You Had Better Act Like Somebody…

You Had Better Act Like Somebody…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Going out into the world daily, I see some of the nicest people in the world.  I know there’s not a mean bone in their body.  I see such warm smiles, kind words… actions even nicer than their smiles, words.  They‘d never hurt a ‘flea’.  Everyone ‘acts so nice’!

There’s no way possible… they are ever mean, ugly… real.  They are like that… all the time.  Those good, sweet, kind, perfect… wonderful people.  I wish I could be … like that.  I am just… me.  I can be so nice… sometimes, I’m not feeling like being nice.  Darn it… it’s hard to be something… I’m not.

That’s ‘why’ I’m the first person to tell you … I’m not perfect… I’m just not perfect at all.  The only thing I have going for me is… I really try to be a good person… the best person I can possibly be… all the while making mistakes, learning to the day that I … die.

Doors are opened for others… ‘let me get that for you’.  Why just yesterday… Skip ran into a situation that… wasn’t acting.  The man was … really ‘himself’… without a mask.

Skip was at a store, getting ready to walk outside.  A guy in front of him walked out the door, as Skip began through the door… the door slammed on him, knocking his drink out of his hand.

The man in front of him …never bothered to hold the door out of courtesy… for just a second until… Skip could also, make his exit.  Skip made a sound… the man turned around, told Skip he was in a hurry, went on about his life.

The man never acted like he was a nice guy… he was really what he was… he didn’t pretend.  He didn’t care if anyone saw him for the real person he was.  He was a … turd.  Yes, he was a… turd.  Shame on him.

Most people are like this… but, in public we try to hide it… we try to project ourselves as the ‘nicest person in the world’.  That man must have given up … pretending.  Even if we don’t feel nice… we should pretend we are.  I’m not saying to the extent… someone would take advantage of us.

I’m glad I wasn’t there… I would have smiled at him, softly told him what he was.  I would have been nice about it.  Guess what?  I would have my ‘sweet, nice mask’ on.  I would be acting… nice, when in fact… I would be just before being… ugly.

I can say this too, in all honesty.  That man didn’t know he could have gotten his ass kicked… all he saw was an older man coming behind him.  He probably intended for that door to hit Skip.  Skip could have reminded him of something he didn’t like in his own life.  Maybe his ‘old daddy’… or old grandfather he hated.  Maybe …he hated his ‘old ass’ …self.

I think people make a mistake when they ‘see older people, assume they are ‘weak’.  I think they make a mistake… when they make this mistake.  Knowledge, experience ‘got that older person this far’……

Haven’t you heard on the news how criminals sometimes, meet more than their match when they rob ‘an old grandma’… go to beat up ‘an old man’.  They get their ass kicked… and some more.  I love it.

My advice is… you never know what you’re going up against… someone might be ‘old’… but, it’s knowledge, experience that counts.  You might get more than you bargain for.

Some ‘old’ people know how to fight back… you don’t know what you’re messing with.  Some of these ‘old codgers’ might know martial arts; they might be veterans… who fought for your ‘little boy or little girl ass’ when you were a child … for your freedom.

Then… some of you grew up to ‘rob them, murder them’… after they fought for the world you live in.  Yeah… they fought for ‘your freedom’… just so you could murder, rob, or humiliate ‘them’ one day when they are ‘old’.  Shameful…  You ‘act like’ you care, love, respect them… all the while… waiting for them to become weak.

Sometimes, it gets into some younger people’s minds… ‘older people don’t need what they have anymore… they are old; they could die any day’.  I need it… I can do a lot with their things to make my life better.

They begin to plot, to plan, to slowly ‘take’… by ‘acting’ like they’re somebody.  It could be a lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, daughter, son, grandchild… a ‘loving one’.  It’s easier to take what you want… if you …act like somebody.

Strange enough… others can ‘see’ it.  The person who is ‘old’ doesn’t see it… they just want to be loved, cared about.  They want to believe in someone who is ‘acting like somebody’ they know… loves them.

I think you, like me… love it when an ‘old’ person gives somebody ‘bad’… what for.  I love it when an ‘old’ person’s eyes ‘open’… and they begin to see through others… see that the people who ‘acted like they loved them’… are deceitful, dishonest.

