who is like that… ‘now’

Yes, it was Tommy, this little one’s father
And … me, too… I’m lots of sunshine, and stormy, too
This little fellow might be a flirt, he likes girls
Girls like him, big girls… little girls are drawn to him

His daddy was like that as a young boy, I had to say ‘no’
Big girls wanted to ride him around in their cars
He’d smile his little boy smile at me, hoping I would say ‘yes’
I would grin back at his little mischievous face, say ‘no!’

I would tell him to wait until he was old enough to be out with big girls
He would laugh at his over-protective mother
So, would the girls as they went their merry ways
They knew… one day would come… Tommy would grow up

Just as Tommy’s little son will grow up one day, full of life
Full of wonderful life, his bright personality lighting up the world
Only when he sleeps will it soften like the night
When he wakes up, it’ll glow like the golden sunshine

I sense special things about my little grandson, I feel he will go
Far in life with such confidence, do something special
He could become an actor, a writer, a doctor… even
I ‘know’ in my heart he is destined to ‘be someone’, I ‘see’ it now

Little sweet Taban, who melts my heart, makes me smile
My little grandson whom I love most… he’ll say ‘Granny Gee, I love you most!’
I know in my ‘big girl’ heart that I love him most… I know what it’s all about
I love him in so many ways… for himself, for being my son’s …son

For being my only grandson I’ll ever have in this life
He’s the closest to Tommy I can ever come
I can see my son in my grandson who is here
I thank God for him … everyday

I feel I can ‘see’ special things in the future, I ‘feel’ them
All around my grandson… I know he’s going to do well in life
How do I know… I can’t possibly explain, but, I’ve sensed it before
With other children… sure enough… they grew up to be special

I think I’m going to plan on being around a very long time
Just to see what he’ll do, accomplish… I know it will be interesting
For even now, he likes ‘to wear many hats’, dress up to be somebody new
I’m thinking he loves to be different characters… I wonder if he’ll grow up to be an… actor? He can be very entertaining…. :)))



Poor Little Lion Cub…

Poor Little Lion Cub…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Sitting here with tears in my eyes, feeling emotional… I’ve been watching the Lion King movie.  I’ve always heard it was a wonderful movie… it is.


I knew it was supposed to be sad… but, I’d never heard ‘in what way it was sad’.  I know … now.  I know…………… now.  I want to cry my heart out.  It’s happy, it’s sad… now, it’s happy again.


I never liked to watch ‘cartoon’ movies… I was curious about this movie.  Poor little lion cub… I think of my little grandson.


The lion who was king, loved his little lion cub… Simba.  His little cub loved him.  The lion king had a brother who was jealous of him, hated him, and the little lion cub.


It was the brother lion who caused the death of the lion king… the little lion cub ran to his daddy… who was lying on the ground … dead.  The little lion cub crawled under his daddy’s paw and snuggled up to him… in grief.  His daddy had died…


I made it this far through the holiday without crying… tonight, I cry for my little grandson who doesn’t have a daddy any longer… who loved his daddy just as this little lion cub loved his daddy.


I never knew the movie was going to affect me like this… I wouldn’t have watched it at this particular time.


When the little lion cub cried for his daddy, crawled under his daddy’s paw… it made me think of when Tommy lay on the sand where he collapsed at Myrtle Beach… it made me think of little Taban laying on the ground pointing up to the sky, saying… ‘my daddy died, my daddy’s up there.’


My heart breaks… tears pour down my cheeks, I can hardly breathe… I miss my son.  Little Taban misses his daddy… poor little … lion cub.