If We Had Tails…

If We Had Tails

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sit here looking into Kissy’s face

He looks right back at me with his baby face

I smile softly at him, my heart melts with love

Just as it does as I, also… look into Chadwick’s face

Special pups, our family… our life

They are all we have in this big, old world

They are between us and having no one

Between us and …loneliness

We love them, they are the family we come home to

The family we buy special things for

Basted chews, twisted chews, chew bones

Even a red fox toy, a possum toy or two

No matter how bad we feel, how sad

They walk, run to us with happiness in their faces

They are really glad to see us

They come to us with love, no matter what

Chadwick’s bushy, blonde tail will wave gracefully in the air

Kissy’s little short tail will waggle a ‘mile a minute’

When we come home after being away

Love, pure love for us… it means the world

When we are away we find we look forward to getting home

To make sure they are okay

We are so happy to see them

That… if we had tails….. we would wave, waggle them, too!