Especially when in life they… ‘use their position in life’… to deceive to take from an older person.  This could be a pastor, a fireman, cop, christian… whoever.  I love it… when ‘their acting’ can be … seen through; they are no longer trusted; no longer ‘well-thought’ of.

I love it when an old person kicks somebody’s ass… when they come up to physically assault, rob, murder them.  I love it when I see evidence of ‘their ass getting kicked’.  I love it when ‘they get it good’…

Acting… it seems that ‘acting’ is what makes the world go ’round.  If we act like somebody… we gain in life.  Just depends on what, who you act like to gain trust, material things.  We’ve all been guilty in one way or other.

We’ve all acted to be ‘somebody, something in this life in order to be accepted’… pretending the whole way.  That’s ‘how doors are opened’ to us.  How many ‘real people’ do you …know?  Sometimes… we hate the people ‘who know us as we really are’………..

So, think about what I wrote above… acting to deceive a person into thinking someone loves them… when there’s no love there… only …greed.  I know a lot of people like this… I recognize them if I don’t know them.  Don’t you?  I know you do.

I think this is one of the most awful things we can do… unless the one who ‘acts’… acts it all out in a ‘good’ way, never hurting, harming another.  How many times does that happen?

How many times a day do you smile, be so honey-sweet to people when you would like to tell them what you really think?  You have to if you are going to be out in the world… you are… going to have to act.  You are going to … have to pretend you are something… you really aren’t.  Do you know why?

Because, you’ll be shunned… people will go in an opposite direction when they see you coming… if you don’t ‘act right’.  Watch people’s expressions when they ‘see you’… if you sense they’re thinking ‘oh no! it’s you… again’!  You are probably sensing …right.

Even I have sensed that through time.  I don’t think there’s a person who hasn’t sensed that.  No one likes ‘you’… all the time… no matter how pretty, sweet, ‘good’… you are.  Sometimes, I like ‘mean’ people… sometimes, I like ‘ugly’ people.  Sometimes, I hate ‘everyone’… no matter ‘how they act’.  We all are like that.

I smile inside because when I see people I know… out in the world ‘acting’.  Why?  Because, you hear people say, ‘isn’t that the nicest person’?  I’m knowing probably that’s the ‘meanest man, woman that ever walked in two shoes’.

What’s funnier… really isn’t fun-ny… is when people say that about people we all hold in high esteem… and ‘we know better’.

I can look back through time… and remember ‘people who were the best christians, and even a pastor’… who chased a little girl I know personally… to do things… ‘ungodly’.

I am sure all of you can look back, remember such things in your own life.  Just because you say ‘someone is a cop, pastor, doctor, lawyer, fireman… so on, so on’… doesn’t mean they are all ‘good’.  We all have to ‘act a part’ when we go out into the world.  If not… you’ll be shunned.

There’s always a ‘bad apple’ in … everything.  Always remember that… open your eyes… and you’ll spot it no matter how ‘pretty, shiny, spotless’ it is. The better it looks… the better it hides to deceive others.  Think about a serial killer… that’s how they do to get their victims… they appear ‘perfect’ to everyone.

Nothing is perfect… I know… at one time in my life… I really tried to be; I couldn’t.  Keep an eye out for bad apples… they’re rotten to the core… don’t believe me?  Just bite into it…..

So, if you get up feeling bad, feeling as if you ‘hate the world’… you had better think twice.  In our world … you’d better ‘act like somebody’… whether you like it … or not.  Act ‘like somebody… even if … you aren’t’.

I suggest acting like a good person… even if you aren’t.  You might fool yourself into believing you’re a good person… before you know it… you might be one.  Acting, believing is how we develop habits… now, all I got to do is to ‘act thin’… that’s the habit I have forgotten.  :)))

I’m going to try my best to act like somebody… myself.  Hopefully, I can … act in a good way, be real.  I don’t like to fool people.  So, I’m going to act like somebody… Gloria.



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Do you know?  Yesterday was a very unusual day, not only that… so, was Wednesday evening.

I was there at two separate incidents to know ‘it was all true’, it all would have been hard to believe … if I hadn’t seen, or heard it… myself.  I saw, I believe, I know… this all to be the truth.

