Thoughts and Things, Happy… Sad… Equals Bittersweet

Beginning of my Straw Bale Garden… 4-13-2013

Chadwick and Kissy ‘fighting… happy Pups!

Skip raking grass out of Pup’s fenced-in yard…


Thoughts and Things,  Happy… Sad… Equals Bittersweet

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


This morning we were at a local store to pick up bacon, egg sandwiches at their grill.  Oh my… they were very good… much better than at a fast food restaurant.


We went shopping, came home… and saw our yard!  It had been mowed… it looked so nice!  Skip had just talked to someone about mowing it… this is the first time this year it’s been mowed.  Now… it feels like summer!


Skip bought straw bales for me… and arranged them.  Now, my project begins soon… and I look forward.  I am going to have a straw bale garden!  Skip will buy more straw bales as time goes by, and I get them planted.


I look forward to planting the easy way without having to dig, and lift, move things.  All I have to do is to part the straw, put in potting soil, seeds or plants… and stand with the water hose to water them… watch all grow!


On the internet… I have seen many beautiful straw bale gardens of all shapes, sizes.  Of course, mine won’t be on the scale their gardens are…


I will take photos as I go, share them with you.  I only took one photo this evening after Skip arranged my straw bales.  We put a portable fence around them…. there are many deer around here… they might would want a snack later when things are growing!


It felt like summer-time today… I was thinking summer is going to sneak in here fast, we might not get a real … spring.  It has been a little ‘too hot’ the past several days.  :)))


I’m looking forward to when Skip gets the sand, and gets the swimming pool put up (it’s just an above ground pool that one throws up… it’s 15’x 4′).  It will be wonderful to exercise, play in it each day.


These are things thought of, done … today.  I thought of Tommy today, too.  Happy… sad… happy… sad… equals bittersweet.