Photos Of My Straw Bale Garden…

Photos Of My Straw Bale Garden…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Today, I took photos of my straw bale garden.  There are little tomatoes on some of the plants.


I saw one bell pepper growing, and I see yellow blooms on the squash vines.


This is the week we get our grass cut, so… please excuse the ‘tall’ grass.  Our yard doesn’t normally look like this.  It is mowed every two weeks.


We got lots of heavy rain off Andrea, the tropical storm. Today, it seemed like the grass grew much higher.  :)))








You can see my ‘makeshift’ fence that will be easily taken down at the end of summer.  This is to keep the deer out.  I didn’t make a big straw bale garden, as this is an experiment.  I wanted to see how it does.


I like the idea of using the bales.  So, next year… Skip will get more bales for me to play in.  I was thinking I’d like to have like two rows stacked, one row along side of that… or maybe just 3 rows stacked… with plants growing out from the sides.  :)))


The fence is a portable dog fence… that is stretched out, connected to the gate (with the orange garden hose).  The gate is connected to the Baker’s Rack that I use for gardening.  All can be taken down in a matter of minutes… no one the wiser.  How simple is that?


Oh, I have containers, experimenting with them.  I read about using different containers like people do in big cities on their balconies… to garden.  I cut in half 2 liter bottles, and the gallon water jugs from water we purchase, to recycle them.  They work rather well, for a small garden like I have. I can throw them away easily at the end of summer, also.


This is my update on my straw bale garden.  A lot of people have been asking.  I’m sure some of you who did plant one… have beautiful plants in yours.  Happy gardening!

This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Garden…

This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Bale Garden…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Something bad has happened in the homeless world… Victoria’s cousin Lind Lou has arrived, is staying for several weeks.  Victoria went for visit to homeless world… as soon as she steps through the door, she knows something… bad has happened.


She begins walking cautiously to the brick room (that used to be a brick enclosure for trash cans… Chip had it enclosed, made into a ‘safe’ room with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom for Stevie, Caroline).  Victoria never could talk them into leaving the homeless world, let her get them a home, take care of them.  She and Chip did the next best thing… made a safe room for them to live, to escape to… with just a press of a button.


Victoria saw droplets of dried blood on the cement as she walked to the door… she was afraid of what she would find when she pressed the secret button to open the door.  Her dear friends…. her stomach felt butterflies, she felt she couldn’t breathe… something bad has happened, something bad has happened….


‘No!’ her mind screamed.  As she nears the door… she sees Caroline’s cellphone broken into a thousand pieces… on the cement ground.  It was no longer a shiny purple color… dried, rusty-red coagulated blood held many pieces together……..


In her mind… she know something bad has happened to Caroline, and Stevie.  Why didn’t they call her!  Because… they are dead?  She looks down to Caroline’s cellphone… she wonders why Stevie didn’t call on his cellphone……………


The above is an update to book two I am writing about Victoria Fairchild… ‘The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild’… things are about to ‘go to hell’ … again.  Lind Lou is there… the serial murderer has struck close to Victoria… only one of them will walk out of the homeless world… alive.


Book two… is beginning to pop, crackle… the fires of Hell are always burning… Victoria Fairchild will meet up with more than her match… she will have to walk through Hell… to make it out alive… ‘if’ she makes it out at all.



My ‘Straw Bale Garden’ is beginning to take shape… this is day 3.  I’ve planted more seeds in containers I made from clear gallon jugs that held water.  I put holes in the sides, bottom of each… so, they can drain.  We have to buy water, and I hated to keep throwing the nice jugs away… they now, have a second life.


I planted corn (yes, corn!), and sweet basil, sunflowers, cosmos, and pumpkin, watermelon seeds.  I also, planted squash.  Remember… I am planting on a very small scale, so… I’m not doing a labor-intensive garden.  What I do is quite easy.


I will be taking photos all along so, you can see all I’ve done.  Today is ‘Day 3’… some of my friends, followers are going to plant a straw bale garden!  Maybe I’ll get to see photos of theirs.


This is the perfect garden for anyone who has serious health problems… Skip does any lifting, or moving I need done.  The heaviest thing I lift … are the seeds.  :)))


This is the update on both my book, and straw bale garden….



A Straw Bale Garden Was Born Today…









A Straw Bale Garden Was Born Today…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




This evening I began putting plants in my straw bales.  This is ‘the’ garden to have if you aren’t into working with a shovel, rake, hoe… or you can’t do heavy work.  All you do is open the straw up, put some potting soil in the hole…. or place the biodegradable cup of soil with the plant… into the hole.


It’s a ‘pretty way’ to garden… it looks so ‘something special’.  I am hoping it rains tonight to ‘make my garden grow’.  :)))  I watered my plants, and the straw bales with Miracle Gro


I bought a colorful pair of gardening gloves to wear while placing plants into the straw… I began ‘planting‘ without them… my fingernails had dirt under them!  It’s been since ‘before’ Tommy died, that I planted flowers.  I couldn’t until… today.