It began on Wednesday evening when I saw a woman who is the kindest soul you’ve ever met… be attacked verbally by another woman that I’ll call ‘movie star woman’… for something this woman has always done in the past.

She was simply guilty of being playful in a good way like I’ve always seen her do.  She playfully asked several people if they had missed her?  She got an unusual answer that made her think ‘uh oh’…….

The ‘movie star woman’ told her something, then… added the ‘uh oh’ part.  She said ‘I don’t know what the others thought’……

I watched, listened as she wondered aloud ‘why’ would her friend make such a statement?  She went on to forget until…. her friend emailed her to tell her off…. saying she was criticizing her, and her reputation where everyone would see…. because soon several big companies would be ‘looking, studying her’.

The poor woman couldn’t say anything … she instantly went into shock.  It didn’t do me any good to talk to her… she sat there, unhearing, hurt.. and in disbelief.  How my heart hurt for her.  I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed… I didn’t know ‘movie star woman’ was like that!

Movie star woman is a wonderful person, though during the past months she has changed to be something she isn’t… she is playing the game… so, she can become famous.  I did tell her this… ‘people who climb so high up… can/will fall hard’.

How do I know?  In my life experiences/lessons… I learned in my younger years when ‘I thought I was so much’… that life has a way of ‘bringing you down… to wake you up’, to not step on others, mistreat them ‘as you go up’…. ‘they are the ones whose gentle hands will help buffer your fall’.

All the woman did was to be herself and do the same old playful thing she always did… she didn’t know that this woman was in the spotlight… to be judged.  She truly is… she has been in a competition doing what she loves best… and is trying to make it to the top.  That’s wonderful…. what isn’t wonderful is how she devastated my friend’s world.  She is still trying to recover from it.

All my friend could do … was to apologize after reading the email she got… she sat and cried her heart out.  What did she do?  I’m witness that she didn’t do anything wrong.

She was accused of criticizing, and trying to make this woman appear bad, her friends bad ‘to the world’….. with the one little statement my friend made…. ‘did you miss me?’

Shame on you for doing that, ‘ Movie Star Woman’.  My friend, who was your friend, loved you, cared about you when you were … nobody.  Not only that, after you revealed your real self to her… she still loved, cared about you.

She didn’t sit to judge you, she went on to accept ‘you, as the beautiful person she saw’, instead of dwelling on the ‘bad’ things about you.

Shame on you….. for hurting my friend.  I’ll say it one more time…. shame on you!

This is ‘time one’… that you’ve hurt my friend…. ‘three is Granny Gee’s magic number’……  I hope you won’t mistakenly talk to her like that again.  Shame on you, Movie Star Woman……  Shame on you.

Yesterday, I had opportunity to watch an older friend of mine be verbally abused by someone who tries to give everyone, including me….. the impression that he is a Christian, God-fearing man.

The only thing is…. that I’d been hearing …of…  him verbally abusing this older friend of mine… but, I didn’t take it to heart.  Heck, we ‘all know how older people are…. why, we just can’t believe everything they say’….. ‘hey, you know they are ‘old’, they don’t know what they are talking about’.

Well… this older person was talked down to, talked to ‘worst than a dog’…. guess what?

I was sitting right there listening, watching… as I felt such shock, surprise that this ‘fine, upstanding citizen of the community, big Christian man among his family, friends’…… verbally abuse this older person… I listened as he talked so hateful, ugly over the speakerphone on my older friend’s cellphone.

My mouth did open wide… I didn’t believe I was hearing what I heard.  Mr. Christian Man…. maybe next time you’ll be recorded so, ‘your fine friends’ can hear what a ‘sermon you preach’.

I’d been hearing this in the past and I ‘knew’ there was something to it…. I ‘know’ this older person.  This person is a good person, he would ‘bend over backwards’ to be good to someone, to go out of his way to help.  If he gives you his word, you can bank on it.  He isn’t known as a ‘Christian’… but, I bet you he is ‘more Christian’…. than that man will ever hope to be.

What that Christian man didn’t know this time… there was a witness who respected him until… yesterday .. when it ended.

There’s no respect left now… though to be fair toward the big Christian man…. he does have alot of good qualities, and has done alot of good things.  He sure looks sweet, innocent… so, God-loving… such a big, good family person… he is all those things.

