Poor Little Lion Cub…

Poor Little Lion Cub…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Sitting here with tears in my eyes, feeling emotional… I’ve been watching the Lion King movie.  I’ve always heard it was a wonderful movie… it is.


I knew it was supposed to be sad… but, I’d never heard ‘in what way it was sad’.  I know … now.  I know…………… now.  I want to cry my heart out.  It’s happy, it’s sad… now, it’s happy again.


I never liked to watch ‘cartoon’ movies… I was curious about this movie.  Poor little lion cub… I think of my little grandson.


The lion who was king, loved his little lion cub… Simba.  His little cub loved him.  The lion king had a brother who was jealous of him, hated him, and the little lion cub.


It was the brother lion who caused the death of the lion king… the little lion cub ran to his daddy… who was lying on the ground … dead.  The little lion cub crawled under his daddy’s paw and snuggled up to him… in grief.  His daddy had died…


I made it this far through the holiday without crying… tonight, I cry for my little grandson who doesn’t have a daddy any longer… who loved his daddy just as this little lion cub loved his daddy.


I never knew the movie was going to affect me like this… I wouldn’t have watched it at this particular time.


When the little lion cub cried for his daddy, crawled under his daddy’s paw… it made me think of when Tommy lay on the sand where he collapsed at Myrtle Beach… it made me think of little Taban laying on the ground pointing up to the sky, saying… ‘my daddy died, my daddy’s up there.’


My heart breaks… tears pour down my cheeks, I can hardly breathe… I miss my son.  Little Taban misses his daddy… poor little … lion cub.