Today, I went to Walmart to purchase plants, both vegetable and flowers.  On the way there, I was in an area of Wake Forest where for a short time one could pretend they are in the mountains… up on a big hill sitting at the stoplight.  I was feeling excited, happy that I was going to actually begin a ‘garden’.


Out of the blue… my happiness was crushed by a heavy weight.  It felt like someone threw an invisible thick blanket over me, separating me from … happiness.  Happiness, looking forward to planting flowers.


I felt the terrible grief of Tommy being gone… never going to come back.  I began crying inside, trying to hold the tears back… so, when I went into Walmart… I wouldn’t look like I’d been crying.  I began making crying sounds, I couldn’t breathe… all the while trying to hold the tears back.


Tommy’s gone… Tommy’s gone… went through my mind.   While I sat at that stoplight ‘looking out from the mountain’ I was on… I saw beautiful trees, buildings, and bright sunshine all around me.  I was seeing such beauty as… I was experiencing something so… awful.


All I wanted to do was to lay down, rub my forehead with my hands.  Close my eyes, go to sleep … not feel anything.  Will the grief stay, will it leave me in a little while?  I wondered, because ‘before’ I had felt such happiness.


I made it to Walmart, parked near the stacks of potting soil.  I got out of the pickup, began walking through all the gardening supplies.


I looked at stacks of bags full of sand… some was pink, some was green.  Amazing, I’d never seen bags so big… full of colored sands for children to play in… in their sandpiles.  Wouldn’t I had been the happiest little girl to play in … colored sand!


I walked by stepping stones, border stones, all kinds of stone … then, I began getting to the plants.


I chose Sweet Mint (I love mint plants… I used to have so much of it growing when I used to live in the mountains).  I chose several varieties of tomatoes, French Marigolds, Orange Bell Pepper, Cucumber plants.  I can’t remember all I chose…


I looked at the packages of seeds, bought vegetable and flower seeds.  I found Cosmos… one of my favorite flowers.  I got Sunflowers, and more Marigolds in seed form.  These are happy flowers.  I found a pack of Daisy seeds… they reminded me of my mother… her first name was ‘Daisy’.


I went to the Miracle Gro section, chose a Miracle Gro Liquidfeed system to go on the end of the pretty orange garden hose that I picked.  It’s a happy-shiny soft orange!  :)))


On the way home, I stopped at Arby’s to order a roast beef sandwich… I sat there with grief in my heart.  I ate that sandwich, never tasting the flavor… grief affected me so deeply.  I didn’t feel good, all I wanted to do was to get home.  Just please be at home…


Finally… I was home.  I came inside after placing the plants beside the straw.  I debated on laying down with my grief… or to go outside to… garden.  Skip called me, and I told him what had happened to me.  He wondered what triggered it…. I didn’t know.


I told him I was fine now, and when I turned my cellphone off, I headed outside.  I began playing with the plants, and before I knew it… my straw bale garden became ‘real’… it’s officially a ‘Straw Bale Garden’… now.  :)))


Not only that… I got past the ‘grieving spell’ this time.  I’m so thankful… I didn’t know how long it would take.  I’m afraid, dread being overwhelmed with grief like that…. so much time can go by before I’m alright again.  Thankfully… I was smiling again when I stood back to admire my … Straw Bale Garden!   Everything is… alright!  :)))














Thoughts and Things, Happy… Sad… Equals Bittersweet

Beginning of my Straw Bale Garden… 4-13-2013

Chadwick and Kissy ‘fighting… happy Pups!

Skip raking grass out of Pup’s fenced-in yard…


Thoughts and Things,  Happy… Sad… Equals Bittersweet

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


This morning we were at a local store to pick up bacon, egg sandwiches at their grill.  Oh my… they were very good… much better than at a fast food restaurant.


We went shopping, came home… and saw our yard!  It had been mowed… it looked so nice!  Skip had just talked to someone about mowing it… this is the first time this year it’s been mowed.  Now… it feels like summer!


Skip bought straw bales for me… and arranged them.  Now, my project begins soon… and I look forward.  I am going to have a straw bale garden!  Skip will buy more straw bales as time goes by, and I get them planted.


I look forward to planting the easy way without having to dig, and lift, move things.  All I have to do is to part the straw, put in potting soil, seeds or plants… and stand with the water hose to water them… watch all grow!


On the internet… I have seen many beautiful straw bale gardens of all shapes, sizes.  Of course, mine won’t be on the scale their gardens are…


I will take photos as I go, share them with you.  I only took one photo this evening after Skip arranged my straw bales.  We put a portable fence around them…. there are many deer around here… they might would want a snack later when things are growing!


It felt like summer-time today… I was thinking summer is going to sneak in here fast, we might not get a real … spring.  It has been a little ‘too hot’ the past several days.  :)))


I’m looking forward to when Skip gets the sand, and gets the swimming pool put up (it’s just an above ground pool that one throws up… it’s 15’x 4′).  It will be wonderful to exercise, play in it each day.


These are things thought of, done … today.  I thought of Tommy today, too.  Happy… sad… happy… sad… equals bittersweet.