So…. honestly the Christian man is a ‘good’ man, for real…. though he does do bad things such as talk very ugly to older people… my older friend isn’t the only one.

After yesterday… I believe the other things I’ve been told… why, I just saw, heard it happen… I was there.  I ‘even heard some of the same words that he supposedly spoke’ to some other older people.

So, ‘why’ did he be so ugly to the older man?  Then… keep calling back to see if the older man was all right?  Why?  He told on himself as he kept calling back to make sure the older man was okay.  My heart broke for the older man…  Shame on you, Mr. Big Christian man…..

This older person has told me several times in the past that this happens from time to time.  Oh… I did forget, I did know personally of one more time this happened…. out of the blue.

Does this Christian man need a scapegoat of some sort?  All I can say is…. Granny Gee is ‘pissed off’ at this man….. ‘big time’.  This is her friend who is being verbally abused…. then, it all be ‘swept under the rug’ as if it never happened…. with the big Christian man going his merry way like he never done a thing.  I’m saying ‘it’d better stop’.

The Christian man is thinking ‘no one knows I’m verbally abusing this older man’….  Hey, Mr. Christian Man…. Granny Gee has listened to you talk ugly to her friend, talk down to him …. this is a college-educated person who has been in the military, is a veteran… something you’ve never done in your life…. ‘who are you’ to do this to someone who has always liked, respected you?

Someone ‘who protected you from Granny Gee telling you off, telling you just how ugly you’ve been?  Thank him for me not telling you ‘just how ugly you were’…. next time I’ll tell everyone so, they will know you have a dark side, also.  I know you don’t want them to know you talk ugly to older people…. why, all those older people in your community think you are ‘the finest thing’.

I respect my older friend, so… for now…. this has been the second time I’ve been witness…. ‘three’ is my number…..  I’m going to not intervene.  But, I am going to say this to you, Mr. Big Christian Man…………………………….. Shame On You!  Shame on you.

Granny Gee will say it again and… stand by her words… Shame On You, Movie Star Woman…..

Shame on you, Mr. Big Christian Man……

I hold my ground here.  I know what I just wrote to be absolutely true.  Knowing my friends, acquaintances… they would have been as upset as I… at witnessing such.  Some of you may have stepped in…  I couldn’t at risk of losing dear, dear friends whom I love with my heart.

I can say it again…. Shame On You!

Setting Animals On Fire…. For Fun!

Available at the Gordon County Animal Shelter....

Available at the Gordon County Animal Shelter. 706.629.3327 (Photo credit: zane.hollingsworth)

Setting Animals On Fire For Fun……………..


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee


I have been listening to CNN. I just learned something awful that’s been happening… people are setting animals, pets on fire … for fun.


I just looked at a photo where some of ‘the worse’ was blurred out. Just what I saw broke my heart, made me physically sick, angry… that someone could be so cruel as to hurt an innocent animal. Sick, sick… sick.


I may sound cruel when I say this… I don’t apologize, I mean every word I say. I really feel when someone intentionally means to hurt, harm an innocent animal, pet, person… they should get a taste of their medicine.


I can’t describe the anguish I felt in my heart seeing the photo of a little dog that had terrible burns over its innocent body. I realize that we walk shoulder to shoulder with ‘bad’ people as well as ‘good’ people.


Lots of times, the ‘bad’ people ‘look like good people’. I’ve learned this through all my years of living. It’s a good diguise. They can get away with lots of ‘bad’ things. Who would believe it?


Children, animals, helpless elderly people, homeless people are victims of such cruel people. What is different about their brains, minds… that they could inflict such pain, grief to another living being? What makes them different from me… I can’t bear to hurt animals or people.


My heart hurts at what I know, have seen… experienced. This is what has been on my mind… I wanted to share it. I wonder how many people are aware of this? I know I sure wasn’t… and I thought I kept up with so much on the world news.


This goes on in ‘our back yard’…. I can only say that Granny Gee hopes every person experiences exactly how it feels on their bodies, the grief… the pain… the horrendous things they inflict on other living beings.


I don’t apologize for thinking like this. I am a people-lover, animal lover. Knowing this causes more grief in my heart… Setting animals on fire … for fun.


Do you ‘feel’ what I feel inside when I read those words………. ‘setting animals on fire… for fun’?